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    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    It is finally here, the newspaper you never knew you wanted! Issue one is ripe with some hot news and quite a scoop by our investigative journalists!
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    This is probably not going make me very popular, however, a thread which was started to discuss any ideas to revamp the crossroads seems to have expanded to include various other subjects which can be seen as linked. This server is nearing its first anniversary and for those of us that have been here since the beginning that should be a pleasant trip down memory lane complete with nostalgic pangs and twinged with a little sadness when we remember all the brilliant people that, for what ever reason, are no longer playing on the server. For the newer players, it should be a time to look at what others achieved in that year and hopefully get some ideas and inspiration to go off and make their own things. To be honest I do not understand Multigk's sudden need to 'define' the Crossroads. It isn't just a city or Museum or a meeting place. It is all of those things. It is a place that was the heart of Minionland for a while and now, whilst it may not be needed as it once was, it is still an important place whether for nostalgic reasons or simply because so many people put in so much to the area that it deserves to be respected for what it was to the server and to those that worked on it. That isn't to say I believe everything should be treated as though it was a sacred relic of Minionland but this sudden and, in my opinion, somewhat unnecessary urge to reclaim peoples land and remove builds is too far the other way. If we were a really busy server that was becoming short of unclaimed land, that's one thing but let's be honest here...we aren't. The population has leveled out at somewhere between 8 and 25ish most days. Even if we all had 40,000 claim blocks just laying around in various places there would still be lots of lands left to go around. Which leads me on to my next point, which is probably going to lead me to some further 're-education' (don't ask lol) however I have to agree with Jean. I do not think there is a lot of point in building a whole New Player area where everything is all right there for them. I said in an earlier post that rather than trying to make the crossroads into that just find somewhere else, but I don't think it will be worth while. I just don't think we get enough new players to warrant it. No, I am not 'newbie hating' or whatever else it was, but in and around the center of the map are various things that already server such a purpose. Places for food, gear, iron farms, XP farms, trading center, villagers....I just don't see the point in replicating it again. I like Krikkeee's idea about the custom achievements, like the same way some MMO's (looking at you Lord of the Rings Online) give players a new quest when they enter a new area that basically leads them around to all the majorly important places they will need. That would be an engaging way to orientate anyone just joining into the server and point out where everything they need to help them is. Could also, as Darkfire said, give them a book (maybe as well) so that they have a 'Guided Tour' of the important places and a book to tell them Beginners Tips on finding land and navigation or whatever. Nothing to say some changes couldn't be made to spawn, if the Admin's agree, should the general consensus be that area is not very clear. It doesn't bother me but I am used to it lol In terms of getting us old term residents out of our towers (or holes in the ground, in some cases..) That's more of a trick if you ask me. We each basically have everything we need and are quite comfortable in our little bits of the world. Just another generic meeting place will not be used unless it is given a purpose. Weekly.....something or others...lol Something that happens once a week or month, that's different and fun to lure us out of our respective lairs basically. Ok, I think I am in the realm of officially rambling now, this was supposed to be a short post and I am going to be rivaling Buny soon : ) To sum up my thoughts for those that don't like walls of text The Crossroads doesn't need 'defining' it just is what it is, which is not what it once was but that's just life. The Server grew up. I do not think there is any point in building another new area, we would be duplicating what we already have and it would basically become another Ghost Town. I like the idea of finding a fun engaging way to give any new player a tour of places like the Tree and trading center. I am officially all typed out, you will be pleased to hear lol
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    OK, I have been putting this off a while but this is beginning to come to a head as it crops up across each platform we minions use. Buckle up this is going to hit a lofty word count. Before we can unpack the question of how to approach revitalization we must first take a look at what that means within this context. Revitalization is the process of remaking or editing to allow new life into a place. This is a real world process that takes place along every industrialized waterfront in America. In Minecraft however it is at once easier and harder. There are no unions to placate, no plan approval meetings, no investors to mollify, and in general the only one you need answer to is yourself when considering a build. However what we are looking at is trying to recapture the hustle and bustle that we remember from the days of a 100 player count, while topping out around maybe 30. This is an unreachable goal. If you want to proceed with this idea you must redefine what it is you are attempting to do. This is further compounded by the lack of a preservation society. There are almost no rules on what is and is not a landmark and until these rules are established you simply can not expect to be able to rework an existing construction. A city has life because it houses many different actors each acting in consort but with different interests and reflects that with its chaotic and dynamic nature. Systems are put into place to give structure and rhythm to this cascade but the structure itself is subject to the tide. Minecraft is inherently different. Blocks will not change or move or grow old or break without direct influence. This means that once something is built it requires no maintenance unless it has a 'GI Joe action feature' such as the Inn's provisions for newcomers. This is an inherently static nature rather than dynamic. To create a dynamic space you must create reason for personal interaction, as only players can provide dynamism. Attempting to provide a framework for what is and is not to be preserved, we have Grief Prevention, a system to protect players but allow those who are inactive to leave with dignity. This system puts the onus on those who remain to decide how to deal with those who have gone, and historically the response has been to request extra claim to protect what has since been left. No system exists to then unprotect that except personal appeals, which are fraught with drama and experience an underwhelming success rate. By not allowing abandoned builds to die out and in fact be griefed, they are now frozen in carbonite to be forever untouched in whatever state they exist in. If these builds were left to be greifed it would provide a cause to rebuild, remodel, or