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  1. Yeah, its less of a mutant and more of a magical flesh golem.
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  2. Far Cry 5 and Just Cause 4 were also let downs, 76 I could see coming months before the "BETA" but it turned out worse than I thought. Still there were some good games.
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  3. lol... You don't need that many to kill a half dozen armzys. I usually set them up in a random pattern blocking one of their migration routes. Three or four deadfalls thick and angled differently. I set them up completely blocking the migration route... maybe fifteen traps long. You can wipe out enough of them that way to make areas nearly mutant free. I am level 60 on hard and have not had the worms spawn yet. Yes. That was my impression as well. It looked like something blowing in the wind or a glitch. I don't think a cluster of baby mutants would help. The problem with the wor
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