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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    I don't get even free games from EGS, haven't signed up with them, won't sign up with them no matter what game they have an exclusivity deal for. their so called battle against steam is a farce, they want to replace steam not compete with it, and when two leading companies in an industry go head on against each other it is the smaller ones that suffer and go out of business, and then those large companies seeing as they are damaging each other strike a deal and then run around doing whatever they want because all other competition has been run out of business.
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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    It kinda used to be before digital downloading became so prevalent. Whilst all stores would get the game, different stores would get different pre-order bonuses. Where do you think the console publishers got the idea from?
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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    @Eliorim @CryzeteurWow so my feeling about Epic are felt by others. I knew nothing about Epic or its history. I have not been a PC gamer for very long. IF this company keeps buying up and make PC games exclusives I may one day have to rejoin. Who would have thought the really bad idea of console companies doing exclusives would ever be adopted in the PC gaming world?
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    I think this is very appropriate:
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    The Adventures of I : BOOK

    Just in case anyone is interested in what I have been spending my time on, here is the result. It is a book. Not a game. https://www.academia.edu/39004065/The_Adventures_Of_I It is fiction-fantasy interwoven with math,, science, philosophy, and silliness. Possibly similar to Monty Python or Alice in Wonderland or some such. It tells the story of the book itself, at least a small part of that story, trying to not hit on anything that would get me sued. And then blends into the actual story we wrote, which borders on nonsense. The math-science was created 50 years ago by high school students but is still beyond state of the art... somewhere between fringe science and next-gen science. Math, the same. The fantasy story is way out there. It was considered hilarious by about 50 high school students. It violates every rule of grammar known... I think. That's probably an exaggeration. Numerous people have been asking me for the last 50 years when I was going to type it up. So here it is and I hope someone here might find it a pleasant read.
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    OK, I guess I just had another senior moment. I should have got my first clue from the title screen. I sure don't remember that DLC cave I guess that was why I thought this was early access to the new game. Now I am wondering why Bethesda didn't give Gopher early access to Rage 2 like Cohh got. I need to go check my other fav LPers that usually get things early.
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    Wow, talk about a flashback from Rage the original. Which I am a huge fan. I wonder how much of the original game we can play? Quite the contrast between Gophers early access and CohhCarnage's sneak peek he was pretty much dropped into the middle of the game and I was not impressed. The game looked like Doom with racing vehicles. I hope we get to see more I'm on the fence until know which way this game goes. I made it thru about 30 minutes of the Doom game last year before I got bored. I'm not interested in another version of Doom.
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    Unscheduled Tuesday off... Gopher fix suggestion? It's Caddyshack time! 🏌️‍♂️
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    Do you as a game player and LP watcher ever get frustrated when you hear Gopher say "I wish the game reported this or that" "I wish the game did this or that" You know the game offers all those features but Gopher has turned them all off? I almost wish he'd start a LP with everything turned on and turn things off as they get in the way of the story.
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    Minionland Road Project

    Your quarterly map update has been added to the first post of this topic, including a new map image. [update 3] April 2019, and here's the spring update to the map. Along with general cleaning and checking, the major updates include the Woods Road, which runs parallel to the Great East but further north and through more empty land, and the extension of the network in the southwest corner to Port Smarrow and Mt. Mystery, and in the west to In Fiore, Daalio's new build. New and expanded builds have been added to existing roads in the form of Brin's Italian-inspired town Simonini on the Great South, Mari's Bely Les on the Great East, and Z's Frostwood on the Southeast Bypass. Finally, I've streamlined the color-coding of the roads in preparation of Z_Blackblue's project to mark them with colored banners. And here's a bonus image of Port Smarrow, one of the most remote areas the network as now reached:
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    Gopher Tuna
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    Church of the Mystal Tree

