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    None of that explains to me why tell us so early. Its not like I need years to save up 60 bucks. Now we have to wait years!?! I'm not smiling and I am not happy they told me in fact it makes me tense that I have to wait so long and pissed at them. Take Metro Exodus we all heard about it a year or so ago and here it is. Everyone is thrilled loves the game and praises the developer. That's how you do it.
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    Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

    after 15 years of waiting
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    Would CDPR really hype something in 2018 only to release in 2021? Man talk about teasing an more than likely pissing off your Witcher fan base. Are games that really that hard to make? IMO if 2021 was the estimated release date they should have not said anything last year.
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    E3 2019

    E3 2019 will take place from June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Last year's expo drew in more than 69,200 attendees who saw over 200 exhibitors, 85 of which were showing at E3 for the first time. One thing that is anticipated is the next Cyberpunk reveal and the next Elder Scrolls reveal. As I have discussed extensively in the Cyberpunk thread, the new game engines are about to change gaming forever. New technology is being released. The following video discusses some of this. The new CRY engine and other developments will have major impacts in the next couple of years. Also CD Projekt Red is going to release a secret AAA game before 2021: https://gamerant.com/cd-projekt-red-unannounced-game-cyberpunk-2077/ Elder Scrolls 6 is rumored to be planned for release 10 years after Skyrim: https://www.econotimes.com/The-Elder-Scrolls-6-Release-Date-Latest-News-Sequel-Arrives-10-Years-After-Skyrim-1510866 https://www.polygon.com/2019/3/18/18271044/bethesda-e3-2019-press-conference-date-time-doom-eternal https://twinfinite.net/2019/03/bethesda-hypes-their-e3-2019-showcase-with-announcement-promo/
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    EU and the proposed Article 13 !?!

    @Eliorim you know clicking on the little emoji that says (((thanks))) in the post above just isn't good enough for me. I really do apperciate all the work you've done to keep us informed on this subject.
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    EU and the proposed Article 13 !?!

    It's nearly time. Less than a week to go. The time of the vote has now been set – Tuesday, March 26th, 12:30 CET. Lots of news and back-and-forth going on on a daily basis. Most of it in Germany. This means most news I read tend to be in German. Since I don't speak it and I rely on Google Translate to understand, I like to avoid posting any machine translations that are prone to errors. However the general gist of what has been going on is, both sides of the debate are digging into their trenches and defending their stance firmly, media campaigns underway. Protests and debate from those against VS sabotage, propaganda half-truths (lying either directly or by omission) from proponents. So, I'd say the usual daily politics. • Axel Voss admitting, yet again, he does not understand the internet and does not care: Axel Voss (Google Translate): "With a view to technical solutions our position is: yes, it may be that something gets blocked that shouldn't be. It's a safe assumption it won't work 100%. I'm not an engineer and can't explain to you whether [filters] can really identify remixes correctly. But on Google there's also that page where you can click on memes--an actual section." https://www.vice.com/de/article/vbw8zy/streit-um-uploadfilter-und-artikel13-wie-axel-voss-das-internet-sieht Facepalms all around... So when 130 European digital companies tell you you are wrong, you don't listen? 👏 /slow clap • EU Progressives will recommend to their MEPs to vote for copyright deal despite opposition: • The petition to save the internet has surpassed 5 million signatures. • At a press conference, Axel Voss has confirmed threats to MEPs from some press publishers that if they voted against the copyright directive they would receive unfavorable or no coverage during the next election campaign. Says "it is completely normal". When pressed, lies about it happening. Article 13 ----> Article 17 Article 11 ----> Article 15 • The final version of the Copyright Directive is online now. Article 13 has been renumbered and is now Article 17. Both the old and the new numbers will show up on MEPs’ voting lists. Full text (PDF): http://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/A-8-2018-0245-AM-271-271_EN.pdf (Article 17 on pages 120-129) Also Article 11 is renumbered to Article 15 (pages 116-118). • Protests in the EU, planned for Saturday, March 23rd: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1tHaOiCgjION6hK0rrajIJyuHnG5FgBzH&ll=53.6494794453839%2C12.823461035873834&z=4&fbclid=IwAR26FpLf_NQGKNfJEZ8pTPxDw-wEk-TE4cmjM5E9m-ZBzhynq7hP0gkTPoA https://savetheinternet.info/demos
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    RIP legend. https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/dick-dale-king-of-the-surf-guitar-dies-at-81
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    A Letter of Thanks

