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    You know i'm not surprised. Yeah the mods to pretty much do any play-through you want are out there!
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    fallout 4 factions

    I played minutemen, institute, brotherhood, railroad, Disciple, Operator, Pack, free raider, supermutant, robot, android and child. You could probably play as a sting wing if you wanted to make the mod to do so. Each faction has its own limitations and goals. And I suppose you need to run the right mods to make certain factions playable. You also have to choose quests and quest mods that are suited to that character. When you role play a faction you have to avoid doing anything that faction would not do. Of course that is not always possible. But you make the choices. I think someone did a playthrough as a dog.
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    Well you can do a play through where you just side with the minutemen, that is what I did on my last play through. It was probably my favorite option and leaves the minutemen as probably the most powerful faction in the commonwealth. If you are playing with mods grab some like we are the minutemen. on my first play through I was Brotherhood. I personally like the brotherhood, but they do some questionable things. And there are some twists especially involving some major characters, but I don’t want to spoil anything. However I did really enjoy my brotherhood play through and it gives you access to some cool gear and equipment. However playing as the brotherhood or the institute will naturally put you at odds with a lot of the other big factions in the commonwealth, so bear that in mind when you start the play through.
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    I'd like to offer some constructive suggestions. As a keyboard and mouse player please remember not to twitch L/R U/D too much or too fast. As a player you know when its going to happen as a watcher you don't and it will tire your views eyes. Most of us like watching full screen at the highest resolution and frame rate you can give us. As a LPer you not only have to play/narrate the game you are also the camera man for your viewers. Just something to consider. If you watch any of the big LPers you will notice they pan smooth. I thought the game sound was fine but you could turn your narration up 10-20% more. Best of luck I am looking forward to episode 2 just finished 1.
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    Derek Asselstine

    fallout 4 factions

    hey guys i'v started a new character on fallout 4 been a long time since i played my character is siding with minutemen but you can join one one three major faction but i don't know who join my first play was railroad but i never join the brotherhood or institute before really would like some input on the topic thanks.
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    Derek Asselstine

    fallout 4 factions

    lol OK so i deiced to play a evil sarcastic character so i'm choosing the institute and raider of nuka world never did a evil play through
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    SEA OF THIEVES : What Worries Me?

    Depends how they are done, everyone complains about Shark Cards but as a result of them GTA: Online just continues to get better 4 years on. Still disagree with the cancelling of Single Player DLC though, that's just denying themselves a half billion dollar pay-day because it would involve a little effort and might slow down Online Revenue for a month or two. Its bullshit like Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, Battlefield, Activision, etc and the complete cancellation of the much anticipated Star Wars single-player RPG that really provoke my ire. To put it mildly,
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    What Remains of Edith Finch #6

    I still don't fully understand the ending gonna have to re-watch it later tonight. But man are they cursed? Crazy or just have really short lives. We may never know.
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    Fair enough I will probably jut cut them then, I honestly appreciate the feedback, I have never done let’s plays or been involved at all in video creation for a long while so it’s great to get some!
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    In my opinion, fast forward is a bad idea unless done extremely carefully. That kind of motion tends to be sickish. Dropping bits is a better idea.
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    I've been watching Justified and I really like this tune at the beginning. I might have to mod a radio station for myself in the Mojave with this music.
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    In 1977 as I finished up my dissertation I was listening to Heart and :
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