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    Minionland Road Project

    This post contains information about the ongoing 'road network' project in Minionland. As one of the chief instigators and 'guy who maps the thing', I wanted to provide some intel on what's going on, for all interested parties. Goal The road network aims to create an easy to travel system of roads between major builds in the overworld, to help minions travel and find their way. History The road project started with the ever industrious Z_Blackblue, as he desired to create a road between his rather remote home at FiveTowers and Spawn (roughly 8,000 blocks away). Z started at FiveTowers, and strung his road between villages until he reached the first major player build: my own Miniopoly board. I literally saw him coming over the hill building his road, and being a bit more knowledgeable about the local terrain, offered to continue the project from there towards the World Tree, the nearest major build already connected to spawn by existing roads. Naming this the Great East Road, it was the first major route we completed. After this, both Z and I built a major branch road - I completed my own 'loop' between Sucrose Shores, Boom Caverns and New Mistral, and Z strung another road between villages south of FiveTowers, which also brushed past one of our creeper farms. Little did I know - he had more planned: creating a gargantuan bridge to cross the ocean and reach Non's citadel of Astaroth to the west. What followed was a mad dash between Z and me who could reach there first - Z with his bridge, and me with a tunnel from New Mistral. Atheos got bitten by the road bug at that point, and though he proved a great one-man labor force for my tunnel, it's Z's bridge that really took the cake once it was done. Non helped by building a smaller red bridge to complete the road. Below: road intersection at Astaroth, red bridge (east of intersection) From Astaroth, more southern locals got involved, including Non, Xanthir and Ubbs, who drew the road further south to cross another ocean - crossing Xanthir's island along the way - and on to the major builds in the south. We succeeded in connecting the road to the existing local road network at Claymoria, offering access to the road net already connecting to Walkuria, Al Qaram and the Valley of the Blox, among others. Realizing this offered the potential of a Great South Road, Daalio added a bridge between his place and the shore, offering a direct route south from Crossroads, via Magasai's, to my tunnel and then further south. [update] From then on, Atheos took on the task of building a connection in the west, which is now complete. This connects to the above via Gopher's 'Desert Outpost' island, using the pre-existing walkways between the islands. With that done, Z_Blackblue has started work on a road to connect the (far) east to the north, and I have started - with help from the locals - to forge the existing roads north of spawn into a single path as well, hoping to meet up with Z somewhere eventually, likely somewhere near Dom's New Minion Commonwealth or further north at Portside. [update 2] After the 2018 december holidays, we have a few more updates: Z and I have both completed the first sections of our 'north' road projects; my road can now be travelled from Crossroads to Mystmarsh, with a second branch via Shovelot that joins the main road halfway. This 'Shovelot branch' also connects to Z's road via 2 branches. Z's main road meanwhile has reached as far north as Steelgear's tower. The longest new section however, has been added by Atheos, in the form of a new road in the southwest that connects Farleigh Citadel to Walkuria, via Shawn's Nuka Cola bottle and a great many villages. Finally, Non has worked on a road between his base at Astaroth and the Great West. [update 3] April 2019, and here's the spring update to the map. The roads to the north mentioned above have now all been finished, meeting up at Portside as the 'transfer' point to the existing roads of the Northern Kingdom. Along with general cleaning and checking, the major map updates include the new Woods Road, which runs parallel to the Great East but further north and through more empty land, and the extension of the network: in the southwest corner to Port Smarrow and Mt. Mystery, and in the west to In Fiore, Daalio's new build (right image below). New and expanded builds have been added to existing roads in the form of Brin's Italian-inspired town Simonini on the Great South, Mari's Bely Les on the Great East, and Z's Frostwood (left image below) on the South Bypass. Finally, I've streamlined the color-coding of the roads in preparation of Z_Blackblue's project to mark them with colored banners. Below: intersection of the South Bypass and the Woods Road at Z_Blackblue's Frostwood (left) and the new terminus of the Great West at Daalio's In Fiore. As always, an updated map has been added below. Road design Most of the new road sections are built somewhat in accordance with local terrain, but still relatively straight for easy travel. The design itself consists of stone slabs, stone brick slabs or cobble slabs (most often 4 or 5 wide), lined with wood plank blocks on either side. The type of stone and wood differs, as do the bridges and tunnels, which are left to the builder to design. Some pre-existing roads integrated into the network retain their original style, so as not to alter the look and feel of the area. Lighting and signposting is likewise left up to the builder, but advised at intersections. Some roads offer Traveller's Rest 'inn' buildings, mostly near villages along Z's roads, as well as 'hole in the wall' emergency rest stops. At major builds, and a few noteworthy spots in between, I have also added a 'waystation' with a local area map. Below: Waystation at Ebonheart, Traveller's Rest at Avionville Map Just for fun, I've created a subway-style map of the entire road net. It's appeared a few times on Discord already, but I've also enclosed it here. Note that I never intend this to be a complete map of all the builds along the road net, as there are far too many. Rather, it's intended as a guide to find where the road can take you, and to help navigate it. If large builds are close together, only one may appear on the map, such as with the 'Holy Islands' marker, representing both Daalio's 'flying' islands and Walkenaer's grand cathedral island (a.k.a. the Hall of the Dead). Anyone who wants to connect to the road (or try their hand at creating a whole new section) is free to do so, this is a free-for-all project with no real coordinator. Feel free to ask here if you have questions though. [update 3] Road Map, april 2019 (click to see full size)
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    New Night Club

