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    Minionland RP

    Welcome, one and all to the Minionland RP! It has been talked about for quite a while, with multiple forum posts and in-game discussion, but here it is! This will be the Official In Character(IC) Post area for the Minionland RP! If you want to write about your town, kingdom or nation and the things it is doing, this is the place! I hope for everyone involved to have fun:D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Prologue: Game Details: Player List: Rule List: Other Information:
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    Time for some Chayification
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    Wow what makes Skyrim replayable for me is the quality combat. I don't know what mod is jacking Gophers combat system but i hope he can find and delete it. Sometimes changing from vanilla is not always better.
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    My day... you ask how my day was? Great, it was great! I didn't get hit by a meteor, I was able to get new tires for my car and my Daughter told me she had a great day today (watching TV). My Director at work is off this week so, I had 2 skype meetings from home and called it a day. I too also got lucky with the wife today... by lucky I mean she didn't bitch slap me about the back yard work I have not completed yet... so yea Great day.
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    @Gopher Clearly Lenny just needs to show how skilled a thief he is by swiping a torch from a guard's hands without him even noticing it's gone. Also, I'd recommend installing an "infinite torch" mod, or similar to make them last longer. Torches only last 4 minutes in the vanilla game, and I've no doubt it'd be really frustrating for you to finally find a torch only to have it go out before you even finish Lenny's monologuing his joy at finally finding a torch (funny, but long-term very frustrating).
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    Yeah, I have never ever had to even think about torches before. They are like lockpicks: you always have more than you need. Maybe it is because I have not done many 'dungeons' so far. Even on previous 'thief' play throughs I have always done Bleakfalls Barrows before moving on to Whiterun.
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    Made Some Gopher Hearthstone Cards

    Found a wonderful site where you can easily make your own Hearthstone cards so I made so based on our Dark Lord's characters. The art for the Stiv card was made by Sarnicone. The website I used is here.
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    Roleplay resurection

    Oh, it's an RP post! I better throw my hat into the ring... This is the start of Boomie's incomprehensible tangent on how to treat the server RP Hello, It's me, the one who somehow started this mess a long time ago! So when the RP first started, it was mostly between me and Lert to justify building certain things, and It acted as a sort of rivalry/cold war sort of thing. But then came others and the same way we did it originally was gonna work. Problems ensured, and the RP mostly died. Fast forward to now, and I have had some experience RP-ing nations on nation-states(which is a very fun game/community for those who like that kind of stuff), So I'm gonna do a long-ish post analyzing the Old RP-system we had, its flaws, and a proposed solution that would probably work well for everyone! I hope. maybe? I guess we'll have to see... The Problems: The RP idea in minionland is not a new thing and has been around since the early days after the server was opened to the public. It has evolved over the months, however, taking new forms depending on the desired experience the organizers wanted. In its current form(As I've seen with many of the past/current participants), it has taken a much more serious and militant state, with expanding armies and imperial ambitions all around! This playstyle, however, has led to problems in-game for many people. "What are these problems?" you may ask?(You may also ask "Where have you been?!?! it been like 2 months, why show up now?". I also wonder that.): 1.) The world is small, and not everyone wants to be a part of it! this one's pretty easy: The RP seemed to suck in many people, and some of them who were not originally part of it had a negative view of it. One of my biggest regrets on the server is being unkind and rude to other players while "In Character", and I have trodden carefully with RP related stuff since then. People want to expand their empires past their borders, but it leads to real and negative conflict with other players. 2.)"Why is your navy in a lake?" This one is kinda self-explanatory: many of us have awesome builds, like tank armies, massive battleships, powerful cannons and fearsome air-forces, but they are either placed in a completely useless position(IE, the northern kingdom's navy as well as Walkurias), can't work("My tanks won't move an inch, no matter how much fuel I put in!") or maybe even both. Even more so, there have been arguments over what constitutes a piece of military equipment(Whether it is in a functional or decorative state), which later led to OOC tension between players. for the RP to work in a serious state, we need to thoughtfully address these problems. 3.) Maps, and the many dots upon them! The world map in minionland is less of a landmass and more of some land painted on by a 5-year old. This has lead to problems with dictating how to deal with borders. for most builds, your border ends at your build, but with nations, the rules warp and bend. we need to deal with this as well. ok, so the main problems boil down to(in goals to achieve): - Creating a separate area to do RP things that excludes those who don't want to take part of it to avoid conflict, but also accounts for their builds on minionland. - Dealing with disparities between views on how certain builds add to the RP, along with the limitations in-game MC presents. - Dealing with the inconsistencies of the minionland map, with keeping location consistency in check. But, the biggest one with overlaps with the 3 main problems: -Dealing with creating a set of rules that prevent problems such as god-modding, but also leave plenty of creative wiggle room. There are also lesser problems that I see, but it's probably me just coming over from NC RP-ing. so, I Guess this is where I post my idea! Yes past me, this is where we post the idea you had. So before I get started, a quick disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A DEFINITE THING, JUST A SUGGESTION! If you don't like the idea, please speak up, let your voice be heard! I want the RP to live again, and hard-nosing an idea that people don't like will not do that well! so, go away and critique! The NS Approach: In Nationstates, an RP is conducted over 2 forum posts, an In-Character Post(IC), and an Out of Character Post(OOC). -an IC post is where events, policies, interactions and decisions are written by the contributors. The jumps in time usually last around 2-4 weeks on average, and it allows for longer, diplomatic talks between players without needing to be in the same discord. -an OOC post is where a person signs up for the RP by filling out a form with basic info(Nation Name, population, army size, location, ETC,) and waiting for the OP to approve/deny the forum, as well as a discussion area for what should happen next, future plans, basic questions for OP, and behind the scene interactions and communications. This system works very well for large and small RPs alike and allows for people across the globe to contribute without the worry of timezones or coordinating with other players in person. It is actually a lot of fun, and if the OP is fair and just in their ruling, it can be very interesting the stories that can be made.(END OF PART ONE, NEW POST SOON!)
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    Fallout Settlement Like Games?