other wise rework these things that have been done. This leaves many questions unanswered about property secession and intrinsic value but by not asking the question and generating a debate, this will never be resolved. Now, we must look at Crossroads and consider what it is, what it was, how it changed, and most importantly where we want it to go. The first 100 players fought for land as close to Gopher as possible to ensure the highest exposure potential on stream. This was clearly an unsustainable distribution method and was correctly predicted as such by Gopher's admins and moderators. A section of land we now recognize as Crossroads was claimed for protection before the server went public. For construction privileges one would first need to apply for land rights in which an agreement on material and method was made. Construction was made and now we have crossroads, forever immortalized through Gopher's wonder. A warp point has been established, players actively promoted the space, and many people came to in some way leave their mark. New players were greeted and merrily directed to areas where they could have free supplies and assistance in setting up a claim. Fast forward a couple months and Gopher is a rare sight, population has declined below a 50 average and new players get on and die as they wander through a maze of claimed half complete builds. Having had a solid direction and leadership crossroads had been drawn up with an eye for expansion and those still around sought to continue but rapidly experienced gridlock. Players needing room to build began expanding out away from 'civilization' and sought an unclaimed jewel upon which to build their paradise. However new players needing direction would force a continual return to the now fully constructed Crossroads. Managing multiple claims is compounded in difficulty due to travel time. Now we see less movement through here, but still enough that you can wave at a minion on your way. What we have now though is a dead space, filled with memories and the marks of those who have left, but a dead space nonetheless. Without a continual reason for people to be at crossroads, there is no one at crossroads. All the land nearby has been preserved and so nothing is able to be reworked and changed, and the question arises why should it? We have an entire map to explore and build upon so why rework the monoliths of those now come and gone? The answer is of course simple if harsh. They are gone. Its no longer their space. Its ours. We are the ones who inhabit and utilize it but it remains locked away behind a general resistance to change. Established players are busy managing their own extended claims, and new players see all that's been done and don't bother trying. For a brief aside, lets talk about new players for a moment in an attempt to remove any ambiguity inherent in the term. Minecraft is a simple game. Minecraft is also an incredibly complex game containing challenging mechanics, nuance, and elements of emergent gameplay. A new player can refer to two types of people, someone loading into the server for the first time, and someone unaware of the depth Minecraft offers having spent very little to no time playing it before this instance. For an experienced player, even one new to the server several things are made immediately apparent: Many people play here regularly with a lot of passion, Not everyone has the same skill level or experience, and there is an intense bias against new construction. For proof of this you need merely look at the last time a design element at Spawn, Crossroads, or Gopher's Home was changed. (It hasn't.) For a new player there will be awe and confusion. Saying their is poor signage around spawn is an understatement, and it only gets worse as you get further away. Only through use of Dynamap, claim boundaries, a map mod, forum activity, and liberal use of Discord are veteran players able to establish who owns what and where it is and how to find it. So its to be expected that general confusion, some annoyance and fear will be felt by a new player. Here's the rub though. Everything that's been done so far is small potatoes. We have almost nothing constructed beyond a few days ride from spawn. 20 minutes by horse in the overworld and you begin to reach the extent of the known world. We are not unlike Colonial Europe looking to expand into new land as we squabble for the scraps we aren't currently holding tightly enough. Staying power is born from lofty goals and a desire to achieve them. What you get out of Minecraft is very much what you put in. Should you only play an hour at a time, sitting at a spawner or chopping trees, you won't create a scale replica of a city, and that's ok. There are however other approaches and for some people a free suit of mending diamond gear and a top tier horse will remove any drive to play the game. The first suit of diamond armor you craft is a significant milestone. The first beacon you get opens up a whole different game. I think its a misguided prospect to attempt to hold the hand of every player that joins, but the way spawn is set up requires giving every newcomer a tour towards land that is free. If we are seeking to bias any sort of revitalization towards a new playerbase then I think we are looking to the wrong inspiration. I am not against helping out new players, whether they be experienced or noobs but without a significant consideration towards scale and scope, further construction will not provide a better experience for a newcomer. When the tour around the server inevitably visits crossroads, all it serves to do is say is "there's nothing here for you, if you want to play the game like we did you need to go far from here". Now comes the talk about scale. I was among the first 100 on the server and played 40 of the first 48 hours. I currently have 21 days played and I only have one claim that I manage totaling 300,000 blocks. As I look to build more, I just annex the surrounding wilds. I share credit in the construction of Strose the Snowman and the continually growing Easter Exhibit. I share these stats so you can understand where I am coming from when I say I look upon my works in despair, yearning to increase the scale at which I design and build. The crossroads as it exists is called the Capitol of Minionland, but it and all of its surroundings are the same size as my claim alone. That is not the definition of a Capitol. I would contend that it is barely reaching village status much less a Capitol. Its small size doomed it in my opinion, as it could never support a dynamic population of 100. Just watch Gopher try to navigate with 60 to 80 players around him and compare that to the size of the Throne Room. For something to stand out as remarkable it must be singular in some way and the most effective way to achieve that in a space without boundaries is to increase your scale. Without providing the space to accommodate the many, and provide a means of gradually upgrading the size of the area, it was doomed to stagnation. It simply isn't possible to claim landmark or Capitol status when 20 seconds away there is something lager and singular in design. All across the server are beautifully constructed model towns that are 100% vacant. Crossroads is beloved for what it was not what it is. If we decide the direction we wish to move forward is in remaking crossroads a hub of activity once again, the idea of scale must be carefully rethought. I still have not addressed several other key issues related to this topic. These include the ideas of Stewardship, Land Value, General Property Rights, Citizenship and more. There is so much more to say on this topic, but I will save that for a later post and instead end on this: In Egypt's sandy silence, all alone, Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws The only shadow that the Desert knows:— "I am great OZYMANDIAS," saith the stone, "The King of Kings; this mighty City shows "The wonders of my hand."— The City's gone,— Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose The site of this forgotten Babylon. We wonder,—and some Hunter may express Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace, He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess What powerful but unrecorded race Once dwelt in that annihilated place. Horace Smith's "Ozymandias"
