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    Pcat's Retirement Post

    I'm retiring! I've been giving it much thought, for a very long time now. Today feels like the right time to step down as community admin. Today's Witcher episode, the last I will post on the forum, is called "The Great Escape" which amuses me so much. It has been a long long time since I started this adventure, all those livestreams, the guild, starting the original forum, and all; it has been a very great pleasure. I wanted to thank particular people who've been there along the journey but they're so numerous I don't even know where to start. And so I will just o/ to you all. I'm not leaving, just retiring. I'll be flitting around Minionland, on Steam, the forums and suchlike as always. I'm definitely down for more Pathfinder, especially. So, in closing; be good. Be kind. Have fun. And Blue is True.
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    Stiv Bobblehead

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    I was bored... and had a hammer

    So this happened... I think it turned out pretty well. Now I just have to find a place for it.
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    Pcat's Retirement Post

    I want to thank you not just for the work on these forums but in helping me on so many occasions on so many different issues. You have been a rock for me to lean on so often that I cannot imagine where I would be without your help all these years. Thank you for everything you have done.
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    So as some of you may know already, our beloved Community Admin @Philosophercat has retired. Don't fret though, she has taken on the role as Gopher's Advisor which means she will still be active within the community, it just means she won't be getting involved in moderation, and Staff work. Anyways, first off I would like to welcome our 3 new moderators: @Morrandir, @Just Louise, and @OutandBack. Please treat them well cause if you break them then that means I have to hunt down, and capture new ones. Also, no feeding them after midnight, I don't need them turning into gremlins. =P And with the new Moderators introduced, I would like to talk about the role of Community Admin. Now I know some of you wanted to vote, or wanted one of the current moderators to take the role, but after talking with @Philosophercat, and @Gopher. I (Xelphos) will be taking the role as Community Admin for the time being. I know some of you might be disappointed, and I know I am not exactly perfect, but I hope/plan to keep things the way @Philosophercat kept them. I will also be keeping in touch with @Philosophercat so there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
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    Gopher Fan Art

    Some Fan Art created by Beaver. Check my google+ page for larger versions! (https://plus.google.com/+BeaverArts/posts) Also check out Elta1's mod "The Jack Pack" on nexus. Adds Shotgun Jack Whiskey to Fallout NV, with more additions to come! http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59513/?
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    Gopher's logo as a gopher...

    Got the idea to try and see if I could make a version of the Stiv logo that actually looked a bit like a gopher... Here's the result of my attempts: (Now, please don't take this as me wanting to encourage Gopher to change his logo or anything, just wanted to share it with the minions Maybe someone will find it amusing )
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    Jack Poster: A Fistful of Bottlecaps

    Updated with a full list of staff (as far as I know). If there should be any other names on this poster please mention them as text is easy to change!
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    Discussion of all things /tpa