    Surviving Mars is an excellent if difficult game as the lack of any real tutorial hurts first time players. I'd look up some guides and tips for new players. Colony management and resources. It's a game where you can really amp up the challenge and go for impossible situations. But on easier difficulties say under 150 it should be okay for beginners assuming you know a thing or two.
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    I think KCD would be a good LP if it was not a blind playthru. There is way too much grinding and like you said Cryz simple living. Fun as a time burner sucks for a LP. The Lper needs to know this game well then he/she could tell a good story with it.
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    Now I will have the Pink Panther Theme playing in my head ever time I watch Lenny xD I played a thief character quite similar to Lenny until just a few weeks ago, and using Sneak Tools makes it easier to "silence" people, by knocking them out or killing them. In fact, I remember killing that guard in Riften by the entrance, dragging the body to the back of a house, disguising as the guard with a MOD, and going into Aerin's house Also, following someone to a dark spot and knocking them to get their keys is fun... and risky sometimes. The good thing about sneak tools is that is not a guaranteed succes... if the target moves, you might fail and get a bounty. Please, somebody tell Gopher about that... he actually has sneak tools in the load order, but isn't using any of the options or tools...
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    As Gopher pointed out in his other video, this looks like it would be awesome for spellcaster or archery characters. I truly wish that Bethesda hadn’t made the choice of controller or keyboard an exclusive one. Being able to use something like Voice Attack to select favorite slots or shouts would make things so much easier. For me. Hopefully, they’ll not perpetuate that limitation in whatever the next game is.
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    Skyrim VR LIVE | Friday@9pm CEST

    Sorry to hear that, hope you fell better soon ! I am sort of watching it, have it on another screen while I was playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so more listening then watching. Now stopped playing so will see how it goes. Got to say it looks funny when you see the hand devices floating around and not hands instead.
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    herbs with an h instead of erbs. I shall now go worship Gopher. ps: I really hate it when people pronounce it as erbs...
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    This is a long tour but it really needed to be. If you havent been to Z's place in Minionland you really need to see it for yourself. This video does a pretty good job capturing it tho. Great job Dom and thanks again for documenting this.
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    Lennie really is a risk taker... I was biting my nails most of the episode! And saying, "No! Lenny! No! Don't try it!"
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    Lurk mode OFF (after 6 years! O_o )

