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    Minionland Road Project

    This post contains information about the ongoing 'road network' project in Minionland. As one of the chief instigators and 'guy who maps the thing', I wanted to provide some intel on what's going on, for all interested parties. Goal The road network aims to create an easy to travel system of roads between major builds in the overworld, to help minions travel and find their way. History The road project started with the ever industrious Z_Blackblue, as he desired to create a road between his rather remote home at FiveTowers and Spawn (roughly 8,000 blocks away). Z started at FiveTowers, and strung his road between villages until he reached the first major player build: my own Miniopoly board. I literally saw him coming over the hill building his road, and being a bit more knowledgeable about the local terrain, offered to continue the project from there towards the World Tree, the nearest major build already connected to spawn by existing roads. Naming this the Great East Road, it was the first major route we completed. After this, both Z and I built a major branch road - I completed my own 'loop' between Sucrose Shores, Boom Caverns and New Mistral, and Z strung another road between villages south of FiveTowers, which also brushed past one of our creeper farms. Little did I know - he had more planned: creating a gargantuan bridge to cross the ocean and reach Non's citadel of Astaroth to the west. What followed was a mad dash between Z and me who could reach there first - Z with his bridge, and me with a tunnel from New Mistral. Atheos got bitten by the road bug at that point, and though he proved a great one-man labor force for my tunnel, it's Z's bridge that really took the cake once it was done. Non helped by building a smaller red bridge to complete the road. Below: road intersection at Astaroth, red bridge (east of intersection) From Astaroth, more southern locals got involved, including Non, Xanthir and Ubbs, who drew the road further south to cross another ocean - crossing Xanthir's island along the way - and on to the major builds in the south. We succeeded in connecting the road to the existing local road network at Claymoria, offering access to the road net already connecting to Walkuria, Al Qaram and the Valley of the Blox, among others. Realizing this offered the potential of a Great South Road, Daalio added a bridge between his place and the shore, offering a direct route south from Crossroads, via Magasai's, to my tunnel and then further south. [update] From then on, Atheos took on the task of building a connection in the west, which is now complete. This connects to the above via Gopher's 'Desert Outpost' island, using the pre-existing walkways between the islands. With that done, Z_Blackblue has started work on a road to connect the (far) east to the north, and I have started - with help from the locals - to forge the existing roads north of spawn into a single path as well, hoping to meet up with Z somewhere eventually, likely somewhere near Dom's New Minion Commonwealth or further north at Portside. [update 2] After the 2018 december holidays, we have a few more updates: Z and I have both completed the first sections of our 'north' road projects; my road can now be travelled from Crossroads to Mystmarsh, with a second branch via Shovelot that joins the main road halfway. This 'Shovelot branch' also connects to Z's road via 2 branches. Z's main road meanwhile has reached as far north as Steelgear's tower. The longest new section however, has been added by Atheos, in the form of a new road in the southwest that connects Farleigh Citadel to Walkuria, via Shawn's Nuka Cola bottle and a great many villages. Finally, Non has worked on a road between his base at Astaroth and the Great West. As always, an updated map has been added below. Road design Most of the new road sections are built somewhat in accordance with local terrain, but still relatively straight for easy travel. The design itself consists of stone slabs, stone brick slabs or cobble slabs (most often 4 or 5 wide), lined with wood plank blocks on either side. The type of stone and wood differs, as do the bridges and tunnels, which are left to the builder to design. Some pre-existing roads integrated into the network retain their original style, so as not to alter the look and feel of the area. Lighting and signposting is likewise left up to the builder, but advised at intersections. Some roads offer Traveller's Rest 'inn' buildings, mostly near villages along Z's roads, as well as 'hole in the wall' emergency rest stops. At major builds, and a few noteworthy spots in between, I have also added a 'waystation' with a local area map. Below: Waystation at Ebonheart, Traveller's Rest at Avionville Map Just for fun, I've created a subway-style map of the entire road net. It's appeared a few times on Discord already, but I've also enclosed it here. Note that I never intend this to be a complete map of all the builds along the road net, as there are far too many. Rather, it's intended as a guide to find where the road can take you, and to help navigate it. If large builds are close together, only one may appear on the map, such as with the 'Holy Islands' marker, representing both Daalio's 'flying' islands and Walkenaer's grand cathedral island (a.k.a. the Hall of the Dead). Anyone who wants to connect to the road (or try their hand at creating a whole new section) is free to do so, this is a free-for-all project with no real coordinator. Feel free to ask here if you have questions though. [update 2] Road Map, january 2019 (click to see full size)
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    I just attach my old HD to my new HD and do a drive copy. It is a lot easier than building a new C: drive. My other drives are usually good to go so I just attach them to the new system. I don't know if there are any limits I usually have 2 HD, 1 SSD, and 2 external drives though I sometimes attach 2 USB drives as well. I have 5 TB storage total... I think. My first computer was programmed by machine language and had 1 KB memory and storage was on an external audio tape. I did a lot with that little system and was delighted to have it. I was working at SDSC as a computer operator on an IBM 1620 that was as big as the room and it was a big room. That was back when everyone carried a slide rule though some students used an abacus. That was like the stone age compared to now. I was at 3 institutions when they tried to switch from IBM to other computers running on EBCDIC. They wasted a ton of time and money trying to make the switch from ASCII.