    You are not privy to my thought process and I would thank you to not pretend otherwise. I do expect YOU to experience the exact same experience i had on single player. That would be ridiculous. You are not alone on this server. Yes that comes with different problems, and YOU (with the help of others if they so wish) will need to overcome them. The fact that there are other people should give you new SOLUTIONS to any problems you have. But I will NOT be giving you special 'tools' to make your life easier. We MAY implement some kind of HUB transit system for super large distant travel. And hopefully over the next few months we will build roads, railways, portals and who knows what else to make travelling easier. If that sounds appealing to you, you are more than welcome to join us and help build such a solution. If not, then I wish you well and hope you find a server more to your liking. If we discover that it is simply not possible to run a server without teleporting then we may re-evaluate. I have already lost a days productivity and am behind in my videos for the week because of this issue. I also was too demotivated to play Minecraft and stream tonight because of it. Therefor I am going to ask you nicely to stop flogging this horse. It is very dead.
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    The model is complete at last! I have also figured out what material I need for the mold and plastic cast. Just need to wait until friday to get them...
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    Recruit to make sure we have everything in order before you begin your training, I would like to ask you to fill out this form. Twitch URL: (Just provide a link to your Twitch profile) Are you subscribed to Gopher on Twitch, or a Patron? (If "yes", please provide proof. A screenshot will do, just try to get your Twitch username/Patron username in the screenshot.) Do you have any other important details? (If so let us know.) Note: If you own XCOM 2 you can export a bin file in-game for Gopher's convenience. If you do not own XCOM 2, please provide a description of your recruit. A second option might be to get someone who owns XCOM 2 to make you a character, and export the bin file for you. Empty form that you can copy and paste: The commander will then see to your recruitment should this become necessary. Once more, welcome to XCOM, recruit. The list of recruits is as follows. (Note a "(p)" after the name and file/link descriptor will indicate someone who is a patron, I will be going through all the posts over the next couple days to add patron markers to those who are patrons and "(S)" to those who are subscribers. to help distinguish the two for easier maintaining an accurate list of current patrons and subs. I will only add tags to those who are verified as one, the other or both.) Complete soldier list by Byleth0 Ready to Serve (Subscribers/Patrons): Staff: Civilian Contractors(Non-Subscribers/Non-Patrons): Awaiting Confirmation: Graphics and formatting by NafNaf_95 and Xelphos. Added Note from Drunk N' Deadly: Thank you very much NafNaf, Xelphos and byloth0 for the help, it is greatly appreciated it. GMS_Stewart.bin Naf.bin Okmeery.bin
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    Good evening, My name is Steel Gear and I've been working on a project for quite some time now. It is never easy for me to present stuff I made to people like this, but after having put so much work into it, i felt like all the work would be for nothing if i didn't. So since I feel like it's in a somewhat presentable state now I would like to share it with you anyway. Its quite a distance away from spawn, thats why ist not very easy to find. A friend of mine (namely SpooksGhostly), calls it the Tower of Steel. I still havent decided what i should call it in the end, so I'm open to suggestions. But here it is: I want to give another big thanks to Godaishu and SerranoPancake here. Without them I wouldn't have been able to finish this so quick. Godaishu donated ALL of the cobble I needed till now and without SerranoPancakes Guardian farm I'd still be farming for sea lanterns. As you can see it is inspired heavily by The Imperial City from Oblivion, Castle Drangleic from DarkSouls and Saurons Eye. The big glass ball in the middle of the top part is going to be filled with lava. Doing that is tedious work unfortunately, thats why I still didn't get around to filling it. UPDATE: Ball of Lava is now finished I'm not very comfortable with sharing coordinates here. Mainly because I didn't ask my neighbours to publish them yet. May be overly cautious but I'd rather have it that way. If you want to see it just ask me in-game or pm me anywhere. I'll gladly show you the way. UPDATE: My neighbours are incredibly inactive. So I don't think this is going to be an issue. Have a link to the location of my build on the Dynmap: https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=surface&zoom=5&x=2704&y=64&z=-3810 Furthermore, I am going to add a nice interior, a wall with gates around the tower, a basement, a park inside of the wall and maybe some small buildings. I am probably going to need alot of quartz, stone bricks and glass, as well as some sea lanterns for those things. So if you want to donate/sell any of those materials just message me anywhere :3 . Thank you for your attention and have a nice day! (If I my grammar and/or spelling seems like nonsense sometimes, I apologize. English is not my first language.) ~SteelGear UPDATE: I am currently working on a design for the wall surrounding my Tower, in my creative world. Pictures on the second page. Let me know what you think! (Wow I just noticed, that I can just put the Pictures into my post as an edit xD So here:)
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    Yes that's right - I plan to begin a Stiv bobble-head over the next week! If anyone could send me a quality jpg of Stiv's shoulder-less ebony armour I would greatly appreciate it. Update (dec 27): It begins!
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    I have been struggeling to post this, but i stand behind this and i think that we should not underestimate the impact this behavior on the server has had and still has. Senpai notice me: -when the first Server streams started we had this kind of behavior for the "first" time. People spamming gopher in game and twitch to tell them how great they are, how he needs to visit them, that they just want to help (while crowding him, hashing for compliments of their skins, gear and/or gifts). - people struggeling against each other for the closest possible claim to gopher, so he can see their builds with out much time invested into travel. -people being rude on discord (literally telling others to leave the MC channel because they need to organize help for their "stream bait") -people working as a team and taking the sole crédit for projects when mentioned on stream -people getting toxic if their magnificent work of art is besmudged by some ones feeble attempt of a dirt phallus (i am so guilty of that one, i actually build a mointain to block the view because of that) TL;Dr stfu Ted People want gopher to tell them they are great and not every one is a nice person. Now with fewer streams about MC ( for what only 2 weeks or so) people realize that it was quite insane to expect gopher to visit 500~ places and tell every Person how wonderfull they are because they did something with pixels. The motivation dwindles and these particular people leave/take a break. Does this mean the Server dies? Nope, it means they were not in it for the social experience but for personal gratification. Is that Bad, do i hate? No. What we have to keep in mind is: -This is at large a single player community - icarus of icarus, warframe and ESO experience the same when gopher streamed it first and we decided we are a multiplayer community (i.e. lurk in TS waiting to get in gophers grp and grinding fancy stuff so gopher tells us we are great, look cool). With gopher retreating from those games the community lost members over time. BUT the core, those in for the actual social experience are still there, make friends. -the latest example: overwatch on stream there were always enough players ( come to think of it, the same goes for payday) now that he does not stream one can see almost allways the same people playing it, either with him or alone and lately it takes some time to get a full group TL;Dr or get on with it you rambeling barstuard: - most viewers come from single player games (skyrim, Fallout, witcher you Name it) - they become "multiplayer" players because of the streams and leave with the streams - we are a YouTuber community this is to be expected and not a Charakter flaw of said persons Now the "random elements or factors of attrition ( most but not all have nothing to do with the community) -played it to death -work, university, school -illness -Computer malfunctions - personal tragedies - XYZ was rude to me i am injured in my online honor and shall never return - meteor strikte - marriage ( yes this is escalating) What i am trying to get over is that the community is still there. The server is not "DED", neither is the community. What you experience is normal. The core community is still active and those that are only part time community members will leave and return based on streams and/or Voodoo magic. You may bait them for a short time, but in the end they are visiors in our theme Park. Some may stay but most will do their own thing. The community at its core is what counts, to organize events should not be aimed at those that don't care, but at those who spend time in minion land to be with the community and their friends. Don't try to be the random's clapping monkey, just to be disapointed that they leave after you stopped clapping. Enjoy the amazing people that are online every day, have fun on community events with friends, the rest may come, or it may not. Don't waste your time and energy on those who don't care. Speaking of wasting time: - thanks for reading through my rant - you are now qualified for a cookie in game - i really really hope you enjoy the community and remain with us - while my own free time went downhill lately i still come online and build or help and so do a bunch of others, if you need help feel free to send an owl, ragen, cool animal from your culture associated with sending messages. (No pigeons though.... They will be shot on sight) - i think i am out of points - no really nothing more - have fun!
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    News! News! News!

