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    Minionland Museum of Art needs YOU!

    I've built a museum for the specific purpose of displaying people's mapart. It's not a very big museum in terms of surface area, but it can house a lot of mapart, and the interior layout can always be redesigned to fit larger maparts. How can you help? Well, if you have a mapart you want to display in my museum, let me know either here or in game. All comers welcome!
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    At least some good news or at least not bad news for the mix. Message from CD Project Red Sorry I am bad at forum posting.
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    WAR / Call to arms

    There is no need to worry. The very fact that we are being refered to as a nation, which we are not, and his statement that the aircraft is operated by a crew other than our own, which it is not, clearly shows that this man has no idea what he is talking about, and probably even does not now where we are. I am not concerned, and neither should any of our trading partners be. We have yet to spot a single Rynorian within 1000 miles of our border. Until such things change, we are just going to ignore this, and enjoy ourselves as we have in the past.
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    And with Krikkeee's donation I have enough gold for the sign! This is the current state:
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    A little tribute to Tom Petty RIP my friend you will be missed.
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    It would be nice to create new builds for each holiday or special event, but builds often require quite a lot of resources. By making these builds temporary, you're allowing more people to donate the resources that might be needed than if you were to leave it all up permanently. Silverthorn was very gracious to let us use his claim for the cake, but it would be nice to have a designated build area that doesn't quite get in the way of others. Somewhere that Gopher can get used to visiting (so he doesn't get lost). Could even get a teleport command for those who join or return to the server and wish to join in, but seldom have the knowledge or resources to go where they need. That isn't to say it should be the only spot, of course. Lots of people have their own special builds (z's cake, BUNYAN and smartboy's snowman, etc..). But for people who wish to contribute to the celebration, but don't quite have the area for it or idea to implement, having a designed area where the community can come together, to help build, donate, or offer up ideas, would be wonderful.
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    Hello all, After 3 months of on-and-off work, I am happy to present the (almost) final version of Miniopoly - the board game based on your builds in Minion Land. It is intended to be a fun representation of some of the most iconic builds on the server, and I tried to feature as many minions and visually different builds on it as I could. Properties are more or less grouped by a theme, and those I could not fit on the board, are included in the money and cards for as much as I had space. The cards also refer to a few notorious moments that we've had. Below, in the spoiler tags, you will found the individual images of the builds I chose to feature, as well as the additional assets of the game. A complete version will eventually be found in my Imgur folder, which I will link soon. For now enjoy the images. If you want to visit one of these builds, the coordinates and creator's names will also be listed as well. FAQ Q: Why was my build not chosen? A: Unfortunately, there are far too many builds on the server to show them all. I may not be aware of your build, or simply did not have space. I do not intend to mark any of these builds as "better" than ones that were not chosen. In some cases, it was simply a matter of chance. If you wanted to be there, and are not, I am sorry. Q: Your credits are incorrect/incomplete! A: Please let me know and I will correct them. Q: I don't like my image! Can you change it? A: Of course, it's your build after all. Contact me. Q: Why is my plot cheaper than X's? A: I've grouped builds by location or theme as much as I could. Again, my intent was purely to have the board look nice. Don't read too much into it please. Q: What settings are you using? A: Chroma Hills for textures and SEUS for shaders. Q: Can I contribute? A: The picture board is mostly done. You can still help build the ingame variant. Contact me if you don't know what to do. Some info can be found on page 3 of this topic. Q: I have another question? A: Please post below and I'll get back to you. NEW Q: How do I get to the in-game version of Miniopoly? A: The board is located at roughly x=2800 and z=1000. Going through the nether from spawn, you can either follow the east road and turn off at the purple road heading south (look for the map art on the wall), or follow the south road and turn off at the purple road heading east and continue straight ahead as far as you can go. At present, there is no overland road connection from spawn. Properties, side 1: Properties, side 2: Properties, side 3: Properties, side 4: Chance cards (50% done): Community chest cards (50% done): Money: A message will be posted in this topic once all the images are finished and linked above. I will share the complete board at that time.
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    So, I just discovered that this is a thing. Tirius, you're AMAZING. Also, I'm so thrilled to have a space. Also, also, I am very tempted to make a real life version of this.
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    Hello all,really hard for me to get here anymore,no time,busy taking care of sick Mother and sister,but here is a theme i always liked from the original Battle Star Galactica.
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    Minion Land Tours

