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  1. does anyone still have these files and can upload? or possibly an updated version?
  2. Hey @Vault Memories Honestly I'm not sure how big i'll need.. I'll need ti do some building in my test world. I'll be on the server alot in the next few days; hopefully see you on there and we can take a look together?
  3. Yeah, I figured Crossroads is on high demand! Thanks
  4. Hey, So I'm hopping to start a few little shops using some redstone detecting paymebt systems (2 of x item = a predetermined amount of another item type thing) Is there any free space at the crossroads for such a project? I really don't need much space
  5. Which map can you use for this?
  6. Hey.. so 2 questions about the server... 1. Any ETA for an update to 1.11? 2. Is there any legit, non-cheating way to find slime chunks rather than just digging out a huge area and having a look? Thanks in advance
  7. So... I really tempted to do a massive chest room; 1 chest per item (so like stone bricks, leaves, dirt all have their own chest) Does anyone know how many chests I will need? I've tried googling with no luck Thanks in advance
  8. So.. I'm curious how far out (in the Overworld) has been linked to the Nether Highway. I have just this minute finished my link to the Nether Highway. My Overworld portal is 9,750 blocks away from spawn (as the crow flies). Overworld cords are -4821 8052. Can anyone beat me?
  9. If you're heading SW you might come across my little corner of the world - its around -4900, 8000. If you come across me leave a sign outside my border wall - you'll know it when you see it
  10. Erm.. how did you manage to get the Server map open in what looks like a web browser?
  11. Thank you now to try to get the Creation Kit running on my toaster of a laptop. I'd love to do something this in depth but honestly have no idea how to implement it. What I'll start on is a simple bigger = more weight For know, we can all assume that the size you gain in Skyrim is pure lean muscle mass and that endurance also increases parallel to size. After all - if I'm not mistaken - the way that @Gopher's Pumping Iron currently works is (simplistically) that the more your skills increase, the bigger you get. It's logical to assume that if you're gain
  12. Rules, rules never change. Rules provide structure, equality and justice - I would argue there's no fun if rules are not followed.
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