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    Accidental "very-hard hardcore no-armor" run, huh? ...and here, I'd been doing it on purpose, all this time... One thing this new system will allow me to do is create mods, finally... ...there's no way I would have even tried it with 'my little laptop' here...after reading into it a little... ...as it is, I only have about 30 gigs left to do anything in... (...only...heh...used to be all my old HD had to start with...) ...and when recording anything at 4 gigs per 10-15 minutes pushes the limits on how long I can go, then you consider editing, and saving the finished product... It's like parking an RV in a one-car garage...I digress... The fun part of all this is going to be deciding to either transfer all my saves over to the new system, or, just start anew... ...from over 825 hours ago...last time, it was over a thousand hours lost... Starting all over new might be better, maybe I can just redo the whole "At A Loss For Words" thing, in 'A World Of Pain'... ...or just Cloud my last save, and get it back... ...which also means I'll have to get all the mods I use currently to support it... ...I could just remove all the mods I use, do a clean save, Cloud the save, switch over to Vortex, get the save back, then reinstall all the mods...hmmm... ...might be a good plan... It would be kinda strange to redo the whole thing with Willow again, maybe, I'll do it with the newer version of her, see how that works out...with no J.T., which is sort of a shame, he's really a good dog, just a little glitchy... Roachbait FNV
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    That makes me think of something. With my ring of protection as my only armor, I kept selling it accidentally. I would find ou several hours or days later that I didn't have it, so everything I had done was without armor.
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    Thank you that link to twitter worked. It is interesting do you think they are hinting the release date is BlackFriday/cyberMonday 2019?
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    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Hey Roachbait, what is your Steam name? Santa can get you Skyrim SE. Edit: Of course he would expect you to download his mod Castle Albanna and tell everyone how great it is and endorse it... just saying you know.
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    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    here http://www.microcenter.com/category/4294945779/solid-state-drives-ssd https://www.amazon.com/iBUYPOWER-Desktop-Graphics-View21-035A/dp/B07D5S3LZM/ref=sr_1_acs_bss_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1536423698&sr=1-1-acs&keywords=computer
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    Thank God, I thought I was the only one hearing them! .... All must serve.... All must repent.... All must Die over and over Right.
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    It will probably be possible to mod off the protagonists voice but I don't know if the dialog will be displayed in text form. It should. That option is often built in for deaf users.
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    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    So this is what I have decided, I am going to wait ... wait until they announce the release date for CP2077. Then I will look and see what video card is out there and decide if it much better than my GTX 1080 Ti 11gb super uber max heater.
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    Well, a lot of it hinges on the possibility of Mod Support. Knowing CDPR it's very likely that it would be included. Considering how many hints they take from the fans it's also possible that there would be a "native" mute protagonist setting.
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    I took your word for it Cryzeteur and watched the demo. @TiDinzeo You are not going to get your wish. The protagonist is fully voiced and the the dialog wheels were very small. Think Witcher 3-lite in first person located in Crysis2's game world. The only roleplaying I could see happening is if you stayed away from the main story and just lived in the open world. I am not sure if you could level your character much without playing some of the main quest there just wasn't enough in the demo to tell. Based on this demo alone I will get two game plays, one male guns a blazing one female stealth character and I could make a character who justs tries to live in the open world sans the main quest if the game allows lvl progression. In comparison I have 2000hr in FO4 with 6 characters 4000hrs in modded Skyrim lost count of the number f characters. Still playing both games today. I played 3 characters in W3 for about 1200 hrs the game is in storage on gog for lack of mods.
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    As an age old fan of the original material, I can tell you that it was very much in line.
