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    I would like to observe that, unless there is still some actual mis-transmission of information, this thread is in danger of becoming grossly unproductive. I would like to bring a motion that we close this thread, and if further discussion between the primary parties in this: those being one @Gopher, Dark Lord, Grand High Troll, Builder of Lava Towers, Teacher of Mods and Maths and Code; and one @Jognt of the Forums and XCOM Squad; that they be moderated in a sidebar discussion with a mediator. Reasoning: the thread has gone from a discourse on perception of slight to a bit of a harangue. Gopher has apologised, clearly meant no ill will, and has acknowledged that certain activities do tend to bring out a bit of his harsher tone. Any further discourse beyond this, would, as I see it, serve only to further sow seeds of discontent, malice, and discord, these not in keeping with the goals of the community. Furthermore, in any dispute, there comes a time in which swinging verbal hatchets to force someone to agree with a point serves only to increase, not decrease, the strife, and thus serves not peace. Or, bugger it, and keep bitching; this thread is not, however, of any *edit* further *edit* positive value to the community.
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    Seems that most have come to understand the situation. I am going to lock the thread so that it doesn't cause drama later on down the line.
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    That is absolutely the way to go. It's harder than it sounds, but it really is the only way to stay sane I think. It should be easy because the comments are overwhelmingly positive, but for some reason, the negative ones have more of an effect. It's actually a valuable lesson for life in general. Focus on the good. Easy to say, difficult to do, but then you know my attitude towards a difficult fight that keeps beating me down
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    Dear Gopher, I've been a fan since 2013. I first started using your mods when I got my own PC to play Skyrim on and I have followed your work ever since. I've made many comments on your videos (of which I've watched hundreds, literally) but recently discovered that I was "ghost banned" some time after Google took over YouTube. I have no idea why... I'm polite and mild-mannered when compared to the majority of commenters. Of course, since realizing this, it dawned on me that you were unable to see the many supportive comments I wrote. I wish to amend that now. I'll keep this short, because I know you're a very busy man. I'm sure you get messages like this all the time, but I hope you don't mind if I add my two cents worth. I love what you do. Your mods are extremely useful, your playthroughs are a delight to watch and your tutorials are a Godsend. I use your HUD mods for both Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas, and I've downloaded and currently use all your Advanced Recon gear for FNV. Of course, I've endorsed and stand by all your mods. I can also admit to being very intimidated by making manual changes to game files and without your patience, your thoroughness and guidance I doubt I'd have dared to go beyond what NMM is capable of on its own. I am not a tech-minded person, but with your considerate help I have overcome many boundaries. You are a great teacher. I watch (at the very least) one of your playthrough videos every day. Almost always during meal breaks LOL. I am a very reclusive person and I rarely get out. But having your pleasant voice playing regularly through my speakers makes up for a great deal of what I lack. I really appreciate the fact that you always remain true to who you are, even to a certain degree when you're roleplaying. There are so many overbearing and hammy YouTube personalities that rub me the wrong way with their overacting, pomposity and exuberance. But you, my good sir, have never been in that category. True, I might not always agree with your manner of utilization of followers in Fallout 4 (I think Piper is adorable and quite loveable, despite the typical Bethesda follower antics for which she cannot be blamed). As an avid fan, I understand the way you like to play and I can sympathize with your irritation towards anything that takes away from your realism-embracing nature, like immortality, for instance. But when playing as Jack, Frank, Geralt or even as Ming, your kindhearted and deeply contemplative personality shines through. Many thanks to you, my friend. The gaming world wouldn't be as enjoyable without you and I hope to continue following your work for many years to come! Sincerely, Dallesse
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    I'd be interested in seeing Gopher wrap his twisted sense of humor around the plotting schemes of CKII, as well. Honestly, though, unless you've fully transitioned your stream into being considered "on the clock" @Gopher, play whatever the bleeding hell you want. Maybe we get a "disclaimerbot" to regularly remind folks that it's "Dark Lord Downtime" and to kindly insert and spin on their opinions unless asked for, but, again, I'm a grumpy sort with less patience than you have, Boss. Ive enjoyed the bits of the OW stream i was able to be at because i found it endlessly entertaining to listen to the alternating cycles of sniping and silly comments, moderate panic, and the old Gopher-Quarico banter i miss from the Payday streams. But hey, you're the boss, Boss. You do you; I'm just along for the ride.
