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    Welcome everyone! This is a topic dedicated to all things Statue related. Here I'll be answering all of your questions regarding the statue, the idea behind the project, etc, etc... This is also a place for disscussion and further probing my mind about things you might want to know but were not mentioned so far(and trust me when I say this, the stream barely scratched the surface). I predict this is going to be a rather big topic. Therefore, please start your posts as follows: "Q:" -if you want to ask me a question "I:" -if you want to propose a new idea (building sites, design dilemma solutions, materials, turning armour into a tutu, etc, etc...) "D:" -if you want to discuss an idea (quotation of the idea would be nice, so we know what you are discussing;) ) Colour coding is not exactly necesary but I might miss your comment. Posts that are not tagged at all, I'll treat like off-topics and most likely not respond. If you think there is a immportant category that I haven't thought of, please let me know so I can add it. "A:" -Answer to your questions. I reserve answer tags form myself. (If you want to answer my question or someone else's, use the "D:" and @nametag ) --- --- --- I've seen the stream yesterday and I've tried to note as many things as humanly possible while simultaneously watching, listening, going in and out of fullscreen, reading and writting. So if I've missed some of them you should know - I did my best. I'll now adress that bellow (using Twitch names if I don't know someone or the name hint won't pop out). @jeancly Props for noticing immediately. Eagle eyes on this one! Please don't cut Stiv in parts. The bottom part was roughly almost every free evening across three months. And the boots with shin guards... don't even get me started on this part... Scalling down will simply not work. It wouldn't look like the original in the slightest. Even with this size, I still wasn't able to give it a lot of details. Besides it will fit the world dimensions for sure. @Slushy_Bucket (I think) said: Go big or go home! -I concur wholeheartedly Would you really like this in colour, guys? That would take away a lot from the intimidation factor IMHO. Not to mention the difficulty. Don't think it's a good idea. To all the minions in chat asking questions about it's name. It has a name actually: Stiv Sentinel and The Temple of Bunny-eating God. It's also the name of topic on the forums where I posted it first. Final blueprints will reveal why I called it like that Stiv should obviously face away from the Lava Tower and everything else to be honest. (Do you recall LotR? It's the kind of border-marking sentinel like Gates of Argonath. Google it guys, it's awesome. Pointing it towards the tower kinda tells @Gopher to "stay the fluff away". It would have a simmilar effect if you put it somewhere in the center of the domain/city like Crossroads. Kinda beats the purpose of the Sentinel his pose.) @Dionyzos_ and @Hoothor know exactly what I mean judging by the chat replay. Whatever you want to be it's neighbour should be situated in the opposite direction than the extended hand is facing. The book floating above Stiv's hand is a Conjuring Tome. Stiv's a necromancer. I don't get where is this confusion comming from guys... Nether is to small to fit this thing inside. I was actually considering making Bill in two halves (bottom- cut off by the conjuring portal in the nether, and top- emerging from the conjuring portal in the main world. But for now this is too time consuming. Maybe after the Stiv is ready. @Quarico said: "Beat my own lava tower"....*snorts* -I'm gonna design you a Fire Stiv for this one @Gopher You should probably tell people there is suppose to be 8 of these... You know, like on the picture I sent you... A pair for each of four world directions. So we need 4 sites not only one. The material MUST be something that you can make stairs of. Helmet is layered with stairs to add more details. You can rule out any materials that doesn't support crafting stairs from it. Smooth Sandstone is one of my first choices too. It would go well with the tower made of the same material (that's why I sent previews in this colour, so you could imagine it better). Just no dirt filling, pretty please. There will be stuff going on in some areas of the statue. Don't worry about making eyes. That is already being taken care of (amongst other cool stuff). @Apocalypso said: Isn't the way the head's turned a bit unnatural? It's 90 degrees xD -Ivan, have you tried making symetrical head, turned at 63.75 degrees from square blocks? I can assure you, you don't want to ever find this in your job description... ;P @Apocalypso said: Can't you also include his internal organs? -Funny you said that... @DJFreakyB said: The portal should be inside the book, seeing as it has the Conjuration symbol on it -Guess what? @survivor2021 said: What about a magic orb in his hand? -One of the community versions of the statue was planned this way, although it's more like a fire ball. The one with the Tome is specifically designed for @Gopher to enjoy. The hight is circa 221 blocks. The place I saw as a perfect spot for @Gopher's Sentinels(this is from the msg I sent him): "MINECRAFT #47: Finishing the Lava Tower. In the first minute(pause at 0:26) I see the perfect spot. When you're on the balcony and looking at the Tower, imagine Twin Sentinels symmertrically on both sides of the tower, far away on the horizon(end of your view range). If you'd build it there you could actually see them without going there first to preload that chunk. Any other direction around your house is kinda taken or visually cluttered, as I've seen on the last stream. Additionally, if I'm getting MC physics right, you could glide from the Tower and use The Spell Tome as a landing pad, which would save you a ton of time. It's pretty hard to miss it (I think you could easily fit your house inside of it). " This is the animation of legs plans @Gopher wanted to show you on stream. It shows all layers one after another (building it would go in reverse. didn't thought of that back then.) It didn't work because I've set it for only 10 repeats loop, because infinite giffs tend to slow down webpages. This way it won't run forever in the background. Just open it in new tab and refresh if it stops. @Gopher said: "I don't want to pressurize him to much" -Well, that ship is sailed... I'm pressurized like a Russian submarine right now. ;D
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    Saw this mod for New Vegas,thought i would share,for those that might be interested. This could be really good! They are shooting for a release some time this summer. Vatrou,posted information on this mod as well late last year. Just putting up this new vid.
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    The port authority of New Mistral, while maintaining its carefully crafted neutrality, offers cordial greetings to our neighbours further south - and remembers Rule of Acquisition #35: "War is good for business". If there is to be a pitched naval battle between the northern and southern fleets, please have it somewhere where we can enjoy it from the shoreline and have snacks. (We remind all looters that salvage rights on any wrecked vessels lie solely with local authorities, thank you.)
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    Luv the small logo Stiv tee. Got an order in for one. If other color choices are offered in the future I will probably order more. Looking forward to see what else you guys/gals come up with. There is so many great saying and fan art I could not imagine how hard it is to choose.
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    To all new minions and some old that might have missed this vid I thought I would repost this old 2014 video of Gophers LP gear. Now 3 years later the gear geek in me wonders if there has been many changes, updates or additions? I know he added a VR setup as well as a console for FO4 console mods.
