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    I always liked this song.😁
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    Roachbait FNV

    New Video: Tamriel Maid Service

    I know, it's been a while...things are kinda busy at work lately...so, I'll still do what I can 🤪 Enjoy! 🙂
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    As I said, getting a game together after testing takes time. Every change to fix a problem often causes other problems. Sometimes the problems escalate from something minor to something so impossible to fix that whole sections have to be removed for release. All the modders here know how adding a seemingly simple mod can crash a game. Dealing with a game as large as Cyberpunk 2077 is far more complex. The problems can be solved, but often it takes a year to fix even a few major problems revealed by Beta Testing. Usually the main platform is less of a problem because the developers used that platform to develop the game. CDProjekt instead developed on a supercomputer and even transferring to a high end PC has been a challenge. Remember that they initially thought they would release on XBOX TWO and PS5 -- next gen consoles, but marketing and investors pushed for an early release. It never goes well when development is diverted off-track like that. Cyberpunk 2077 dev says Cory Barlog's frank delay explanation "hit the nail on the head" Connor Sheridan 4 hrs ago After news of the Cyberpunk 2077 release date delay sunk in, the rumors started flying. While developer CD Projekt Red said the delay was necessary to allow for "more time to finish playtesting, finishing and polishing" and give it "the precious months we need to make the game perfect", fans started speculating that there were more specific - and dire - reasons for the delay. The rumors postulated that Cyberpunk 2077 didn't run brilliantly on PS4 and Xbox One. CD Projekt Red just wasn't willing to release it in its current condition, hoping that a few more months of work could shore it up. While CD Projekt Red itself didn't directly respond to the rumors at first, God of War creative director Cory Barlog sparked off a brief Twitter thread to debunk them from his own perspective as a game developer. The whole thing is worth reading, but the gist of it is that Barlog says no game looks good or runs well until the developers set aside their normal work to just optimize the hell out of the thing in the months or weeks leading up to launch. There's nothing unusual or deceptive about a game looking bad and running poorly before then, even relatively close to its planned release date - it's just how modern games are made. "Cory Barlog hit the nail on the head," CD Projekt Red senior quest designer Philipp Weber said on the studio's official forums. "Of course we're optimizing for the Xbox One, and for the PlayStation, and for the PC, because that's what you do in the last stretches of game development. While the game is made, lots of things are unoptimized, because they're all in flux, changing, and still not finished. "So simple answers like 'They delayed the game because of X' might make for a good rumor, but don't hold a lot of truth. There's always many reasons. Among them, and I can speak for myself, simply fixing bugs, so the game is as polished as possible. No hidden agendas, just working on making the game better." Maybe it doesn't make the extended wait for Cyberpunk 2077 any easier, but hopefully most fans can go back to the "arghh I can't wait" kind instead of the "oh no what if it sucks" kind. (https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/cyberpunk-2077-dev-says-cory-barlog-s-frank-delay-explanation-hit-the-nail-on-the-head/ar-BBZubNo?ocid=msedgntp)
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    To everyone here and the Dark-Lord Gopher, in 2020, I hope every single one of you. Have a great year ahead, and every single one of your dreams come true and you achieve your goals and your wishes and you always feel happiness, love, joy, and have great passion for all that you thrive to accomplish.
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    Thank you Sophie. I also wish you a very happy new year. Hey it will be the 20's again I wonder if they will be roaring? You might have to google that. (roaring 20s)
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    To All ... My best wishes ... and have a cookie ... all cookies guaranteed to be filled with unbelievable sweetness ... manufactured in the best alchemical labs in the Elder Scrolls Universe ... guaranteed to be non-fattening ... absolutely no tooth decay ... no sugar high ... and absolutely nutrition free! (Feel free to substitute other cookies to suit your desire. Substitution voids guarantee.) Seriously, to all, best New Years Wishes. May all your happy thoughts be fulfilled this year. ... and may we get a new Elder Scrolls game or DLC or really wonderful MOD!
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    So where's video 106?
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