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    After conferring with the builders, I can report that we will not be ready in time to hold the party on the 6th (this Saturday). Therefore, we have picked the next most popular option, that being Saturday the 20th of October. This will give the various construction teams sufficient time to complete their projects without having to rush. Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll. P.S. I have also updated the first post with a few activities that are likely to be included, though this is subject to change.
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    OK I found my Theme song for those of us who love playing Fallout76.
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    Who is Gopher?!

    Cotton I believe Gopher reads all the threads here. I think he has to be careful feeling get hurt easily if he comments on one post but not another.
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    Great job on this Tirius. The clues are difficult I found 7 and only understood 2 clues But for me the prize is the exploration so I am unconcerned. It took me months to find all the cheeses and I am sure it will take me months to find the last 3 parrots.
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    Every single person has an accent. It's all to do with where you were born, grow up and live which affects how you talk in a multitude of different ways. A voice without an accent is impossible. Even computer voices have an accent of sorts. So no, I don't think they'll do a generic man and woman's voice sans accent. Additionally, considering what it takes to make an accent, whilst physical appearance has little to do with vocal sound (some things like a larger chest cavity can obviously have a physical difference) in a roleplaying game where the protagonist is variable, personally, I think the protagonist should be unvoiced to aid the roleplaying of the player.
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    Outer Worlds Thoughts (Review?)

    I finished my first play through in about 52 hours (Normal mode). 46 quests completed 2 botched. Good game if a bit short. Replayability is moderate as it stands now. I have started a solo (no companions) game. I am sure I will do one more playthrough after this one but I doubt it will go beyond that. Combat is on the easy side even for someone like me with low skill. Loot is extreme there is so much stuff lying around that it defeats the item durability mechanic. I never purchased a consumable or ammo of any kind. About mid way through I switched from cautious sniper to spray and pray with combat rifles. Even with no aiming skill and just dumping rounds on target I never came close to running out. The AI is pretty weak making the sneak skill questionable. The story and writing are good if a bit predictable at times. Overall I really like the game I am hoping they will add more over time with DLC. If you are into combat this game really isn't it. The focus is all on the conversations and the stories in the terminals.
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    already in a clan
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    Server Download

    I wouldn't mind having it for one big reason, converting it to xbox and for phones. I successfully converted my 1.12.2 java world to bedrock on android, and am using it both in an all the mods 3 playthrough and on my phone usibng the latest 14.2 update. Honestly though given how amazing the minion community is, I'm willing to wait a few more years if it means more excellent builds and experiances on the main server. That being said, there is something appealing about the java version launching a ship to mars using galacticraft or using advent of ascension to unleash rpg hell opon the crossroads or the bedrock versions portability. Still, given its rumored to me a multi gig download, while I could play it and so could mobile users with enough space, some minion devices might have trouble playing it offline, so the servers continued exitance is a net benefit. I'm willing to send 3v the link to the converter jar if he would be willing to allow a conversion strictly for non java minion users, or do it myself, once the date arrives. Something to look forward to folks, minionland on ps4/droid/moddedswitch! -emperor_tzphard
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    Sky Net is live

    This is where it started " Victory dance, after the "great human slaughter". and it only cost 7 billion human lives. "
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    This young man is worth a listen to a like and a subscribe. At 19 he came to America from Lithuania to seek his fame and fortune he is 27 now and lives in Flordia. His name is Dovydas and his talent is off the chart. Listen as he researches and builds a song from scratch based on a request from the audience. Headphones if you got them.
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    Ender Ender Item Return Schematic

    ^^ Though past events have taught us that the forums are an easier place to use for storing useful information you might need later.
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    Minecraft `version`

    No worries. You got there!
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    Minecraft `version`

