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    Gopher's FALLOUT 4 Plans

    Yes. He stopped settlement building before he was really finished.
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    Every single person has an accent. It's all to do with where you were born, grow up and live which affects how you talk in a multitude of different ways. A voice without an accent is impossible. Even computer voices have an accent of sorts. So no, I don't think they'll do a generic man and woman's voice sans accent. Additionally, considering what it takes to make an accent, whilst physical appearance has little to do with vocal sound (some things like a larger chest cavity can obviously have a physical difference) in a roleplaying game where the protagonist is variable, personally, I think the protagonist should be unvoiced to aid the roleplaying of the player.
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    Wake me up a year or two from now and let's see where they are on a release date.
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    Live gameplay NOW. https://www.twitch.tv/cdprojektred And in case you missed it. I know which RPG set in the future I'll be buying next
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    Current state of Minionland

    We are now on 1.12, so unless you're counting smaller .x updates, it's only one. Also, here's a pic of a new addition to the harbor - it was added by Non after he discovered one of my ships smuggling melons onto his island. This one comes with fully functional cannons.
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    EDIT: Never mind. Fixed. Ugh....
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    Master Cire

    Gopher's FALLOUT 4 Plans

    This makes me miss Gopher's settlement building episodes.
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    45:27 "For once I'm thinking I shouldn't... Ha ha ha ha ha... No you know what? Sweet roll reminds me, who I am... I'm gonna push my luck!" "Think you can steal from me?" "Yes!" "Can't hide from me!" "I can if I'm invisible! Oh I just used my last invisibility potion! [explecitives...] There's something comforting about this you know. I got a sweet roll! I pushed my luck and got caught doing it. Life is back to normal!"
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    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Intel Quad-Core i7-7700 $350 -$400 16GB DDR4 RAM $150 -$200 500 GB SSD $100 and 1TB HDD $50 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (sell your soul it's cheaper) or $800 to $1200 also Power supply, Monitor, case, MOBO This kind of build you may even be able to play Cyberpunk2077 whenever it may be released. There are other threads on this very subject in the forums, so you may want to look them up also. I know your situation, both past and present. Let me know where you stand as far as $$$ Before you start this, maybe Santa can make a early visit, you have been doing good this year.
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    I need a "me, too" button
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    I did not watch the 48 minutes of gameplay for fear of spoilers. Were there no clues if the protagonist was going to be voiced? Or if there would be different voices for your character?
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    VAMPYR #23 : Me? Suspicious?

    This game doesn't seem to have much variety in how one fights. An what is it with the short jerky dogging all the time can you not just run away? I get so distracted by the same fighting over and over and over I loose track and forget about the story.
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    This is a Skyrim that I have not seen before. Lenny is finding things I did not find. Time to load the mods and see what I can find myself...
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    Video editing

    Gopher uses different versions of Sony Vegas due to issues with rendering..(he may have fixed that since mentioning during his road to 4k time period) Adobe Premiere Pro is the market leader, but as easy to learn as Photo shop and expensive. I've used Premiere Pro for 3 years since deciding to have fun on youtube, and actually is very easy once you learn at least some of it in my case.(there's also a gazillion how-to videos and articles out there)
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    VAMPYR #20 : Seymour

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    Some pictures from the last few weeks... Al Qaram, port district (by bumperhumper) Santa visits Farlands Little_Luca's crazy cat abode Fifi's den inside bumperhumper's mine (Boom Caverns) Ironwood at Dusk (by Vault_thingy)
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    My apologies Shawn, presenting, Shovelove
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    I've been collecting screen captures for awhile so I thought I'd post finally. The top link has bigger versions https://minionforminionland.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-trip-so-far.html
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