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    Hello all, As mentioned to some in the ingame chat, I'm building something "just for fun" - a monopoly variant for Minionland. The idea is that each group of streets will depict a few well-known, large or popular builds on the server. As there are far too many for the available spaces, I intend to feature some of them on chance and community chest cards as well. I'll be rewriting the card texts to match. The question is of course: which builds will feature, and which will go where? I'd ideally group builds that are close to one another or working together in game, or by the same nether road. I've been travelling Minionland the past week to take pictures, but am getting a bit overwhelmed with the number of candidates. So I'm asking for suggestions, please post below! Final draft: Go (Spawn) Brown: 2 slots (the first builds: Minion McDonalds and Castle Sutch) Community Chest: Minion Stew Inn Tax 1: (Quartz Tax, Daalio's Islands) Railroad 1: Ministry of Transport HQ Teal: 3 slots (northern builds: Drylands, Ironwood and Goldcrest) Chance: Mystmarsh Jail Pink: 3 slots (community places: Magasai Farms, Alethia and Cherubia) Electric Co: Plant-a-Lot ("Larry's Farm") Railroad 2: Crossroads Orange: 3 slots (east: Ebonheart, Shovelot, The World Tree) Community Chest: Minionville Free Parking: Free Camping (Minions atop lava tower) Red: 3 slots (southeast: New Mistral, Boom Caverns and Sucrose Shores) Chance: Greypeak Railroad 3: Minion Shipping Co. (image from the harbor of Azeroth, Non's castle) Yellow: 3 slots (southern covenant: Valley of the Blox, Walkuria and Al Qaram) Water Works: Nautilus To Jail (closeup of a smite stick?) Green: 3 slots (epic stuffs: Claymoria, Portside and Fivetowers) Community Chest: Tzarkazm's Railroad 4: Slipstream Hub (Overworld) Tax 2 (Animal Tax, Phelan's Bremer Musicians Statue at Wolf's Den) Blue: 2 slots (Gopher-related: Throne Room and Lava Tower) Chance: Horse Paradise Provided all goes well, I might recreate the board on the server afterwards. Chance Advance to Go - Advance to Spawn. ("Cake Delivery!") Advance to Illinois Ave. - Snowman Liberation Front. Advance to Sucrose Shores. ("It's brutally horific if you come to think of it.") Advance to St. Charles Place – Sister needs a new pair of shoes. Advance to Magasai Village. Advance token to nearest Utility. Advance token to the nearest Railroad ... Take a ride on a PUNT horse. Advance ... (PUNT station) Bank pays you dividend of $50 - t.b.d. Get out of Jail Free - ("You can use Fly as well then...") Go Back 3 Spaces - No such thing as lag. (The Banner Hall) Go to Jail – Go directly to Jail - ("I Shall Smite You!") Make general repairs on all your property - Pay your slaves (50 for each house...) Pay poor tax of $15 - Buy some map art. (Mesh of Lolmasta & Shawn's map art pads) Take a trip to Reading Railroad {Take a ride on the Reading} - Row, row, row your boat. (Slipstream tunnel) Take a walk on the Boardwalk - t.b.d. You have been elected Chairman of the Board - t.b.d. Your building {and} loan matures – Collect $150 - t.b.d. You have won a crossword competition - You have won a dirt competition (Winning dirt house) Community Chest Advance to Go (Collect $200) - t.b.d. Bank error in your favor – Minion Trade Center error in your favor (MTC) Doctor's fees {fee} – You have put on Pants of Binding. Pay doctor's fees to have them removed. (Spawn chests) From sale of stock you get $50 {$45} - t.b.d. Get Out of Jail Free {Get out of Jail, Free} – t.b.d. Go to Jail – Go directly to jail– ("That was an actual cat!") Grand Opera Night {Opening}– Christmas Party. Pay each player 50 cakes. ("Presents!") Holiday {Xmas} Fund matures– t.b.d. Income tax refund– The Last Melon. Receive 50 cakes from lucrative farmer trades. It is your birthday– t.b.d. Life insurance matures– Dark Lord Streaming. Pay 100 cakes for someone to give up their slot on the server. (Image: Stiv logo) Pay hospital fees– You have tried to swim in lava... (Death screen) Pay school fees {tax}– Trip to the flip side: take a holiday to the Farlands. Pay 150 cakes. (Farlands image) Receive $25 consultancy fee– Take a job as a shovel consultant. (Shovelot) You are assessed for street repairs– t.b.d. You have won second prize in a beauty contest– Second Prize in a horse derby (Sosinchen's horse race place) You inherit $100– You inherit... ("Oh, someone died. Oh I shouldn't laugh...")
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    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    Hey guys, I'm glad everybody has been enjoying the paper! For now I'm going to try and keep it a monthly thing, towards the end of every month I will write some light hearted stories based off things that happen in game and on the forums. It takes too much time for this to be weekly, and I don't think enough stuff really happens in each week to write about. I'm planning for every issue to have a Tips for noobs section and a featured build section. I have some plans for other articles and adverts as well so stay tuned for next issue! (This was made in Adobe InDesign and photos were edited with Adobe Photoshop.) I thought about putting this into written books in the game, but I don't think it will really translate very well with the fairly limited formatting options, but I might still give it a try. The Sucrose Shore may begin constructing a Minionland Gazette Headquarters soon, in which case a spot for story recommendations and such will be provided. Likewise if there is something you want in the paper go ahead and pm me here, in Discord, or in game. This was a lot of fun to make and I definitely will be making another for next month. I welcome any feedback and criticisms either public or private to make the next one better. (For those interested, featured builds have to meet this criteria for now; It has to be small enough that I can talk about it in one small segment and doesn't need a ton of pictures to show, It has to be fairly well known so I don't need a ton of real estate to explain it, and I have to be able to contact the creator for comment.)
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    Here is one of my own pieces. Medieval Two. Copyright David Guy Harden 2005. Also, my writing partner at the time David Smith reviewed it and may have added something to the background. Composed and recorded using a combination of Acid and MusicStudio. Joel Nelson shot the original video of my nephew Ned Sparks Sewell down in Chile. I wrote this music some years back and it matches my nephews fire dance very nicely. And the video was produced on MovieMaker.
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    100 days! or I need a life.

