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    Minionland Road Project

    Just wanted to say how much all your work both helping with building, and moreso keeping track of this massive network and all found along, is is much appreciated ^^
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    This young man is worth a listen to a like and a subscribe. At 19 he came to America from Lithuania to seek his fame and fortune he is 27 now and lives in Flordia. His name is Dovydas and his talent is off the chart. Listen as he researches and builds a song from scratch based on a request from the audience. Headphones if you got them.
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    Ender Ender Item Return Schematic

    ^^ Though past events have taught us that the forums are an easier place to use for storing useful information you might need later.
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    Minecraft `version`

    No worries. You got there!
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    Minecraft `version`

    Hi guys. Tanks for your help and patience. A BIG sorry!!! I am a fool. 🤣 I chose the wrong client, 14.4.. something. Moren
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    Beuwolf, I going to have to ask you to type slower, they are old and can't read fast.
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    Happy Birthday I hope that you have a wonderful day
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    Happy birthday David. I wish you many more and thanks for hanging around to help us youngsters out 😉
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    If I owned a GTX 1080Ti I would not upgrade it. I just bought a RTX 2080 Titan I only have one game you can turn ray tracing on Metro and to be honest the picture is not any better. frame rate is steady with all games setting set to ultra. Oh one other thing RTX cards a locked at 60fps even if you have a 144hz monitor It does have a 4K 60fps setting i don't really understand why. If I turn v sync off I still get 200-300fps in many locations. I need to test this card on the Witcher 3 with hair works turned on.
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    Do you think they will open this to modding? Witcher 3 modding did not seem to go very far at all. I did a few fixes like remove the pick Herbs animation.
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    Interesting times in my tiny little corner of the pc world. Yet again the "Geek committee" have decided that my pc needs up-dating and they each sent me a list of their favourite configurations and again I am totally lost. I have a much younger brother who is a system architect and 3 cousins who all work at some level in computing and they like to advise me LOL The only thing they agree on is the guy who is to do the actual build and that I should use a "raid array" set-up which he hates I have words like Corsair, Samsung and Kingston and whether the ssds should be SATA or NVME M2 (?). This time I have been sent an external drive to salvage my game data and my embroidery design data, 2 lots of memory (16 GB) and the rest is up to me LOL I have also been advised to wait before getting a new graphics card as there should be a huge shift with 2 new players bringing their graphic cards to the market in the next few months. Challenging my brain is one of their favourite things I sometimes think They are all convinced that since I learnt programming in the stone age of modern computing I should be able to stay abreast of everything and all the languages.
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    Minecraft `version`

    Hi again. Maybe I need some mods, plug-ins or??? I still cant join server. Will you please help? moren
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    Minionland Road Project

    The fun part of this project, is that it is always there if you don't have an inspiration to build on your own area, and it's a great incentive to go out and expore the server. Also, this entire affair would be nothing without Z_Blackblue and Atheos, who are responsible for 90% of the actual road building. 😉
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    From what I understand comments help the video get better ranking on youtube which means they're more likely to get noticed by new people.
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    Of all my YT Lpers Gopher is the only one with a forum. I don't usually leave comments on my LP YTers because I don't think they have time to read them much less comment back where I would see it. IMO its just a big waste of bandwidth. Only the little guys just starting out take the time to talk back. It's a shame really.
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    Server Download

