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  1. I just saw this little fellow over on Reddit. Not mine, but I wish it was. :-) http://i.imgur.com/rPLJXoJ.gifv
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  2. 0 or infinity - this guy must be a mathematician (grin).
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  3. Hallo Gopher and minions Getting close to 15 months of Twitch sub, so I thought it might be time to join the rank of minions Home-base is Denmark, and got in to Gopher's video's for skyrim mods years ago when I play skyrim (well played is not the right word, more playing with mods ) One of the reason I started to sub Gopher on Twitch was X-Com LW. Lumaan (use same name on Twitch)
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  4. Lum


    I actually got myself next to a new mainboard and CPU a new case as well. It is a Corsair Carbide 200r, and I am really happy with it. Dead easy installation, looks great, two internal fans, good cable management, plus it was not really expensive, I paid 60€ at a local store. Pretty sure there are better cases, but I am really enjoying it so far.
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  7. ImNotLolzor


    G-G-Gopher-sensei noticed me ~(*^*)~
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  8. Okmeery

    Your Desktop

    I swear I do other stuff too than play games :/
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  9. Apart from the fact that I play a lot of FPS, First person for me is better. Immersion being the main reason.
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  10. exisero

    The Best Bits

    I feel like I should put this, cause it was one of the best moments I saw recently. Not from Skyrim, nor Fallout or other LP's, but from the recent Stanley Parable LP, where Gopher breaks the Narrator and the Narrator breaks Gopher.
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