    Today I made it to 100 days played in Minionland. I regret not one day of it. Who knows maybe I'll reach 200 I have no plans of stopping http://imgur.com/a/BMGEc Here's the screenshot of my stats page. Second item on the list.
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    Poultry Invasion!!!

    So there we were on a quiet August day just mining and crafting and minding our own business. When all of a sudden in swoops a massive spaceship an hovers inches from the top of our Dark Lords tower! The alarm was sounded and every able body minion raced to defend the sacred sight. Alas we were to late but valiantly we raced to the top of the tower. And oh the carnage chickens everywhere. We fought bravely but were greatly outnumbered and eventually we were thrown from the top by these...foul creatures! It was a grim day to be sure but in the end I think its safe to say we did our best and can not be held responsible for this invasion. http://imgur.com/a/uGaau
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    First of all on topic, I think there needs to be a railway back and forth, going from spawn to crossroads and a central station somewhere, but I know I am a biased railway junkie and few people share this view. I know this because I suggested it before the server was launched but different decisions were made then. I don't want to go tearing down existing builds, but maybe we could build something like a subway, kind of like the Deep Rail but close to the surface with marked entrances to subterranean stations, etc. No size fits all new players so if you want to accommodate new players who want the experience I and many others had and loved just dump them in the middle of nowhere but makes sure it's far enough from spawn so there are still cows around. I railway network could get them far and wide, knowing they could come back and they could see existing builds and potential future neighbors on their way and not loosing sense of their whereabouts like the sort of blind nether transfer might. Concerning abandoned claims, in my opinion claims should not expire, but they should be harder to acquire, at least in the central area of the world. Take Stivarstead, for example, where you have a central area of 2,000 square blocks which is protected with infrastructure such as roads and establishment built by the staff, and small to medium plots of land people can claim. Outside of this protected zone anyone can build anything and ask the staff to protect their build. This means new players get a starting area near the spawn where they can mine and build their base and then move on to explore or stay and enjoy the life of a townie. A different decision was made for Minion Land, for better or worse. For one it grew more freely and organically and I was happy to be there to take a part. If the argument is to tear down abandoned buildings for a new players to build something else, what is the guarantee the new player will not abandon their build as well before they finish it. Remember the area under the build has been pretty much hollowed out, so luring new players to seeming unused places is setting them up for a lot of disappointment once they hit the ground and find naught but a few pieces of coal. If you want more than to skim a few blocks of an excessive claim to make a public road in a heavily populated area, I think every person who ever played on Gopher's server has an equal right to have their built preserved, no matter how early their came and how long they stayed, their level of skill or how much time their life allows them to invest in Minecraft. I can see the argument being made for builds consisting of a workbench and a hole in the ground but that's about it. Other than that, to me abandoned build is such that has a sign placed on it that says "Abandoned build!" While some were gearing up, raiding Nether Forts and End Cities, others were exploring, discovering unique places and claiming them for themselves or for their loved ones, and getting attached to them. You can't put that into an Ender chest to keep. Since Gopher has been mentioned, let me just say that it's common knowledge among Gopher's fans that he dislikes drama and it's the key part of every rule set he has got. If rules are changed mid game and builds deemed "unworthy" without owners consent are taken over, there will be drama.
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    Ok so... after thinking a while I think that it is better to leave the xroad any is. No point in tearing down buildings and such. Let's leave it like that. As a museum ? On the notice of a " new " town for reference, well it could be a cool thing indeed, but what would be the point ? The best trades are a magasai( and the world tree but a bit less), the vest farm is the plant o'lot of Larry , and that is definitive, the best mob farms are all around. Even if we build such a city why would it have a central core ? The reason for why the xroad was so full in the first months was because there was a enchanting table there, anvils, provisions... Now ? I can craft like 1000000 enchanting tables... so What would be the point of this city ? Even if you provide it with the best possible farm, and get somehow the best possible villagers ( good luck with that, how many months took magasai to get his ? Mine took a couple ) why would people come ? I mean 99%of the server has full enchanted gear. I have multiple copies of it. You can't have all the best mob farms as it is impossible without commands. Sooo why ? I'M building gransys , a HUGE city very far away that will have different districts, huge walls and it is believable on a historical way. But it will not have a player oriented facilities... Because there is no point. What am I sayin is that a city with all inside, all neatly organized and built with a plan, with a area for breeding villagers and a big area for the farms are and maybe a area for the mobs farm where admins put multiple spawners of each kind; would be awesome to do before the start of a server, so that every person keeps on going thwre to farm ecc ecc. Right now ? It would make so little sense and it would not be visited either way ands we ands ready have everything. Just my 2 cents
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    I'm not trying to be difficult but the server is huge. The amount of actually claimed land is fractional compared to what's not claimed. Whilst I appreciate this discussion started about the Crossroads and spawn it seems to be branching out into people's claims in general. I don't think it's a big deal if a claim area, regardless of if it's big or not, is left for months. We are hardly short of space. The area around spawn and the Crossroads however is slightly different in that there isn't much space so old builds are more likely to be in the way. I still think the easiest thing would be to just make a new 'newbie friendly' area somewhere. That way everyone gets what they want and no one gets upset. Also Draesham has a valid point. It is far from all up to the Minions to decide as allot of the land in question is protected and for a reason.
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    And what respectable Librarian doesn't have a pet cat?
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    600+ views within the first 13 minutes. Seems like people been missing Richard. And for some reason he did sound rather surprised when he discovered the Frostfall Perk system, so looks like he updated the mod but didn't read up about it, naughty ! Loving the fact he is already distracted though, gonna take him several plays before he reaches Burma I think.
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    Gopher's Quotes

