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    Indeed. I, too, fired Braith off the Throat of the World for comedy. It was great fun getting her back to Whiterun the fast way.
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    Hmm, I may yank it then, it doesn't seem to add much other than dying a lot. (I got attacked by a bandit with a Golden Saint sword that has a base 11 damage, instant kill, 200 points of damage on a single hit.) I would like to get the improved Magelight spell, though. Casting Magelight every 60 seconds is really annoying.
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    Hey, I was wondering if Gopher was using the Realistic Damage Plugin for Wildcat? I wonder if that's why, even on Adept mode, enemies kill me in one hit but I have to attack 4-5 times before they go down? Also, Cryzeteur, when I first played Dawnguard, I got tossed out of the castle and just went back to Isran, hoping that there was a way to continue. At the time I had just had a similar thing with FNV with one of the Khan quests.
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    You don't have to try the mods one by one. Do them in batches, so deactivate all of them, activate say 20 mods, run the game. If all works, do another 20 mods and so on. If it crashes then one of the 20 you just activated are the culprit, so then deactivate 10 of them, if all works, add a couple more. If crash, deactivate some and try again. You can do more then 20 mods if you want, that number was just taken from thin air. 😜 Good luck finding the culprit !
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