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  1. it was converted and posted on Nexus by Gopher himself back in 2016 but looking at the last comments it might no longer work with the latest game and SKSE64 updates quite unfortunate ...
  2. Music

    нас е6ут - а мы крепчаем
  3. wolverine gone berserk ))
  4. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, mod recommendations

    good luck !! i dont remember any complications while installing mods for the 1st Witcher (unlike the 2nd one...) most of the new stuff just goes into Override folder, and a few new folders
  5. this Solitide sewer fit the game quite nicely, thats true but for my game im thinking smth different - maybe Skyrim Underground
  6. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, mod recommendations

    Last time ive played 1st Witcher game i was using one big (but mostly visual) overhaul - Rise of the White Wolf Enhanced Edition and also some lesser retextures and fixes (list under spoiler) - if you are interested, you can find them by their Nexus numbers
  7. now thats some BiG message from the Legacy of the Dragonborn (v. 4.0): guess that means Gopher will be staying on ...
  8. not the luckiest of his nights - thats for sure
  9. i could not finish any of the Gopher's horror lets plays so far - probably not my thing this game looks a bit different thou
  10. doubt id play this myself ... but so far looks interesting enough to follow
  11. Question for Sir Gopher or someone who works with him

    So, yesterday we have seen some details on Gopher's load order ... ... and there was definitely bashed patch down there, plus a kind of a merged patch - but this one could be manually created (if i got his words right).
  12. but now we probably have to wait for related mods to update ...
  13. there could be a problem with laying down torches (via mod) - i dont suppose they burn down in 4 minutes while on the ground? like they would in your hands...
  14. cards are probably from the Legacy of the Dragonborn take a look - Legacy of the Dragonborn - Fate Cards Re-texture - Skyrim Concept Art