    Now Introducing a new night club, just a hop skip and a jump away from spawn, FINALLY WE'RE OPEN! :O come on over and join us for all the fun!! Red stone activated dance floor enhancing the club experience and swiftly robbing you of all the fpses ;) Bar Entrance with custom banners :O -say it aint so! Fully loaded bar with many options for all picky individuals "Sleep over" areas for all weary travelers. Everyone is welcome and will be given a buddy to snuggle with on those cold Blox nights First Class outdoor spa and bar area, on the property! :O Don't worry about getting "a few too many" ShawnBouncer is on the job to keep all patrons and employees safe. So plan your next party and get together at the Rouge tomorrow. Please contact Ubberblox or Brinicio in game to set up your reservation today! <3 *disclaimer all taxes and alcohol fees will be charged in advance for any function over 4 people. Fireworks will be providing, employees available on site for entertainment at additional cost **Brubbie LLC. is not liable for any damages to your person while on the premises don't even try to sue, you will lose
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    Hello all, As part of the upcoming 2nd birthday of Minionland, a few of us have started preparing for a birthday party on the server. In this post, you'll find information on the event. As we've only started work last Saturday, we have not finalized all the plans yet. As the team's designated 'communications guy', I'll update this thread with new information as it comes available. Date We are running a strawpoll to determine which date might suit everyone best. Please vote below. Time will most likely be in the European evening, a.k.a. 'Gopher streaming time'. https://www.strawpoll.me/16555446 Location @Z-blackblue has donated land north of his base at FiveTowers for a party location. We are setting up a party venue there, at roughly x = 8000 and z = 550. If you do not know how to get there, and don't wish to fly to the above coordinates, you can find directions in the spoiler tag below. Construction plans Work has started on building the party venue. A few groups of minions have set up teams to work on specific parts of the build, but you can also help with odd jobs and resources. If you want to help, please post in this thread (or ask in the in-game chat, one of us is bound to be online). @Xanthir has kindly offered to oversee the project, but as we are on Z_Blackblue's claim, for building assistance will need his claim permission first. Note that I am not yet sharing here what we are building, to avoid spoilers. Activities Activities are currently being developed. While we have no definite plans yet, the following are being worked on: Ice dancing Boat race Scavenger hunt Gopher While we have not finalized the date yet, we have recieved word that Gopher will not be able to attend, if the party is during the weekend immediately after the anniversary date. As he has also mentioned during his Patreon video that his Minecraft setup currently needs a lot of work, we are proceeding under the assumption that the Dark Lord will be with us only in spirit. -- If you have any questions, want to help or are trying to follow my travel plan and are completely lost now, please post below.
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    To commemorate the armistice

