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    Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    I thought it would be cool to see what screenshots people are capturing in Minionland. Maybe you got something funny, maybe you got something really beautiful... Let's see your Minionland Photography! Share your epic captures here! Screenshot below: My New Minion Commonwealth shot from the coming soon Diamond City site location.
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    You can always upload them to a picture sharing service like imgur and then use the share links, like these: (2 oldies first: New Mistral plantation, and the western harbor prior to the construction of the Swordfish and the fort) (and relatively new: Firelight region inn, "The Tipsy Torch") (I've apparently been spending too much time photographing other people's builds, half the things I've added since the summer, I've not made screenshots of yet...)
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    I just checked my screenshots-file and there are actually some presentable. So here we go:
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    Minions With Guns (Destiny 2 Clan)

    I heard the typical reddit scaremongering after launch regarding ridiculous bans. Other than that it’s no different than any other game. Don’t break the rules you won’t get banned, unless it’s in error and then they at least put it right. Not like the nonsense with DS3 where you can be minding your own business not cheating but a hacker manages to infect your game data and you get banned too. It doesn’t stop the use of anything I actually want cluttering up my game screen so I am lucky I suppose, I have Discord etc open elsewhere. You best not play any games that have any sort of online interaction that is monitored or has rules then as you always run the risk of getting banned, even just by a glitch in the system. I understand the game isn’t for everyone and that’s fine, horses for courses an all that, but Creepy was just trying to do something nice for anyone in this community that’s also in the Destiny universe. I think the negativity could have been put elsewhere. But I am a grumpy old person that doesn’t like seeing the enthusiasm of the young getting dampened.
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    A little view I got when building the bridge for the cake
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    Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    I dug around my screenshot file, and I've got some good ones hiding around too it seems. Here's the stuff I actually had a hand in making: And here's Stuff i randomly found traveling- there's some neat stuff out there!
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    Minionland Feature Builds

    By the way everyone, I'm not expecting super elaborate claims. Anything goes and these tours are for everyone and anyone's building styles and size. So even if you have a simple little home or a little plot of land that you're proud to call yours, I'm down for that! Some things to keep in mind though if you want to participate in a tour vid. What motivated or inspired your build? Do you have a Theme? Is there a story behind your build? Did you have help or strike it out in world alone? Whats your favorite or most unique part of your claim? Why? Everyone has been doing an awesome job with these so far. I think its safe to say everyone has been having a lot of fun doing them too. This may be my videos but for these tours I'm handing over control to you. So lets have more fun with this!
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    Thanks guys! I am glad you liked my idea. Between this and Miniopoly, I'm discovering how fun these crazy little builds can be, so to everyone who hasn't participated yet: be sure to do so!
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    New Gaming PC

    After considering the Ryzen processors I must admit they are tempting. Thing is the new generation of Intel CPUs looks even more tempting. I guess I'll wait for the newer boards to come out for the Intel CPUs - if I waited that long I can wait a little longer Thanks again for help, everyone!
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    Minionland Feature Builds

    Jeancly and The World Tree tour is now available for viewing! Thanks Jeancly!
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    Gopher and modded minecraft