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    Yes and I believe I admitted that was a misunderstanding, although my recollection is somewhat different to yours regarding what was actually said. I don't remember a comment that one person was playing a class they were weak at. It came across more like "All of you just play what you like, class makeup does not matter" .i.e. we could roll out without a tank or support of any kind and it would make no difference what we met in opposition. It also felt a little like the insinuation was none of us were good at the classes selected which may have coloured my perception of the intent. But I am willing to accept my impression of the comment was incorrect and that it was filtered through a lens of frustration and the inevitable confusion reading random comments in a wall of text can cause. I did not mean to come across as wanting to drive you off, I was just wanting the 'noise' to stop (so to speak). I needed a little venting room at that instant and unfortunately, that is not a luxury you get when streaming. As I said, I don't think this is the right sort of game for me to stream and engage with chat at the same time .... and if I cannot engage with the chat, there is no real reason to stream. Therefore, no more PvP. I will instead just have to make do with getting you horribly killed in XCOM 2
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    So, I've been working on something in my spare time for quite some time now. You once said @Gopher, that you don't know what's next after Lava Tower, so here you go. [back view below] This is part of my little side project. Originally it was just a practice piece for ZBrush in which I was aiming to train my patience in working with very long and tedious tasks but I've spend so much time on it that I decided to do something useful with it I'll be posting more of this in this topic from now on, however it will take some time since this is just a head of the full Sentinel statue and I'm doing it when I have nothing important to do after work. The statue itself is not finished yet but the helmet is done, so I have all I need to make diagram plans of how to build it. I've took some steps beforehand to make it work (model is not one solid object- it's segmented so I can see individual slices) therefore producing the plans will be streamlined and much faster then making model itself. So here it is. Let me know what do you think of it and if you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them when I can. Hope you all like it guys. [back view] [sneak peaks of the statue itself]
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    That is NOT criticism in my opinion. Advice about skill combos and class strengths is not a problem. Nobody got timed out for suggesting a class or skill combo. Only one person got timed out and that was for constantly going out of his way to put me (and my team down) and trying to make himself look superior. I admit I probably should have ignored him, and I will also admit that I may have even misjudged him and it is a 'wall of text' out of context problem. But I felt the guy was quite deliberately trying to push my buttons and was distracted and frustrated enough to let him. The issue with Jognt was less severe and he did not get timed out (at least not by me), but he just jumped in the middle of something and decided to have a bit of a jab and got jabbed back. I wish it had not happened, but he caught me off guard and I was not in the mood. It was not personal, and honestly, I would have forgotten it quickly if not for this thread.
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    Welcome everyone! This is a topic dedicated to all things Statue related. Here I'll be answering all of your questions regarding the statue, the idea behind the project, etc, etc... This is also a place for disscussion and further probing my mind about things you might want to know but were not mentioned so far(and trust me when I say this, the stream barely scratched the surface). I predict this is going to be a rather big topic. Therefore, please start your posts as follows: "Q:" -if you want to ask me a question "I:" -if you want to propose a new idea (building sites, design dilemma solutions, materials, turning armour into a tutu, etc, etc...) "D:" -if you want to discuss an idea (quotation of the idea would be nice, so we know what you are discussing;) ) Colour coding is not exactly necesary but I might miss your comment. Posts that are not tagged at all, I'll treat like off-topics and most likely not respond. If you think there is a immportant category that I haven't thought of, please let me know so I can add it. "A:" -Answer to your questions. I reserve answer tags form myself. (If you want to answer my question or someone else's, use the "D:" and @nametag ) --- --- --- I've seen the stream yesterday and I've tried to note as many things as humanly possible while simultaneously watching, listening, going in and out of fullscreen, reading and writting. So if I've missed some of them you should know - I did my best. I'll now adress that bellow (using Twitch names if I don't know someone or the name hint won't pop out). @jeancly Props for noticing immediately. Eagle eyes on this one! Please don't cut Stiv in parts. The bottom part was roughly almost every free evening across three months. And the boots with shin guards... don't even get me started on this part... Scalling down will simply not work. It wouldn't look like the original in the slightest. Even with this size, I still wasn't able to give it a lot of details. Besides it will fit the world dimensions