    To commemorate that today is the centennial anniversary of the armistice that officially ended WWI, the 'war to end all wars', I decided to build a small monument in Minionland, near Walkuria. For this monument I decided to plant a poppy field and build a small statue with a wall and two 'eternal' flames. Why a poppy field? The poppy is the international symbol for the lives lost in WWI, based on the poem 'In Flanders Fields', by John McRae: In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. Approaching the monument across a path flanked by 540 poppies: And the monument itself, a kneeling man of 'marble', offering a poppy: Behind him the wall and the two 'eternal' flames flanking.
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    Who is Gopher?!

    In a top-secret multi-government collaboration laboratory funded by unnamed English nobility, jointly run by the American CIA, British MI6, & NASA, DNA was used from the the inventor of the Swiss army knife, and the man that inspired the character of James Bond (007), to modify Gopher's genetics in-utero in order to improve hand-eye coordination and increase logical neuron capacity, thus Gopher was born on February 29th in a place called Posh City, in the United States of the Kingdom of England. Gopher's forefathers lead the British revolt against the English language by weaponizing word pronunciation such as "Lasoo", "Alyuminiyum", and "Shedyule", as well as inventing two new letters, "hache" and "zed" for added confusion. His personal tutor and nanny was a lady by the name of Marry Poppins whom was responsible for teaching young Gopher how and when to properly roll the letter R. He was later sent to Hogwarts Academy where he supernaturally perfected his gaming skills, however jealousy among his peers landed him in Mr. Gormsby's class where he graduated early after only six periods by learning to run away screaming like a girl, and then he finally attended university at Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where he graduated with top honors under their most advanced game-modding studies program. The Cold-War ended when the KGB learned that the rumors of Gopher (then code-named "The Lad") were true, and after the U.S. gaming company Bethesda tried to buy Gopher from the royal family, NATO finally declassified his existence, and he has since been allowed to create mods and online gaming videos from his tropical island of Moreau where game modding laws are more lenient towards creators, though it is stipulated by international treaty that he work under the guise of broadcasting from a snowy place in Europe in order to keep his true location a secret. That's right, I know all of Gopher's secrets. Big fan, Cotton Texas P.S. At first I didn't believe any of this myself, but it's the only logical explanation, so it has to be true - besides, it's a fact now, it's on the internet.
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    Wanted: Dead or Alive New Mistral safehouse plundered by feathered fiends! Security officer Tirius13 found dead at the scene, murder weapon identified as music disc marked ""chirp"". Harbor watchman Tirius79 sacked for failing to uphold port security. Alderman Tirius52 denies blocking needed defense budget, points finger at local bird watchers society. Town council in disarray. Public called in to assist in recovery of stolen goods. Crimimals last spotted fleeing in multiple directions while carrying loot. Attention! Have you seen these parrots? A substantial reward is offered for anyone who can uncover the whereabouts of the infamous 'Parrot Posse', a gang of 10 beaked hudlums. They are winged and dangerous, and suspects in many ongoing investigations. Please contact Tirius82, chief investigator, with any information. "It's a bad day for honest parrots." - Fish, spokesperson of New Mistral bird watchers society. --- Following GrogStache's cheese hunt, I am pleased to announce a second 'scavenger hunt' on the Minionland server. Your goal is to find 10 parrots hidden across the map. Each parrot has a name with a number attached to it, found on a sign. Put the names in alphabetical order, and the numbers will form a set of x and z coordinates (xxxxx,xxxxx). Travel to these coordinates to collect a prize. There are 10 prizes available, which decrease in value as more are claimed. Notes: There are no parrots in the Nether or End. There are no parrots underground. If you stumble upon the prize location without having found all 10 parrots first, you may still collect a prize. One prize per person. If you're doing the hunt with a friend, you may collect one each. All parrots look like the picture in the wanted poster above, but each is slightly different. Clues: Are you having trouble? In the spoiler tags below, you will find some clues. Good hunting, have fun, and beware... these birds mean business!
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    A Letter of Thanks