    Hello Gopher! Hi all! I’ve been lurking in the minionhood for a long time (6 years). I tuned in to Gopher’s channel at the time of the earliest Skyrim Mod Sanctuaries, and Stiv. The role-playing, the storytelling and the humour has kept me pinned to this day. Gopher himself may actually remember me giving him pointers on how to EQ his audio when he splurged on a non-chat-headset mic that naturally had heavy low frequency response. It was during a Stiv chapter, can’t remember which. We communicated via YouTube’s PM system back when there actually was one (the days of YouTube yore). He thanked me on a video intro (Whoa! Squealing like a schoolgirl here, man! ). Glad I could help. Gopher’s let’s plays (and YouTube videos in general) were at the time the only way for me to experience the art of games and gaming since I didn’t have the funds for a PC decent enough to run a modern game. For that I am eternally grateful. It was a really dark time in my life. At such times you tend to instantly gravitate to any light that you can see. Gopher’s brand of entertainment is one such light. It was really inspiring to observe his path. When he still had a day-job and was balancing his family life in three directions, I was (we all were) rooting for him to succeed in his venture and dedicate himself to this full time. I am glad he achieved this goal. I will be happy to support him in the future in any way I can. Anyway, gang, I feel like I know you all, you beautiful people. It’s such a positive community and I feel proud to be a part of it. I have since somewhat upgraded my system and it will run older games. I haven’t had the time to play though. I still don’t but the urge is overwhelming. I will be looking for modding advice on the other forums, starting with The Witcher: Enhanced edition. See you around. Well, I’ll see YOU. I’m still not fully out of lurk mode, pardonne-moi. Short-list o’facts: Favourite game(z): …anything Gopher's already played, TES Oblivion, Fallout 1&2, Deus EX, Thief Deadly Shadows, Sid Meier’s Pirates, also some Amiga games like The Settlers (Serf city in the U.S.), Sensible World of Soccer (many-a-joystick perished), Benefactor (check the avatar), Monkey Island series, Syndicate, Cannon Fodder, Dreamweb... I’m a musician. Instrument of choice: guitar. I love listening to game soundtracks. Music in games is often what I need for a good gaming experience. Favourite game soundtracks: Jeremy Soule’s Skyrim score. The Witcher soundtracks. Favourite OST tracks: - Jeremy Soule - The Streets of Whiterun (I listen to this before meditation) - Piotr Musial - The Slopes of the Blessure (never fails to draw a tear...) I shed a tear when the Witcher playthroughs ended. Thank you, Gopher, for a beautiful ride.
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    The human voice...dam it can be so magical. Hope you enjoy.
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    Played through the prologue. Not gonna lie, I don't love the combat. Still, it's not as bad as I remember it to be. I appreciate the story more this time around. I'm pleased with the choice of mods. The game looks great. The frame rate does suffer at times when the action gets busy, but for the most part it's stable. The game crashed on exit once, before any mods were installed. No crashes since modding it (must be the LAA 4GB thing). Again, a thank you to everyone that pinched in with their suggestions. Final list (in order of installation): I mostly followed this list and guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/6y3a2w/the_witcher_1_indepth_modding_guide_updated/ As promised some screenshots from inside the game: So it begins... again.
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    good luck !! i dont remember any complications while installing mods for the 1st Witcher (unlike the 2nd one...) most of the new stuff just goes into Override folder, and a few new folders
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    Last time ive played 1st Witcher game i was using one big (but mostly visual) overhaul - Rise of the White Wolf Enhanced Edition and also some lesser retextures and fixes (list under spoiler) - if you are interested, you can find them by their Nexus numbers
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    At the usual link. Your browser may have cached the link; try refreshing the page.
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    So how's everyone's day been going?