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    That's just part of the atmosphere. In Skyrim, you had draugr and dragons. In Cyberpunk 2077, you have swearing. It's part of the world itself. Having no one swear would break the immersion.
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    I don't think there were any real spoilers in the video. First, it is a demo and still in development. Second, if you are unfamiliar with Cyberpunk, as I am, it was really confusing. Gameplay is really "do what ever you want" and the goals are very different from any game I have played... because of the cyber-implants. In some ways it reminded me of a ramped up Prey in a city with mobsters instead of aliens. It appears that the female protagonist in the demo has a voice with a California accent. The only thing I found off-putting was the extreme use of swear words.
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    I did not watch the 48 minutes of gameplay for fear of spoilers. Were there no clues if the protagonist was going to be voiced? Or if there would be different voices for your character?
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    Honestly the first character will sound fine no matter how you build it. I am only thinking of replay ability. If you can create a wide variety of characters and play styles then it stands to reason people will play the game more than once. Hearing the same voice will break immersion for many of us. Of course if the game is as good as it looks it will be a minor issue. Still offering a few different sounding voices say 2 male 2 female could help a bit. Adding a few more with each dlc would greatly expand the options. Of course cost is a factor and probably the main one. How about a pitch or tone adjuster slider that might work as well. I wouldnt mind playing a squeaky voiced tough guy named Alvin ;P
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    owwww yeah. preordering this and waiting like a madman
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    Probably because I was involved in Alpha development of Final Fantasy Online, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, and some other games. I got interested because of the importance of gaming theory to military eval and op. So my viewpoint comes from that. I was partly responsible for the original Domino Theory: Need/Act/React (1958). I was one of the original analysts to point to Cambodia/.../Pakistan/Iran/Iraq as the key to future "world control." I was surprised when the United States actually followed my model. I was not happy with the way it all turned out. But I still love games and gaming theory.
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    I speced this entire system last year in wondering what kind of money I would have to save to run the game. Intel Core i7 8700K at 3.70GHz CPU. This is exactly the CPU I had previously looked at as the probably class of processor for Cyberpunk 2077. This is Intel's most advanced 8th gen core using Optane memory. This allow3s instant load of large files. Intel® Optane™ memory provides SSD-like responsiveness on an accelerated HDD data drive automatically accessing frequently used files and applications. Intel® Optane™ memory complements standard system memory (RAM) and delivers better overall system responsiveness compared to adding additional RAM. The chip is specialized for immersive reality in gaming. $350. ASUS Republic of Gamers Strix Z370-I Gaming LGA1151 Mini-ITX Motherboard. I also ckecked out this motherboard, because it is a perfect match for the CPU. $179. 32GB of G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 RAM with a speed of 3,000MHz. This again was my choice. $396. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING, 11GB GDDR5X, iCX Cooler & LED, Optimized Airflow Design, Interlaced Pin Fin Graphics Card 11G-P4-6393-KR. Also previously speced by me. $830 Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 512GB SSD (MZ-V6P512BW) again previously speced by me for this build. $294. Corsair SF600 High Performance SFX Power Supply. This is the only item I had not speced because the power supply comes in the gaming case. $114. Total price: $2163... if you build it yourself... .... Yes. 30fps. CDPR expects the next-gen PC to run the game at 60fps... but we are talking a high resource demanding game. It is expected to run at 30fps on next-gen consoles..Still this is 4K and I am sure you can run the game on current high end PCs at 1080 resolution. I understand that Sony and Microsoft have the ALPHA game to test their next-gen builds. Note that this equipment is last years stuff. The new AMD chip runs at 4 GHz. It is expected that this is the chip to be used by Sony, or a similar Intel chip in XBOX, that will go in the consoles with supporting architecture.
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    Actually it is likely that both consoles will be using 14nm tech... which means less heat, easier to cool, smaller case.
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    I'm currently using a 980 single, ( donated to me by a subscriber) and something like a 1080ti would require some serious begging with the wife, I'm hoping that they will release a version for the xbone so my son can play it without me having to fork out for a new console as well hehe.
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    It sounds like it's going to be a living, breathing world. I have very little faith in Bethesda, but I really hope they can learn a thing or two from Cyberpunk 2077. It could only help them improve their games, especially Fallout 5. The way they describe NPCs interacting with each other is just nuts. It's like Radiant AI on steroids, especially with all the small, dynamic events. Someone on reddit who was able to view the demo also mentioned that the garbage is actually moved in the wind. So you knock over a trash can, the garbage spills out, and it gets blown all over the place. Small details like that really help make the world come alive.
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