    Gopher, I'm a disabled veteran of the US Navy. I'm in my late forties and suffer from several conditions that make leaving the house difficult at best and painful at worst. I'm not saying this to elicit any pity which, frankly, I would likely find both tiresome and mildly offensive. I say it to describe how you've helped me. Over the past decade I've learned the meaning of the word isolation. A few years ago I turned around one day and realized that the only people I'd looked in the eyes and spoken to for the better part of the previous six months were delivery people. As you can imagine it was a mildly horrific moment combining all sorts of uncomfortable truths in a single, miserable experience. So what does this have to do with you? I've been a fan since I was looking for information on how to mod Fallout 3 and, by extension, Oblivion without making the universe unravel. I found your videos and just sort of stuck around. At the time you were just starting your play-through of Skyrim with Stiv. Since then I have followed you from the frigid peaks of northern Tamriel through the crumbling wasteland around Washington DC, the poisonous surface and terrifying depths of Moscow, the teeth chattering dark of Amnesia, the lonely blood soaked streets of London and back to Tamriel for both Richard and now Leonard. I have witnessed both Frank and Barry's reactions to the end of the world. In other words I've been a lurker in your forums and the occasional patreon for the better part of the last decade. So I think it can safely be said that I am a fan. Right. But why the gratitude? Well, because of that isolation I mentioned. I spend a lot of time alone. Your videos provide a-ah... how do I say this? I'm laughing and wish I could convey the reasoning behind it. The words I want to write are "stabilizing and grounding influence". Yeah. ;) Seriously though. For years you have been a steady part of my experience. You have provided chuckles, many shakes of the head and more than a few outright facepalms... and, as sad and humbling as it is to say... I think I'm saner because of it. So thanks, mate. A few years ago I used to buy you a couple beers a month to say thanks and good job. Now, because of deteriorating economic conditions in both my country and personal finances, the best I can do is tell you that, in addition to making a living, you are helping people. So carry on, brother. Carry on. - Scion Drakhar aka Whitelion1284 aka MM1 Heim of the USN.
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    As he is too modest to share it himself, here is the special anniversary tribute video Non made. Go watch it, it's awesome!
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    Time for some Chayification
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    Hello everyone, I have been watching Gopher's videos for quite a long time now, and after few years since creating this account I finally decided to try and become an active member of the community. \m/
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    Server Update

    Update completed! https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/18
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    Server Update

    Since this topic already exist I'm just going to add this link to redmine news: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/17 TL;DR: I'm going to update the server to 1.12.2 on Saturday 14th.
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    Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    And now for something a little less... intimidating than the above. My fort project has turned into a bit of a harbor extension over the last few months, with other minions coming in to help spice it up. Some screenshots below (as always, using Chroma Hills and SEUS): Fort Sunguard (left) and Harborside housing (right), as seen from the south Fort Sunguard gate, and patrol aircraft by @jrRedek Fort Sunguard defenses, by Minioncrafter Harborside garden, by @Xanthir Harborside home furnishings (bunkhouse, harbormaster's house and community grill), by @ubberblox and @Brinicio
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    Minionland RP

    Welcome, one and all to the Minionland RP! It has been talked about for quite a while, with multiple forum posts and in-game discussion, but here it is! This will be the Official In Character(IC) Post area for the Minionland RP! If you want to write about your town, kingdom or nation and the things it is doing, this is the place! I hope for everyone involved to have fun:D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Prologue: Game Details: Player List: Rule List: Other Information:
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    Wow what makes Skyrim replayable for me is the quality combat. I don't know what mod is jacking Gophers combat system but i hope he can find and delete it. Sometimes changing from vanilla is not always better.
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    I've been Gophified!

