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  1. I am thinking of getting Minecraft, where should I start in terms of mods and if I decide to start vanilla. I have always been a person to think Minecraft was a kiddie game and never came across the idea of ever playing it at all and avoided it and mocked it. But over the years and watching Gopher & Chay together playing the game and individually. I have come around to this game and I am intrigued to see what it would be like to play it and explore this endless world. Any tips, mods ideas, and where to start if I want to explore the vanilla version first. I heard windows Minecraft is
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  2. Well, one has to think outside the box, to admire those lost within it
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  3. Amazing friend, I think the Drake equation as a lot of stake in this question to answer solution I guess " = number of civilizations with which humans could communicate = mean rate of star formation = fraction of stars that have planets = mean number of planets that could support life per star with planets = fraction of life-supporting planets that develop life
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  4. I love this episode so much. Gopher the dark lord and the awesome character come to life Guy LOL
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  5. I can agree, but they should have focused more on inventing the wheel so to speak with the series and that goes for other companies as well. The " If not broken don't fix it " saying does fit to those game series's that are unique, but the " If broke, break it more " seems to be the more common and newer saying in the industry right now.
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