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    @Brinicio, I can't remember who you said is building in the Ender Ender now, but here's a schematic for them, per my lost diamond pick from February. It puts a single item-sorter rail and a dropper elevator (clicky version) beneath the ender-ending pad, so ender pearls go downstream but any other item is pushed through the floor to the ender-ending player. Ender Ender Item Return.schematic
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    Wow lots of hate and discontent out there in the Borderlands these days. Everything from the Epic launcher exclusive /TakeTwo money grab , no steam version for 6 more months to folks claiming Randy gave himself 12 million in bonuses from all the cash made from BL2. Several voice actors claimed to be cheated in pay. Claptraps voice actor will not be returning. I've not seen any early release videos of BL3 yet I won't be buying it if they just copied Doom or Fortnite. What have you guys heard? Have you preordered the game?
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    ^^ Though past events have taught us that the forums are an easier place to use for storing useful information you might need later.
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