    A lot has gone on this week so I'm going to do my best to sum things up as effectively as I can. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of things are still in flux. And I'll be keeping this post short as well because even what I do know "for sure" may change shortly. It's that kind of week. Whenever there are changes in a group, when some leave or others join for whatever reason, there is always some chaos. The issue this week is that we had multiple changes pile up rapidly. We've had a lot of new members due to the new Minecraft server, most of @Gopher's admins retired within a short space of time, we more than doubled the number of staff, and we moved all of our staff discussions to a new platform. All of this has caused more than a little chaos. The facts as I know them atm are these: @Damon Gant our sysadmin is out of retirement. @Rodzyn has been promoted from admin to server admin for the Minecraft server. Many of you will know him as the Jarl of our popular Stivarstead Hold modded Minecraft server which he ran for years. He is working closely with @Gopher to bring the server in line with what our Dark Lord's dark dreams for it are. Do whatever you can to assist him, and please be patient with the transition. @Xelphos has retired as my co-admin and admin of the Minecraft server. I'm working on a retirement present of sorts, but with the chaos and the abruptness of the situation, it will be a little late. Everyone will have a chance to take part and celebrate him soon. And lastly, one of the staff brought me out of retirement so I'll be sticking around for the time being. Since I did not plan to come out of retirement, I don't really know myself how long this will last. That is all that I know for certain thus far.
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    Oh my god that is incredible We need to chat. I wan't one!
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    OK, I should probably do a bit of a Q&A on this issue I guess. As I mentioned to Pcat, I am still a little out of my comfort zone. I have barely gotten used to people wanting to watch me fail at games on a stream, let alone people buy stuff that reminds them of me or characters I have created. But having seen this bobblehead I realise this is pretty much going to happen with or without me anyway. What Beaver made is too good to ignore
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    Please unban me

