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  1. btw, personally i prefer Billyro's replacer 'with a more functional-looking model'
  2. a fitting finale for a power armor fanatic (thats what you get for putting all the lovely ladies inside those tin cans)
  3. thumbs up for Ryzen !!
  4. 8 Gb of memory is not very much - im feeling it myself almost every day and yes, SSD is a good idea but GPU certainly comes first
  5. Game of Thrones (RPG) this one is not exactly popular, and relatively old too - but its a nice game with an interesting story, not very long too (its similar to the Witcher in that respect that playable characters are given to you, not created) and since a new (and last?) season is starting right about now ...
  6. ah, its this one ... i still have not done any steps beyond taking it
  7. lets play

    he still has 3rd STALKER game to finish - isnt he?
  8. glitches just keep coming - wonder if this will continue outside
  9. hope it will be a good choice in my last FO4 game i ended up using ENB (ENBoost) to cap FPS too (after trying other options)
  10. this is why i ignore PAs completely putting such a beatiful lady into a tin can ...
  11. lets play

  13. maybe try different ways of enabling v-sync i ended up turning it on in ENB ini
  14. This commutiny continues to surprise me - in a bad way - lately. Which is very unfortunate.