    With all the trouble he had with vanilla minecraft, i cant imagine the trouble he would have with modded.
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    It is important to support player groups. The other comments could be in new games discussions.
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    An interesting point, but would this not also mean that everyone is entitled to have this item, just because they want it? How about, Artist X sold their creation to some people, made a tidy sum, and now its ended. Not for sale, rent or lend anymore. Why does someone having made the amount money that is deemed 'fair' or 'enough', mean they have to give it out for free forever?
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    NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    Ah barry a horrible but likeable guy. Like that friend you have who is fun but, you would never invite round your nans for tea
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    NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    Looked better when Frank hit the switch
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    How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I have not ported anything to Bethesda. I think I stated somewhere that I am lazy. Actually it would not take any real effort to port them over as they are just vanilla mods. I tried to put up a Skyrim mod once and couldn't because it was too big. I have been trying to redo it using more vanilla and fewer custom resources but Steam has thought there were errors in my mods on several occasions and replaced hours of hard work with the old version. I do try to save my work but I have made several mistakes that ruined much effort. So that mod which is for Skyrim is still in development. I have several mods on Nexus for Fallout and Enderal but have not ported them over. I am currently modding on Dark Creations. I will put up my little follower mod soon, which is for Skyrim. Still working on the retexture. If I am not busy with some other work I will put it up on Bethesda.
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    Actually there IS a way. What you do is keep providing Mama Murphy with all the drugs that she asks for. For spoilers sake I won't post how she handles the assistance.
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    How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I was unhappy with the available followers so I made my own. That was 2014. I still use that little mod. Maybe it would be worthwhile to put it on Nexus, but there are so many follower mods on Nexus. There is nothing really special about them, except they are small, which makes it so they do not block your vision when they get in front of you... and they are usually silent so no over-talking. They are pretty strong, but they are killable and I often lose one or both in a play through. Hmm... I am talking myself into putting the mod on Nexus.
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    What work in progress looks like. lol
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    Nice shots, what resource pack is that xeredek?
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    It is now confirmed that the RedEngine IV is complete. Of course I already concluded this so no new info... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-hits-huge-development-milestone-pok/1100-6455274/ And here is a summary of Mad Queen's research: http://www.gamezone.com/news/cd-projekt-red-developers-speak-up-on-the-realities-of-working-on-witcher-3-and-cyberpunk-2077-3461430 My conclusion is that every thing is on track for an announcement at E3 2018. It looks like CDPR may release another trailer, this time with real game play. A release date of Spring 2019 seems to still be on target.
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    Looks great @Xeredek, thanks for contributing! Progress on the board has slowed down a bit since the initial rush - but we're getting there.
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    My computer can't handle shaders or other graphics mods, so it looks terrible, but I have a secret hobby of taking aerial photos of the Grove.
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    Saugas Ironworks
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    Super Duper Mart
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    Sorry for the hold up, Mystmarsh spot complete!
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    Surely Not everyone was Kung Fu Fighting
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    Results! All of the entries were great, and it was difficult to pick a favorite of the bunch. @Zantharan's entry had a nice solid form to it with some interesting color elements, which is bolstered with internal lighting via some hidden internal torches. @bumperhumper's entry has a very nice sculpted form due to being made of glass panes, and also benefited from color and internal light. There's also room for variation in what colors you use! @Tirius's entry has a very cool "biome in a box" feel, with obvious variation options. Makes me think of the sort of ornaments you might see on an actual tree! @ThatGuyBoom's entry speaks for itself, I think. "404 image not found". So, between the four entries who wins? It was a close call, but everyone who had an opinion eventually settled on @Tirius's globe idea! Not only is it the most like something you'd see on an actual Christmas tree, but it also has excellent variation possibilities plus still having internal lighting for visual interest. In my personal opinion it's the most visually pleasing as well. It's a great entry, so congrats man! This wont be the final build competition for the tree! @BUNYANSaxe1943 will be hosting similar competitions for all of December, so If you couldn't get in on this one/want to have another go/changed your mind on not participating, keep an eye out for that!
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    Minionland Feature Builds

    I'd say @Z-blackblue place would be perfect. Actually wanna see what he's been up to with the place as im barely ever on anymore.
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    looks like someone else is building a tree ..... BURN IT ! BURN IT ALLLLLL
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    Need for Clay

    I donated 10 stacks of clay blocks. In return I would like you to change your name to JeanClay for some time.
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    Cake Feast on Thanksgiving?

    Happy to have it at Sucrose Shore, although only if you rescind your turducken comment. Could have a Christmas ornament buildoff, with the winner's creation added to the tree once it is trimmed?
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    I guess my biggest concern is when someone tried to please everyone(SP, MP) usually the game becomes watered down and no one ends up happy. Lots of wasted energy in the areas of the game you are not interested in. Which in most cases cuts the total game play time for both groups. I just wished they would have decided to be an ESO or Skyrim not both.
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    I can imagine all my co-workers going "what's Saturalia?" xD
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    Now for the important question: When can we expect the "It's shiny and I want it" shirts?
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    If you play Destiny 2 come and join Minions With Guns, an entirely new clan made just for Minions! Even if you don't play much, join, all Minions are welcome! https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2890737
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    Dat Lobo

    Skyrim SE Mod : Pumping Iron

    Facepalm* Gopher should have elaborated....it doesn't work on females. It never has.
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    Here's the one Barry was trying to remember
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    Some more images, including the 2 options for the replacement Minionville Community Chest site (opinions welcome), new cards and 2 alternate image/sites.
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    Actually its one motherboard and cpu running as 3 seperate computers and sad thing is 1/3 of that is 10x better than my current computer.
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    Gopher's Quotes

    NUKA WORLD #2 : https://youtu.be/FHXrXTdq5Ew?t=1870 at 31:10 Barry: "We need a Pack Rad Gorilla chair ! Hihihi ! Ow Yeah!.... No. Nonono. No. Nonono"