for sure. @Slushy_Bucket (I think) said: Go big or go home! -I concur wholeheartedly Would you really like this in colour, guys? That would take away a lot from the intimidation factor IMHO. Not to mention the difficulty. Don't think it's a good idea. To all the minions in chat asking questions about it's name. It has a name actually: Stiv Sentinel and The Temple of Bunny-eating God. It's also the name of topic on the forums where I posted it first. Final blueprints will reveal why I called it like that Stiv should obviously face away from the Lava Tower and everything else to be honest. (Do you recall LotR? It's the kind of border-marking sentinel like Gates of Argonath. Google it guys, it's awesome. Pointing it towards the tower kinda tells @Gopher to "stay the fluff away". It would have a simmilar effect if you put it somewhere in the center of the domain/city like Crossroads. Kinda beats the purpose of the Sentinel his pose.) @Dionyzos_ and @Hoothor know exactly what I mean judging by the chat replay. Whatever you want to be it's neighbour should be situated in the opposite direction than the extended hand is facing. The book floating above Stiv's hand is a Conjuring Tome. Stiv's a necromancer. I don't get where is this confusion comming from guys... Nether is to small to fit this thing inside. I was actually considering making Bill in two halves (bottom- cut off by the conjuring portal in the nether, and top- emerging from the conjuring portal in the main world. But for now this is too time consuming. Maybe after the Stiv is ready. @Quarico said: "Beat my own lava tower"....*snorts* -I'm gonna design you a Fire Stiv for this one @Gopher You should probably tell people there is suppose to be 8 of these... You know, like on the picture I sent you... A pair for each of four world directions. So we need 4 sites not only one. The material MUST be something that you can make stairs of. Helmet is layered with stairs to add more details. You can rule out any materials that doesn't support crafting stairs from it. Smooth Sandstone is one of my first choices too. It would go well with the tower made of the same material (that's why I sent previews in this colour, so you could imagine it better). Just no dirt filling, pretty please. There will be stuff going on in some areas of the statue. Don't worry about making eyes. That is already being taken care of (amongst other cool stuff). @Apocalypso said: Isn't the way the head's turned a bit unnatural? It's 90 degrees xD -Ivan, have you tried making symetrical head, turned at 63.75 degrees from square blocks? I can assure you, you don't want to ever find this in your job description... ;P @Apocalypso said: Can't you also include his internal organs? -Funny you said that... @DJFreakyB said: The portal should be inside the book, seeing as it has the Conjuration symbol on it -Guess what? @survivor2021 said: What about a magic orb in his hand? -One of the community versions of the statue was planned this way, although it's more like a fire ball. The one with the Tome is specifically designed for @Gopher to enjoy. The hight is circa 221 blocks. The place I saw as a perfect spot for @Gopher's Sentinels(this is from the msg I sent him): "MINECRAFT #47: Finishing the Lava Tower. In the first minute(pause at 0:26) I see the perfect spot. When you're on the balcony and looking at the Tower, imagine Twin Sentinels symmertrically on both sides of the tower, far away on the horizon(end of your view range). If you'd build it there you could actually see them without going there first to preload that chunk. Any other direction around your house is kinda taken or visually cluttered, as I've seen on the last stream. Additionally, if I'm getting MC physics right, you could glide from the Tower and use The Spell Tome as a landing pad, which would save you a ton of time. It's pretty hard to miss it (I think you could easily fit your house inside of it). " This is the animation of legs plans @Gopher wanted to show you on stream. It shows all layers one after another (building it would go in reverse. didn't thought of that back then.) It didn't work because I've set it for only 10 repeats loop, because infinite giffs tend to slow down webpages. This way it won't run forever in the background. Just open it in new tab and refresh if it stops. @Gopher said: "I don't want to pressurize him to much" -Well, that ship is sailed... I'm pressurized like a Russian submarine right now. ;D
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    Backseat gaming is a bit like like back seat seat driving, but luckily in gaming if the person in control gets distracted and annoyed you usually do not end up in ER or worse
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    I don't know, I still like the idea of Gopher naming his farm animals after minions, and brutally murder them if they cross the line.
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    Sure. "drop your ego down a notch" can sound offensive to some people - if those people want to be offended. But in this case, it's an advice. And it's the correct way to put it. He hasn't "mastered" all the classes yet, there's still much to learn - and more often than not he's going to find genuine advice (that is true) that he'll dismiss simply because he hasn't even considered some skill combos, class strengths. That is not a good way to improve. I love the guy. But I'm afraid that negative comments on Youtube videos have somehow made him much more... sensitive to comments about things that he disagrees with, regardless if they're actual advice or something rude. Order based on fear is not a healthy kind of order.
