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    Pcat's Retirement Post

    I want to thank you not just for the work on these forums but in helping me on so many occasions on so many different issues. You have been a rock for me to lean on so often that I cannot imagine where I would be without your help all these years. Thank you for everything you have done.
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    Jack Poster: A Fistful of Bottlecaps

    Updated with a full list of staff (as far as I know). If there should be any other names on this poster please mention them as text is easy to change!
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    Yes that's right - I plan to begin a Stiv bobble-head over the next week! If anyone could send me a quality jpg of Stiv's shoulder-less ebony armour I would greatly appreciate it. Update (dec 27): It begins!
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    Here's where I'm at with Stiv so far. The details are slowly coming along. Also: his head seems to be balanced nicely and does in fact bobble!
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    A n00b visits Minion Land

    I'm a total n00b at Minecraft, and have been itching to see all the awesomeness that has been going taking place on the Minion Land server. So I the other night...
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    Forum upgraded to version 4.1.0!

    This community is pretty much driven and kept alive by the admins and moderators we have. Not only do they do a great job of keeping me in the loop, they spend an incredible amount of their own free time keeping things running smoothly and (and this is important) in a friendly relaxed manner. The technology the forums use, the themes and gadgets, all mean nothing compared to the community that uses it. I am grateful to everyone here for their input, but honestly I have no worries about the current state of these forums. In fact I am very pleased with how well they have worked out. A big thanks to everyone for that, especially the admins and moderators.
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    Seems that most have come to understand the situation. I am going to lock the thread so that it doesn't cause drama later on down the line.
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    That is absolutely the way to go. It's harder than it sounds, but it really is the only way to stay sane I think. It should be easy because the comments are overwhelmingly positive, but for some reason, the negative ones have more of an effect. It's actually a valuable lesson for life in general. Focus on the good. Easy to say, difficult to do, but then you know my attitude towards a difficult fight that keeps beating me down
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    The Best Bits

    @Gopher asked for our favourite moments, and we obey I'll get us started. Richard the Librarian: Story of the Dragonborn Skyrim Mod Testing #9 (Animated Dragon Wings mod) Fallout 4 Teaser: What if it's fake? Let's Play Skrim: Ch 3 Ep 14: FFFaARRGG A Werewolf's Warning (Let's Play Skyrim Again - Chapter 1 part 29 encore)
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    A Thank you to Gopher

    SO I would just like to say Gopher Thank you, you may not realize how very helpful you are. But you and your video's ( and your staff) are VERY helpful and I thank you for that ! Back story to this: Well I have stopped playing Fall Out 4, until the GECK and real Mods start coming out, I am just sick for playing baby sitter (aka General of the Minute Men) and I find it too funny now that I have noticed that Super Mutant's sound like cookie monster, and on my third Play through... Spoiler So since I stopped with FO 4 , I thought I would go back to Skyrim, I have upgraded my Video card so it should look even more awesome ... and there is where I ran into problems with MO and SKSE and SKYUI and ENB. I Think upgrading my video card twice since my original MO setup caused my issues. But after re-reviewing your old Skyrim videos and the MO vid series, I am back up and running around in a beautiful world. So thank you for your help, even your old vids are still helpful.
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    A new settlement needs your...

    @Gopher a new settlement needs your cake! So after discussion with a few members, it was agreed upon to create a new thread to bring awareness to the New Minion Commonwealth. Some of you are aware that I have finally completed my Diamond City project. For those of you that aren't aware, it's done!... well almost... I'm currently filling it with villagers as it will be the lands trading area. Regardless you can still come and visit and enjoy the surroundings, Especially for those of you that are Fallout fans. Currently to complete this, I'm working further on the public iron farm (new institute) to get the breeder in action. It doesn't compare to Ovaji's but youre welcome to the iron if youre in the area. In my personal storage area, the Super Duper Mart, you'll find a small area near the front of the store where you're welcome to a few random items. Although halfway done (on the inside), to compete with all the towers that went up during the early days, you'll find the Mass Fusion Tower where you can get new views and a great elytra jumping point. But there's a lot of other places to explore and find that belong to the New Minion Commonwealth. And there's plenty more to come too. Post your lands below if you think its something you'd want Gopher and others to visit.
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    Just remember everyone, that there will be a few rules: 1) Don't wander off the tour. 2) One slice of cake per person. 3) No jumping off the lava tower without a licensed instructor. 4) If recorded, any building of bridges between mountains may not take more than six episodes.
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    For those of you who use the dark theme on the forum, it has been updated. You can switch to the updated version at the bottom of the page. Just select "Animate" in the "Theme" drop down menu. If you are wondering why I didn't just apply the update over the old version, that is because I make changes to the templates to fix a few issues with some of our plugins, and to remove some of the things a few of you find annoying.
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    Quarico's PAX AUS Adventure