    I honestly do not believe a new name is needed unless you plan to stream your adventures. I suggest you come online unannounced and see what the experience is like. I suspect its more like what you had imagined. The regular players in Minionland while all fans are more interested in the game than crowding around. Perhaps explore and record and use the footage on Vidme this way it does not disrupt your main channel. Journey map is a must have. I recommend a HUD mod as well. We have shulker boxes now so you can carry an ender chest filled with shulker boxes that are filled with supplies. You will never need to go home But the main thing would be to pop in occasionally off stream to get to know how the server works. It is a far different game than playing solo.
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    There's a reason why it's the most expensive Miniopoly property outside of Gopher-related things. Poor Z is too awesome to be allowed hermit behavior.
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    Truer words were never spoken. I understand people piling possible locations to visit on poor Gopher and Quarico in situations like these, but honestly - a dedicated visit to places like this will do them far more justice I think.
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    There is one out now... it's called a PC . (sorry just had too)
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    Minionland Feature Builds

    Hey everyone, I know a few of you are aware and have participated already but I'd like to know if others are interested. As previously posted by Lert, Im doing videos where you give me a tour or your claims. So far Lert, Ubberblox and Non_ have participated (Nons will release in the upcoming week) and their tours are available to view on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DomImations I want to feature your builds because you are all so talented and creative. And hopefully it will also allow us all to see parts of minionland that may have never been seen by others. So let me know if you'd like to participate. Take me on a tour! Non_s will release 10-6-17 at 6am est.
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    The other day I got a message from a friend very excited because there's going to be a survival mode for Skyrim. To what I said: "So what? I've got Frostall". I think we shouldn't forget that there are many console players who don't even know what mods are or how to use them. People who isn't into PC gaming not always know about these kind of things. It it had happen 4 years ago, when I was playing Skyrim on my PS3, I'd probably buy the new survival mode and I'd been very excited about it. Now that I know mods, I don't care what happens to the CC. Bethesda tried to bring mods to consoles, and Sony said no. I think that's one big reason behind the CC. And, let's be honest, it's an improvement on the "paid mods" issue. Yes, they're not doing it well. Yes, the prices suck. But from a console player point of view, I don't think it's as bad as we PC players are saying. How many people do you know who spent a lot of money on mobile games? I know a lot of those, and I know all of those people are going to be very excited about CC and are going to buy most of the content. Yes, these are the people some of you call "casual players", but as OutandBack pointed out, the gaming market is mostly focused on consoles and people who are willing to spend their money. That being said, I really hope the CC gets good content or lower the prices to a 1/5 of what they are now. Not that I'm going to buy anything Now, if you excuse me, I have to go teach a "casual "friend how to install mods on minecraft
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    Just a quick note to inform those interested that I have started work on building the ingame variant of the board. It's located on the northeastern border of my home region, and can be reached through the nether via both the yellow line and the purple/sugar street branch of the green line. Thanks go to @BUNYANSaxe1943 and @Vault Memories for their impromptu assistance with putting down the board's floor and clearing the edges yesterday. The board is positioned to double as map art once it is done. I do intend to provide assets to make the game playable. If anyone wants to take a crack at building something to simulate dice, I'll gradly accept your help as my own redstone experience is very limited. I should be able to handle the rest, like the money, deed cards and houses/hotels. Once the basics of the board are done, everyone can then help to build up each of the properties. My idea is that the properties featured on the board I've shown here, would be rebuilt on their spot in miniature (a nice challenge for people who tend to build Big). Alternatively, you could build something more symbolic of a property, such as ... a shovel? You could either rebuild your own property if it is featured, help build the public ones (or those whose owners are no longer active), or improve the board's interior or its surroundings. I am also considering making a miniature nether level below it, where we could reconstruct some of the nether's highlights. As always, these are just plans and I am always open to ideas. More to follow soon I hope.
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    Sucrose Shore has once again unwound itself from its wheat stupor and subsequent hibernation. Prepare yourselves for.... EASTER! ... IN OCTOBER! @Smartboy53 and I are once again hard at work with our weaving, and in just a 'few' sleepless nights, Easter will once again be on schedule! More to follow so stay tuned!
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    After all these years this is still the best Star Wars Remix imo
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    Some samples of the cards. I'm going with the classic orange and yellow look. About half will have screenshots to showcase more builds, the others will likely have artwork on them, depending on me finding/creating something to match the text.
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    I am a bit surprised that you were under the impression that Minionland would be a medieval themed server. Gopher never built in medieval style and there's a McDonald's next to spawn. But either way it seems like a weird thing to get hung up about. Have you ever really looked at the real world? The diversity in houses ranges from hyper-modern penthouse apartments in the city to stick and mud huts in Africa and anything in between. While some people are taking their self-driving Tesla cars to work, many are just trying to push their donkey and cart up the hill. Oh and this is all ~50 years after people already walked on the moon, yet none of us have ever done anything like it. The idea that every build has to be from the same theme or same level of technological advancement for it to be an immersive world just seems silly.
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    WAR / Call to arms