    Hi guys. Tanks for your help and patience. A BIG sorry!!! I am a fool. 🤣 I chose the wrong client, 14.4.. something. Moren
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    Beuwolf, I going to have to ask you to type slower, they are old and can't read fast.
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    That's a lot of money to spend. Is the PC just for gaming or you be using it for streaming, photo shop and such as well ? Have you considered going with a Ryzen CPU instead ? The Ryzen 7 3700x is almost equal to the i9 but cost considerably less. Not compared all components but if you definitely want the same case, PSU and GPU, then it be about $500 less to play (I picked the VR Ready Deal RX 5700 XT, then changed the Case, PSU and GPU). In regards to the OS, I would pick the Pro over Home version though, it's only a small difference in price for them anyway. Now of course this is if I found the same web site that you used, cyberpowerpc, otherwise the prices might different even more.
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    If you win the race one more time you get a new racing car. Shame you missed the dialogue line you get if you win first attempt.
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    I agree within limits. Game sequels are important because players want to follow the story. Sequels need to do that. They need to progress the story in new and innovative ways. The transition from Arena, the Morrowind, to Oblivion, to Skyrim is a good example. Dishonored is another good example. The entire Final Fantasy Series is a good example. Each sequel advanced to players understanding of the universe in new ways. They were not boring clones. You are right about innovation. The gaming world is and has always been in a state of flux. New tech makes it possible to use that tech in new ways. However, games are approaching a state parallel to books. Book technology relies on text and there is not much you can do to text. Still people love to read because everyone who reads a book reads a different story. Comic books and graphic novels become cartoons and movies. Entertainment will not go away. Games allow the player to make their own story. The whole point of the technology is to make your own story. It is like a game of chess. Every time you play a game, you create your own new story. RPGs are the next step. VR is a step beyond where we are. VR is in its infancy. But technology will peak or platform. The holodeck may be the future of VR. But the basic principle remains: Players want to create their own story in a world they are drawn to. Immersion in shooters is shallow and wears out quickly. In other words, technological advances are peaking and game companies need to concentrate on better RPGs with game worlds players love.
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    what does that have to do with exclusivity though? currently the game is unavailable on any online digital pc games store other than the epic games store while games sold on steam can also be bought from other stores and activated on steam if the game is using steam DRM. 30% is the cut that Microsoft and Sony also take from sales of third party games being sold on their platform, it is an established industry standard.
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    Hey all... Yep, ol' Roachbait here is looking for advice on building/buying a new system to run newer games on... Things like the new Skyrim, Fallout 4, and (of course) New Vegas... ...or whatever else happens to come along, in the near future. Here's the scoop: My little ol' laptop (an HP-2000) just ain't cuttin' the mustard anymore...and, it doesn't do the Wasteland Maid Service much justice as far as frame-rate, and play-ability has been goin', for a very long time now (over 4 years). Seeing how I do construction for a living (again), and that my financial situation has been a shambles (up to now), I've been a bit 'out-of-the-loop', as far as how much the tech has passed me by... To put it simply, I've had bigger concerns than "What sort of computer should I buy/build for games/recording for Youtube..." ...you know, stuff like food, and shelter from the elements...that sort of thing. Now that things are looking a LOT better for me, I feel the time has come to upgrade to something far better than a glorified doorstop that barely runs New Vegas at a wonderful 20-30 FPS when I'm not recording, and about 10 FPS when I am... (Ugh...the lag...it's been wearing at me for too long, I think...). So, any suggestions are welcome, hell...feel free to argue about what's best... The more input I get, the better I'll be able to decide on which way to go with it, and what to eventually get. Besides that, I feel that relocating the Wasteland Maid Service to Boston, or Skyrim (or both) seems like a way to go... And, who wouldn't want to see me loose my mind trying to clean up the Glowing Sea, or being eaten by uppity dragons? I have no idea... But yeah, feel free to toss in your two-cents-worth... Roachbait FNV
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    This is not dirently related, but I think it's good food for thought.
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    ^^ I've been ignoring all the major quests as well in my current playthrough, though I find it hard to stay in character when it comes to not jumping into random dungeons. The 'courier' playstyle I tried at the start was great fun though, and it works decently as a prelude for the Legacy museum quests. I've used my fetch-and-deliver quest earnings to first acquire Lakeview and then spent a lot of time just building up the house and foraging for resources (no AFK iron farms in Skyrim sadly). With the Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul, harvesting is new and fresh again. Now at level 28, I was on the road back home from Markarth yesterday, and have finally triggered the attack on the Western Watch Tower to start the dragons. I usually do the Dragonborn DLC as soon as I can ("take care of these cultists before I deal with the dragons - can't do both at once"), so I will probably use Solstheim to transition from 'odd job taker' to 'actual hero'.
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    Far Cry 5 and Just Cause 4 were also let downs, 76 I could see coming months before the "BETA" but it turned out worse than I thought. Still there were some good games.
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    Yeah, same here. Will be interesting to hear Gophers thoughts on The Outer Worlds.
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    Accidental "very-hard hardcore no-armor" run, huh? ...and here, I'd been doing it on purpose, all this time... One thing this new system will allow me to do is create mods, finally... ...there's no way I would have even tried it with 'my little laptop' here...after reading into it a little... ...as it is, I only have about 30 gigs left to do anything in... (...only...heh...used to be all my old HD had to start with...) ...and when recording anything at 4 gigs per 10-15 minutes pushes the limits on how long I can go, then you consider editing, and saving the finished product... It's like parking an RV in a one-car garage...I digress... The fun part of all this is going to be deciding to either transfer all my saves over to the new system, or, just start anew... ...from over 825 hours ago...last time, it was over a thousand hours lost... Starting all over new might be better, maybe I can just redo the whole "At A Loss For Words" thing, in 'A World Of Pain'... ...or just Cloud my last save, and get it back... ...which also means I'll have to get all the mods I use currently to support it... ...I could just remove all the mods I use, do a clean save, Cloud the save, switch over to Vortex, get the save back, then reinstall all the mods...hmmm... ...might be a good plan... It would be kinda strange to redo the whole thing with Willow again, maybe, I'll do it with the newer version of her, see how that works out...with no J.T., which is sort of a shame, he's really a good dog, just a little glitchy... Roachbait FNV
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    If Gopher had kept the kings gear he could be riding with horseshoes and not be worrying about money.
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    I agree... Why go to the toxic YouTube comments when it is so much more pleasant here. Pat everyone on back!
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    I honestly had not expected people to go want to find them all during the event. It's intended to be a long-term quest.
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    Southeast region map and coop thread