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    Roleplay resurection

    Oh yeah, it would also allow us to make some cool flags for nations other than banners. Here's the Northern Kingdom's(Or as it's called in NS, Imperium Norius's) flag, done in the traditional 3:5 ratio.
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    Roleplay resurection

    PART 2: ok, so now the forum isn't bugging out, let me finish this off: I Propose we make 2 forum posts that would host the RP(IC and OOC respectively) in the basic NS fasion. But, since this is minionland, there will be some added twists: 1) World map A new, revamped world map would allow us to effectively draw borders of nations. Rhe ways we do this are pretty open, the best ones IMO are: - Use an online map editor(Mapcharts for example) and color in an RL world map - Create a custom map using software drawing tools and marking out nations - Hand drawing a map(maybe not this) A new map would also allow for some new cleaner borders, and we can either shrink/expand the distance between builds to change how the world works. 2) Minionland Builds Count! this one's a fun one! although it would be a forum where the main action happens, Minionland is where we build our nations/kingdoms up. how? well, let's say Ryno wants a new tank army in the RP or Xeredek wants a new flotilla. they would have to make a minionland equivalent for it to exist in the RP. so, hard work in-game is rewarded! But, since it's in an RP post, we can take liberties with how to scale we need to make the builds. speaking of scale and such... 3) We Are Free from the shackles of MC's limits! want a tank that can move? or a boat that floats? how about some real magic(Since you all love your magic), or firing cannons, or even making kingdoms and empires actually the size of kingdoms and empires instead of 2 cities and some squat villages(COUGH*thenorthernkingdom*COUGH)? We can do that here! no longer do we need to worry about how MC's and the server's limits would affect the RP, and we can go into detail about the details of our places in ways we couldn't even imagine, or be bothered to build! The Rules would be simple: 1) No trolling, god-modding, and the likes. 2) The OP's ruling is word rule of god, mostly. if it seems unfair or unreasonable, speak up. 3) Don't jump forward in time too much, keep it at 3 weeks forward at most. 4) Don't position yourself to be a world superpower FROM THE START(this one may be a bit controversial, but hear me out. In most RPs, starting world powers are non-player nations and usually are the one who starts the story off and develops it in certain ways later on. However, if you grow stronger enough, later on, to take them on, go right ahead. at the most, be a regional power in your relative area in your cardinal direction/land mass. sometimes its much more fun to play as a small guy with some interesting ideas around them.) 5) When expanding your military/infrastructure, don't go in huge leaps for no reason.(Don't created an extra 1,000,000 soldiers without putting the effort to get them, with factories and barracks and the such). you are on the honors system, so don't take advantage of that. 6) OOC is kept in OOC, and IC is kept in IC. So that's what I got so far. Stay tuned for such things as Starting World Powers, the Map issue, and more! And please suggest more ideas and the such:)
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    Well, well now. This is starting to look a bit familiar in a way, almost when a certain Jack had a terrible time finding a Sledge Hammer, although this time Lenny is looking for a Torch. On another note, what is the mod Gopher is using for the Tarot card thingy ??
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    Minionland Mob Cap

    Ok so as you may know recently the AFK timer was turned off. This is super handy for afk farming things like iron and gunpowder. However it was brought up that it affects the mob cap having a player camping at farms. I was just wondering how the mob cap works. I know the server is set up to have 100 players online and I remember how few mobs there were in the early days. I guess I am just wondering how much having a couple players AFK affects the over all spawn rate. I like having the ability to generate resources on a longer timeline but if it is negatively affecting other players game I am willing to limit how often I use the feature.
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    Umm... I just thought of another punny meaning of the title: So I need to IRON the outfit? because, he found that clothes iron and could not find the outfit he wanted... and maybe the brown thieves guild outfit was wrinkly??? Yeah. I am still hung up on the title...
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    Fallout Settlement Like Games?