    "I'm cheating, I'm not ashamed and if you have problem with that you can go fuck yourself" That's what you said on your video. Now you're saying I'm disrespectful and you didn't even know it's not allowed. What you're saying is contradicting itself. So far all you're doing is trying to make me feel bad and telling how important you are. I might need to chill out, but you have to get off your high horse.
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    Sysadmin introduction

    Hello fellow Minions! I meant to write this post since I got appointed Sysadmin on the server but couldn't really find time for it. Many of you probably know me already, seen me showing up here and there in community. For those of you who haven't heard of me before here's short introduction. I've been part of Gopher's Minions community since early 2014, I've attended almost all early streams although it took me a while until I actively started talking on the chat. During the early days, back when this site and forum didn't exist yet and we've been using Philosophercat's fan forum, I started modded Minecraft server called Stivarstead. Cherub and I are still running it since then. Running that server is the reason we're around as staff on official servers and gave me experience in managing techical side of the server. I do have my own ideas on running the server so as you might have already noticed there are and will be some changes around. I'm working close with Gopher and rest of the staff to bring the server close to Gopher's vision while making it suitable for large server. We're also in the process of setting up a place where you can see all the news for the server and send support tickets so you can reach staff easier if there's none online. I hope I will live up to my role as sysadmin on the server. I'm also going to use this place to say thank you... Thank you Gopher for putting trust in me and having me on this position. Thank you admins and mod for all your work on the server. Thank you Xelphos for setting up the server in the first place. I know it was a lot of work. And thank you all Minions, after all it's thanks to you this community is such a nice place and servers exist.
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    Stiv Bobblehead

    Here's where I'm at with Stiv so far. The details are slowly coming along. Also: his head seems to be balanced nicely and does in fact bobble!
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    Keeper LeFae

    The Mysterious Benefactor

    During the "Pre-release Stream," Gopher mentioned how he'd like someone to have Stiv as the Mysterious Benefactor. This is the cleaned up, hi-resolution version from the rush job that I did during the stream (though technically, the stream is still going on at the moment). ~ Keeper
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    The 6 Commandments of Gopher

    Rules: Don't be a troll Absolutely no bigotry of any kind. Leave your prejudices and in-tolerances at the door or you will be shown back out of it. Watch the profanity. No talking about religion, politics or Twilight. These topics always cause drama and mental trauma. No drama! In general just try to be pleasant. Oh, and perhaps avoid excessive flirty or sexual comments. I(@Gopher) don't mind it personally but this is the internet and it is difficult to always know when something is light-hearted fun and when it is creepy stalker and/or annoying.
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    Rules: Protecting your land: Plugins: Server Info & Address: (Please read the Rules, and Protecting your land, before connecting to the server.)
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    This is a retirement card of sorts for Xelphos, retired admin of many hats. I've already said much to the man myself, but it is fitting to say that he has always been enthusiastic and creative in all that he has done behind the scenes and put his whole heart into everything he did. Xelphos, I wish you a relaxing retirement. Take care of yourself, as always. o7 Now it is your turn to add to the celebration of all that he has done for the community over the years. But, first, well wishes from his colleagues and the Dark Lord himself: Gopher: Thanks for all your hard work Xelphos, and thanks for just hanging out and being fun. Hope things go a little more relaxed from now on and you can still stick around and keep in touch Gant: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ He knows what it means. Hope you get better soon Xel. See you around, maybe. Morrandir First of all I would like to thank you as a minion for everything you have done for the community. I would also like to thank you personally for seeing me as worthy of becoming a staff member for this community. Many of us minions may not have been aware of all the hard work and dedication that goes on in the background that allows us to share in this community experience but having been able to witness how much time and work that people like yourself have put in for all of this to work I can only say that it is much appreciated all that you have done for us. Naf We both know im not getting rid of you that easy
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    A n00b visits Minion Land