    Dear @Lord Ryno, As a peace offering, I've built this wonderful, big, wooden horse for you. I've positioned it in front of your trenches. I had to get your men to agree to a temporary ceasefire to set it up. (I bribed them with chocolate and filthy magazines.) It's yours to take inside your city walls. It will be beautiful inside your city walls. Everybody else will be like "wow, I wish I had that inside my city walls!". So better get it inside your city walls before somebody else snatches it up and puts it inside their city walls, because this should go inside your city walls! Yours sincerely, jrRedek PS. Don't worry if you hear any noises coming from inside the horse. It's just the wood drying out. I'm sure it will dry faster inside your city walls.
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    One week until PAX AUS 2017!
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    Progress report: 29/40 plots built / under construction. This crowd... lolz... @NTclaymore and @Vault Memories asked for a few alternate image options, so here they are, perhaps something for @sanamia to weigh in on as well. Personally, the interior image for Claymoria is nice but very similar to the one on the Throne Room, so it'll have to be between the original dragon image and the knight, I guess. I like them both equally, so I'm leaving it up to the owners to decide. I've also completed a few more cards, below are 2 of them. (Left: Blackwater City by HiiperMadMan; Right: Greypeak, by @ShortToaster). Text is a bit uninspired, might still change later. I wanted to include Greypeak as Toaster was the final Southern Covenant minion not yet represented elsewhere, and Hiiper's port, in my opinion, is one of those hidden gems that doesn't get the attention it deserves. P.S. I know the left card should say 'Chance' - for some reason I cannot replace the link. Correct version is in the first post of this topic.
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    BTW. When you follow Gophers tutorials, always play only one step. Repeat that step in your system. Make sure you have done it right as best you can by reviewing Gophers demo. When you are sure you have done exactly what he showed, then move on to the next step. At first the process is very very slow, but Gopher is very thorough and shows every step plainly. When I first started modding I did this and this is how I learned to mod. After you are done it is sometimes beneficial to review Gopher's instructions. Sometimes you will see something you missed the first time through because you did not understand the system perfectly. Be patient. Modding is worthwhile, rewarding, and fun.
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    being able to get items for free is part of the scam, you grind with the hope of getting a special item for free, the more you grind and don't manage to drop a special item the more frustrated you become, and then suddenly paying money for a loot box starts becoming more appealing to you, so you buy one, if you don't get anything special you buy another one, then another one, before you know it you could be spending more on those loot boxes than you would on an AAA game with all its DLC. That is the only reason you can potentially get the item for free, but the odds are usually so low that it entices you to pay money to raise the odds. PS: they are more like scratchcards than those pokemon cards etc. pps: and trading physical cards is an integral part of the system, you have a card your friend doesn't have, you can trade cards with your friend (it is all part of the experience), I do not see items from loot boxes being part of such a trade system any time soon.
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    So, now I've reached the northern barrier. I backtracked and found a pine island where I built a lodge.
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    I do like the more "personalized" reward for each build (by a lack of a better word), but personalized banners would be to much work I think (finding the correct banners for each build and code them) and what would the player do with those banners, collect them in new banner-halls? I was thinking to make a combination of XP and some functional reward that has something to do with the build you visited, some examples: lava tower: cake iron, gold... farm: iron/ gold ingot banner hall: empty banner nautilus: prismarine/ sea lantern...
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    Today I ventured north. Found Cold Water Farm or something similar. Built a lookout at a nearby mountaintop. Also, I canoed the rivers of the north and established a wheat farm close to a flower farm bonanza where named horses roamed a village. Sweet!
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    Hey there!

