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  1. @JHORDEE @Philosophercat @TiDinzeo @TheLazyGrizzly @Gokey @Gorzkiewski @Aj-M1A2X Hi Guys, Apologies, it's another busy week for me so there won't be a session this week. Trying to make time is hard at present.
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  2. have you seen this thing ? i totally forgot where i made the shot ... oh, i so want it up and running
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  3. @KittyLordMeow-Meows Aw, she used to to that after a couple martini's too, no problem... That's normal. She'll be fine...
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  4. Ok, I'll paint this in a brighter light then...so you understand how I would feel about something like this. To me, it wasn't sixty years, it was like, yesterday the war happened, when I was woke up/released from the chamber. No, I wouldn't consider him "family" either, to begin with, but, he does use that against you, the first time he speaks with you...thus, he seems to be reaching out, at least, longing for that lost connection, or, so it seemed. So, to me, he would have been lying to my face, from the start. If I had been him, it would have happened the second I became Direc
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  5. HighNinjaFly


    Gavin you fabulous little weasel, you've done it again.
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  6. OutandBack

    Something 3...

    Something tells me BL3 will be 3-7 years away so there is no reason to get too excited. Hell in 7 years gaming could be all VR with eye and hand motions.
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  7. Pretty much irrelevant for Fallout 4, I have played the Female, but it's exactly the same, they are both the same nice guy/gal voices, even when saying the limited nasty guy/gal path. A selection of voiced protagonists all saying the different options (maybe even different, depending on the voice chosen), is the only way such a voiced system works, it just can't be used for good role play, without removing the player's "voice entirely. Much worse is the lack of even 4 real options, in most dialogues there is two actual choices, for many there's no choice at all. you get four ways to
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