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    No worries. I remember continuing to look at how the building was made and why the floor is at y0.
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    My biggest grip is all the big studios seem to have spies and they all copy one another. IMO just to be safe or they do sequels but they are out of ideas. Borderland 3 looks like Doom, Doom looks like Rage 2, Rage 2 looks like Wolfenstein. Their art works are almost identical. How many games has Gopher played that look just like and pretty much is played the same way as this current vampire game? I miss games that took chances like Borderlands 1 and then 2 with its heave black outlined artwork. 3!?! sucks in my book. Bioshock 1 and 2 and again 3 sucked, hell wasn't even under water. Dead Space 1 and 2 and as usual 3 sucked. Anyway there is my rant. I hope it adds to the conversation.
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    RDO not showing an MCM

    I am not going to try to suggest possible problems. Any improperly installed mid can mess things up. This is why Gopher always tells you to check each mod after installation to see if it works properly. There is really no way to predict what can go wrong.
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