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    So, in the process of doing the Fort Strong mission (Fallout 4 is actually minimized right this very moment) I came across a terminal describing the production and affect of M42 Launchers and T-51B Armor. It seemed like such a neat idea to have a Fallout China where we can experience the parity of Fallout: Boston that I started theory crafting in Discord. @Silverthorn1111 @Sugarhigh ,and @HollyDunmer have been right at it with me creating sense from my vodka fueled typos. We hit upon the idea of Fallout Cairo with the single amazing mental image of an irradiated glass forest (Like the Glowing Sea) with harsh radioactive dust storms that plague the entire wasteland. Coupled with this would be the frostfall style challenge of dealing with the desert heat. This is a long post and before you get into it I want to reiterate that as of posting this is merely a thought experiment. (Composition by @Silverthorn1111) My knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Lore is limited and relies heavily upon modern fiction so please forgive me if I have misused or not understood some of these concepts correctly. An overarching Egyptian Pantheon theme would run throughout the raider camps of the wasteland. This could manifest in the purely superficial (think Goa'uld helmets) or cult based behavior and power systems (think The Forged) which would allow you to decide how to interact and influence each sect. Old Testament and Egyptian Pantheon theme would feature heavily in many of the main aspects and Easter Eggs. The Main quest revolves around the Cheops pyramid which is controlled by intelligent pre-war ghouls (think Jason Bright from NV) that have created a cult around their leader. Copied form Discord: HollyDunmer - Today at ----- So Pharaoh Cleoshepsut is the main quest giver. Thutmose is the second-in-command who SHOULD have taken the throne but she picked someone else. He wants you to butcher her body during the mummification so her Ka can never pass through Duat and enter the Afterlife, even with perfect stasis in Maat. Thutmose then becomes the new Pharaoh. Also, option C. Find an old Anubis mask and pretend to be the god and have them do what you say Or Else! The Fallout 3 style Karma would be replaced by the status of Maat. By keeping Maat in balance through neutrality you foster a new bud of civilization. Should you throw Maat out of balance and swing it to far towards good or evil, you risk the future of mankind. But you don't believe in that superstition crap right? The '3 Great Marks' are the Nile (which provides life in the form of water and power[Centered around the city Revir Elin]), The Great Pyramids (which symbolize death and the passage to the afterlife), and the Crystal Forest (which is ground zero for the local Nuke strikes. This represents stasis. A bastardization of time and the natural course of the world). These would act as main landmarks and mission hubs like Diamond City and the Prydwen. This would be the first game that raiders weren't immediately hostile. Much like Vault 3 from NV raider camps would be hostile, but if your weapon is holstered upon approach they will be non-aggressive and allow you to enter and trade. Each raider faction holds you in their own estimation like FNV and some factions are mutually exclusive. Most factions have an animal related motif and can provide a replacement Pharoah for the main quest. Trading with raiders negatively impacts your reputation with peaceful settlements and vice versa. This enforces the idea of Maat. Unlike previous Fallouts the "best ending" would be a 'Witcher Neutral' version. First follower design is Qawiat the Lioness 'A lover of flame, she burns hot and only gets hotter as the battle rages.' Wearing the skin of her feral avatar she wades into battle armed with an enhanced gelled flamer and molotovs. Her father was barred from the institute on ethical standards and was randomly teleported into the region as penance. He promptly set up a human chop shop; just as likely to harvest your kidney as he was to cure your radiation sickness. His 'daughter' is a product of advanced animal gene splicing specifically with a lioness. She possess the fury to protect what's hers and a driving need to hunt. Throughout her companionship you gain the option to expose her father to her for what he is. If you have led a balanced or good life she will choose to have a reconstructive gene splicing procedure to alleviate her violence. Without the proper medical skill to assist her father in this she will either die or become damaged and suffer a -50% to all damage she deals. Should you assist her father she will crave psycho to remind her of her past. Should you incapacitate her father and perform the surgery yourself [strength 8 and medicine 90/ medicine perk 4] she will be cured of her violence and experience no further psychopathic tendencies. Easter Eggs could include: -Zetans could play a much larger role in this borrowing heavily on Stargate Egytpian lore. Likewise, Vault-Tec have the perfect 'in' with how ancient egypt revered tombs and the dead. -A Moses questline requiring the freeing of slaves. This could result in a series of 10 quests to recreate the plagues (I can't evcen imagine how intense a challenge it would be to lock pick an entire town in one night and sandman the first born). This would eventually culminate in the detonation of an unexploded warhead in the water to allow the slaves cover to escape. -Lady Killer/Confirmed Bachelor/Black Widow could yield some awesome dialogue with each raider leader. -An alarm clock can be found in the pockets of Sobek and looted should you kill him, however trying to pickpocket him for it will result in him noticing and turning hostile everytime. -The achievement "Never smile" for killing Sobek with a meat hook. -Sarlaac Pit/ Thresher Maw Proposed Quest Names: -I Want my Mummy [Relates to a Ghoul Pharoah Matriarch that is degenerating into a feral and requires you to aid her in her quest for the afterlife] -Radiant Tomb Raiding [Each tomb you can choose to keep the relics or share them providing a massive positive or negative boost to Maat] -A SunBro cult has risen up around the tomb of Akhenaten in which they ritually paint themselves gold and challenge each other in duels to the death for the glory of the sun. Losers are sacrificed to the eternal fire, kept burning within the inner sanctum of Akhenaten's tomb. -MII ['Rescue' Roman leader's daughter who was "kidnapped" by a cruel Raider boss. Turns out she is conning him. She tells him stories every night and uses their suspense to control him.] Standard Clothing: -Book of Eli garb -Resident Evil: Extinction Garb Most likely cloaks, scarves, flowing robes, vaguely jedi look, or ultra light Pitch Black, Riddick gear. -4 PER during day without sunglasses -4 PER in sandstorm without a headscarf AND goggles -2%hp/sec from 10am to 4 pm due to sun if not properly covered -Aladdin/Jasmine/Cleopatra look -Mad Max (more Furiosa, less Immortan Joe] -Cat themed everything for Bast cause... BAST Mutated Animals: -Rad Croc [Think Slaughterfish meets deathclaw, deadly in the water, fast as a deathclaw on land, but turns like a horker] -Rad Roc [And you thought cliff racers were annoying ] -Radoptimus [What do you think that is? Think water landmine with teeth and 20 times the hitpoints] -Snakes [Includes the 'Radjet' a quick moving burrowing snake that spits poison like a Dilophosaurus] -Ibis/Crane -Rhino [Replace Yao Guai] -Jackals [Almost unchanged from Radiation] -Water Buffalo [Brahmin replacer] -Lions/Lionesses [Replace Deathclaws except for rare instances] -Sand Worms -Baboons -Goats [Undamaged from radiation except for a third horn and a trumpeting sound instead of normal baa's]
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    Hear ye hear ye! To combat the globalization and expansion of the dastardly Northern Kingdom and slow the expansion drift of the Eastern community (we don't really care much about the west though) I hereby announce that the Southern cities of: Southwind (Owned and majority built by Bumperhumper) Greypeak (Owned and majority built by ShrotTibster) Walkuria (Owned and majority built by Lert) and Al Qaram (Owned and majority built by Bumperhumper) Together with the minor communities of The Valley of the Blox (Owned and majority built by the Blox sisters) Grimskull (Owned and built by Lert) And Niflheim (Owned and built by Lert) ... have entered an official alliance called The Southern Covenant Work is currently being planned on a centralized capitol government building, with room for embassies. Do you want an embassy at the Southern Covenant? Do you believe an alliance is in order? Do you have any other questions? Contact Lert or Bumperhumper!