    Cheers! A few weeks ago I was looking for ESO info and stumbled upon Gopher's YT where I got to watching some SSE gameplay. After seeing all the mod possibilities I was hooked. One day I will sleep again; but for now it's mod madness and snacks. Anyways, I'm a guy from Toronto, Canada that's into CG Art and obviously gaming, little sleep and snacks, lots of snacks.
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    Not sure if will be a day 1 purchase but it will be a purchase, trailer looks awesome !
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    Hello and Welcome Niris, Your question "What can you do with the account you just made?" Is a good question. Here is a few possibilities, Next time your in a bar fight in Tijuana Mexico, grab a bottle of Cerveceria Insurgente smash it on the bar and yell "I have an account with Gopher!" all the respect will be given to you. Or when in the Mirage Casino, in Las Vegas, look up the pit boss "Mikey" and tell him, quietly to the side... "I know Gopher, he sends his regards." then let the good times roll. Finally, if your still in school, go to the head cheerleader, look her dead in the eye... and tell her "Yo I have an account with Gopher's Video." However on this one you may need to explain Gopher's videos is NOT a porn site. These are just a few things you can do or say now that you have an account on Gopher's Vids, don't be afraid to let people know you have an account with Gopher, hell live large and tell some people you KNOW Gopher. I once told a Nigerian Prince that I knew Gopher and he said he did too and wanted to send me 3 million dollars. So have fun with your new account. P.s. it is a well know fact if you get pulled over for speeding in the US or in Denmark, letting the officer know you have an account with Gopher's Vids and he or she should back off... well let's just say you won't have to worry about the speeding ticket. I am sure other here can tell you more Benefits of having an account here.
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    while I can understand a publisher keeping a game exclusive to its own store, I may not like it but I can understand it, I do not understand a store bribing a publisher to keep their game exclusive to that store. While no one really argued against epic keeping fortnite exclusive to the epic games store, it is their game, taking a game like Metro Exodus, which they played no part in the development and funding of, is just unacceptable. Even when a game used Steam DRM the game was always available for sale on other stores as well. Plus, if steam and epic decide to go on an exclusivity war they will be pushing all other stores that sell third party digital pc games out of the market. This does not bode well. I just hope that Steam has the common sense not to fight fire with fire.
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    Last week I was playing Skyrim and had accidentally turned my phone off. Eight hours into the game I checked my nice and quiet phone. I had a dozen messages from people trying to get ahold of me. They thought I had had a medical emergency and was unable to answer the phone. They called the police and were about to break in when I called back and let everyone know I was fine.... just really into Skyrim.... people just don't understand...
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    Master Cire

    Who is Gopher?!

    Put that on a T-Shirt. Welcome to the community.
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    (continued from above) Things start going to the dogs: Bouncy Castle a.k.a Squids just wanna have fun / adminions discovered to actually be bird brains: Ender pearl race course / awaiting the racers in the FiveTowers boat race: ---------- With gratitude to all the party site builders, all the minions who showed up to make this a crazy night of chaos, and all those who were with us in spirit and continue to make Minionland a wonderful place year-round. We could not have done this without you! Your map-loving, tulip-growing, road-planning neighbour, Tirius Group photo
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    Sorry it's taken me a while to sort my screenshots, but here is the post-event photo bomb! I've split it over 2 posts considering the amount of pictures. The party event site: Plenty of food and drink; there is already some salsa in the garbage bin: The cutting of the Cake / pulling out the slice (click the right image for bigger version): Events commence with the Ritual Egg Toss / commentator 3v interviews Gopher look-a-like: Voting for the Minion Awards / punching your fellow minion in Rockem Sockem Robots:
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    A few impressions of my newest build, The Snowspires Residence:
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    After conferring with the builders, I can report that we will not be ready in time to hold the party on the 6th (this Saturday). Therefore, we have picked the next most popular option, that being Saturday the 20th of October. This will give the various construction teams sufficient time to complete their projects without having to rush. Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll. P.S. I have also updated the first post with a few activities that are likely to be included, though this is subject to change.
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    @Gopher If you're in town, stop by the Gwinnett Brewery for a cold one, and if your hungry the Drumlin Diner is a good place to sit and eat. Don't worry if you drink to much though, one of the local vertibirds can take you home.
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    Parrots in concrete shoes!