    FALLOUT 4 (Chapter 5) #19 : Silver Shroud - Hero or Scarf Wearing Looney? 35:50 Raider Psycho: "Disappearing act, huh?" Gopher: "Oh-yeah. I am Houdini, fear me."
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    Dat Lobo

    Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA : Prelude

    Definite T-Shirt material right there.
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    Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA : Prelude

    Kharjo? Kharjo?! Where'd you run off too? And my favorite, "I'm a Librarian not a Gentleman."
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    How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I've been on break from it for a while now, ever since Minecraft started to gobble up my now more limited time, but I'll likely return to it eventually. My current character was on a good run for once, without any guest fatigue and creating a nice story. In the mean time, I'm very much enjoying Gopher's Bruma series.
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    EDIT: Okay, so I think we slowly need to close this tread because it has been derailed quite a bit (not that it is a bad thing) but I feel we are kinda going around in cirkels here. I'm gonna try to summarize everything that has been somewhat agreed upon in this post, sorry if I missed something. Crossroads: We are no longer planning to change or revitalize the Xroads, instead we are now kind off planning a new meeting place which will be discussed here: We might however rework the roads (adding signs and stuff) Spawn/ HUB (new player experience): to make a better experience for new players we would like to add some more info and directions thios could happen in one of the following way's Better signs at spawn or in the HUB Custom advancements to guide players to specific places A welcome book Roads in general: Add more signs with directions to certain places Name the roads Colour-coded roads Possibly clear out unneeded roads Old post: And finally @Vault Memories so he can see this.
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    @Multigk I in no way mean to upstage you here but I feel like I should make this known (especially as it has an innate relevance to the topic, and I wanted some feedback before proceeding, really what I want to say.... GET ON WITH IT) Right, well basically @Smartboy53 and I want to create a public space for people to build something as a sort of embassy area to Sucrose Shore. This includes zoning restrictions overall build guidelines and certain requirements must be meant to maintain ownership of space, and so on. Basically it would be a way for me to experiment with urban planning in a more realistic setting than my head. I have been holding off on posting this because I have several fundamental questions yet to answer relative to direction and scope. However, as this drive for public space grows I feel I must speak up. The location in question is here... [https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=surface&zoom=5&x=2577&y=64&z=2192] I mean to go ahead with this idea regardless of player involvement, If I must build it all myself I shall do so happily. However this may dovetail nicely into what you are seeking to accomplish, and I never turn down free PR As far as a way to create a reason for people to visit, you must create a truly public space. People desire interaction (for the most part) and the greatest interaction of minecraft is building. I feel any sort of place you are creating should have maybe 3 or 4 'green spaces' set aside (a la Central Park in Manhattan) to have as public building areas. A place where anyone may create anything they wish at any time regardless of what was there. Maybe have one that is rented for a set amount of time and 2 or 3 small spaces that are 100% free to use. If I can find it I am going to link an old study that was done on public spaces that talks about why some public spaces are used and some aren't. If you seek to create a public space I feel its a very good resource on the topic (if somewhat dated). [https://archive.org/details/SmallUrbanSpaces] I am happy to talk at length on the subject of this embassy space however, not in any formal sense until I have a basic rule structure sorted on building progression.
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    Bury The Sun

