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    It sounds like a perfect fit to a Gopher play through. However, Spiders has not shown itself to be a grade AAA gaming company. Spiders is a new French gaming company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiders_(company) Their games include: Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack The Ripper Faery: Legends of Avalon Gray Matter Of Orcs and Men Mars: War Logs Bound by Flame The Technomancer Greedfall I did try Faery: Legends of Avalon but I don't remember much about it. It was really old school, but then that was 2010. Since my experience was so long ago I checked up on their last game, Technomancer. Here is an IGN review: The Technomancer Review Some promising ideas are squandered on technically deficient combat. seems like an RPG inspired by the greats of the genre, but it never really understands the fundamental elements that made them great. It has all the moving parts of a mid-2000s BioWare game but lacks technical polish and storytelling finesse to a sometimes painful degree. Far too many crucial building blocks are poorly implemented for any piece to really break through the canopy of mediocrity. There’s no number or hint in the title, but The Technomancer is a follow-up to developer Spiders’ poorly received 2013 RPG, Mars: War Logs. The Technomancer takes place amidst the same war between dystopian corporations on a richly realized vision of the red planet. https://www.ign.com/articles/2016/06/28/the-technomancer-review So... they do not have a very good record.
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    Hey all, Anyone heard about these developers ? I never have and just heard about this upcoming game today. Having watch some trailers and one of their Webseries videos about the game it sure sounds very interesting !! Have put the game on my wishlist for now, might buy it before it is out on the 10th of September this year. Some trailers for those that are interested. And here is the link to the website. Would be interested in hearing anyone's thoughts about the game and if anyone played any of Spiders previous games and what you think of them as developers ? Found a bit of gameplay that IGN posted, and some talk about the game as it being showed. Seems to have an rather large skill tree. Can also have 5 companions, and depending on how you interact with them they can either be helpful, or betray you ! 😮
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    Pretty sure Elianora's mod does not nerf the experience gain through building. Should be fine. I am using a mod that does deliberately nerf experience gain through building because I want to only gain experience through questing. Makes the game a lot slower.
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    Yes I did. Never thought of clicking on one of the workbenches outside last night, probably to tired at the time in question. Then for some reason did it this morning and just for fun clicked for settlement menu and it opened up. Was quiet surprised when it happened. I might build some walls around it but not much more then that, if anything. Can remember if you get experience from building things but if I do might build some just for the experience.
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    I am so glad that in my plane of existance "You-Know-Who", "He Who Must Not Be Named" Voltimort chose music over wizardry. HaHa
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    I agree with you there !! One reason I have so many of her player home mods installed. And in regards to that, have a question to you or anyone else that be reading this. Have you used her Red Rocket mod ? The description in the mod says two things about the red workbench and it is showing in her pictures as well from other players that has built settlement there. From the description: - There is no workbench for settlement building - What you see is what you get - You can still use the OUTSIDE of the garage as normal settlement, build and invite settlers etc. Just they can't come inside. The only edits outside are the workbench location, adding some trees and cars and stuff. For me though, there is no red workstation hence wondering if you used the mod and have the workstation there ?? Not that I am that interested in settlement building, just more worried if I done something wrong with the modding. Didn't install the mod from the start but had it installed before I left the vault though. Edit: Turns out the actually workshop wasn't needed, after having accessed one of the workbenches I was able to access the settlement building menu and all is good.
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    FALLOUT - New California #Prelude

    Looking forward to this one
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    Ok so gopher recently released his fix for fps drops on his system... he did this by lowering his shadow distance setting. I had figured this out a while ago but it wouldn't cut it for me because I am a graphics whore. I did some digging and found out that oddly for pc games fallout 4 benefits more from high ram and cpu clock speeds than from gpu power. I am running an msi gtx 970 with a 4690k at 3.5ghz (stock cooler) and 8gb of 1866mhz ram. I ran out and grabbed an h100i gtx water cooler for my cpu and overclocked it to a stable 4.8ghz and did a very light ram overclock from 1866mhz to 2000mhz. The result was absolutely GREAT. I went from fps drops into the high 20s to a reasonably stable 60fps with ALL settings maxed out (including god rays) at 1080p in cities. My conclusion is that this game, oddly enough, will find massive performance improvements from overclocks to the cpu and ram. I have to get the word out because I haven't seen anyone else figure this out for some reason.
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    I don't get it. Didn't someone create a mod for Skyrim that changed the way a multi core CPU ran its processes. It prevented secondary processes from completing before the primary processes that were required. I bring this up because I run Fallout 4 on my dream machine - 16 cores, i9-9900K, RTX 2080 Ti, MSI Godlike MB, 64Gb, 4K UHD HDR G-Sync monitor... You get the picture and it runs Fallout 4 at under 10% capacity for everything. And yet, I am having all these problems as if I were running a Commadore 64. Shutting down graphics, or anything else suggested here isn't going to give me better performance. Is there anything out there that can Fix Bethesda's... I don't know the appropriate word.
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    The link works fine. That is quite a mod list. I have used about half of them. The rest are new to me. I love Elianora's mods. They are always very refined and beautiful. I rarely use armor or weapons or graphics mods, other than a few very basic mods. I do like enhancement mods that tweak the environment and make it look amazingly different for a playthrough. I usually load every quest mod I can find because I have played all the basic quests all the way through six different ways. I have played as all the factions and a few that are not even allowed by the vanilla game. I have favored or destroyed every faction. I once played a game joining every faction just to see if I could bypass the vanilla restrictions on doing this. I also played a game in which I destroyed every faction. I even bypassed the ending and began a game with only raiders and monsters active. I got really bored making mods and using console commands. That is why I am currently playing only Skyrim.
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    My odd problem in Skyrim is caused by the mods I am running. Of the 200 mods I am running at least 2 are in conflict. It causes multiple resets when I start to save. The number of resets increases the longer I play. And the Winking Skeever crashes as well as the Talos Shrine where you take the Queens thing for her husband. I can live with those three problems. Oh another one is that one whole quest is in Japanese and I don't know which one it is. I can't read Japanese but I have completed about half of the questline. I will be starting Fallout from scratch, selecting mods off Nexus. First I have to decide which Fallout I want to play. If I do Fallout 4, I make mods to let me do whatever I feel like doing. I have a Fallout 4 game in progress and I might go back to it. I was avoiding doing any of the standard quests except the amusement park and I finished it. I think I quit while doing the robot master. I started making a robot mod and got busy doing other things.
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    Here is a short note from Boris Vorontsov on this topic: (can be found here - 19 november 2015)
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    Yes but even the most cpu intense games will not see this sort of improvement from overclocking. Arma 3 for example may go from 37 fps average to 47 fps average in this same situation. No game I have seen has had its minimum fps go from 27 to say 55 as a result of a cpu overclock and puny ram overclock. I have not seen anyone post about the drastic increase in performance this can bring. Gopher could increase his clock speed on his cpu by say .3ghz and could keep his shadow distance on ultra. Notice my system is entirely out classed by his yet I have better performance. Gophers system has 2 gtx 980s I have a single gtx 970, gopher has 16gb ram I have 8gb, gopher has an i7 4790k@4.4Ghz and I have an i5 4690k@4.8Ghz. The point is not that the game is cpu intensive, but that it is heavily effected by clock speed on the cpu and ram. An i7 4790k@4.4Ghz should out perform an i5 4690k@4.8Ghz.
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    Actually, I'd say Bethesda games being very CPU-intensive is quite well known.
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