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    Interesting. To be honest, I've felt for perhaps a year or more now that I should shut up and back out of the general conversations. That said, it wasn't Gopher that made me feel that way. It was the mass of the minions. It got bad enough, with the way certain individuals treated other members of our community, that I left for about six months. I'd lurk the streams, watched almost every video that Gopher put out, continued my financial support, but I couldn't tolerate the way everyone's skin seemed to be rubbed raw, and how deeply the backstabbing went. Even now, I'm leery of diving back in too deeply, and have basically limited my interactions outside of the forums to very select few people, and a number I don't see growing. One thing I did learn early on, before my hiatus, was that approximately 15 times out of 7 or 8, if Gopher snapped at me (or mocked or argued with a comment I made) it was because he had missed the context in the wall of data coming at him. The few times that I streamed back when that was something I had time to do, the very few viewers that I had made it virtually impossible to keep track of conversations and play the game at the same time. Maybe I've missed something since I don't frequent the streams as much, for the aforementioned reasons, but the streams I've been in, I've understood every snarky comeback; I've not once, as a lurker, felt like any of Gopher's timeouts or bans have been all that unreasonable. I've felt that many of them were done as much tongue-in-cheek as out of annoyance. In all honesty, there are people whose reason for being timed out was reason enough for me to leave the stream, because I was annoyed as (visceral foul vulgarity here) and had had enough. But maybe it's because I've got limited patience for shitty comments. Maybe that's just me.
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    You do understand that saying to "drop your ego down a notch" puts someone on the defensive?
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    So, some of you may know I have my own tiny youtube channel, 99% of which concerns a game called Anarchy Online content. I've previously also published playthroughs of FO4 and The Witcher 3, and I've now finally succumbed to the Elder Scrolls itch I've had for a while. Feel free to join me for the journey.
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    Not really much to say here, just that I filled the Journey Map by using a server backup. Find your Minion Land Journey Map folder in: C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\journeymap\data\mp Delete the DIM0 folder in the Minion Land Server folder, and replace it with the one from Minion Land Map.7z Minion Land Map.7z You can get Journey Map from here: http://journeymap.info/Home
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    Good idea, but sometimes the back seat gamers are fun and friendly. Most of the XCOM 2 back seat gamers were funny more than anything. Go faster! Go slower! Go left! No go right!
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    Whereas I am amazed that people need to be warned in the first place
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    With out having been there as well, I will say this, Shiro makes a good point. Sometimes Gopher will miss things simply because of the wall of text, and then it seems like someone is saying one thing when they were saying something else. Which is not Gopher's fault I think it's bad setup from twitch and simply the reality of having a lot of people in the stream. One thing I will say. Gopher has said all along this is his fun time and he's chosen to share it with us. If Gopher isn't having fun then it's not fun time. If it was me I would most likely stop streaming as much or all together and just enjoy my fun time more on my own. But that's me, not sure how Gopher feels about it. If he decides that I would miss the streams, but I also know it's important to have your own "fun time" simply for your mental and possibly emotional health. That doesn't mean viewer comments aren't worth anything, or that viewer opinion isn't either. If you don't like the streamer don't attend the stream has been my opinion for a long time. Saying your feelings in a constructive and useful way can also bring mental and emotional stability and allow closure for you to move on. This whole post is my opinion and nothing more. I hope you all have a good day.
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    I considered that a long time ago actually. Long before you guys created Ministry of Transport by yourselves I had an idea to ask some people if they'd like to be part of a group like that and have a title. In the end I came to the same conclusions. NT's title has already caused confusion to some players taking him for a Mod and clutters the chat. It's fine as long as it's just one person but considering MoT involves quite a few players who are also very active. It would make the chat far less readable. Alternatively I could make it so the group appears as Ministry of Transport in the /list command output but have no chat prefix. Would make MoT somehow stand out without chat clutter.
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    The main slipstream is complete. All four directions to the border. I am not sure who started this insane project but I know Maximuspower did a huge part of it. Jedijosh, darkinterloper, Atheos_wrath, bumbperhumper and ER78A all helped on the southern line. I am sure there are many others whos names I do not have that have helped to complete this project and I thank them all. It is a great piece of infrastructure. If you havent already you should ride it from border to border. And connect your build to it as well. Happy boating.