    Hello fellow minions, I am new here (duh!), though I have watched Gopher's videos for a long time (I think I started watching somewhere in 2014). Anyway, about me, I like writing, both fanfiction and non-fanfiction, though almost always in a magic setting. I have created several characters, centering around the character Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl, and no, my account isn't named after him, it is the other way around. I used to play a lot of games, but due to messing something up in the settings of my laptop, it doesn't work that well anymore, so I pass my time mostly writing and reading fanfiction. I also go to middle school in the Netherlands (equivalent to the American high school). And I really, really enjoy all kinds of music with sensible lyrics, it's rare to see me without at least one earbud in nowadays. That's about it. I hope to have a great time here! Wyverntamer
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    Hey there!

    welcome !
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    Recipe Box

    one time after chopping up some jalapeno peppers I had to pay a visit to the little boy's room. end result:
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    That would be nice, actually. I think Gopher would like it being near the Throne Room since the community can converge there before the celebration, and we already have a /warp point to it. And having room for storage so people can stash some extra supplies there for building with is a good idea too.
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    Progress report: 1 day later, already 8 plots are complete or nearing completion. Really, you guys/gals are amazing! Thanks to @Particleboard we now also have a functioning nether stable, and both @RainbowFoxx92 and @Draesham helped out a lot with the plan to create a mini-nether under the board's interior. And per usual @BUNYANSaxe1943 is building stuff completely out of my league. There will be a Credits section on/near the board, once we figure out where to put it.
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    So, I got an awesome idea that would give me a reason to log in more often : What if we cut a slice of it each month ? I mean, it's a cake. It's made to be eaten, right ? And I love eating cakes ! Gluttony is not a sin ! I could also replace the gold or a part of it with something else ?
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    probably overload due to the release of skyui for sse oh, and also cbbe
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    I finished the most important spot on the board...Shovelot ;P Hopefully it is in keeping with the idea.
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    Because it's still awesome.
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    Z_blackblue made a birthday cake for Minionland as well. Had I known he was I wouldn't have bothered this guy is seriously incredible. https://imgur.com/a/0JDcw Honestly Gopher will need a 5 hour stream just to cover 5 Towers (Z's build)
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    Let's just say that I suspect that my tiny lighthouse... will look even smaller when it will be squashed between 2 giant trees. Truthfully, I don't expect people to actually play the game on the server. (Goodness, regular monopoly games always take so long...) So, I don't know if we should bother with it, if this is the case. I'm going to file it away for the moment, there is plenty still left to do anyway.
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    You guys are pretty AWESOME, y'anna know that? The whole bunch of you. Thanks for all the time 'n effort.
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    Looting/Hording Problem?

    "Hi. I am the Sole Survivor and I have a problem collecting tin cans." Claps from the audience plays. I have no such issue. Why. Who's asking!? What did they tell you!?.
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    The construction of a Giant Cake has begun ! It is located in my claim, on the sea nearby Nafnaf's docks. (See picture here) Any help is appreciated ! Especially if you have spare gold blocks for the stand !
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    Don't stop him. Make him route the crowds through my place this time. *Starts crafting Detour signs* P.S. Anyone caught trampling my tulips will be fed to the giant Bunny. You have been warned.
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    Pretty sure Gopher would survive more fights if he kept his armour higher than 0 hehe
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    Just a recap to keep up to date, CDPR has an agreement with sizeable funding from the Polish government to research new game techniques they had dubbed 'seamless multiplayer', 'animation excellence', 'cinematic feel', and 'city creation' with a deadline, by June 2019. Now some people have been posting that this means the final game must be released by that date but that is not the contract. The contract is to finish the new game engine, REDengine 4, and they will probably demonstrate it to the government and their investors by that date. This is not the game completion date. It is unknown what the government expects to get back for their investment. Hopefully it is just good will. What we do know is that the game itself will not come out before that date. CDPR has also promised their investors three major releases by 2022, the first of which will be Cyberpunk 2077. It is unknown what the others will be but they may be expansion packs for Cyberpunk 2077. I know there are numerous other suggestions but consider the development time. Two years is not enough time to produce a major new game, such as Witcher 4, but it is typical for the release of expansion packs. It is curious that many devs working on Witcher3 said that many pieces they made got ignored and were never incorporated in the final game. Maybe someone is putting those pieces together as the basis for Witcher 4? However, remember it will not be a sequel but an entirely new game. Someone recently suggested a release date of 2024 for Witcher 4. I would think 2025 sounds more reasonable. Yes... I hear the moans and groans...
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    New Vegas Montization

    "Montization ?" like, from Monty Python ?
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    A little bit of funk for the topic