    Hi folks. In a week's time I head to PAX AUS. I'm ridiculously excited because I had such a blast last year. PAX AUS last year was my first convention ever. PAX AUS this year will be my second ever. If anyone is interested, I was thinking of tweeting and taking lots of pics this year. I've never been big on social media, but if you'd like to follow me for this I'd love to share my PAX experience with you because I adore this community. My Twitter I'm also going to try to post what I'm up to here. I'll be filming too and depending on how that turns out I might compile and release each day as a video on youtube once I get home.
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    Settlement Showoff Thread

    I don't have the game installed atm but here's one screenshot I took of it from a distance >_> I spent way too much time and resources on it but whatever
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    Master Cire

    News! News! News!

    I want to give a thank you to all of Gopher's staff to make this experience more enjoyable, and Gopher for giving us a chance to work together with these projects.
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    You are right about it being something I should control better. When I am calm I find it a lot easier to deal with the more unpleasant comments, but I get aggressive when playing PvP. But it has nothing to do with ego or being a 'youtuber' and everything to do with being human. You punch me, my every instinct is to punch back. I need to fight that urge better and rise above it, but there are people out there who enjoy trying to belittle others and it brings out the worst in me. I realise you feel that you (and others) are trying to help and you believe your 'simple truths' are the correct ones, but let's be honest here, your ego comment was meant to annoy me. You knew what effect it would have on me because you knew I was already irritated by other comments, and yet you did it regardless. Am I the only one here who succumbed to their darker side? But again, you are right, I have a responsibility to be better than that. I just know I cannot do that whilst playing a competitive game and reading hundreds of comments. Honestly, I knew it was a bad idea but I was not in the mood to play anything else tonight. I should have just cancelled the stream. There will be no more PvP streams on my channel.
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    Quarico's PAX AUS Adventure

    Day 1 Complete. I'm exhausted. Forgive me if I forget anything. I arrived early with my brother to ensure I could snag a Fallout mask and Nuka-Cola Quantum. I had hoped the drink would be in a special bottle I could keep but instead they were just handing out cups of it. It tasted...well like blue, really. Blue and sugar. Made me feel like I had mild radiation poisoning. Once PAX opened my first stop was Bethesda's vault. They presented DOOM as well as Fallout 4. One thing I didn't mention in my post about that experience was how Bethesda haven't generally allowed people to try the game at conventions as we'd end up halfway through character creation and then our allotted time would be up and we'd never actually see the game! Between walking around the show floor and attending a couple of panels which weren't as good as I'd hoped, I didn't play much at all today. Going to try to rectify that tomorrow. My first stop will be a VR experience called Earthlight. It looks like you get to experience being an astronaut. It looks gorgeous. The final item on my agenda was the Fallout Trivia panel. That was ridiculously fun and I know already that it will be my highlight of PAX AUS 2015. It was hilarious, so much fun, and fostered a great sense of comradery amongst the audience. Until then end when we had to cheer the loudest to decide which team won. The entire audience all spontaneously sang "Happy Birthday" to one of the people helping hand out the prizes. It was just such a fantastic time. The hour went far too quickly. I'm back in my hotel now, collapsed on my bed. I did a haul video but the blasted thing won't upload so I may have to wait until I get home to show that. Onwards to day 2! And thank you to @Just Louise for the awesome banner!
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    Skyrim Schenanigans

    Found on Tumblr :D
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    Meery is here too!