    Just sharing my new single Bury The Sun from my upcoming album Victim Cult since it wouldn't exist without the inspiration I gained roaming the minion wasteland. This is just my way of trying to give something back. Lyrics: In the deep sea of darkness there's nothing but starlight no gravity just endless falling. Suffocating in the isolation, of the singularity deep inside of my soul. All this life is just inside of your head, the universe is just an illusion of dots. nothing else matters but what you desire, nothing stands in your way but yourself. ...and now you want to turn away from my shadow, look into my eyes, watch as everything floats out of reach A universe torn between us, I felt you in darkness, again calling for me to bury the sun. All this life is just inside of your head, the universe is just an illusion of dots. nothing else matters but what you have desired, nothing stands in your way but yourself. Eclipsed by the undertow of not existing, again everything seems so involuntary. You want me to go live a different life, become something that I'm not, just to die for your modern excuse. A universe torn between us, I felt you in darkness, again calling for me to bury the sun. A universe torn between us, I felt you in darkness, again calling for me to bury the sun. https://youtu.be/WTUB1UF9iog
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    Trading Hub Construction Thread

    I propose the building of a Trading Hub somewhere in the world, originally it was suggested for giving the Xroads new life, however I think it would be a good addition to the server because: 1.) Unwanted wealth could be left there for new players to take from, this is a generous player-base and two double chests at spawn kind of put a cap on server-wide donations. 2.) It could host a surrounding town with a cohesive theme. This town could be planned out ahead of time to help avoid things like whole sections of the town built in the surface of the ocean. 3.) A road could link it to the crossroads, new players could log in and be directed there from spawn if a [Warp] is never set up. This would also help give a "RPG Feel" to the area in my opinion. 4.) As mentioned, a [Warp] would help bring people to this new area of the server, If a [Warp] can be established, the Trading Hub can be built farther away from the crossroads. Let me know what you guys think
  23. 3 points
    wow, this escalated quickly.... So, I feel like I have watched for too long to not put my 2 cents into the mix(To make the whole situation even more confusing:P). There's an almost 100% chance that crossroads is going to stay the way it is forever, due to logistical issues, claim problems, and the whole moral dilemma around removing some abandoned builds. this is due, to like Bunyan said, a lack of any semblance of planning around the spawn area, leaving it as a glorified clusterfuck of roads and builds. But, due to a combination of things (mostly gopher), minions have unanimously decided to call it the server's central area. But, we have the power to change that perception to somewhere new, and ultimately better than crossroads. But, we need to decide to what to do next. But, IMO, we should stop arguing about crossroads, and work on making the "Neo Crossroads"(IK stupid name) the best we can. TL,DR: Crossroads has always been pretty bad, we can make somewhere better:P
  24. 3 points
    I think you are right. Also don't get to discouraged about the forums people have a range of opinions and usually it solves nothing but rarely is ill intent involved
  25. 3 points
    One point everyone seems to be forgetting is that Gopher has the final word - he is providing the server & kindly letting us use it - so if he does not want builds removed etc that's the way it is regardless of anyone else's views, he provides the server he makes the rules. I don't know what his view point is but the Admins are most likely to know of any of us so we have to be guided by them. He may not want spawn changed, Crossroads torn down & rebuilt we don't know so saying "we need to agree" is incorrect - Gopher needs to decide & we have to accept it. Just a reminder and something that does not seem to have been raised before. Bluntly he pays for the server.....his rules....our choice to stay or go.
  26. 3 points
    I am having way too much fun with this... (having trouble displaying this image - fix coming soon I hope) http://i.imgur.com/GCn311f.png
  27. 3 points
    So, found a mod that moved the fusion core ejection to Idiot Savant rank 3. Felt... right. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22701/
  28. 3 points
    I have been active in trying to improve or change the crossroads for quite some time. The plot I gave to Godaishu for the gold farm and his house directly across from it have been given to me. Yet I have not touched either. I also have permission at the inn at crossroads but have not even bothered to remove the easter decorations. I have come to the position that most people rarely go the crossroads and even new players are not directed there for any reason. While it was the focal point of the server in the first month or so it has long since stopped being so. Many players refuse to even go there because of the fps drops/lag involved. Improving the roads is not a terrible idea but what is the goal here? The majority of players who built around the xroads no longer play but does that mean we should remove the builds the did? _Non_ formerly Nonsense has a large plot at the crossroads he is still active yet he almost never goes there. It is the nature of the game you build something and spend large amounts of time there but eventually it is finished and you move somewhere else to build. As to the theme park @All_Of_My_Nope and several others of us were building one near the crossroads. It is the unfinished mountain next to the cake plaza (The statue holding the cake with mob heads as the floor) My point here is that there are many abandoned builds on the server but until there is no more space to build we should just leave them. Perfect example would be Naf-Naf's place it is never brought up. It has the first traders on the server and is very close to spawn half the distance or less than crossroads. Yet no one is asking to build there. I cant remember seeing Naf-Naf online since the server opened other than to escort Gopher about on tour. Even the roads at crossroads are fine being left alone the majority of active players use other means to travel. Chiefly elytra flight or the nether highway. At this point I say we just enshrine the entire area of crossroads as a museum of Minionlands past and move on to active builds.
  29. 3 points