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    Fromt he title you might have guessed what this is about. But yeah, we were talking on the server, and came up with an idea to make "The Pocket Guide to Minionland 1st Edition". I am not sure if anyone have made something similar before. But the idea is to have a book with locations of builds that is worth a visit, and of course who made them, how to get there. Maybe add the coordinates for the build as well. An idea is to make "Pocket Guide to Minionland 1st Edition: Southlands", for every direction, or just have one book. It will be called the 1st Edition because new builds pop up all the time. So maybe make a new book once in a while. But come with suggestions on how to do this, and also with builds that is worth a mention. -Bump
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    Dark purple would be a great color for the hoodie.
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    I hope everyone is doing well this monday evening. I've been gaming since 1983 and first started modding on the original Deus Ex. I'm not quite the avid gamer I was in the '90s but I'm certainly still enthralled with the gaming community and world. I've watched many YouTube gamers but what I found a lot of them do is rush through a game and not take it seriously. Being a huge fan of The Witcher series, I found Gopher's let's play a few days ago and I greatly appreciate how he takes his time and gets the most out of a game. In essence he films as most gamers would play: going through each area and immersing himself in the lore and world, messing with inventory, gathering and crafting, and so on. I understand some people find that boring but I'm not looking for gamers who speed through an LP and never look at it again. Gopher's content is perfect for me. I'm glad I discovered his channel, and I imagine I'll be watching him for years to come. Off to catch up on his videos! Peace.
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    Okay from the top of my head i just made a small list of places. The World Tree. Jeancly. MTC SHady Glen. The Throneroom. Ntclaymore among many others. Shovelot. Shawnboucher the Lava Tower. Gopher The Crossroads. Many people. All the places in the South East Region: Boom Caverns, SucroseShores (easter exhibit and snow exhibit) New Mistral. Ministry of Transport. Pajoonk among others. Ministry of Sciene. Five Towers. Z_Blackblue Town of _Non Claymoria. Ntclaymore and Sanamia. (designer and builder) Horse Paradise. PsychoTeddyNesa The Northern Kingdom. ThatguyBoom. Vault? Far South Settlements. _Lert_, and myself among others. Magasais trades of all kinds! Daalios Island (SkyLand) Mmmowmans Cahtedral. Atheos_Wraths Pyramid. Tower of SteelGear Ebonheart. Liggg111 and crew Farms. Could add a list of farms aswell. Ender Ender QuadSpiderfarm of Vagabondmidget Sanas Gold Farm. Larrys Farm. Ovagi's Iron Farm Wither Pads (Bunch of People) WarlordAldon's 3x spiderspawner Please remind me of places i have forgotten!
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    It came to my attention that Godaishu gold farm at crossroads was removed some time ago with little to know warning and information (was there even a redmine ticket?). To make matter more disturbing in place of the farm were written signs pointing towards Gold Farm at Claymoria. And only this one, even though there are two much closer gold farms - at Magasai's and at Shovelot. What will be next? Will some admin kill Magasai villagers and point to villager mall at Claymoria too? Or will Plant-a-lot be deleted, cause there is public farm there? Me and @ShawnBoucher found this practice very disturbing. Thanks to his trust we changed the signs at Godaishu's former farm to better represent reality. But I think we, and other minions are owed explanation. And in the future - more recognition to work of other minions than only Royal Architect.
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    https://blog.twitch.tv/twitch-prime-goes-global-with-exclusive-gear-in-playerunknowns-battlegrounds-ca869bd33f83?tt_content=TPrimeGlobalAnnounce&TT_medium=social&sf83811687=1. I have no idea how many people outside of the US have Amazon Prime (for the videos, presumably), but if you do then you can attach your Prime account to (Amazon-owned) Twitch. Doing so will give you, IMO, mostly a bunch of crap (usually miscellaneous preorder-type rewards for popular games). However, it also gives you one free Twitch subscription to use every month. It acts just like a normal Twitch sub -- including payments to the person to whom you subscribed. Only difference is that your Twitch Prime subscription must be reused each and every month - it will not auto-renew like a normal Twitch sub does. So if you have a Prime subscription, might as well sign up and let your favorite Twitch streamer get a little money from you largess - it costs you nothing! PS, I don't work for Amazon or Twitch ;-)
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    They are here! Yay me! No t-shirt yet but these should tide me over
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    As a neighboring territory to that of New Mistral, The caretakers of ancient Yggdrasil would like to reinforce the neutrality of our region. We do, however, have many very secure vaults in which you might store gold and diamond blocks, or even the odd priceless work of art. Extensive storage fees may apply. Please allow 2-15 generations for withdrawals.
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    Jack stand alone companion for fallout 4 fully voiced (by Gopher of course). Wouldn't that be cool?
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    Because if you are not roleplaying you are doing it wrong
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    First result in google for bobble head manufacturer only requires a min of 250 bobble heads starting as low as 3.50 dollars per head. I now want a Gopher bobble head. One of Richard and one of Jack.
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    I've been out of the loop for a looong time, but this peeked my interest! It's been a long time coming, I'm glad Gopher finally got this set up. I'll personally be waiting for the famous "I don't need a personality, I have a shotgun!". Nice going @Gopher, and everyone that helped set this up! It's great to see this community is still alive and well.
