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    Wanted: Dead or Alive New Mistral safehouse plundered by feathered fiends! Security officer Tirius13 found dead at the scene, murder weapon identified as music disc marked ""chirp"". Harbor watchman Tirius79 sacked for failing to uphold port security. Alderman Tirius52 denies blocking needed defense budget, points finger at local bird watchers society. Town council in disarray. Public called in to assist in recovery of stolen goods. Crimimals last spotted fleeing in multiple directions while carrying loot. Attention! Have you seen these parrots? A substantial reward is offered for anyone who can uncover the whereabouts of the infamous 'Parrot Posse', a gang of 10 beaked hudlums. They are winged and dangerous, and suspects in many ongoing investigations. Please contact Tirius82, chief investigator, with any information. "It's a bad day for honest parrots." - Fish, spokesperson of New Mistral bird watchers society. --- Following GrogStache's cheese hunt, I am pleased to announce a second 'scavenger hunt' on the Minionland server. Your goal is to find 10 parrots hidden across the map. Each parrot has a name with a number attached to it, found on a sign. Put the names in alphabetical order, and the numbers will form a set of x and z coordinates (xxxxx,xxxxx). Travel to these coordinates to collect a prize. There are 10 prizes available, which decrease in value as more are claimed. Notes: There are no parrots in the Nether or End. There are no parrots underground. If you stumble upon the prize location without having found all 10 parrots first, you may still collect a prize. One prize per person. If you're doing the hunt with a friend, you may collect one each. All parrots look like the picture in the wanted poster above, but each is slightly different. Clues: Are you having trouble? In the spoiler tags below, you will find some clues. Good hunting, have fun, and beware... these birds mean business!
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    Who is Gopher?!

    In a top-secret multi-government collaboration laboratory funded by unnamed English nobility, jointly run by the American CIA, British MI6, & NASA, DNA was used from the the inventor of the Swiss army knife, and the man that inspired the character of James Bond (007), to modify Gopher's genetics in-utero in order to improve hand-eye coordination and increase logical neuron capacity, thus Gopher was born on February 29th in a place called Posh City, in the United States of the Kingdom of England. Gopher's forefathers lead the British revolt against the English language by weaponizing word pronunciation such as "Lasoo", "Alyuminiyum", and "Shedyule", as well as inventing two new letters, "hache" and "zed" for added confusion. His personal tutor and nanny was a lady by the name of Marry Poppins whom was responsible for teaching young Gopher how and when to properly roll the letter R. He was later sent to Hogwarts Academy where he supernaturally perfected his gaming skills, however jealousy among his peers landed him in Mr. Gormsby's class where he graduated early after only six periods by learning to run away screaming like a girl, and then he finally attended university at Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where he graduated with top honors under their most advanced game-modding studies program. The Cold-War ended when the KGB learned that the rumors of Gopher (then code-named "The Lad") were true, and after the U.S. gaming company Bethesda tried to buy Gopher from the royal family, NATO finally declassified his existence, and he has since been allowed to create mods and online gaming videos from his tropical island of Moreau where game modding laws are more lenient towards creators, though it is stipulated by international treaty that he work under the guise of broadcasting from a snowy place in Europe in order to keep his true location a secret. That's right, I know all of Gopher's secrets. Big fan, Cotton Texas P.S. At first I didn't believe any of this myself, but it's the only logical explanation, so it has to be true - besides, it's a fact now, it's on the internet.
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    Master Cire

    Who is Gopher?!

    Put that on a T-Shirt. Welcome to the community.
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    (continued from above) Things start going to the dogs: Bouncy Castle a.k.a Squids just wanna have fun / adminions discovered to actually be bird brains: Ender pearl race course / awaiting the racers in the FiveTowers boat race: ---------- With gratitude to all the party site builders, all the minions who showed up to make this a crazy night of chaos, and all those who were with us in spirit and continue to make Minionland a wonderful place year-round. We could not have done this without you! Your map-loving, tulip-growing, road-planning neighbour, Tirius Group photo
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    Yeah he said a couple weeks ago (if I remember correctly) that he'll likely stream Fallout 76 rather than LP it. Would like to see him team up with Chay
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    Great job on this Tirius. The clues are difficult I found 7 and only understood 2 clues But for me the prize is the exploration so I am unconcerned. It took me months to find all the cheeses and I am sure it will take me months to find the last 3 parrots.
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    Who is Gopher?!

