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    Hey all, Anyone heard about these developers ? I never have and just heard about this upcoming game today. Having watch some trailers and one of their Webseries videos about the game it sure sounds very interesting !! Have put the game on my wishlist for now, might buy it before it is out on the 10th of September this year. Some trailers for those that are interested. And here is the link to the website. Would be interested in hearing anyone's thoughts about the game and if anyone played any of Spiders previous games and what you think of them as developers ? Found a bit of gameplay that IGN posted, and some talk about the game as it being showed. Seems to have an rather large skill tree. Can also have 5 companions, and depending on how you interact with them they can either be helpful, or betray you ! 😮
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    Pretty sure Elianora's mod does not nerf the experience gain through building. Should be fine. I am using a mod that does deliberately nerf experience gain through building because I want to only gain experience through questing. Makes the game a lot slower.
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    Yes I did. Never thought of clicking on one of the workbenches outside last night, probably to tired at the time in question. Then for some reason did it this morning and just for fun clicked for settlement menu and it opened up. Was quiet surprised when it happened. I might build some walls around it but not much more then that, if anything. Can remember if you get experience from building things but if I do might build some just for the experience.
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    I am so glad that in my plane of existance "You-Know-Who", "He Who Must Not Be Named" Voltimort chose music over wizardry. HaHa
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    I agree with you there !! One reason I have so many of her player home mods installed. And in regards to that, have a question to you or anyone else that be reading this. Have you used her Red Rocket mod ? The description in the mod says two things about the red workbench and it is showing in her pictures as well from other players that has built settlement there. From the description: - There is no workbench for settlement building - What you see is what you get - You can still use the OUTSIDE of the garage as normal settlement, build and invite settlers etc. Just they can't come inside. The only edits outside are the workbench location, adding some trees and cars and stuff. For me though, there is no red workstation hence wondering if you used the mod and have the workstation there ?? Not that I am that interested in settlement building, just more worried if I done something wrong with the modding. Didn't install the mod from the start but had it installed before I left the vault though. Edit: Turns out the actually workshop wasn't needed, after having accessed one of the workbenches I was able to access the settlement building menu and all is good.
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    FALLOUT - New California #Prelude

    Looking forward to this one
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    Ok so gopher recently released his fix for fps drops on his system... he did this by lowering his shadow distance setting. I had figured this out a while ago but it wouldn't cut it for me because I am a graphics whore. I did some digging and found out that oddly for pc games fallout 4 benefits more from high ram and cpu clock speeds than from gpu power. I am running an msi gtx 970 with a 4690k at 3.5ghz (stock cooler) and 8gb of 1866mhz ram. I ran out and grabbed an h100i gtx water cooler for my cpu and overclocked it to a stable 4.8ghz and did a very light ram overclock from 1866mhz to 2000mhz. The result was absolutely GREAT. I went from fps drops into the high 20s to a reasonably stable 60fps with ALL settings maxed out (including god rays) at 1080p in cities. My conclusion is that this game, oddly enough, will find massive performance improvements from overclocks to the cpu and ram. I have to get the word out because I haven't seen anyone else figure this out for some reason.
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    The link works fine. That is quite a mod list. I have used about half of them. The rest are new to me. I love Elianora's mods. They are always very refined and beautiful. I rarely use armor or weapons or graphics mods, other than a few very basic mods. I do like enhancement mods that tweak the environment and make it look amazingly different for a playthrough. I usually load every quest mod I can find because I have played all the basic quests all the way through six different ways. I have played as all the factions and a few that are not even allowed by the vanilla game. I have favored or destroyed every faction. I once played a game joining every faction just to see if I could bypass the vanilla restrictions on doing this. I also played a game in which I destroyed every faction. I even bypassed the ending and began a game with only raiders and monsters active. I got really bored making mods and using console commands. That is why I am currently playing only Skyrim.
