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  1. what can i say ... discovering Nexus in particular and modding in general made me _want_ to buy games (even pre-order), pay for them gladly what Beth is doing now (starting from FO4 release, contrary to Gopher i consider it more failure than success) reverses that to the times before e.g. NOT willing to pay (not the full price, at least)
  2. Fallout 4 mod recommendations / modlists

    you know what im thinking right now? just compare these two releases their impact on the game and modding environment - CC by Beth itself - and MCM, made by a small (very small) team of modders ...
  3. Fallout 4 mod recommendations / modlists

    it finally happened !!! Mod Configuration Menu by reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410
  4. Fallout 4 mod recommendations / modlists

    CCCleaner by Neanka
  5. What's next?

    btw, Game of Thrones - the game i mentioned here - is currently on sale
  6. well ... right now i can only think of the one explanation - they do not consider PC players *at all* console users dont have script extenders anyway (right?) and maybe they dont mind downloading lots of small DLCs (judging by some ported games) overall, things look worse and worse ...
  7. so, is this the worst case scenario? or maybe - the one by which Beth is trying to get at least smth by investing as little effort as possible ...
  8. one can imagine a feral using sniper rifle as a club - althou this hardly makes him a sniper anyway ...
  9. how much more bugged this game could be ... very much surprising for Gopher
  10. The Witcher 3 mod recomendations

    its been a while since ive posted here - but this one i cant miss Primal Needs by stefan3372
  11. wasnt there a way down, in that last room, with a quest .44 ?
  12. i think im still going to try it - with a chemist-like character
  13. Monitors what to look for?

    anyone had a chance to look at the (relatively) new Samsung quantum dots monitors? or maybe read (or seen) a good review?
  14. well, one could always look for alternative ...
  15. btw, personally i prefer Billyro's replacer 'with a more functional-looking model'