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  1. TiDinzeo

    Meery Minionmas!

    I still keep an eye on the place. Not that there ever seems to be much for me to do.
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  2. Maybe I should talk to the gang about getting the band back together...
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  3. Oh, friends! I'm sorry I missed your lovely replies. Retirement has not been kind, I'm afraid. My schedule is all over the place nowadays. Mom's health has declined a lot; I spend most of my time tending to her now which makes streaming... inconvenient to say the least. My only respite is in the form of D&D I'm running now on Roll20 and Discord. I'm glad to see you holding in here! I have no idea what's been going on in my absence-- what is this 'live chat?' Is that the Discord? Anyway, much love from me.
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