    I'm a total n00b at Minecraft, and have been itching to see all the awesomeness that has been going taking place on the Minion Land server. So I the other night...
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    You are wrong about me losing sleep over the server. Not only have I lost a few nights sleep, I have lost a few days of work over the last week or so due to a number of issues. As for me being wrong. Wrong about what? The rules? Different servers have different rules to meet different visions of what is fun and what is not fun. How can someone be wrong about what is fun for them? In the previous thread you called me childish and pretty much painted a picture of me as an arrogant tyrant forcing you all to play the game my way. But the opposite is true. I don't force anybody to play the way I choose. I don't judge anyone for choosing how they want to play, and would never dream of forcing them to change. This server is purely voluntary and I have not insisted that this be the only server in our community. I have even said I will add another server with different rules if that is what people really want (if my sys-admin thinks we have the hardware capacity). I just set up a server and moved my save there so people who shared my idea of what is fun could join me. I am stunned that this is now somehow a sign of my 'arrogance', 'childishness' and apparently 'wrongness'. Who knew having fun could be so stressful?
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    News! News! News!

    Thanks for helping out like this Pcat. I would not manage without you
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    I would like to observe that, unless there is still some actual mis-transmission of information, this thread is in danger of becoming grossly unproductive. I would like to bring a motion that we close this thread, and if further discussion between the primary parties in this: those being one @Gopher, Dark Lord, Grand High Troll, Builder of Lava Towers, Teacher of Mods and Maths and Code; and one @Jognt of the Forums and XCOM Squad; that they be moderated in a sidebar discussion with a mediator. Reasoning: the thread has gone from a discourse on perception of slight to a bit of a harangue. Gopher has apologised, clearly meant no ill will, and has acknowledged that certain activities do tend to bring out a bit of his harsher tone. Any further discourse beyond this, would, as I see it, serve only to further sow seeds of discontent, malice, and discord, these not in keeping with the goals of the community. Furthermore, in any dispute, there comes a time in which swinging verbal hatchets to force someone to agree with a point serves only to increase, not decrease, the strife, and thus serves not peace. Or, bugger it, and keep bitching; this thread is not, however, of any *edit* further *edit* positive value to the community.
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    Gopher Themed Minecraft Painting Pack

    gopher themed minecraft painting pack, it's like a resource pack but only paintings. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hth5qg4783sykc/Jay's painting pack.zip?dl=0 a screenshot of the texture can be seen here http://postimg.org/image/b0h2l4szx/ the black liney bits are actually transparent the website is just weired install instructions step one click link above exit out of dropbox account creation, you can make one if you want but it's not necisary, and click download step two cut/copy and past Jay's painting pack for gopher and chay WIP.zip into your minecraft resourcepacks folder default location C:\Users\InsertYourUserNameHere\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks step three start minecraft click options navigate to Resource Packs... locate Jay's painting pack for goph... and place it at top of your selected resource pack load order thingy step four then make some paintings by combining one wool surrounded by 8 sticks in a crafting table. step while holding paintings right click on wall the painting is randomly chosen from the pack just keep breaking, left click, and placeing right click untill you get one you want Note file is 4mb in size as i made the texture relatively large to minimize detail loss feedback is apreciated. and as always Have Fun
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    Forum upgraded to version 4.1.0!