    The 1.12.2 server is the third server his fans made, that I knew of. Started in 1.11. Far as I know, Stivarstead Hold is still online, because it's thread is still sticky. The first Minionland was distributed for download when the current one was made. Of all the servers to be worried about losing your builds to the ether, this is not it. Just log in and build, then leave when you're done. It's been my MO for more than 5 years now.
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    Did I do something wrong I entered the server address am on the right version but it says I cant connect to server
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    Discover the true nature of the ill-fated Station below the dead city of Novosibirsk, #MetroExodus - The Two Colonels launches tomorrow August 20th 2019. Anyone getting ready to play this DLC?
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    Have sent you the code, hope you enjoy the game !
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    Hi Aleskia, We have similar stories. I also found Gophers channel when I was just starting to mod Skyrim and Fallout3/NV. It is nice having another senior here. I will be 67 next month.
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    Well, pull up a rock and sit on a log and pound the game with the rock until it asks you to stop. Have a cookie. They are synthesized by someone around here. At least they used to be. Guaranteed non-organic. Gives us the energy to dodge the flying cats with flaming monkeys. Stay awhile. Watch Gopher pop up his head every now and then to rant. He is also very adept at breaking games by doing the quests backwards. Lots of fun to watch. Have fun.
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    I have not played Beyond Skyrim Bruma. I tried, but I did not have a high enough player to get thru the gate and at that time I did not know about the secret cave that lets you pass without going thru the gate. This mod had no consideration for my lvl20 character that was not the Dragonborn. So I gave up and uninstalled the mod with no interest to ever go back. I watched 2 LPs but did not see a reason to play myself. I guess I am not an ES fan but only a Skyrim and Skyrim modded fan. Like Gopher hates 76 I have those feeling for anything pre Skyrim.
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    So you still can't sheath an arrow you have to shoot it into the ground and retrieve it? Do you think the wolves will still look like white german shepherd puppies? What exactly will this engine give us that is better? I guess you can tell Gophers video did not get me very hyped. But I am sure he will turn it into something worth watching I just won't be playing it.
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    Dayyum, this made me cry 😭
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    Looking forward to this playthru. I just finished the game myself. I can't imagine ranger hardcore mode. But if anyone can do it and make it interesting its Gopher. It really is a good game short but good. I think I got one of the good ending it still brought a tear to my eye. The story is so good. It will be interesting to see what they will do for the DLC content.
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    Who is Gopher?!

    In a top-secret multi-government collaboration laboratory funded by unnamed English nobility, jointly run by the American CIA, British MI6, & NASA, DNA was used from the the inventor of the Swiss army knife, and the man that inspired the character of James Bond (007), to modify Gopher's genetics in-utero in order to improve hand-eye coordination and increase logical neuron capacity, thus Gopher was born on February 29th in a place called Posh City, in the United States of the Kingdom of England. Gopher's forefathers lead the British revolt against the English language by weaponizing word pronunciation such as "Lasoo", "Alyuminiyum", and "Shedyule", as well as inventing two new letters, "hache" and "zed" for added confusion. His personal tutor and nanny was a lady by the name of Marry Poppins whom was responsible for teaching young Gopher how and when to properly roll the letter R. He was later sent to Hogwarts Academy where he supernaturally perfected his gaming skills, however jealousy among his peers landed him in Mr. Gormsby's class where he graduated early after only six periods by learning to run away screaming like a girl, and then he finally attended university at Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where he graduated with top honors under their most advanced game-modding studies program. The Cold-War ended when the KGB learned that the rumors of Gopher (then code-named "The Lad") were true, and after the U.S. gaming company Bethesda tried to buy Gopher from the royal family, NATO finally declassified his existence, and he has since been allowed to create mods and online gaming videos from his tropical island of Moreau where game modding laws are more lenient towards creators, though it is stipulated by international treaty that he work under the guise of broadcasting from a snowy place in Europe in order to keep his true location a secret. That's right, I know all of Gopher's secrets. Big fan, Cotton Texas P.S. At first I didn't believe any of this myself, but it's the only logical explanation, so it has to be true - besides, it's a fact now, it's on the internet.
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    Rules: Protecting your land: Plugins: Server Info & Address: (Please read the Rules, and Protecting your land, before connecting to the server.)
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    Well your idea is awesome Shawn that's the point... ti would be nice to see admins support it...
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    @Teddy Harvest yeah it really isn't such a big deal. A few hours of me playing a game. Sometimes I lose perspective. I really enjoy the community aspect much more than I thought I would. We have survived this long without the trading post we will be fine. That being said improving the experience for the community will ensure I have a place to play so it's purely selfish
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