    As we've seen a few players in the region pop back in after a long hiatus, here's an updated region map again. Changes in the region since the last version: Roads: The Great South Road is now on the map. This runs from Crossroads via Magasai Farms across a new bridge built by Daalio, and enters the region in the northwestern corner. From there, it runs along the existing paths to Seawatch, where it enters a tunnel towards the nearby island and then on to Non's city of Astaroth and further south from there. I've updated the remaining 'major' roads that are now part of the new road netwerk (see topic here), including a new branch running southeast to HiiPerMadMan's Blackwater City. With the development of the road network, I've temporarily removed the railroad and the Deep Roads from the map. Builds: The BoteBoys Memorial and Rod's Coffee Break, community build sites spearheaded by Ubberblox, have been added in the northeast. lomasm's build is new in the trees on the eastern edge of the map, just beyond Miniopoly. Cliffton village has been dismantled, following a proposed redesign by ThatGuyBoom45. At New Mistral, the exterior of the town hall is nearing completion; there is also a new bear exhibit behind the inn. Somewhere on this map, is one of the targets for an upcoming scavenger hunt! New Mistral Town Hall, completed front exterior Map in spoiler below
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    Can Chay set himself on fire in this game too?
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    Wiggles Entertainment

    Zelda DoW

    Hello Gopher, I have been a fan since 2010. I just now created my account and joined your minions. But i was wondering since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an open world concept have you considered doing a let's play of the game? I think it would be interesting to see you do at least one LP for it. The map itself from what i have read (not always accurate) is bigger then Skyrim. This is just a simple question from a follower. I do no believe there are mods for the game but i know you have done other games in the past, would you consider doing a LP for this game? If not no biggie.
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    I love that song and i actually think, it has one of the best music videos i've ever seen...
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    I love Lindsay Stirling, and my wife recently introduced me to Lizzy Hale.
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    Hey all, Anyone heard about these developers ? I never have and just heard about this upcoming game today. Having watch some trailers and one of their Webseries videos about the game it sure sounds very interesting !! Have put the game on my wishlist for now, might buy it before it is out on the 10th of September this year. Some trailers for those that are interested. And here is the link to the website. Would be interested in hearing anyone's thoughts about the game and if anyone played any of Spiders previous games and what you think of them as developers ? Found a bit of gameplay that IGN posted, and some talk about the game as it being showed. Seems to have an rather large skill tree. Can also have 5 companions, and depending on how you interact with them they can either be helpful, or betray you ! 😮
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    There have been a lot of complaints about the new mutant being too powerful and hopefully it will be nerfed. Assume that it what you are referring too, haven't seen the episode yet. Deadfall traps are the best, they use the least resources, just 3 logs and 3 stick and you can set them up side by side facing out to make an impenetrable wall of death for the same amount of logs as a log wall.
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    ...this is completely backwards - lol.
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    Master Cire

    VAMPYR #45 : Aloysius Dawson

    I have no clue since I haven't played this myself to explore all outcomes. To me, it seems like the final nail in the head for Gopher's undead morality in this population.
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    Southeast region map and coop thread

    It's good to hear your voice again neighbour. Some replies to things you mentioned: Your rabbit is probably an escapee from the hutch next to my stables; at one point a few got loose and I let them roam free. If you want a 2nd one to start breeding, just let me know. For your bathhouse, it may interest you to know I have a modest sewer system running under my claim atm, that doubles as a network of secret passages. We could hook it up. I'd guessed the town expansion might run afoul of the 'rural area' plans - I originally had farms there, and had to build over them as I was boxed in on the other 3 sides. I plan to restore the farmland further east, along the old path to Moonlam's place. Hope that's sufficient compensation - you can blame the other big cities on the server for making me feel New Mistral was too tiny before. Spending time with Z_Blackblue and Non will do that to a person... "You took away all my torches" - the town center is actually mostly mob-proof, I took care to bury lights under leaves and put up lamps. It's the older part around the cheese and the docks that are the problem now... that's been on the to-do list for a while now. I no longer care about mobs, now that I've got most of my villagers and resources settled. "Turned the inn into a vegetable store" - the actual inn is further south, on the road to Seawatch where the blockhouse used to be; it has a sign board outside and is called the 'Tipsy Torch' in honor of the region. Thx for sharing!
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    Master Cire

    Zelda DoW

    I don't think Gopher is into Zelda puzzles. His kids might be, but Gopher is a gentleman with required tastes in PC gaming. He mainly got the Xbox one so he could work out his mods with Xbox players.
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    That's just part of the atmosphere. In Skyrim, you had draugr and dragons. In Cyberpunk 2077, you have swearing. It's part of the world itself. Having no one swear would break the immersion.
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    Fond Fairwell

    I will no longer be visiting these forums. I want to make it clear that this does not mean that I was disappointed with them in any way. I am simply reducing my internet presence because there are too many logins for me to keep track of anymore. Thank you all, for your work, and fun. Don't worry, you'll still see me around Gopher's YouTube and Twitch channels, and possibly even in Discord.
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