    Crossroads FPS

    Because he is the last remaining member of the old crossroads committee, all other members have moved on. To be fair, if you take that in mind he is doing a great job at protecting and managing the Xroads. There just isn't enough communication on what the original plans are/ where for the Xroads, and because he is alone we don't really see any of those projects manifesting them self. I guess in the end it all comes down to time, Vault needs time to communicate, time to play... and then there is still real life. That's probably the reason that when one makes a proposal for the Xroads it mostly ends with a short 'No' from Vault. He has other plans for it but doesn't have the time to communicate on them. And because he is the only remaining member of the committee, it can be really hard to convince him of something if he has a different opinion. It's also the reason that all communication go's through him which in turn creates the impression that he is somewhat 'selfish' about the Xroads (by a lack of a better word) because he turns so many things down. What could we do to solve this you aks? Simple: recreate the crossroads committee. This would do a number of things: divide tasks which generates more time communicate on different levels through different people, this would help Vault to lose his 'selfish' image start and finish a lot of planned projects on the Xroads. This would make people realize that the Xroads is being managed and that things are actual happening down there create a more 'diplomatic' environment, a place to discus ideas (this might already be achieved in the previously linked tread)
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    Gopher's Quotes

    "Masked bear... Why is... ? There is a bear with a mask? Why would a bear have a mask on?? Is it embarrassed? Is it incognito? " Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA #6 : The Screeching Songman [32:32]
  31. 3 points

    Gopher's Quotes

    Enemy Vertibird: [nosedives into the ground, phases through it and disappeares] Sentry Bot Provisioner: Warning. The enemy is using visual countermeasures. Frank: Yeah, the enemy is definitely using "visual countermeasures"! [pause] The Brotherhood now have a bloody vertibird... that can tunnel. FALLOUT 4 (Chapter 5) #24 : Fixing Giddyup Buttercup [49:20 ]
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    I read this as "Little Richard voiced by Gopher" and then had the image of a giant gopher dressed in a sequin suit singing "Good Golly Miss Molly" while tickling piano keys and frankly just lost my ever loving shit.
  33. 3 points
    There were several cats actually, but I don't think they were named before they met with unfortunate ends. Let us hold a moment of silence for poor 'admin cat'.
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    I played vanilla survival completely through one game and it is not balanced. Food consumption and thirst are excessive. Sleep requirements are ridiculous. Ammo restrictions are silly. There is no way to actually kill anything when you have no ammo. Fast travel restriction and beds are silly as you either do not play the game because you are running back and forth between beds or have to use mods to make beds. You get sick at the drop of a hat because of all the other problems you have and there are very few mushrooms in the world to make antidote. My play through took forever and I had to leave most side quests incomplete. Survival mode consists of finding ammo so you can shoot something and running back and forth between stuff and traders to buy more food and ammo and heal yourself. And your carry weight sucks. I tried to build a settlement and gave up because many of the components you need are protected by enemies you don't have enough ammo to kill. The perks do help as you level up. My best weapon was a baseball bat, enhanced. Though most of the game was played with the baton from the vault. Try killing a supermutant with a baton...
  35. 3 points

    Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea

    Thanks for reporting this guys. I am only seeing one post right now. Maybe someone else fixed this before I could get here. Are you still seeing multi's on the first post? EDIT: OK is see what you guys are talking about now. There was not 3 of the same post in this thread. There was three seperate posts in the Game Info folder. I turned two of them off so we should have just this one.
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    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    Good show @BUNYANSaxe1943! You've also inspired me to go and make something creative to put up here, but that will take a bit to set up (if @ubberblox doesn't spoil it, as I already told here about it today... oops). Suffice it to say I will be travelling a lot to take pictures of a few of our most iconic builds and working with those. Once it's done it might be a nice article for an upcoming edition.
  37. 3 points