    I can not contain my excitement any longer. The long awaited update to Minionland is in the works. The mighty Rodzyn has been working on the update and even opened the test server. You can find the address in the Redmine news. Feel free to pop in and find any bugs/glitches that have been over looked. The more we find now the smoother the transition can be. I am sure an official announcement is in the works so keep an eye out. If you have been waiting for a good time to revisit your claim or start a new project your wait is almost over. The major changes will be concrete (looks great) parrots (unlikely but possible) and the new crafting book (super useful) As you can tell I am stoked. Hopefully this will bring about a spark of renewed interest in the server. It would be nice to see some of the O.G. builders come by to see the progress thats been made.
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    This is a long tour but it really needed to be. If you havent been to Z's place in Minionland you really need to see it for yourself. This video does a pretty good job capturing it tho. Great job Dom and thanks again for documenting this.
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    Minionland builds and farms database

    This is an effort to catalogue all (interesting) builds that can be found on the server, to make things a little bit easier I divided minionland into 4 districts: NE, NW, SE, SW. For each of those districts the builds will be categorized into build types including but not limited to: house, city, community, monument… Community: mobfarms, traders... have there own cathegory so that they are easy to look up. When you add a build please use the following template (red text are required fields): build name builders coords x: y: z: direction Nether SS line, a certain known road... progress description pictures/ video dynamap visited by Gopher yes/ no By including whether or not Gopher has already visited the place, this list might one day be used as a checklist of sorts when he decides to visit Minionland again. The catalogue itself can be found and eddited here because that seemed like easiest option to make it as accesible as possible: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tg3oSav0BRN2ngagbsW8MncREdLBVWZILmvHV7_alfo/edit?usp=sharing I hope this can help you on your travels to discover what minionland has to offer. EDIT: if you want, you can even add a prefered texturepack...
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    My day... you ask how my day was? Great, it was great! I didn't get hit by a meteor, I was able to get new tires for my car and my Daughter told me she had a great day today (watching TV). My Director at work is off this week so, I had 2 skype meetings from home and called it a day. I too also got lucky with the wife today... by lucky I mean she didn't bitch slap me about the back yard work I have not completed yet... so yea Great day.
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    @Gopher Clearly Lenny just needs to show how skilled a thief he is by swiping a torch from a guard's hands without him even noticing it's gone. Also, I'd recommend installing an "infinite torch" mod, or similar to make them last longer. Torches only last 4 minutes in the vanilla game, and I've no doubt it'd be really frustrating for you to finally find a torch only to have it go out before you even finish Lenny's monologuing his joy at finally finding a torch (funny, but long-term very frustrating).
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    Yeah, I have never ever had to even think about torches before. They are like lockpicks: you always have more than you need. Maybe it is because I have not done many 'dungeons' so far. Even on previous 'thief' play throughs I have always done Bleakfalls Barrows before moving on to Whiterun.
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    I've been Gophified!

    Hello fang, and welcome aboard. As someone who returned to ESO this year after finding some people among the minions to play with, I've found this community oodles of fun and terrible for going to bed on time. So be warned. 😄
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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    I don't get even free games from EGS, haven't signed up with them, won't sign up with them no matter what game they have an exclusivity deal for. their so called battle against steam is a farce, they want to replace steam not compete with it, and when two leading companies in an industry go head on against each other it is the smaller ones that suffer and go out of business, and then those large companies seeing as they are damaging each other strike a deal and then run around doing whatever they want because all other competition has been run out of business.
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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    @Eliorim @CryzeteurWow so my feeling about Epic are felt by others. I knew nothing about Epic or its history. I have not been a PC gamer for very long. IF this company keeps buying up and make PC games exclusives I may one day have to rejoin. Who would have thought the really bad idea of console companies doing exclusives would ever be adopted in the PC gaming world?
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    Gopher's LP Sound Balance

    You forgot The Door! Its a very thick door. Although its mostly so he doesn't disturb his family, its still a very impressive door. He's done a couple of office showcase vids, buried on the channel somewhere...
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    Who is Gopher?!

