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  1. Quote

    We still need to try different setting until it hits the frame rate so much we need to back off. Is that about right?

    sorry, i dont understand this question

    1. OutandBack


      I am still don't understanding what this mod does and doesn't do. If it only adjust the shadow draw distance then we still need to adjust the quality right?

    2. Arjy Yu

      Arjy Yu

      yes, this mod adjust only the shadow draw distance

      lets take Gopher's game as an example - i believe from the start he set Shadows to Ultra (in Options)

      then he began to encounter serious frame drops - and had to set Shadows to Medium

      but now he can return Shadows to Ultra in Options and let this nice new utility manage this bottleneck - shadow draw distance


      i cant, of course, be completely sure that im correct about what he did with his settings - it was just an example

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