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  1. Philosophercat's post in Promoting charities/causes was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for your question.

    In general, I'm okay with members mentioning their charities provided that they abide by the general rules of the forum (against bigotry, politics, religion etc...). Otherwise, it would only be a problem if promotions crossed the line into spam, the way I see it. That being said, I would like to check with Gopher before making a definitive policy about it.
  2. Philosophercat's post in Videos comment threads, Suggestions for Gopher was marked as the answer   
    Gopher has shown some interest in having his own forum section but as of now we don't know when that is going to become a permanent feature. At the moment, the best way to contact Gopher is via Youtube comments or a Twitch message.

    Regarding video notifications, the reason they are currently locked is to keep them from taking over the 'new posts' page, especially when Gopher's posting schedule gets back to normal. Their purpose is the same as the Twitch announcements: to direct traffic to the video without being too obtrusive.
  3. Philosophercat's post in What are likes, kudos and so for? was marked as the answer   
    [uSER=756]@OutandBack[/uSER] put it very well; I sometimes look at the likes to quickly gauge how people feel about suggestions, knowing that sometimes we don't have anything to add but wish to show agreement or simple appreciation for an idea.

    [uSER=110]@Jasch[/uSER] You do know we had people asking Gopher to ask the devs of The Witcher about beard physics. Some of us are a bit beyond psychiatric help at this point

    [uSER=76]@unforbidable[/uSER] I'll look into if it's possible to make this feature customizable.
  4. Philosophercat's post in Better way to deal with spam? was marked as the answer   
    As the others have said, if you see spam on either profiles or posts please use the report button to enter it into the queue for moderation. Accounts which have been reported in this way are flagged so we can block them from registering new accounts. I will speak with [uSER=1]@Xelphos[/uSER] , our maestro of forum architecture, about whether there are any improvements which can be made.

    Also many thanks to y'all who report offenders. It is much appreciated
  5. Philosophercat's post in Game Play Thread and Spoilers? was marked as the answer   
    The spoiler warning in the title should be sufficient.
  6. Philosophercat's post in Why are LP videos and stream announcements locked? was marked as the answer   
    You're both right; they're just meant to notify that a video or stream is up, then make room for other more topical threads.
  7. Philosophercat's post in How do I send a PM was marked as the answer   
    When signed in, your username appears at the top right. Beside it is an envelope icon. Click the icon, then 'Start a New Conversation.'

    Or, click on a user's name. From there a pop up should appear. Click on "Start a Conversation." You can add multiple recipients also.
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