    Aye. I've gotten into the habit of just leaving one of his videos on while I'm doing other things. So he's often the voice in the other room keeping the house from feeling empty.
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    A Letter of Thanks

    Gopher, I'm a disabled veteran of the US Navy. I'm in my late forties and suffer from several conditions that make leaving the house difficult at best and painful at worst. I'm not saying this to elicit any pity which, frankly, I would likely find both tiresome and mildly offensive. I say it to describe how you've helped me. Over the past decade I've learned the meaning of the word isolation. A few years ago I turned around one day and realized that the only people I'd looked in the eyes and spoken to for the better part of the previous six months were delivery people. As you can imagine it was a mildly horrific moment combining all sorts of uncomfortable truths in a single, miserable experience. So what does this have to do with you? I've been a fan since I was looking for information on how to mod Fallout 3 and, by extension, Oblivion without making the universe unravel. I found your videos and just sort of stuck around. At the time you were just starting your play-through of Skyrim with Stiv. Since then I have followed you from the frigid peaks of northern Tamriel through the crumbling wasteland around Washington DC, the poisonous surface and terrifying depths of Moscow, the teeth chattering dark of Amnesia, the lonely blood soaked streets of London and back to Tamriel for both Richard and now Leonard. I have witnessed both Frank and Barry's reactions to the end of the world. In other words I've been a lurker in your forums and the occasional patreon for the better part of the last decade. So I think it can safely be said that I am a fan. Right. But why the gratitude? Well, because of that isolation I mentioned. I spend a lot of time alone. Your videos provide a-ah... how do I say this? I'm laughing and wish I could convey the reasoning behind it. The words I want to write are "stabilizing and grounding influence". Yeah. ;) Seriously though. For years you have been a steady part of my experience. You have provided chuckles, many shakes of the head and more than a few outright facepalms... and, as sad and humbling as it is to say... I think I'm saner because of it. So thanks, mate. A few years ago I used to buy you a couple beers a month to say thanks and good job. Now, because of deteriorating economic conditions in both my country and personal finances, the best I can do is tell you that, in addition to making a living, you are helping people. So carry on, brother. Carry on. - Scion Drakhar aka Whitelion1284 aka MM1 Heim of the USN.
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    Found some interesting reading about the developers and the game. The creators of The Outer Worlds on learning to make better RPGs The Outer Worlds: Release date, gameplay, and everything we know Don't Expect The Outer Worlds To Be As Gigantic As Fallout: New Vegas Leaving it here incase someone want to have a read while letting your Christmas food digest ! And this quote
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    The Forest also agrees with you LOL
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    You sir, are insane. But I forgive you.
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    Now this next comment WILL shock you. I'm not a fan of the 'hold button' to pick locks. I prefer the Fallout style lockpicking mini game. Just more realistic than holding a button down for a couple secs in my opinion. But it won't be a problem in the grand scheme of things though.
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    I remember a stream where he was baffled that one of his teammates had never seen it and recommended it most assuredly. So yes, he has seen what many call the greatest sci-fi series every made. In fact he even tried the Firefly weapons mod for NV on a mod-test stream iirc, although he wasn't able to fully test it, that sneaky mod-author hid the weapons well. Heh, he actually mentions Firefly in his Outer Worlds response vid.
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    Yeah, same here. Will be interesting to hear Gophers thoughts on The Outer Worlds.
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    I got a sudden itch to go play rage 1 again. loved the towns and inhabitants of that game and always thought, this would make a great rpg. I think outerworlds shares that firefly/serenity vibe that I also got from rage 1 ps: can't wait to see an outerworlds let's play series from Gopher after the game is released
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    Found a gameplay footage video; looks like a controller is being used but hey' Dialogue Options WITH Consequences
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    I suppose CDPR does not consider what they released to be anything beyond an update to satisfy impatient fans.
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    Not all games need as much attention as Red put in them. Here is some of the reason for the delay: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/03/23/cyberpunk-2077-dev-quest-complexity/ https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-quests-design/ Also, they were mostly developing assets and making them work the way they wanted in an engine that didn't exist in a computer that didn't exist. They developed an outline of the game world which they showed off last year. They has a demo quest to get feed back from. Then they went to California to design specific atmospheric touches that were local specific. They have been putting it all together in an actual game for a little over 6 months. Music has been in development for about a year. Dialogue and voice acting takes months. ... on top of this they are still working on the actual quests and side quests. They also said last year that they would start the hype when they were closer to a release date. Several people have estimated this will be a year before actual release.
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