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    Heya o/ Today we held the 3rd edition of the minionland tours and, while not as many people showed up as last time (i'm going to blame gophers streaming minecraft simlutaneously and not my poor advertising compared to before) we did still have a great time and got to see some amazing creations in the Farlands and managaed not to visit even more. So The next tour ShawnBoucher and I will try and organise will be either on the 7th or 8th of May, I hope you can all make it! Here's an archive of all the tours so far minus the legendary first one:
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    So guys I'm doing a little Easter egg hunt.... around the server there will be shulker boxes hidden. To find them I will be placing a riddle book at spawn with instructions. Solve the riddle and find the "egg" and claim your reward. Limit 1 per person to keep it fun and don't go claiming one if you helped hide it or make the riddle... BUT I need help I still have 8 or so to hide and need some places to put them and a riddle to match the places. However everything interesting is claimed so if you'd like to play host to one of the eggs message me here or on the server don't post here if so because that'd ruin the fun
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    And a barber "pole" light. One of the red and white striped ones. Maybe a cigar store in the corner? With a wooden Indian? Remembering my grandfather's barber shop. Lots of neon. Lots and lots.... Smoke. Glass. Dancing girls. Sleazy traders. Entertainers? I might be going a bit Star Wars...
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    I keep having these strange dreams where I'm in a Adventurers 101 class instructed by Gopher, and there's a lot of times Gopher is distracted by going off topic in class. He's also going through everyone's bookbags like its free loot. Is this normal?
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    http://fraghero.com/witcher-4-confirmed-cd-projekt-red/ Witcher 4 yes please!
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    Farlands has been awfully quiet lately. Who knows when the Darklord will visit minecraft again (or if he will come back at all). No new content means less activity I feel. Whatever. So I finally finished demolishing my old shop and turned it into a travel agency. Shop duties are left with the vending machine I built. Resort Island is still on pause until the next update (with the concrete blocks). The worm is seeing good progress, though there is much left to do. I hope to see more more folks in the future. Miss some of y'all. My travel agency is'gunna need some use someday. :-P
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    ENDERAL (Skyrim) #72 : I'm here to rescue you .... from those boots 28:50 "...If you can't have fun while out adventuring and slaughtering people, when can you have fun?"
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    General Information & Support Need assistance? Require a moderator or administrator? Horse ate your portal? Send a ticket: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/ Official Farlands moderators: @kmsparkli and Algerhard — The following regions are actively managed by Farlanders. Some are invite only and/or require at least communication with its principal contributors. Be advised, get informed. If you want your region/coop listed here, please contact me via the forum. A map of sorts, if deemed necessary by you, would be practical so folks know your coop/regions boundary. Lake District ( @MsClaireB, @Dardhaz) The Witch Coven - swamp south of spawn ( @SurfaceHealer) East-coop & rim ( @Algerhard) (map/regular updates: http://imgur.com/a/zgRFk) Crossroads ( @Libra Aera) The Mesa Ghost Town & outposts ( @SurfaceHealer, @Bob_Bungle, @ebert1104, etc.) Old Treeguard Province (@stentheugly, @Allatar) (map & coord: http://imgur.com/a/i4Bsj) — The Commonwealth and Farlands Archive: Is your neighbours grass greener? Want to talk about anything unrelated to Farlands and gossip over the back fence? Why not use: Cheers
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    Not a problem. I think perhaps we use the word critisism to mean different things. I don't consider most of the back seat gaming or advice to be 'critisizing' unless it is delivered in a negative manner. ie. the intention is to put down, humiliate or provoke. It is basically critique vs. critisism. One is usually positive, the other negative. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference, especially on the internet, but other times it is pretty damned easy and can be spotted by the way they start the sentence
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    Holy sh*tshow batman! I wasnt there, but having read through all the pages i feel i need to comment. As a youtuber/twitcher you are in the public eye and have to have a certain persona to uphold, however having said this you are a human person from up t'north and have emotions and there is nothing as frustrating as an online fps match. Trolls will be trolls and backseat gamers will always be there, so why not ignore the chat during a game, politely tell the pleds at the start of the stream that due to the nature of the game you need your concentration, get moobot to keep repeating this through out the stream, you get to play unhindered the plebs know the deal and can discuss amonst themselves how crap or how well you do and the mods can banhammer the undesireables. C'mon we are all here because we enjoy your faffing ways lets not fallout like kids
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    As someone who is repeatedly on the borderline of being timed out and has felt the wrath of the banhammer already: Friendly fire does happen and there's usually* no ill intent in it. Lifting such bans** is one of the staff's responsibilities. * ** I.e permament banishments.