    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    Of course the guys with the giant paper farm would put it to use. Lovely work as ever Bunyan! Now all we need is a physical printing house somewhere in the region...
  38. 3 points

    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    If one of these come out next April 1st, you should do it entirely in comic sans and papyrus for the fonts I know its a bit off but it would be glorious
  39. 3 points

    Minionland Monthly Gazette

    This needs to become a regular thing... it is amazing XD
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    Gopher? Read the Manual? You haven't been watching him very long have you. He always plays blind.
  42. 3 points
    Wait, when did Richard become "Jarl" of Whiterun? I love how Gopher says jarl when he means thane, just like the old times
  43. 3 points
    It is always entertaining seeing Gopher finding things I missed. It is also so cool to hear Richard in the old character. Richard is probably the best character Gopher has played. A librarian looking for old books is the perfect character.
  44. 3 points
    What's even funnier is he saw he was supposed to leave his calling cards on the corpses and then immediately forgot. Well done, Silver Shroud!
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    100 days! or I need a life.

    This means that you played on average 7 hours and 20 minutes every day since the server opened...
  47. 2 points
    (This is my second time writing all of this it got deleted, and I am SO frickin mad right now.) So since Bun was being all clear and concise, I think i will do that same, and layout exactly what it is i want. I encourage you all to do the same! c: The things I want are: 1) A better experience for the newbies! (This may already be on its way to be perfectly honest.) (The best way I can think of is not signs, new buildings in spawn or crossroads, or books in chests. Instead what I offered up, after others showed me the sign idea was bad is a book, that new players spawn with, explaining warps, travel, the nether, places that help you get started, where to go/what to do to build your own place, etc.) 2) A Trading or Meeting Hub of some kind, for hanging out, decoration, whatever, that is planned out in advance. (At first I thought I wanted to improve the crossroads. After thinking over it heavily, I realized there's too much deliberation, and peoples opinions will get in the way.) (I realized I was wrong, what I want, is a place for gathering, a place for meeting, and maybe a place for trading.(I dont think the trading is the important part) (I want something planned out, and something that is made to be used, not made to be looked at, and like I said a meeting place if nothing else) (I also had this cute side idea, that we could make it a place we decorate together for holidays lol but that's more of a personal hope lol) 2.5) WHAT EVEN IS THE CROSSROADS?!? (Seriously!, we need to come together on this and agree on just what the hell The Crossroads is supposed to be. What do the admins think it is, what do we think it is?) (And you might think: "Well DUH, isnt it obvious what it is?" But i really do think the reason we keep having these discussions and disagreements, is because some people think its one thing, and some people think its another) (So I say we share what we think it is, or choose or something! Is it: A city? A Museum of times long past? Is it a meeting place?) (I honestly think we disagree cause we think different things, i used to think MEETING PLACE, but I think soem of you dotn see it that way, and instead see it as a MUSEUM of sorts yes?) 3) I just want for us to do SOMETHING! (I know some people find it silly we argue for changes, or bring this up more then once or whatever. But I know why I do, I like being passionate cause I like this place, and I think people are frustrated cause they see one thing and others see something different. At the end of the day I dont care what happens to crossroads anymore, but I want us to do SOMETHING, and AGREE on what it is this place is for, and move on to a cool new hangout/whatever place. Last Notes from a tired Guy at 2:30am: 1) I honestly think if people leave for months to where the plugin releases their claim they lost it and thats that, I believe we cushion those who leave, past the time the admins and plug ins say they already lost their claims. If they built an epic thing keep it, but otherwise... I just feel we hold out super long. 2) Sorry for the long post guys, I really want to end this, and see clarity, and openness as the best way to do that, also i'm tired so I may have sounded more emotional then needed, as you can tell I want to be some kind of author, lmfao. xD
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    Lapis Lazuli dome complete!

    I should have about 1 stack, you can have it for free. Dunno if you have a slot at the MTC, but if so I will drop it there. If not, remind me if you see me online.
  49. 2 points

    The Tedium and Disaster of Lag!

    Haven't got time to watch at present (still at work), but good to see you managed to get in after the lag failure earlier yesterday (I caught the 3-minute vid then). I'm not missing any butchers as far as I know (but then again, they're not really the type of villager I want to keep). It's possible one wandered in from Andracos's place, his giant tower-of-nether-gates is double linked to mine so anything going in there will end up on our nether road as well. Oh, and Zanth knows where we live, I gave him a tour of New Mistral and Seawatch (and through to Sucrose) last night, in case items need to be recovered... if you guys miss eachother I'll happily play postman, or he can drop them in my trade box at the MTC. I'll update once I've wachted these later tonight.
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    In his defense, Gopher doesn't read the manual because "he knows how to fix it if something goes wrong". But we, mortals, should always read the manual