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    I ordered a green hoodie. Looking forward to it!
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    I like it, but can't afford it right now. I like the comment "something I can wear around my children without feeling guilty..." Notice how many children on the Bethesda E3 thing said they had no idea what their parents did?
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    Really again,so i must reply with respect.
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    The coding and layout of the forum had its roots in the old unofficial forums, which were created and administered by Philosophercat. Since then, there have been many who have helped make the forum what it is today. To be fair, though, all the bells and whistles would mean nothing without the single ingredient that really defines this forum: the Minions. Not to sound mushy (too late), but it would be a pretty awesome forum with less flash, pomp, and circumstance, if only it had the same caliber of members. And yes, if @Quaricohad made it, it would all be fire and brimstone. Which is, of course, why we love our favorite Aussie pyromancer.
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    Tbh, I just really really wanna know how yall made this amazing forum, its a forum like this that id love to make, and learn to be able to make. Thanks to whoever answers, and if no one does its no big deal, also i hope this is the right place to ask, sorry if it isn't
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    hahaha true, or better flaming cats !
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    If @Quarico was in charge of the forum there would be more flames
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    At the bottom of the page you can find tabs for Administrators, Moderator, Staff, Retired Staff. These are the amazing folks that have made this possible. While they are incredibly busy I have no doubt that any questions you ask them will get a reply. Either direct message them or use the @ symbol in front of their name to get their attention like jeancly did with Quarico's name.
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    OK. I was bored and Gopher made a comment that perked me up, @ 27:30 : "We could use these four buildings, put walls across the gaps and make a fairly sizable super settlement here. And then dig open the manhole and put a proper set of stairs going down into the vault. We'd have this sort of megatropolis type thing? Vault and a city on the top of it. Same is true of the University. The only place that's just a crappy place to enter the vault at the moment is the main entrance." So I made this little mod to fulfill Gopher's wish. Both the quarry main entrance and the Milton General Hospital sewer entrance to Vault 88 now have a second entrance so that they can fit better into a settlement build at each location. In both cases the secondary entrance is a door reached by stairs. So you no longer have to go through a sewer or a dirty cramped gopher hole.... http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24785/? To build the settlements I recommend: "Conquest - Build New Settlements and Camping" by Chesko http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12511/?
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    Godaishu's farm is now in deactivated state, functioning as a museum.
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    And contrary of what someone said I didn't
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    You need a legal copy of Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition updated to version 1.4 in order to use these mods. Also, the order of the mods I will be using is the preferred order they should be in when using Mod Organiser, which is my personal recommendation for a mod manager. Not all of the mods included have Nexus releases, so you will require a GUN account to gain access to some of them (although the mods I use are not necessary per se, so it's completely optional). Finally, this guide will require you to know how to use Mod Organiser. You can check our Overlord's guide for a summary of installation and basic use. Without further ado, let's begin. Utilities: There's some basic utilities that require installation before we can start modding out our game. These will help with removing conflicts, stabilising the game, and are sometimes required in order for mods to run. NVSE: The New Vegas script extender is one of the most important tools required for scripted mods to run. Installation is simple, if you downloaded the .zip file, all you have to do is extract the contents into your Fallout: New Vegas directory (Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas), or run the installer that can also be found in the Silverlock site. Mod Organiser should recognise the extender right away. FNVEdit: A powerful tool that allows the cleaning of master files, as well as the creation of merged patches for improved compatibility between mods. After downloading the file, I recommend creating a folder inside your Fallout: New Vegas directory, then extracting the contents of the .zip file into it. You then need to open Mod Organiser, click on the gears icon, change the title to FNVEdit, then click on the browse button to the right of "Binary" and select FNVEdit.exe from the location where you installed it. Finally, click on "Use Application's Icon for shortcuts" and then click on add. FNV4gb Updated: This launcher will allow your game to run with more than 2gb of RAM. The installation process is the same as NVSE, but you will have to add the launcher to MO through the same process used for FNVEdit. LOOT: The Load Order Optimisation Tool will allow you to sort your load order, check for dirty plugins and will alert you of any missing masters in your load order. Download the installer and let it run, it should be automatically detected by MO. Note that you will have to run LOOT through MO in order to sort your load order. Merge Plugins Standalone: A small utility for merging multiple esps into a single package. After downloading the .zip file I recommend creating a new folder inside your New Vegas directory, then extracting the program there. This also has to be added to MO through the same process as FNVEdit. Optional Utilities: The G.E.C.K: The standard tool used to create mods for New Vegas. Will be required for the optional advanced tweaking of mods. NifSkope: A tool used to add meshes into the Gamebryo engine. Will be required for the optional advanced tweaking of mods. Basic Setup: The Mod Configuration Menu: Adds an interface to the pause menu that allows for customisation of mod settings. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. JazzIsParis' NVSE plugin: A dependency for some of the mods that will be installed further on. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Lutana's NVSE plugin: A dependency for some of the mods that will be installed further on. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Collision Meshes: Improves the collision meshes in the game, enabling the player to shoot through gaps that were previously inexplicably solid walls. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. New Vegas Stutter Remover: An NVSE plugin that aleviates micro stutters in the game. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. New Vegas Anti Crash: An NVSE plugin that reduces crashing. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. OneTweak for Fallout New Vegas: Adds a borderless windowed mode, negating the necessity for a fullscreen. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Remember to open the Fallout: New Vegas launcher and activate windowed mode with the native resolution of your monitor. Faster Start Menu (Skip Splash Screens): A small utility that allows you to skip the intro splash screen and a hotkey that simulates pressing the "Continue" and "Yes" in the start menu. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy: A handheld Pip-Boy replacer that removes most clipping issues with armour. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Pip-Boy Counters For Rads And Hardcore Needs: Adds counters for hardcore needs and rads to the pip-boy's frame. Download the Pip-Boy 2500 version with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. DarnUI: A User Inteface overhaul designed to be friendlier for PC users. Download and install via MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. HUD Like Fallout 4: Overhauls the HUD to be similar to the style of Fallout 4's HUD. Download and install via MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. An alternative HUD suggestion would be: cellHUD: Adds a more icon-based HUD to the game, very reminiscent of a retro science-fiction movie terminal. Download and install via MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. JIP's Companions Command and Control: Allows for more control over your companions' actions, it also adds a UI element that allows you to give commands in real time. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Increased Weapon Jamming: Allows weapons to jam both after reloading and while being fired, as well as making jams possible up to 80% condition. This adds an element of tension to firefights, as well as giving the player insentives to keep their weapon's condition as high as possible. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. JIP's Selective-Fire: Adds a selective fire utility for automatic guns, allowing the use of full-auto, burst fire and semi-auto. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. JIP's Realistic Weapon Overheating: Adds a temperature gauge for weapons, the closer to overheating, the more your weapon degrades. Weapons normally overheat due to constant automatic fire and usage of low quality or custom, highly pressurised cartridges. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. JIP's Improved Recipe Menu: Fixes a lot of the issues in the crafting menus. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch: A massive compilation of bugfixes. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function on the top left of the interface. Animation Project: Adds new fully animated gameplay mechanics, such as lethal and non-lethal combat/stealth takedowns, sprinting, item grabbing and item consumption. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Loot Menu: Adds a Fallout 4 style loot menu. This is my personal recommended mod of the three available due to its compatibility. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Lazarus Project: A gameplay mod that adds many aspects from Fallout 4, as well as other first person shooters. Highly customisable. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Project Nevada: The most downloaded Fallout: New Vegas mod on the nexus. Adds huge amounts of functionalities, perks, items and so on. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Enable all modules in the installer. DO NOT OVERWRITE MCM WHEN INSTALLING! Project Nevada - Extra Options: Adds extra customisation options for Project Nevada. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. DO NOT ENABLE THE EQUIPMENT MODULE WHEN INSTALLING! Animated Ammo and Condition Checking: Adds an interface that allows you to check your equipped weapon's condition and ammo without opening up any menus. Download and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Quick Trade: Allows you to quickly access the barter and companion equipment menus with the press of a button. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. The Weapon Mod Menu: Overhauls the weapon modding system in the game, and allows the removal of installed modifications. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. CASM with MCM: Cipsis' Autosave Manager with MCM support. Allows for clean saves and removes the need for quicksaves. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Sortomatic: Adds a sorting system for player homes. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Zan's AutoPurge Crash Protector: This mod purges cell buffers, reducing the amount of data stored in RAM which decreases crashes. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Fallout 4 Intimidation: Imitates the intimidation mechanic from Fallout 4. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. SUPERHOT: Adds the main mechanic from the game SUPERHOT. It's the most innovative mod I've played with in years. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Realtime Weapon Modding System: Adds the realtime weapon modding system module from the upcoming project B42. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Immersive Power Armour: Emulates the power armour system from Fallout 4. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. T-60 Power Armour: Adds the T-60 model of power armour (as seen in Fallout 4) to the game. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Advanced Recon Series: The Advanced Recon series of mods by our Overlord. These mods add an extra flavouring of Tactical Espionage Action to New Vegas. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Download all patches as well. -Advanced Recon Riot Gear Helmets -Advanced Recon Ranger Helmets -Advanced Recon Range Finder -Advanced Recon Trap Detection -Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision -Advanced Recon Stealth Armor One HUD - oHUD: The ultimate UI mod, it allows for customisation of the position of HUD elements and full control of when they appear. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Download the DarnUI patch. UIO - User Interface Organiser: This plugin by JazzIsParis automatically manages all UI mods in your setup, making them work nicely together, and eliminating the necessity for any INI changes. Download with manager OR download manually and use MO's "Install a new mod from an archive" function. Take Your Time: This mod adds time progression during activities like crafting, weapon modding and repairing, etc. Download and install as usual. Ultimate Illness Mod: This mod simulates the illness mechanic that was added to Fallout 4's Survival Mode. Download and install as usual. More Perks: A huge compilation of extra perks. Download all main and optional files. When installing, select manual installation, and uncheck all of the esp files. More Perks - Merged: The page for NVEC contains an optional file that is a merge of all of the esp files of the original mod. Download said file and install it. Cirosans Classic Overhaul: Although it is a great mod, and the changes provided by it are welcomed, I do recommend using only the extra perks plugin, for the sake of load order. Download and run the installer. New Vegas Reborn - Mojave Encounters: This module for New Vegas Reborn adds Fallout 3 style random encounters to the Mojave. Again, while the entire overhaul is great, I do recommend only using this module for the sake of load order. Download and install. Now go to your mods tab, right click New Vegas Reborn and click on "Information", then open the optional files and move all of the plugins from available to optional, except for the master file and the mojave encounters file. Saints and Sinners - Karma Consequences: Adds Fallout 3 style assailants tied to your karma, as well as some karma related perks. Download and install. EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements: As the name suggests, this is an essential mod. It overhauls the visual effects for energy weapons, explosives and many other things. Download the MO version of the mod and install the All DLC Merged plugin. WMX - Weapon Mods Expanded: This mod adds a myriad of weapon modificiations to the game. Download the main package, as well as the Modern Weapons file, the EVE file, the WRP file and the DLC file. Do not install the patches yet. Weapon Mod Vending Machine: Adds a machine that dispenses weapon mods at high prices. Download and install. Weapon Retexture Project: The Weapon Retexture Project or WRP is an effort by Millenia to retexture the firearms in the game. Download all files. Weapons of the New Millenia: A huge compilation of most of the weapons produced by Team Millenia. Download and install. Millenia's Extra Weapons: As stated before, not all of the weapons produced by Team Millenia were integrated into the weapons pack. This is the list of the seventeen other guns made by the team. These mods will be merged later on, so download and install all of them, but do remember to disable the plugins in your load order. -FN Model of 1905 -IMI Galil -Beretta 87 Target -Browning P35 -FAMAS F1 -OTs-33 Pernarch -Code RU-556 -Suomi M-31 -CZ805 BREN -Dragunov SVU -Walther WA2000 -PKM -Serbu Super Shorty -IMI Desert Eagle -Steyr Scout -TOZ-66 -Colt M16A2 -Winchester Model of 1897 A World Of Pain: A mod that adds a huge amount of locations to the game world, all with quests, loot and metric tons of enemies. Download the main FOMOD, AWOP Dead Money, AWOP Patches and the AWOP Weapon Mods Patches. Do not install the patches yet. IMPACT: A mod that overhauls impact effects and decals. Download the file that suits your specs and install. Right click IMPACT in your installed mods tab in MO, go to optional files and move the main plugin from available to optional. IMPACT - Compatibility Edition: A replacement plugin that applies the IMPACT treatment without having to change any weapon statistics, making it compatible with anything. FCO - Fallout Character Overhaul: This mod contains the textures that are necessary for New Vegas Redesigned 3 to function. Download version 2.3.1 (IMPORTANT! New Vegas Redesigned 3 will not work with any other version of FCO!) and run the installer. Now go to your mods tab, right click FCO and click on "Information", then open the optional files and move all of the plugins from available to optional. New Vegas Redesigned 3: NOTE: New Vegas Redesigned 3 contains explicit content that may be disturbing to some, for a more PG overhaul you should download New Vegas Redesigned 2. New Vegas Redesigned 3 changes many aspects of the game, but, most importantly, changes the structure of NPCs' faces to be more realistic and less Oblivion-like. Download and install both the main file and update. Unforgiving Combat: A mod that alters combat mechanics to make the game more difficult, as well as adding improved enemy AI. Download the Realistic Weapons Damages version and install as usual. Realistic Weapons Damages: A great mod that changes how damage is applied for all entities, making battles faster and more visceral. Download the standard version. Realistic Weapons Damages - Unofficial Update: An unofficial update for Realistic Weapons Damages, improves compatibility. Hitman47101's and HaxorusShiny's First Person Animation Pack: Replaces a whole bunch of the first person weapon animations in the game. Download the main file and the sound fix. Disable all plugin files. ATTENTION: FOV MUST be set at 75 in the Fallout and FalloutPrefs .INI files by using Mod Organiser's INI editor. First Person Animation Overhaul: Replaces a lot of first person weapon animations with new, high quality ones. Download the main file and all of the optional files, except for the Alternative Assault Rifle Auto Fire Anim, it's redundant. Real Recoil: Adds a real recoil system to the game, instead of the animation based one in vanilla F:NV. Download and install as usual. Cowboy Repeater without peep sight: Removes the peep sight from the Cowboy Repeater. Download and install as usual. Fallout: New Vegas Realistic Wasteland Lighting: Changes the outdoors lighting. Nights are darker and there's no colour filter. Download the full version and install as usual. Mobile Truck Base: Adds a truck that can be used to fast travel, at the cost of flamer fuel. It also functions as a player home, with sorted inventories and crafting stations. Download the Data file, as well as either the truck or van version of the mod, remember to get the Sortomatic versions. The Someguy Series: A fantastic series of quest mods, download all of them and install as usual. New Vegas Bounties New Vegas Bounties II The Inheritance Russell King of the Ring New Vegas Killer Bad Mothafucka New Vegas Bounties III (Install after finishing New Vegas Bounties I and II, Russell, The Inheritance and, optionally, New Vegas Killer). The Better Angels (Install after finishing New Vegas Bounties III, and all of its required previous mods). Checkpoint Gary Alternative Repairing: Overhauls the repairing system in the game with a vastly improved one. Download and install as usual. Patching: Download and install all of these patches to fix issues between mods. Remember that you don't need to install any IMPACT patches. Project Nevada Patches: A compilation of patches by the PN team. Download and install the EVE and WMX patches. DO NOT INSTALL THE DLC PATCHES! WMX Patches: Install the DLC, EVE and WRP patches that you downloaded. Install the merged DLC and POP plugins. Mojave Patch Outpost - YUP + WMX + PN + PNEO: Download and install the YUP + WMX + PN + PNEO patch. AWOP Patches: Install the NVR3 patch, the Russell patch and the JIP CCC patch from the AWOP Patches FOMOD, then install the AWOP + WMX + EVE All DLC Merged patch through the AWOP - WMX Patches FOMOD. GRA WRP Unofficial Patch: Download and install as usual. Small mods for merging: Here's a list of small mods that are going to be merged. Millenia's Extra Weapons: Deactivate the plugins in your load order, then move them as high up as you can. I Got Spurs: Adds a pair of equippable spurs. Deactivate the plugin in your load order, then move it as high as you can. Precision Ballistics and Munitions: Removes hitscan from firearms outside of V.A.T.S and replaces it with projectiles that are altered by weapon spread and firing distance. Deactivate and move the plugin as high as you can. Jack's Whiskey - The wasteland needs more: Adds craftable, special whiskey with different properties based on the drunken gunslinger Jack's necessities. Download and install the main file, as well as the hotfix. Deactivate the plugin and move it as high as you can. The Courier's Cache: A small and humourous quest mod that adds some cool gear, a player home and some hateable characters. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugin as high as you can. Rewarding Exploring - Unique Places for Unique Weapons: A small plugin that rewards exploration by making you unable to buy the unique GRA weapons, and scattering them around the map. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugin as high as you can. Speedy Reload Perk: Adds a perk that allows you to repeatedly mash the reload button in order to speed up the reloads of tube-fed weapons and single-action revolvers. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugin as high as you can. 1874 Sharps Carbine: Adds a new high-quality weapon; a Sharps model of 1874 carbine. Download and install both the main file and the bug fix. Deactivate and move the plugin as high as you can. Clint Eastwood -Man With No Name- Pack: Adds a new clothing item, as well as two unique revolvers based on the Man With No Name character (as portrayed by Clint Eastwood) from Sergio Leone's iconic spaghetti western Dollars trilogy. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugins as high as you can. Near Death: Adds a mechanic whereby lowering an enemy's health under 10% has the chance of leaving them in an incapacitated state where they'll slowly bleed to death. You can then shoot them, loot them and leave them to die, give them a stimpak so they can get back up and finish the fight or attach a slave collar (which you can craft) to their neck. After attaching the slave collar you can give them a stimpak and let them stand up, after this you have a few options. You can order them around, tie them up to be executed or detonate the collar. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugin as high as you can. Missing Ammo Recipes: Adds all of the ammo recipes to the crafting lists, you will need the Hand Loader perk to access them. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugins as high as you can. Ammo Ingredients as Loot: Adds a chance for ammo crafting ingredients to appear as loot in containers and enemies. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugins as high as you can. Manual Reload: Makes it so that you have to manually reload every weapon after firing it. Download and install, deactivate and move the plugins as high as you can. You should also de-activate and move the Iron Sights Foley, Sneak Foley, Reload Sounds and GUN Reload Sounds plugins. The merging process is simple. First, you open the Standalone Plugin Merger through Mod Organiser, a window should show up. Select the New Vegas profile and click OK, your load order should appear. Right click on the list and click on "Uncheck all". Check the plugins you are going to merge, then check their masters (they should be indicated by red italics), then click OK. The merger should start loading up a new window. Wait until the background loader has finished (a notification will appear on the lower left corner of the window), then select the mods you are going to merge, right click on them and then click on "Add to new merge". Name your merge and plugin and click accept. Now go over to the "merges" tab, find your new merge and right click on it, then click on "check plugins for issues". It shouldn't pop up with any, so right click on the merge (which should be highlighted in green) and click on "Build merge". A window should pop up with a progress bar. Once it's completed you should close the plugin merger and go to its install directory. In the merges folder you should find another folder with the same name as the merge you've just created. Add it to a .rar file and use MO's "Add a new mod from an archive" function to install it. Then just activate the plugin and there you go. Final steps for basic users: Merged patch: Open FNVEdit through MO. You should only activate the files currently active in your load order for now. Once FNVEdit has loaded, right click anywhere on the pane and select "Create Merged patch". A prompt should appear telling you to name the merge, name it and accept. Once it's done press the close application button on the top right corner, a prompt should appear. If there's any plugin other than the merged patch you created listed on the prompt press cancel and close FNVEdit, you'll have to go through the whole merged patch creation process again. Once it's created open MO, you should see a warning telling you that there's files in your overwrites folder. Go to the mods tab in MO and scroll down until you find a mod named Overwrite (it should be displayed in dark red italics). Right click on it and select "Create a new mod". Name your mod, re-enable your Merged patch in your load order, run LOOT and it should be fine. Master cleaning: If you started off with a fresh installation of New Vegas your master files are most ceirtanly dirty. Unclean files can lead to issues and stability problems, so we will clean all of the official DLC masters. Open FNVEdit, right click and select "Uncheck all", then check one of the DLC esm files. Once it finished loading, right click and select "Apply filter for cleaning". After it's done applying the filter, right click the DLC's esm file and select "Delete identical to master records". A prompt will appear asking you if you really want to proceed, click yes and let it work. After it's done deleting records, right click the DLC's esm file again and select "Undelete and disable references". After it's done, click the "close" button and another prompt should appear, make sure that it's only the DLC's esm file in the list, check the box that says backup plugins and press OK. Do this for all of the DLC esm files. DO NOT CLEAN ANY OTHER FILES, ESPECIALLY THE MASTER FNV FILE! Archive Invalidation: Fortunately for us, MO has a built in Archive Invalidation system, just go to the profile configurator near the top left corner of the screen, and check "Automatic Archive Invalidation". If you have any issues, PM me. Advanced user tweaks: This section is for advanced users, it's got some more technical stuff and is a more arduous process than the previous "download and install" guide, so make sure you've got plenty of time. Most of these changes involve weapon animation fixes, so you will need both the G.E.C.K and NifSkope to be installed. A few of the animations by Hitman and Haxorus were designed to work with certain types of weapons, most noticeably Hitman's Kalashnikov weapon family animations. These have been set for different animation slots in the game, but the weapon nif files created by Millenia weren't built for those slots, so a few changes will need to be made. First of all, download and install the G.E.C.K to your New Vegas directory, it should be detected automatically by MO. Now run the G.E.C.K through MO. You should see your load order. Check both FalloutNV.esm and Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm, but do not set any active files, even when prompted to. After it loads go to the browsing pane, open the "Items" category, then weapons, and finally MMP. This should give you access to all of the WotNM guns records. Open up the 9A-91 record by double clicking on it, then go to the "Art and sounds" tab. Under this tab you will see a drop-down list of reload animations in alphabetical order, select "Reload M". Now go to the "Mods info" tab and repeat the process. This same exact process has to be done for the AEK-971, AK-47, AK-74, AKS-74u and AN-94. Now go to the L96 and change the reload from "reload A" to "reload O". Go to file, then save, and name the plugin whatever you want. Another change has to be done to Millenia's Desert Eagle before it's merged into your merge plugin. Open up the G.E.C.K, check DEagle.esp and set it as active, now go to items, weapons, MMP and select the Desert Eagle record. Change reload to "reload A" in both the "Art and sounds" and "Mods info" tabs. Save changes and close the G.E.C.K. The next step requires NifSkope, so download and install it. Here's an excellent tutorial on NifSkope animation tweaking by The Shiny Haxorus:
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    Qawiat Wahida semi-shaded. Unfinished.
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    I quite like this idea, and second @BUNYANSaxe1943's suggestion for a paired forum post. The way you've worded it suggests you intend on making one book, but why not have it be a series with one (or a few neighbouring) nice build(s) per volume? If you share the format here, I'm sure some of us would be happy to contribute a volume to the series. P.S. One thing you might include, if it's a build Gopher has visited, is a reference to that ("Visited by the Dark Lord in Minecraft stream #17").
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    OK, just read through the whole thread and wow that is a lot of information Yeah I am OK with the idea of 8 statues although honestly I personally imagine 1 will take so much of my time Minecraft 2 might be a thing before I am done. But, if I am getting this right @Spellcasterwont be able to join us in game to show us the site. But maybe join us in team speak one evening and direct me to the exact point?
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    I guess this concludes this huge off-topic. Unless someone has any recomendations regarding replacement program for Obj2Mc that I could still try, let's get back to main purpose of this topic. ---- ---- ---- D: What do you guys think about devising reasons for the setting and appereance of Sentinels standing in their respective bioms. Not talking about writting a lore book here but more like giving it a story that can be shown through their surroundings. For example: I: Sentinels standing near Lava Tower are still active and properly maintained to stay in pristine condition. (I can't talk about it for now but I have some cool things planned inside that would indicate they're still being used.) They were the first ones buit, so there are new buildings around them. Also standing in the sea makes the building material soaked with water and a bit darker to a certain level. Sentinels on the Desert would be more eroded and maybe partialy covered by dunes(after the building, not just removing the feet). In the direction they're facing a huge sand worm from Dune would burst from the sand and the second one just revealed his arcing back. The ones in the Jungle could be entangled in vines and branches of trees that have seeded themselves in cracks over time. Some parts would be entirely broken of held in mid air by branches and roots. Others covered by tribal markings made of red stone dust. Overgrown trees surrounding them. Forgotten and left to be reclaimed by nature. One of them maybe even cracked open by time, revealing the rooms that were hidden inside. And the Mountain Sentinels built in deep, steep ravine scarring the mountain. Made of some dark, menecing material. Embeded in the cliffs sides with floating stone spires around/between them. A hole through the arm would make a channel for lava pouring down onto the palm and then into the ravine itself. Maybe permanent scaffoldings in some places left for maintenance. Some of these ideas probably intersect with some of your own. I've noticed that especially @BUNYANSaxe1943 seems to be aligned with my line of thinking (I like the griffon's nest idea but how do you go about doing this?).