    Yes... Welcome to the forums!
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    I agree... Why go to the toxic YouTube comments when it is so much more pleasant here. Pat everyone on back!
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    I'd been waiting for Gopher's LP on this game with great fervor. I'm glad we got a nice long episode this time since sometimes it feels like just when I'm feeling that things are speeding up and getting interesting and the plot is thickening, the video time is up, so it's nice that we got a lot of time in this episode. I hope that Henry's noticed that there are different moves for the long-sword vs. the short-sword. I believe he caught it earlier, but I'm not sure that he's remembered. This is hands-down one of my favorite Let's-Plays, and I look forward to binge-watching all the episodes at the end of the chapter (though hopefully not for a good while yet). Cheers, Cotton
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    I've only ever read the YT comments myself for things like tips or perhaps the occasional answer to some glaring question, but unless I have a reason, I usually don't even look at the comments. TBH, the atmosphere here in the forums is great and everyone seems friendly and kind (undoubtedly because of awesome moderators), and I see no reason why it wouldn't be more beneficial to use this platform for carrying on cordial conversations and comment freely about Gopher's vids right here among fellow minions. Just my 2¢ anyway. Cheers, Cotton
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    Who is Gopher?!

    Welcome to the forums. It's not often we get celebrities like yourself here. Im a big fan of that wikipedia site you created
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    Sorry it's taken me a while to sort my screenshots, but here is the post-event photo bomb! I've split it over 2 posts considering the amount of pictures. The party event site: Plenty of food and drink; there is already some salsa in the garbage bin: The cutting of the Cake / pulling out the slice (click the right image for bigger version): Events commence with the Ritual Egg Toss / commentator 3v interviews Gopher look-a-like: Voting for the Minion Awards / punching your fellow minion in Rockem Sockem Robots:
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    Who is Gopher?!

    HaHa I like your story. Welcome Cotton
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    The problem is that there are no hard rules or guidelines to establish the value of a mod (heck there aren't even hard rules to establish the value of official expansion packs), which makes things even more nebulous.
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    I honestly had not expected people to go want to find them all during the event. It's intended to be a long-term quest.
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    I'm getting the physical disc Power Armor Edition on Xbox, and I'll be starting a whole new character anyway. So not really bothered about loss of progress to be honest.
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    I hope so. He has been awfully quiet during the BETA. I got the notice he streamed Nov 1st's BETA but I did not watch I wanted to play. Here's hoping he captured 9 hours of footage and is busy editing.
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    When I did this mission I spent ages chasing down some deer that ran away before realising I was only supposed to get hares fo the quest. Damn that venison was heavy too, had to put most of the meat in that chest, and then well, the aftermath. Most of the meat rotted before I could sell it anyway. I Keep screaming at the screen, stop wasting the better quality arrows on hares! Standard hunting are enough for light game like them. Also he should take some of the armour off to lower noise. In this game you really need three sets of clothes, or at least two. Some good armour for combat, something light, quiet and dark for sneaking and hunting; and some fancy clothes that you keep clean for when you want to impress people. Although that really has to wait until after you get a horse and its oh-so-useful saddlebags.
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    So bummed that I'm busy with work this week, but I'll get back to the quest for parrots soon!
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    Exactly. For everything else, you have the CC or Nexus (PC). If there will still be free mods on the CC, why would people choose to pay for Bethesda's cosmetic items? Like you said, DLC is one thing. That's a ton of content. But a reskin for your armor or weapon? Why pay $2 for that when you can get a better reskin for free?
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    Master Cire

    VAMPYR #45 : Aloysius Dawson

    I think Gopher is morally conflicted trying to do the right thing by being more honest since people are aware of vampires are real in this world after making his mistake with the Nurse that was blackmailing.
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