    This community is pretty much driven and kept alive by the admins and moderators we have. Not only do they do a great job of keeping me in the loop, they spend an incredible amount of their own free time keeping things running smoothly and (and this is important) in a friendly relaxed manner. The technology the forums use, the themes and gadgets, all mean nothing compared to the community that uses it. I am grateful to everyone here for their input, but honestly I have no worries about the current state of these forums. In fact I am very pleased with how well they have worked out. A big thanks to everyone for that, especially the admins and moderators.
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    A Forum Thank You.

    I have looked around and did not see a thank you post for Gopher and the Mods and web site folks that have worked so hard to put this web site together. So if this has been posted before then i ask you to be gentle. I would like to thank Gopher and the people who have given their time and effort to make this site a place for us Minions to see and sort through Gophers content. Also to connect on common interest and topics that a lot of us like. So please leave a thank you if you agree. See you on the forums or chat or steam,you get the idea.
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    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    It is finally here, the newspaper you never knew you wanted! Issue one is ripe with some hot news and quite a scoop by our investigative journalists!
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    Seems that most have come to understand the situation. I am going to lock the thread so that it doesn't cause drama later on down the line.
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    That is absolutely the way to go. It's harder than it sounds, but it really is the only way to stay sane I think. It should be easy because the comments are overwhelmingly positive, but for some reason, the negative ones have more of an effect. It's actually a valuable lesson for life in general. Focus on the good. Easy to say, difficult to do, but then you know my attitude towards a difficult fight that keeps beating me down
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    So, I've been working in the IT sector for a few years now, despite being a physicist (don't ask...), mostly on Linux machines. As of now I'm a sys admin in a small, low tech, old fashioned company (i.e. i'm "the computer guy") which is fine... sort of. This morning I arrived at work, only to turn on my pc and be greeted by an email by another employee asking me why the system was refusing to change his password to be exactly like his username.... 2 hours later, he's still not convinced that having identical UID and PSW is a massive security issue: "that's what I have on my home pc!" Gosh. Oh, and the reason why he had to change the password in the first place was that he wrote it on a f*ng post-it, in plain sight, on the front desk of the customers office. Am I alone in this hell?
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    Gopher Wallpaper

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    Stiv Bobblehead

    We need video of the bobble
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    Bow of the Librarian

    I was reading Blade of the Immortal today, and thought I'd try drawing Richard in the same style. Not... not so much, no. I have more appreciation for the artist though, that's for sure. For the pose I used an artist's reference from senshistock on DeviantArt.
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    Jack and Will went off to fill their pockets with many a plunder. Stiv rose the dead, While Richard read, And Frank strolled about in a blunder.
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    A Forum Thank You.

    I would add my own thanks to the many people who help make this community what it is. I am amazed by how much work goes into all this and cannot thank you guys enough. I would literally be lost without you
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    Minionland Road Project