    Hi guys! Just call me Meery. I'm like, OK, hehe. You know me from the old forum and ALL the streams and steam. I'm around a lot Also known as the #PurpleLegion captain. I'm often accompanied by wine, although I promise it happens a LOT less often than it seems There has been at LEAST three times I haven't had wine. In Real Life (yes I sometimes do that too) I'm currently back in uni trying to finish my history degree. After that? WHO KNOWS! I mean with a history degree the world is an oyster right? I have been a fan of Gopher over a year or so when I started modding my Skyrim and discovered him. I'm happy he has such an awesome community and I'm proud to be here! #PurpleLegion, prepare for battle!
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    New Night Club

    Now Introducing a new night club, just a hop skip and a jump away from spawn, FINALLY WE'RE OPEN! :O come on over and join us for all the fun!! Red stone activated dance floor enhancing the club experience and swiftly robbing you of all the fpses ;) Bar Entrance with custom banners :O -say it aint so! Fully loaded bar with many options for all picky individuals "Sleep over" areas for all weary travelers. Everyone is welcome and will be given a buddy to snuggle with on those cold Blox nights First Class outdoor spa and bar area, on the property! :O Don't worry about getting "a few too many" ShawnBouncer is on the job to keep all patrons and employees safe. So plan your next party and get together at the Rouge tomorrow. Please contact Ubberblox or Brinicio in game to set up your reservation today! <3 *disclaimer all taxes and alcohol fees will be charged in advance for any function over 4 people. Fireworks will be providing, employees available on site for entertainment at additional cost **Brubbie LLC. is not liable for any damages to your person while on the premises don't even try to sue, you will lose
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    The location for my spa in the desert. Just the frame-work so far. At least it's a start and it's lush enough for a desert, I think. /Dave
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    Just Louise

    Server, is it a good idea?

    I think things will actually calm down once the server goes up, at least soon after it does. I think it's got a lot to do with hype. As soon as everybody's had a chance to get on the server for a while then I think it may cool off. Sure, there may be conflicts on the server, like "why did you claim my land, it was mine!" and the occasional griefing. It happened on the old server and it'll probably happen here too. And when Gopher goes online and he wants a team for some kind of quest or build when someone doesn't get picked there might be jealousy. It's been in other multiplayer games, too. There's been drama, and there'll be future drama. But, for the most part, the community has weathered the storms, despite splinters leaving it, and I think it will do in the future too. I don't like when people feel that they don't want to be in the Minions anymore, I don't want anyone to think that they're simply expendables; but I think the server will, on the whole, do more community-building than community-wrecking. (I reserve the right to be proven completely wrong by future events)
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    I noticed Mr.Godkrig wasn't getting any fan art love, so here we are He's one of Gopher's first Skyrim characters. Here's my contribution: If you don't know who Godkrig is, I suggest you take a look here:
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    I've always had a cat in my life. Mum told me our first cat "adopted" me when I was 18 months old. She came from another house down the road, but they didn't treat her well so she took to following me around the yard before we properly adopted her after her original family just up and left. She lived to be 17 or so. My second cat turned up on our doorstep when I was 15. She was barely 5 weeks old and there was no way she could have climbed the steps so we were sure she was left there. She was a tortoiseshell, so not cuddly at all, but I loved her with all my heart. She got me through first dad's passing, then through mum's. She passed at around 13 years of age. Now my current kitten (see profile pic) is unlike any I've ever had. She follows me everywhere, always wants cuddles, and is the best thing that could have happened to me. I adopted her from our local shelter as I was (unknowingly) falling into an emotional hole and had Annie not been there to give me responsibility and cuddles and love, I don't know where I'd be today. Apologies if that was a bit of an overshare, and quite lengthy, but my pets are my life! I also had a dog called Sarah (adopted from local shelter) who will forever hold my heart in her gorgeous brown eyes. So both a cat and a dog person. And also someone who can't say anything succinctly. :-/
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    Went in for a blood test today, and white cell count is up again, so treatment #3 is a go for next week. Each session I receive steroids, anti-nausea fluid, and four kinds of chemo. I cannot recall their names, so I call them Red Bull (same color), V-8 (starts with V), and a couple of other clear liquids. starting with A & B, I believe. Ignorance is bliss.... Appetite is all over the place; one day salty foods are desired, and another day it may be sweets. Some days a simple steak does not hit the spot, and is terrific on another. My normal pizza choices are now more varied, too. Still, I am grateful I still can have them all. And crackers, vanilla wafers, some fruits, and shortbread cookies are now the snacks of choice. Some times I feel like there is a brick in my stomach, and all I am able to eat are these small treats. If I overeat, it can create issues. And the prescription anti-nausea meds are a blessing to have on hand. But most days are good, and I have widened my taste range based on craving and desired textures; some meals are calling for crunchy, and other days I prefer soft tortillas, breads, etc And somehow, my sweaters, drains, and brush seem to be growing a lot more hair. Curious.... Thanks to all for the kind thoughts. It is not pleasant, but it could be far, far worse; like some un-modded games perhaps?
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    A devotee of the OJ

    May his or her orange juice forever be within the use by date
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    the one downside to a kharjo or j'zargo plushie is that you'd always be losing it....
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    Server is Life!