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    "AAAAAAAAAARGHH" -Gopher, Witcher 2 Uncut Letho Fight
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    @jeancly @Krikkeee Sorry to correct you guys but I'll have a really hard time responding appropriately, if people are going to ignore my request regarding this. It's a lesson I learned from Q&As on another forums. Besides, I will copy all Qs, Is and Ds to 3 different documents on my desktop to remember which ones were adressed while msging Gopher(God knows he won't ). After watching the stream, I gather there will be tons of questions, ideas and discussion. Help me out please. Thanks.
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    Just a quick update to show that I've upgraded the PUNT station at the end of the purple branch line; it now uses the same open-plan carpet-instead-of-fences style as the newer stations built by @Pajoonk and @sanamia elsewhere. I used their design at the Nautilus as a basis, but changed the color pallette to be more in line with the look of the branch line. There's 5 stalls, and with Sanamia's help I've procured 3 new PUNT horses that are much faster than the old ones. And in unrelated news: the village of Seawatch now has close to a dozen residents. I've been shipping a variety of unwanted villagers there from my new breeder to repopulate it. Just for the atmosphere, don't expect any spectacular trades.
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    Agreed. If you're there, the attack should go on as it does now. If you're not, it should just be a behind-the-scenes comparison between your Settlement's Defense number vs. whatever number the game wants to give the Attackers (based on certain factors like food/water, population, etc.). Heck, it shouldn't even be a message saying that the settlement "is under attack" if you're not there for it. It should just say "was attacked", with the outcome already decided. Then you can head back home and check/repair the damage if you want to (or the settlers themselves can repair it over a period of time).
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    I hate the settlement defence mechanic. So idiotic. I get it that if you are right there you can help but the whole " the settlement is under attack!" And then you have to take 3 minutes of helithing to get there and magically the fight is still going on. And exactry when you arrive the fights ends because you had enough defence's in the first place. That is so idiotic
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    Food and youtube, great combination. Welcome !
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    My favorite is "Yes, It was all skill and some screaming" and I want it on a coffee cup. Sadly, I can't remember which LP or episode.
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    It would seem Jognt did find it to be so charming which is why we have this thread. Btw @Jognt I posted a comment here yesterday meant to be more light and casual expressing my support of Gopher. It occurred to me that it was a tad dismissive of your actual point. This was not my intent I understand where your coming from and am glad you are willing to address the issue here. Communication is a key component of any community.
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    ok So I want to say a few things here. Gopher, it's your stream, play as you feel and for the backseat gamer's that are "just trying to help or suggest something" piss off. He's playing the PvP, have you ever had someone sit there and tell you how to play or tell you your not playing right and you should do it this way or that way... that is freaking annoying, even if they have the best intentions. If you just have to correct him or tell him how he should play or what's the best way to doing something, open a topic and post in forums. Just my thoughts.
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    While it's a nice one-liner I 100% agree with what Apocalypso said. I'm talking about warning them to not say something even remotely criticizing, like class choices. For example, you easily went on about how I was wrong that you guys were Meta focussed yesterday, insisting that you were all playing classes you were good at. And then it turned out your reinhardt didn't really.. want to play reinhardt. It's this kind of criticism that I mean. I have been around in your chat a long time so I'm not easily pushed away, but it took a long time before you acknowledged that I may have had a point. Every new person that comes into chat receives the same stern "I'm right, you're wrong" treatment and I feel like that could very well be a reason why lots of newbies aren't sticking around. Now, lastly, the spirit of this topic is not to beat you for what happened. My intent is to get you to see what the current situation is. If you truly feel like the current state of affairs is fine. Then I'll leave it at that. I have often felt the need to warn them in several past streams. I have however not done so because I felt that even warning them would make Gopher annoyed.
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    The thing is, it's human nature to focus more on the negative than the positive comments. I'm not sure why that is, possibly it comes from a time where negative feedback were telling our ancestors that they were doing something that could harm the survival chances of themselves and the group so they gave it more weight to change how they were acting. (That's my best guess off the top of my head.)
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    Metro: Last Light Ep.13 34:07 [Bandit] "What was that?" [PUNCH] [Gopher] "That was my fist. It's very pleased to meet you."