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  1. ...Busy. Yeah, sorry for vanishing for awhile. I got swept up in some projects and before I knew it, it was summer. I was on a podcast! And I have another one booked for next month. Both of them are literature podcasts. Some other stuff literature related too, that I don't think I can really talk about until they're a thing. I also have been running Numenera on Roll20. I had two groups but we're down to one now. I also finished my DnD campaign! Busy, busy!
  2. I saw this today. It's exactly what playing Honey Heist is like
  3. Yeah, set up was about an hour. Most of the set up could be done anytime, though. The developer actually gave me permission to set up a special server for the game, complete with a bot that does most of the actual gameplay work for you so you don't have to mess around with the clues, suspects, locations and searching cards at all. We just had to come up with some basics for our characters... relationships, stuff like that. Oh, and record our 'voicemails' to Alice. We only had one bump the whole time. Someone forgot to assign the ending card so we were running out of time and still didn't know the answer But I nudged them in the OCC chat and we got a really interesting cliffhanger ending which wouldn't have been possible otherwise. So it worked out
  4. Tidz! Nice to see you! How have you been? I did. It went really well. I don't know how much you'd want to hear in case you want to play the game yourself but it went by really fast and was very immersive. I think including set up the game took almost exactly two and a half hours. That wasn't including the post-game banter where we got all of our thoughts out about how the game went. Made some friends too. I would definitely play it again.
  5. Today I'm running a 'silent RPG' called Alice is Missing. We're playing it completely over text on Discord. I'm pretty excited to see how it goes.
  6. We had a total of 5 or 6, I think. I was running it so I didn't really have a bear in the honey jar We had two sessions, and are thinking about a sequel!
  7. I haven't had time to check in with the gang about running a game here. There are some really nice 'micro-rpgs' that you can play in one session. I ran one called Honey Heist, where you play as a criminal bear. You have two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR. : It was our Halloween game between D&D campaigns. A mobile team of nurses came to vaccinate mom and me-- since mom can't walk, and I'm her sole caregiver. Otherwise, I wouldn't be eligible for it. And my immune system is cycling through all of the side effects. Just a little of everything...
  8. Maybe I should talk to the gang about getting the band back together...
  9. Oof, that's tough to hear. I can't really get in on either the livestreams or Patreon, so I guess that makes me a casual. I do talk with some of the gang when they nudge me on Steam, but most of the time I'm AFK and just forgot to log off. Maybe I could bring one of my text games over here, if my regulars would be up for it, revive the place a little bit. We mostly play on Roll20 or Discord.
  10. Oh, friends! I'm sorry I missed your lovely replies. Retirement has not been kind, I'm afraid. My schedule is all over the place nowadays. Mom's health has declined a lot; I spend most of my time tending to her now which makes streaming... inconvenient to say the least. My only respite is in the form of D&D I'm running now on Roll20 and Discord. I'm glad to see you holding in here! I have no idea what's been going on in my absence-- what is this 'live chat?' Is that the Discord? Anyway, much love from me.
  11. None of the games are active atm but you could always pitch one
  12. What a great little intro to Numenéra's setting! I was working on a game for Roll20 with some of the staff from awhile ago- before all the super stressful busy times arrived. They just came out with a little story seed based on this film for starting a campaign too.
  13. May the schnitzel never be forgot! Also, I think it is wonderful that this keeps making a come back
  14. Indeed, the end of a family crisis IRL keeps getting pushed back monthly (now into February, alas). But I do try to do my daily rounds to make sure nothing is on fire
  15. Hey, @TheAD209, was this what you had in mind, by any chance? (Eating or drinking while watching this playlist is a choking hazard, and the Establishment will not be held responsible for personal injury resulting from laughing and/or falling off chairs).
  16. Administrators and Website Staff: @3ventic, Forum sysadmin. @Cherub, Minecraft Server. @Damon Gant, Sysadmin. @NafNaf_95, Teamspeak. @Philosophercat, Forum. @Rodzyn, Minecraft Sysadmin. @Quarico, Website Content. Moderators: @0Wolfclaw0, Twitch. @3ventic,Twitch. @Algerhard, Minecraft server (Farlands). @Darkfire, Minecraft server. @Defectius, Twitch. @JandeV,Twitch. @Just Louise, Forum, Minecraft server (reserve) @kmsparkli, Minecraft (Farlands). @Morrandir, Forum. @NafNaf_95,Twitch. @okoral, Minecraft server. @OutandBack, Forum. @Philosophercat,Forum, Twitch. @Shiroi_gaijin,Forum, Twitch, Minecraft server. @TexanWarlord, Minecraft server. @TiDinzeo, Forum, Minecraft server.
  17. Is anyone taking up the challenge of writing a novel in 30 days? One of my friends is a novelist who somehow manages to finish his books and do National Novel Writing month each year as well (he usually finishes with at least a week to spare. I have no idea how). I think my personal best was around 30K words; I am fairly sure that some of those words even made sense.
  18. This is a retirement card of sorts for Xelphos, retired admin of many hats. I've already said much to the man myself, but it is fitting to say that he has always been enthusiastic and creative in all that he has done behind the scenes and put his whole heart into everything he did. Xelphos, I wish you a relaxing retirement. Take care of yourself, as always. o7 Now it is your turn to add to the celebration of all that he has done for the community over the years. But, first, well wishes from his colleagues and the Dark Lord himself: Gopher: Thanks for all your hard work Xelphos, and thanks for just hanging out and being fun. Hope things go a little more relaxed from now on and you can still stick around and keep in touch Gant: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ He knows what it means. Hope you get better soon Xel. See you around, maybe. Morrandir First of all I would like to thank you as a minion for everything you have done for the community. I would also like to thank you personally for seeing me as worthy of becoming a staff member for this community. Many of us minions may not have been aware of all the hard work and dedication that goes on in the background that allows us to share in this community experience but having been able to witness how much time and work that people like yourself have put in for all of this to work I can only say that it is much appreciated all that you have done for us. Naf We both know im not getting rid of you that easy
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