    I think we should take any further discussion on Surviving Mars to it's thread mostly to ensure we don't clog up this one when it's asking for varied games on a certain genre.
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    hey, wasnt there someone with a daedric bow in a Cistern ?!..
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    Hi everybody Rumbling games is an upcoming game development studio located in Egypt our studio aims to offer a real value AAA gaming for an average cost respecting all gamers time and money we are developing a huge game project titled "Knights of Light" which is a 3rd person action adventure rpg game the game theme and setting is the medieval ages specifically in the middle east the story events and characters are based on actual authentic historical battles that was never introduced before the world is an accurate representation of the land of Iraq with its various different terrains and landscapes the environment will feature the magnificent Sasanian art and architecture like the hanging gardens our targeted playing hours is 60 hours plus with two expansions check out our work in progress game world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge7U_6in5HQ and for PC gamers check out our NVIDIA gameworks features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rybqbQVIqI4 and if you are interested you can subscribe for the demo here
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    Someone should tell him. He also seems unaware of the instant stealth-kill option. Its actually something that bothers me about Skyrim stealth, that you have no means of knocking people out without killing them, so a mod option from a mod he is using would be great.
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    Yeah, a chest sensor or maybe a belt censor would be a great way to solve the orientation problem Gopher was talking about. As to the video itself and his using the left and right renders, I liked it, personally. I don't have the motion sickness that others do, so that's not a worry for me, but I appreciated him having both eye-views shown. I do wish there was some way to merge the two views into one image, though, even if it was just crudely overlapping one eye's view with the other, though that would likely leave a somewhat noticeable seem. Even if it came out as a 4x3 video rather than a 16x9 aspect ratio, though, it would be better than the split view imo.
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    Just an FYI A complete version of the HTC Vive Pro system with next generation base stations is around $1,400 plus tax. The new bundle announced today, April 23rd by HTC includes two future-proof base stations that, when combined with a future software update and two additional units, should ultimately enable SteamVR 2.0 Tracking across a huge 10 meter by 10 meter space.
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    Here are some rough timestamps 19:36 Five Towers 38:58 Richards Dragon Slayer Monument 50:46 Stiv's Temple 56:12 Chay's Monument 1:12:53 Clamshell Theater 1:19:25 Stiv's Museum 1:25:04 Witcher Medallion 1:33:34 Jack's Whiskey 1:36:18 Laser Musket 1:36:55 1 Year Cake
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    Welcome to the forums
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    I will try to uninstall, delete and reinstall and see if that helps. If not, neither are critical to my play through. Everything else seems to be fine.
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    Has anyone had any issues with mods not working quite right since the new SKSE was released? For example, My Quick Loot no longer works (does not display on screen) and I am unable to see enemy level via MoreHud even though I have it set to display in the mod's MCM.
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    It was in Skyrim but I can't remember many details. I am leaning toward one of the big new would mods. It wasn't Moon Path, or Falskaar...I think it was Wyrmstooth.
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    It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 4 Episode 1
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    One of my all time favorite song covered deep by bruce springsteen. Kills it!
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    I hope we get a Quarico theme slogan for the Gopher store in the future. Like 4/5 Quarico's recommend having an Explosive good time. Now put that on a t-shirt and sell it!
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    I love Vortex and think it is good enough for beginners using either Skyrim or SkyrimSE. But it is in Alpha so you might want to stick with Nexus. The tutorial Gopher made is hardly sufficient to use as a beginner so Nexus might be the easiest to get information. Whichever organizer you decide to try I can help. There are many modders here who use one or the other and can give excellent advice. I agree that SkyrimSE is more stable and runs better than old-Skyrim. It also looks better and requires fewer complexion mods. Gopher has a tutorial on installing Enderal and one on installing Bruma. He is using Nexus so that would be another reason to use Nexus. Both mods are a bit complicated. But, I will help whenever you have problems. Enderal does task machines so the better the gaming rig the better. I recommend a GTX 1080 video card and at least 16 Gb RAM and at least a 1 Tb hard drive or SSD..The motherboard and processor should run at over 1.5 Gbs and I recommend 3 Gbs. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay. Talk to us and we will talk back... in a good way! Have a cookie and duck if you see a flying cat dive bombing you with a flame thrower...