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    A New Begining A group project.

    Yes we all have our own builds and interest. Which is why we limit when we work on the community projects. It would be no fun to agree to this and come back and have it already finished. The few hours on the day we choose shouldnt interfere to much with our own stuff. What we build should be agreed upon i was just throwing out a suggestion. I like the idea of the community tree and crop farm. I would also like to excavate an End Stronghold and fill in any missing gaps. So you run up to a giant pit look down and see the whole structure. Maybe cover it with glass. Would kinda be cool to see.
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    Tee shirts

    By popular request for the youtube comments a simple little previs. Also direct link cause i know words are kinda small https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxeR8W9y9j_bcEl6eDBQZ0tNRkE
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    Happy New Year! And as Gopher says, "Have fun."
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    Libra Aera

    The Commonwealth of the Farlands

    As everyone is saying, Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! And have a happy time doing whatever!
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    I'm assuming the extra Fusion Core Gopher added (he added all 4 instead of just 3) is what killed them. Gave the ride a little too much "umph". lol And the insect sound is the long high-pitched cricket-like buzzing/whirring noise that occurs periodically (seems to be like every 20-30 seconds) whenever he's outside of the Nuka-World grounds proper.
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    Tee shirts

    On an asside on the off chance Our Dark Lord is checking this topic, I know He's joked about merch before, and any of us minions can tell you there's a demand, but the idea makes him uncomfortable. Maybe he can take a cue from how I'm marketing my novel's merc. http://fiveyearwar.com/shirts/ In short each short (or variant cover for the book) supports a charity, $50 of the profits of say the Red Sacrifice Tee go to Aids.org 50% of Pink Love goes to Breast Cancer Association, etc. Gopher could do something similar using his personality to essentially raise money for the charity of his choosing. I dunno maybe skyrim shirts could support the Wildlife foundation? Maybe Fallout for Cancer research? Maybe Witcher for the alzheimer's association?
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    This sounds like a ton of fun, I love doing collaboration builds, and while the Sucrose Shore will undoubtedly always be 'in development' I would love to try and join in on this. With the holidays and family stuff thats recently cropped up, I won't be able to dedicate much time for the next couple weeks, but towards the end of January I would love to be a part of this. I'm always around on Discord as well if you need me. I'm in UTC -5:00 usually around in the afternoons and night/ late night. I agree with sanamia though, it should have its own location, not necessarily far away but a distinct destination nontheless if for no other reason than to build Liberty Prime and the airport. The place Gopher built the teleporter could be where we put the Nether Portal.
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    A New Begining A group project.

    Move it further away maybe? I don't get why everything always has to be on the doorstep of everything else. Especially since a prydwen is visually wrong to the area of the Throne and Kartoffelweisen.
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    The Commonwealth of the Farlands

    Happy New Year, everyone!
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    I got my own stuff still, but this sounds really fun. If this does get setup, I think, as well a few others, wouldn't mind setting a day or two aside to work on things like these. It could even be for like community buildings (ex. Hanging garden of Babylon for tree and crop farms, etc.) i haven't always been sociable while on the server, but I feel, with the smaller amount of people on nowadays, it should come to a time where we all should band together and get to know each others' building and playing styles.
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    A New Begining A group project.

    Pretty cool idea but as you know i'M busy with shady Glen xD we have also new workers being a few now.
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    Layers of Fear #4

    This game is weird.. Already know the ending though lol Well.. One of them at least
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    Joining The Minions Clan

    Hey there, sent you that invite you needed. Welcome back to Warframe.
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    Ming the merceless is not cut out for sneaking around in shadows, he has a prescence, everyone shall know he is in the room and fear him when he is there.
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    A Call for Diorite

    The outer structure is done! Thank you all who contributed materials - I've written down your names and I'll put up some sort of recognition for you. I'll also be taking the donations chest down because I don't need anything more. Everything else I need for the tower I don't need en masse like the diorite and thus I can gather it myself. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like right now from the crossroads nether portal: Thanks again!
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    Dave Syrinx

    Need help! =D

    I got a room full of food. My family visiting and I still manage to logon to check the forums. The wine is good. Santa's been here. My kids and wife are around. Sign of the times. I'm addicted to being connected. Merry Christmas and happy gaming!
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