    Oh man, don't get me wrong, if I got a reply from Gopher himself, I would go total fan-boi paralysis & just sit here staring at my screen with my mouth open. I just meant that if/when he were to read it, he would take it in good humor, as I feel certain he would since he does have a great sense of humor, and I'm sure he'd know that's how it was intended, that's all. EDIT: I painted a funny picture, but IRL I've never been star-struck (though I have met a few celebs), and I could totally see how those that might would clamor for attention, so well-said OutandBack.
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    I'd been waiting for Gopher's LP on this game with great fervor. I'm glad we got a nice long episode this time since sometimes it feels like just when I'm feeling that things are speeding up and getting interesting and the plot is thickening, the video time is up, so it's nice that we got a lot of time in this episode. I hope that Henry's noticed that there are different moves for the long-sword vs. the short-sword. I believe he caught it earlier, but I'm not sure that he's remembered. This is hands-down one of my favorite Let's-Plays, and I look forward to binge-watching all the episodes at the end of the chapter (though hopefully not for a good while yet). Cheers, Cotton
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    Yeah he said a couple weeks ago (if I remember correctly) that he'll likely stream Fallout 76 rather than LP it. Would like to see him team up with Chay
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    Great job on this Tirius. The clues are difficult I found 7 and only understood 2 clues But for me the prize is the exploration so I am unconcerned. It took me months to find all the cheeses and I am sure it will take me months to find the last 3 parrots.
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    The PR and Bethesda meeting impression was excellent, it reminded me of the 7 Perpendicular lines sketch "The expert"
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    Wake me up a year or two from now and let's see where they are on a release date.
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    Live gameplay NOW. https://www.twitch.tv/cdprojektred And in case you missed it. I know which RPG set in the future I'll be buying next
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    Nether highway/ SS map

    An effort to map the Nether highway's/ SS (and outher ring) now that they are close to being done. Be aware that this map is not to scale (especially the north line which will be redrawn soon). I hope that this may help you on your travels through Minionland. - Thanks to Tirius and his amazing maps for the idea. Progress tracker West line done north line redrawing in progress south line mapping in progress (thanks Tirius) The Map Old Versions: https://imgur.com/a/k8QkCgo
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    Parrots in concrete shoes!

    I've nurtured a perfectly healthy obsession with getting parrots for some time now. I have some ideas, albeit meek ones, on forcing spawns. But what about just regenerating some terrain? Last I checked, there are a few swaths relatively untouched. Perhaps our tireless admins might be amenable to the idea if we scouted out potential areas and provided safe-to-wipe coordinates? Edit! In addition to disabling the spawn chunks from being constantly active, Rodzyn was kind enough to raise the passive mob cap to 20. Shawn, Brinicio and I have since flattened a jungle to force spawns. The results appear promising enough, as we've already seen a number of new ocelot, pig, sheep and cow spawns in the grassy bits.
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    The human voice...dam it can be so magical. Hope you enjoy.
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    There's 2 mods I think Gopher should install: 1) No NPC Greetings - Makes it so that NPCs have to be a lot closer to you before they'll start their random radiant interactions with you (helps prevent roaming NPCs from talking over other NPCs as they walk by you). 2) Immersive Movement Speed - Makes the character walk faster (instead of the snails pace the PC walks by default) so you can more closely match NPC walking speeds, and slightly slows down the running/jogging speed so you don't constantly outrun NPCs that are already running themselves (though Gopher could probably tweak these values himself as well) unless you sprint.
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