    My feelings about Redmine: The thing with Redmine is that it helps with the workflow when solving issues on the server. It is so much easier when you can see each issues laid out for you before you jump in the server, instead of the usual text chaos I get when I logged in. I can quickly handle dozens of issues easily when I can organise them in my head and have clear goals and priorities, I get those done a lot quicker comparing to the times I had to deal with the issues presented during the initial logged-in swarms, and then have more time to actually play the game. I have Redmine sends me email for every new tickets and every updates on each tickets, I always have my phone in front of me so I see these emails immediately and it's among the fastest way to get in contact with me. The fastest a ticket has been fulfilled was around 2-4 minutes after it was filed. Some things like giving out more claim blocks etc., I can do without even logging into the game. It's for every kind of issue, and I personally don't care if your ticket is about your missing one gold nugget, it will still get sorted out. It's a good an efficient way for us to quickly see who needs help and prioritise things instead of trying to work with the game's chat system, and the painful multiple /r. We're here to help people, in our own free time, and it is discouraging and disheartening sometimes to see that making our work a bit easier for us is too much of a trouble for the people we're trying to help. I mean, each of us admins/mods can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours working on each individual problems for people, I didn't think it was too much for us to ask of you to spend 2 minutes or so registering and filing tickets.. You know, help us help you and all that stuff.. I know, more mods and people to watch the server etc. can help as well, but those are significant decisions to make and can take time in discussing and coming to a conclusion, and even time to properly implement. Redmine is something you can do to help all of us now, even if for just a little. That's all I'm trying to say really. I was going to make a much shorter post... But it's been piling on me for a while
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    Christmas event!

    People went full bore freak out mode on something said by a member of our community that has no history of irrational malicious or vindictive behavior. Did any really think Claymore would actually attempt wholesale slaughter in full view of the moderators and Gopher? Does anyone really think that would be just glossed over? With the amount of time Darkfire, Cherub, and Rodzyn all put into making sure the server works as well as possible, I feel that's a little disingenuous of people to assume something like that wouldn't be dealt with harshly. I guess the rules of engagement are 1. Panic 2. Freak out, then panic 3. Panic and accuse 4. Panic
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    The Gopher Collection on GoG.com

    https://www.gog.com/promo/20161201_winter_sale_gopher_collection and thus Gopher's internet fame grows. Dam nice of them to do that.
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    He has a forum too???

    I sort of assumed everyone knew about it. I will start linking it in videos and mentioning it more
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    Historical Accuracy

    Where are my cat nuns, Bethesda? Hm?!
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    Because when I use things like fast travel I feel like I am playing a game, and I rapidly start playing as if it were a game to be beaten. I start to disconnect from the character and start seeing him as my avatar in a virtual world to be used and abused without thought or care for his needs. Fast travel allows me to make the avatar do as many boring trips back and forth as I need him to do, regardless of how annoyed he would actually be, and regardless of how unreasonable the travelling would be. I never have to drop stuff and make tough choices, I just fast travel and dump stuff all the while not caring about the characters wants. I find the way to get the most 'win' for the least effort. Basically I become competitive rather than involved and I grow bored because games like Fallout 4 are ridiculously easy once you play that way. My second playthrough of Fallout 4 is an excellent example of that. I use VATS and fast travel (for testing purposes) and I have trivialized the game to the point where I play without armour, without tactics, and often without sound
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    Ah, Crusader Kings II

    Whenever I'm sad, the forum threads for this game always cheer me up- the advice is hilarious out of context as well.
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    Just Louise

    Quarico's PAX AUS Adventure

    Aaaand we're back! Live on the floor of PAX Australia where our Quariporter is sharing the latest events with YOU. Exclusively on Minion TV.
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    Just Louise

    The Shire - In Minecraft

    Knowing that there are a fair bit of Lord of the Rings fans here (Gopher included), I thought you might appreciate this recreation of the Shire. Created by the people at ArdaCraft; they're making a 1:58 scale faithful recreation of Middle-Earth, "it will take around 2 hours to walk between the Shire and Rivendell" according to their FAQ which I think is longer than it took it the movies.
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    *You hear a rather shy "Hello"*

    I am kinda at a loss as to how the introduction works, but oh well. Hello! I am Gokey and I am from Moscow, Russia. I am not a new Minion (perhaps some of you guys remember me from Teamspeak), but because it's me I absolutely forgot about the forums. Yay me. Been watching Gopher since his FNV mod clinic series and got absolutely hooked on him from his Stiv LP. I am playing a lot of RPGs set in Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Apocalypse, obviously including TES ( Oblivion and Skyrim as of this moment) and Fallout ( 2, 3 and NV), and I mod them a lot which is one of the reasons I watch Gopher. I also like team based games, like PD2, Dead Island and L4D2.
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    Deleted User 1257

    New Steam Group!