    It's been kind of quiet on here, so I figured I should show some of Mystmarsh for once! Took me goofily long to work up the nerve to do it, but I'm finally feeling okay with the fact it will likely be a "perpetually WIP" kind of build, and the final goals I'd laid out are still a ways off. I've been getting into the server again so I'll surely be making more progress again, and I hope to still see many of you guys on as well. In the backwaters of the Mystmere swamps and wetlands there lies Mystmarsh, an anomaly in almost all ways. It's enchanted- or perhaps cursed- waters have given the region it's characteristic appearance and atmosphere, this magical well attracting dark magic users, necromancers, alchemists, hedge mages, and other magical hermit types who aren't accepted in civilized society to this one spot. Over the years this collection of hovels evolved into a city of sorts- with major members of their mages college doubling as the city council of self electing officials. In this place a religion has formed based around the odd mushrooms growing around Mystmarsh. Some of these fungi are quite large (which I have yet to build!!!!! :L ) and are said to have a way of speaking directly to an individuals mind- telepathically, though one has to go through extensive self modification to hear their words, often characterized by empty eyes, extended life, an "death like" appearance, and occasionally mushrooms of this same type growing from the individual- in rare cases some even begin to change form and lose their flesh as plant matter replaces muscles and skin- leaving them with almost the appearance an overgrown corpse covered in vines and mushrooms. the procedure is preformed with magic and is of course irreversible. Members of this community claim to not only be able to communicate with these ancient mushrooms, but also each other in the exact same way- effortlessly, almost automatically. A collective consciousness where in each mind can see though the eyes and perspective of each other completely- but with every individual still remaining autonomous, the shared memory and mind of thousands of years and numerous perspectives forming one singular community is the dark magic backwater. https://mystaltree.bandcamp.com/track/the-arborist-speaks I'd long since has this place built, but it was empty. I really didn't know what kind of religion Mystmarsh might even have. Then I stumbled across that album from Mystal Tree and the opening track gave me the inspiration I really needed. I mean heck It's even called the "Mystal tree"! It's perfect! After some thought I'd decided to simply directly post the lyrics. It felt kind of cheesy trying to come up with something similar yet different- I was pretty aware that this is mostly someone else's idea. Felt way better to just make a direct homage to the inspiration. It's a fantastic album by the way, check it out. It also makes me smile that this prayer posted in the church can be actually listened to because of this. Now I just need some mooshrooms for livestock and some better integration of this community into the area and these dudes will be all set. Couldn't be happier with how it all came out!
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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    So I was forced to join Epic to be able to play Metro Exodus in a timely manner and I did. And it looking like if I want to play Borderlands 3 – September 13 (six-month exclusive, available on Steam in April 2020) The Outer Worlds – 2019 (also available on Windows Store, Steam one year after launch) I have to keep my account with them or go back to Sony's PlayStation. The only reason I bring this second choice up is I have issues with Epic and I really don't want to be a part of that community. What are your thoughts on Epic?
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    An Epic Store Discussion.

    Right now... if it's not on Steam or Bethesda, I don't play it.
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    Gopher, you keep saying you have loads of Fat Mommas, but you haven't actually crafted a single one from what we can see. I believe you are confusing the Fat Mommas with the Fatboys which you do have loads of. Fat Mommas are crafted from Fatboys and are twice as powerful as them. Fat Mommas are the best ammunition in the game, they are absurdly powerful and well worth making. Don't ignore them. When fighting the most heavily armoured Authority goons, they should be your ace in the hole, especially if you don't want to destroy the loot with explosives.
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    Gaming PC Upgrade | RAMBLE

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    This game will release in just a few days and the game world seems to be designed very much like the bioshock games. I don't preorder very often these days but could not resist this on at 29 bucks. What do you guys/gals think will you be playing this?
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    Anyone know a good Metro Exodus forum to help me troubleshoot a sound issue that has developed with my game. I'm on my 3rd playthru and somewhere in the middle of the desert, A windstorm with whistling wind started. It never stops whether I am inside a building a cave or a new area. I am currently with Miller in the metro and the whistling storm is still blowing. it has become so annoying I had to quit playing. I have tried the verify from the Epic website. I have performed maintenance on my SSD and nothing. My game file is glitched and I have no clue how to fix it. I don't know if it makes a difference but on this playthru am a very bad Artyom killing everything that can be killed. I wanted to see the really bad ending. I guess I never will. EDIT: update start a new game and no stuck soundtrack. Not sure I am ready to play a 4th time. Shrugging shoulders waiting for something new to come along.
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    That is so funny. Gopher plainly stated that he was going to go back and play Rage I as an introduction to Rage II. I can't remember exactly, but I think he said he hadn't finished the original game? He was also concerned that there might be some follow through from Rage I into Rage II.
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    Well, Gopher is playing the Original Rage so not surprised you having flashbacks (I just started playing the Original Rage and it is exactly the same game menu Gopher having). From what I saw on the VoD he not playing a early access of Rage 2, so what Gopher playing now and what CohhCarnage played last week is two different games. Rage 2 is like a mix between Farcry and Doom yes, so most likely be quiet different from the Original Rage, but they both have the Wingsticks.
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    Yeah happens on several occasions. He should really play new games for an hour or so with everything turned on as you say before starting his Lets Play's, then he know the mechanics and can find adjust the HUD to work better for him.
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    Southeast region map and coop thread

    Dom tours New Mistral in his latest vid:
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