    This post contains information about the ongoing 'road network' project in Minionland. As one of the chief instigators and 'guy who maps the thing', I wanted to provide some intel on what's going on, for all interested parties. Goal The road network aims to create an easy to travel system of roads between major builds in the overworld, to help minions travel and find their way. History The road project started with the ever industrious Z_Blackblue, as he desired to create a road between his rather remote home at FiveTowers and Spawn (roughly 8,000 blocks away). Z started at FiveTowers, and strung his road between villages until he reached the first major player build: my own Miniopoly board. I literally saw him coming over the hill building his road, and being a bit more knowledgeable about the local terrain, offered to continue the project from there towards the World Tree, the nearest major build already connected to spawn by existing roads. Naming this the Great East Road, it was the first major route we completed. After this, both Z and I built a major branch road - I completed my own 'loop' between Sucrose Shores, Boom Caverns and New Mistral, and Z strung another road between villages south of FiveTowers, which also brushed past one of our creeper farms. Little did I know - he had more planned: creating a gargantuan bridge to cross the ocean and reach Non's citadel of Astaroth to the west. What followed was a mad dash between Z and me who could reach there first - Z with his bridge, and me with a tunnel from New Mistral. Atheos got bitten by the road bug at that point, and though he proved a great one-man labor force for my tunnel, it's Z's bridge that really took the cake once it was done. Non helped by building a smaller red bridge to complete the road. Below: road intersection at Astaroth, red bridge (east of intersection) From Astaroth, more southern locals got involved, including Non, Xanthir and Ubbs, who drew the road further south to cross another ocean - crossing Xanthir's island along the way - and on to the major builds in the south. We succeeded in connecting the road to the existing local road network at Claymoria, offering access to the road net already connecting to Walkuria, Al Qaram and the Valley of the Blox, among others. Realizing this offered the potential of a Great South Road, Daalio added a bridge between his place and the shore, offering a direct route south from Crossroads, via Magasai's, to my tunnel and then further south. [update] From then on, Atheos took on the task of building a connection in the west, which is now complete. This connects to the above via Gopher's 'Desert Outpost' island, using the pre-existing walkways between the islands. With that done, Z_Blackblue has started work on a road to connect the (far) east to the north, and I have started - with help from the locals - to forge the existing roads north of spawn into a single path as well, hoping to meet up with Z somewhere eventually, likely somewhere near Dom's New Minion Commonwealth or further north at Portside. [update 2] After the 2018 december holidays, we have a few more updates: Z and I have both completed the first sections of our 'north' road projects; my road can now be travelled from Crossroads to Mystmarsh, with a second branch via Shovelot that joins the main road halfway. This 'Shovelot branch' also connects to Z's road via 2 branches. Z's main road meanwhile has reached as far north as Steelgear's tower. The longest new section however, has been added by Atheos, in the form of a new road in the southwest that connects Farleigh Citadel to Walkuria, via Shawn's Nuka Cola bottle and a great many villages. Finally, Non has worked on a road between his base at Astaroth and the Great West. [update 3] April 2019, and here's the spring update to the map. The roads to the north mentioned above have now all been finished, meeting up at Portside as the 'transfer' point to the existing roads of the Northern Kingdom. Along with general cleaning and checking, the major map updates include the new Woods Road, which runs parallel to the Great East but further north and through more empty land, and the extension of the network: in the southwest corner to Port Smarrow and Mt. Mystery, and in the west to In Fiore, Daalio's new build (right image below). New and expanded builds have been added to existing roads in the form of Brin's Italian-inspired town Simonini on the Great South, Mari's Bely Les on the Great East, and Z's Frostwood (left image below) on the South Bypass. Finally, I've streamlined the color-coding of the roads in preparation of Z_Blackblue's project to mark them with colored banners. Below: intersection of the South Bypass and the Woods Road at Z_Blackblue's Frostwood (left) and the new terminus of the Great West at Daalio's In Fiore. As always, an updated map has been added below. Road design Most of the new road sections are built somewhat in accordance with local terrain, but still relatively straight for easy travel. The design itself consists of stone slabs, stone brick slabs or cobble slabs (most often 4 or 5 wide), lined with wood plank blocks on either side. The type of stone and wood differs, as do the bridges and tunnels, which are left to the builder to design. Some pre-existing roads integrated into the network retain their original style, so as not to alter the look and feel of the area. Lighting and signposting is likewise left up to the builder, but advised at intersections. Some roads offer Traveller's Rest 'inn' buildings, mostly near villages along Z's roads, as well as 'hole in the wall' emergency rest stops. At major builds, and a few noteworthy spots in between, I have also added a 'waystation' with a local area map. Below: Waystation at Ebonheart, Traveller's Rest at Avionville Map Just for fun, I've created a subway-style map of the entire road net. It's appeared a few times on Discord already, but I've also enclosed it here. Note that I never intend this to be a complete map of all the builds along the road net, as there are far too many. Rather, it's intended as a guide to find where the road can take you, and to help navigate it. If large builds are close together, only one may appear on the map, such as with the 'Holy Islands' marker, representing both Daalio's 'flying' islands and Walkenaer's grand cathedral island (a.k.a. the Hall of the Dead). Anyone who wants to connect to the road (or try their hand at creating a whole new section) is free to do so, this is a free-for-all project with no real coordinator. Feel free to ask here if you have questions though. [update 3] Road Map, april 2019 (click to see full size)
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    Christmas event!