    So we now have a new Steam group which goes by the name Gopher's Minions! Hopefully this will help new comers find it if they wish to be a part of it. For those of you here on the forums who wish to join the new group, you can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gophersminions The name change had more todo with the fact that we have been calling all the community groups "Gopher's Minions" for a while now, and we figured that it is probably best to have the Steam group called that as "Stiv's Minions" might not be obvious to the newer followers of Gopher.
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    You wanted it, you asked for it, now you've got it! It still will be too cold for Kharjo, though. :P
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    The Best Bits

    HE KNEW IT! Disclaimer: That's what was posted on the countdown website. That's one of the few Stiv's laws I disobey.
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    Part 3 Attempt # 2 Started on May 28, 2014 on channel. XCOM: EnemyWithin, Normal Difficulty, Ironman, Africa The Chosen: 1. EstariaValens, pt. 1.......................15. Xelphos, pt. 3 2. Skyforger007, pt. 1.......................16. AV_Valtyr, pt. 3 3. DushMursts, pt. 1.........................17. Chaos, pt. 3 4. ScalierNebula, pt, 1......................18. FrostFox, pt. 3 5. NafNaf_95 , pt. 1..........................19. Tywele, pt. 3 6. GreenColine, pt. 1........................20. Joatmono, pt. 3 7. WizKid987, pt. 2...........................21. LadyAcorn, pt. 4 8. Alpha_Sword, pt. 2......................22. Gauron20, pt. 4 9. CorperationPop, pt. 2....................23. Greed, pt. 5 10. Forestgale, pt. 2............................24. EyeLax, pt. 6 11. Thomas_CT, pt. 2..........................25. Sky_Flower pt. 6 12. Marielahh, pt. 2.............................26. SuperNofa, pt 9 13. Qwolfs, pt. 2...................................27. DankEngine, pt. 9 14. Orangejuicegod, pt. 3.....................28. PagonW, pt 9 The Fallen: Whom................How................................Total Kills....Missions.....Mission Died In CoperationPop....Floater Lt. Plasma Rifle.....................0....................1.............Operation First Sword SkyForger............Chryssalid Claw................................14....................5...........Operation Rotting Empire GreenColine........Chryssalid Claw................................10....................9...........Operation Rotting Empire DushMursts........Chryssalid Claw................................15.....................9...........Operation Rotting Empire ScailerNebula.....Chryssalid Claw.................................13....................6...........Operation Rotting Empire OrangeJuiceGod..Muton Lt. Plasma Rifle.....................0....................2...........Operation Crimson Knife Gauron...........EXALTE Elite Laser Sniper Rifle............0....................1...........Operation Falling Fog WizKid987.....Heavy Floater Alien Grenade.................43..................18..........Operation Bloody Empire Qwolfs..........Sacrificed Self in Temple Ship Assault.....39...................21........Operation Avenger (28 chosen, 9 died, 19 alive ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Scalier Nebula

    Mod Suggestion

    "The Proper Lady."
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    Daily Chat Thread

    I gave up on welcomeing everybody. That's just to much poeple making introductions just because they have to. I could simply post Hi non everyone, but that's not was introductions were when I registered and that's only been a few hm... weeks already? I loved the fact that everyone camo to say hi and some random chit-chat and the thread derailed. That was fun, warm, lively. Welcoming. Yes! The Intro-forum for me now has the character of a train station. People running buy and merely nodding to each other. I can't keep up with the pace..... How do you feel about it or handle it? *curious*
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    Don't forget "Jeremy the Nord Tourist," sending postcards home to mum.
  49. 6 points

    What does Gopher look like?

    He is Faceless and just a Voice. That is known. Also doesn't he always say that he just doesn't think adding a facecam would add anything to his videos or streams? And I tend to agree with that and I just don't really understand the obsession with his face. Who cares..that's not why we love him anyway.
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I found this on Reddit; it's definitely how I feel atm:
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