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  1. indeed?! with this (increasing) number of repeating scenes and actions ...
  2. well ... i have to admit, 'thieves-guild-non-stop' is starting to become (slightly) boring its a real shame that Legacy quest-line became temporarily stuck
  3. btw - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31681 (Horizon Skills Tab in Pipboy)
  4. we-ell ... after hearing this line about (mere) giant spider - i wont even try to predict what Lenny will say (or scream?) about dragon killing
  5. i just never thought before that my bandwidth could be lacking - it was completely satisfactory for all my needs
  6. looks like even my main bandwidth is not enough for 1440p - thats disappointing ...
  7. new alternative to SSE Fixes - SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)
  8. this mod he is using to make the smiths do all uprading for him - does it work for enchanters as well? if it does, he probably should start preparing magic-resistant gear too
  9. Arjy Yu

    E3 2018

    anyway, if they will not announce anything about open-world rpg this year - i will be extremely disappointed
  10. boss fight ... sort of anyway, he probaly should carry some magic / fire ... etc. resistance potions
  11. Arjy Yu

    E3 2018

    well, mr. Wolfclaw on Discord have (almost) convinced me that Rage 2 will be announced *prior* to E3 - on may 14th (so, this will become clear very soon) this leaves the question of the biggest Beth's E3 announcement open ... unfortunately, i do not follow gaming news thorough enough to have a solid opinion or even guess i can only say that i wish for new TES game the most, but Starfield would be nice too - if what i read about it is close enough to reality
  12. Arjy Yu

    E3 2018

    it would be better to just leave it to ID to do their work the setting is too close to Fallout - no need to make such a strange clone, or hybrid, or whatever ...
  13. Arjy Yu

    E3 2018

    but Rage and Prey are not rpg-s ...
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