    Not kill you, Boss. But we may force you to listen to the Twilight audiobooks on repeat for a couple of weeks.
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    Official Minecraft Servers News

    Hello Minions! I'd like to inform everyone that @Damon Gant has created a redmine site for Gopher's Minecraft network. https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland This is where you should send a support ticket if you need help on the server. This is the preferred way to contact us, it lets all staff see your issue at the same time. It's also the place where we're going to post news about the server e.g. important changes and planned maintenance shutdowns. Direct link to news section: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland/news We are working on a wiki section which will be a compendium of information about plugins and commands that exist on the server. Direct link to wiki section: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland/wiki I'll add that map of Minionland is now available at: https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/# Thanks for your attention.
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    So, as of late I've noticed quite a lot of aggressiveness/arguments on the forums and indeed on the server it's self. I'd like to take this opportunity to weigh in on the only thing that I think matters at the end of all the arguments regarding TPA/Land and Admin claims/PVP and anything else that has been argued about. I'd like to say thank you to @Gopher and all the staff involved in this project. I'm really enjoying the server and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy it for as long as it's up and running (which I hope is going to be quite a while). All staff I've encountered in game have been brilliantly helpful and informative at all points regardless of how much stress they might have been in due to this new undertaking. I'd also like to thank every player on the server for their time and effort in making it an amazing place to explore and play. I myself have received a fair amount of help from fellow players in the form of "resource donations", the retrieval of my items when I die and one very nice human being even gifted me an Elytra. From my experience the community we have surrounding Gopher, the Minions and specifically this server has been nothing short of fantastic. Sadly, there has been some arguments RE directions of the server and the like which I don't really wish to get into. I do find it a shame that there has been some unpleasantness in the community regarding some of the above mentioned issues but I'm sure a reasonable compromise will be reached in the end. That's pretty much all I have to say - thanks for making Minecraft a game I look forward to playing again. One piece of advice I do have regarding all arguments surrounding all things Minecraft server: "chill dude, it's just a game" That's all from me. Peace. P.S My in-game name is KeiranGinge - if I'm online say Hi, come visit, compliment my builds!
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    Just Louise

    WITCHER 3 : Vacation Break

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    Stiv Bobblehead

    The mold turned out pretty decent. A few air bubbles but nothing too bad. Cut them open and took out the model. I'm now making the first cast! Using Smooth-On Feather Lite urethane resin for those interested in the details. Electrical tape holds the mold together well as it sets.
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    Telling me ahead of time does not just dampen the reaction, it makes it false. You are not seeing my reaction, you are seeing a rehearsed attempt at a reaction done for your benefit. And that may help you enjoy the lets play more, but it does the opposite for me. So the question becomes which is more important. That is a serious question for someone like myself now. But as selfish as it might seem the answer I come up with over and over is that it is more important that it be fun for me, because if it is not, it will soon become apparent in my videos, and I suspect that would destroy it for you too. But most things people tell me (like the bowler hat on Codsworth) are pretty minor and don't affect my enjoyment, but the problem is that locations I may have missed do. I am not a completionist, in fact quite the opposite for my lets plays. I don't feel bad that I may have missed some things. In fact quite the opposite in a game that I will play through multiple times. As for be being 'oblivious' and someone else said, well my let's plays will always be like this. I don't read guides so I have no foreknowledge, and I don't multitask well so when I talk, I only have half a brain on what I am doing. The only way I could fix that is to stop talking
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    Just Louise

    Quarico's PAX AUS Adventure

    Back in the studio with Minion TV! (not actually live) Our Quariporter at PAX showing off the amazing haul of loot from Day 1:
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