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  1. Loveblanket

    Hey Everyone

    I'm a little like Gopher, I don't use my real name for privacy reasons. I owned a business for many years and ended up with the building manager stalking, harassing, and threatening me and my family to the point where we had to get restraining orders, press charges, etc. I used to be a chef, but a spinal disease ended my career so I'm going back to school for programming and hope to make video games. I was basically shot out of a womb with an Atari 2600 controller in my hand so I've been a gamer since close to day one and I feel like I have a lot to offer. I'm gonna start by releasing some mod
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  2. Loveblanket

    Hey Everyone

    Thanks Cryzeteur, I appreciate the welcome!
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  3. Cryzeteur

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the forum Loveblanket Welcome. The standard welcome is: Watch out for flying cats, rats, and hedgehogs with flame throwers and firecrackers. Have a cookie, sit back, try a cup of your favorite beverage and watch Gopher doing amazing and ridiculous things. It's a lot of fun, so just enjoy.
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  4. enigma21000


    Well again i am really only here not as much as i would like,any way i like rock,as i think you can tell . Any way here is one from Billy Idol Rock the cradle of love.
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