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    D: I am assuming these will be constructed with deference to Gopher's texture pack. Smoothstone and andesite have a very similar texture, and neither are out of place next to stone brick which is a potential stair variant. Stone and stone brick can make the majority of the block palette with andesite and cracked stone brick speckled in. Cobblestone and mossy cobble/brick can be used in more humid environments or to emphasize weathering. Wood may seem silly to suggest and the orange acacia would undoubdtedly be quite... 'special' however birch or oak may not feel out of place should a statue stand in a forested area. Snow could also be a potential block as you can layer it to be the height you require. Snow won't match the proportions of the stair variants, but will be close. For a build like this I would say quartz is out of the question. Purpur might be nice but will clash in most places. I'm not the most well traveled on the server, but our Easter Exhibit is the only build I know of that tries to systematically apply it. Nether brick is a great option but will be very dark. Red sand is far more rare than yellow sand but there are methods to convert between them. Bricks, like quartz, are most likely out of the question as clay is possibly even worse than hay bales to gather in my opinion. I: It might be interesting if each pair of statues was somewhat unique, like for example one falling into disrepair and having perhaps the arm shear off and become partially buried. Or perhaps a family of griffins decide to roost in the helmet of one. Maybe a rival cult takes one over and partially defaces it. Perhaps one might never be finished and stand as the incomplete sentinel like several real world architectural marvels. A complex series of scaffolding across one may offer a more beautiful image than the completed work in some regards.
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    I just started reading the books and I have to say: I F***ING LOVE THEM! And witcher 3 is already one of my most favourite games ever. (other games on the list: portal 1/2, Minecraft [way too many hours] and saints row 3) [yes, no elder scrolls or fallout. they never managed to get me enough into them to make that list] EDIT: Oh, and free likes for people!!!
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    Witcher 3 is a game that has a much more difficult learning curve and many more restrictions on what a modded can achieve before breaking something important. Elder Scrolls and Fallout games are pretty much a modder playground from day one. Given that I would really like if some modder can manage to get other player homes in different parts of the world. I would really love a home in Skellige.
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    Everyone is welcome at Shovelot! So no worries there. I will go now and check it out. LOL Amazing well done sir. On a side note and I am sure it is purely coincidence my name is Shawn just like that sheep. ;P OK I added signs at the Shovelot portal and along the road directing the hoards to the museum.
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    An "A" rated actor gets 20 million for a leading role in a AAA movie and a stand in might get 200 dollars. That is the way of the world. I don't think it would be any different in mod creation. If you are good and the gaming community knows you you can ask for a lot more money and if you are just coming up in the world of mods you need to earn a reputation before you can earn big bucks.
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    Well I'm flattered that you looked at it. Thank you. I made it for my self. It gave me a queezy feeling thinking we would spend eternity on a barren ledge. It is a fairly trivial mod. On the order of an Insanity post. My tribute to Enderal with a Skyrim touch. The Skyrim touch is a Temple of Dibella and Nocturnal using assets from Enderal. I noticed several places where Skyrim assets crept into Enderal so I thought it was lore friendly to Enderal but a puzzle why they were there. So much Elder Scrolls lore is in Enderal under different names. It is like Elder Scrolls in a different language and in a different culture. My mod is lore friendly to Enderal, but if you discover all its secrets, you are left with more questions than answers...
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    If Gopher reads this I hope he doesn't think we are complaining or teasing. Some watch his LPs for his voice, some for his excellent fighting, and some for his way of attacking an open would game. I am one of those. His LPs never get old to me because you never quite know what he will do next.
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    First it was 1 statue... Now there's 8 ? That escalated quickly
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    @Z-blackblue Don't worry. I'm not mad at you for voicing your opinion. I didn't take it personaly either. I'm just trying to be thorough when I respond, hence the wall of text. It's a compulsion of mine. I honestly never thought about this as 7 wonders type of deal (I think that would be slightly to much of blowing my own horn tbh ). I think of them as landmarks/observatories/outposts- distinct enough to remember and big enough to find your way thanks to them. Esentially they're glorified border poles (but glorified in a good way). Placing a Sentinel in a already heavy populated area is something I think we should really avoid. Not only it's likely to become a problem for the server because of lag but it would generate even more buildings and activity near it, therefore even more lag. As I understand it's already getting very laggy sometimes. The other thing I had in mind - it would be a good reason to start some different cities than crossroads. As for now there isn't many reasons to build elswhere unless you want to be a hermit. Statues might give people a nice view from the windows of new buildings. Wherever sentinels will stand they do have the same meaning - "Here be Minonland. I'm Stiv. You better behave or else..." haha When I was choosing that pose I tried to think what would Stiv have built first if he actually had his own orcish country that he wanted. I know, it's probably lame but what can I say, I'm a sucker for good roleplaying On top of that it's kind of an unspoken truth that Stiv is the royalty on this server, so it makes sense that his image is displayed on the borders. But if you insist it will feel samey I propose a solution to your issue: I: If I'll find the time, I'll modify one of the Sentinels near the Lava Tower into J'Zargo. Gopher will build Stiv for sure and it's up to him if he would like to do the kajit aswell. Those 2 statues do not concern us since it's mostly his choices that matter here. However the remaining 3 pairs can have 1 Stiv on the right and 1 other character from Gophers Let's Plays on the left. Be it Kharjo, Richard, Ming or whatever you guys want. Choose it yourself in the poll (I'll set it up when the time for decisions comes). I'll give necessary plans to the people that want to redesign them and they can tinker with them all they want. Everything needed is already there - the pose, proportions, dimensions and the overall shape. You'd just need to modify the head and play around with the armour a bit. As for the possibility of Gopher canceling this part of the project... I'll msg him and ask again. Unless he specifically says "no", I think there is no need to stop brainstorming. @Krikkeee D: You mean like a socle/plinth? There is over 20 blocks left to the skybox limit. It doesn't need to be small at all That's a solid idea. When I saw that you can make pixel art with maps I though the same thing. But for now I really don't have time for this. I'm only just finishing remaking the first batch of plans. It can be done at the very end anyway. You guys just need to bring the subject to Gopher's attention on the stream or discord, so he knows he should plan accordingly if he likes the idea. Just try to be specific about the dimensions of the socle.