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    My odd problem in Skyrim is caused by the mods I am running. Of the 200 mods I am running at least 2 are in conflict. It causes multiple resets when I start to save. The number of resets increases the longer I play. And the Winking Skeever crashes as well as the Talos Shrine where you take the Queens thing for her husband. I can live with those three problems. Oh another one is that one whole quest is in Japanese and I don't know which one it is. I can't read Japanese but I have completed about half of the questline. I will be starting Fallout from scratch, selecting mods off Nexus. First I have to decide which Fallout I want to play. If I do Fallout 4, I make mods to let me do whatever I feel like doing. I have a Fallout 4 game in progress and I might go back to it. I was avoiding doing any of the standard quests except the amusement park and I finished it. I think I quit while doing the robot master. I started making a robot mod and got busy doing other things.
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    @Cryzeteur Sorry to hear about the problems you having with Skyrim. If you decide to play Fallout 4 again, would love to see your mod list (if Vortex has a text file of all mods that is ?). I'm going to try and get CBBE and BodySlide installed tomorrow, never used those before so hope I be able to figure out how to get them working. Still not sure if I'm missing any worth mods though, maybe see if there is a mod that would let you complete the game without killing of the other factions. We'll see I guess.
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    Hey all, back to this again. My game HDD crashed and lost my Fallout mod list among others, was using Vortex but on chance I Installed Mod Organizer 2 and it saw all the esp's I had installed through the saves so now using MO2 instead. Have reinstalled everything and added some more stuff but wondering if I have missed something. Mostly wondering if there is any location 'upgrades' that's worth using, like The Beantown Interiors Project or similar ?? I was going to add the mod list generated with MO2 so that you all could see if I was missing something that might be worth adding, but I just realized that the spoiler tag is missing so that would be a hug post if I posted it ! Have to see if I can sort that out in some other way then. Found this mod, War Veteran Female Sole Survivor, so playing as a female for the first time since the mod says it has some different dialogues then the male has. In any case, any other suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated !
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    It's also possible that, if Gopher gets involved, any number of his Minions might jump on board, either by helping with Kickstarter, or with the early stages of the mod... not for free, naturally.
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I'm planning on making a mod for KCD, when the long-anticipated mod kit finally comes out. This forum might be a good place to discuss it. I'll add more later.
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    Cryzeteur. have I mentioned lately how wonderful I think you are? If I haven't then, I do - think you are wonderful. And (off topic) someday, can you tell me what your name means? Or maybe just how to say it. 😁
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    uhmm …. maybe a tad but I don't think it was too overdone. I think what was actually happening might not have been all that interesting (illness never is, believe me). I mean, he got better, which was all we needed to know, right? What did you think was missing? On a side note, I was a little sad to see this LP end. I have really enjoyed the Metro series.
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    My two favorite action RPGs, "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" and "The Witcher 3" (discovered because of Gopher), both use massive open-world maps. The mod I have in mind has to be a little more modest, given that there's no money for it yet, only the promise of a ton of work to get it made once the KCD mod kit comes out. However, if you've seen the video (above) it becomes obvious, after a little thought, that such a limitation only applies to the first mod in a series of mods. In other words, a whole bunch of small mods can be added to the first one, resulting in something large and sprawling, perhaps as large as KCD or Witcher 3. It will tell the life story of one main character, Marcus, slave of the Roman empire, starting in the year 27 BC, and details his loves, his battles, his goals, his failures and conquests, not to mention the family he leaves behind and the challenges they face at that time in history.
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    and hats! He has hats; very neat hats!
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    Gopher, this seems like the best place for a special request. For a long time I've wanted to make a computer game, and have watched for many years to see how the technology develops. I happened across your Let's Play videos on YouTube, and as a result later purchased Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Warhorse Studios plans to release a mod kit sometime in the near future, and I hope to use it to get started on my game. This YouTube video succinctly describes what I want to do. It'll probably require a Kickstarter campaign. I could provide more details in this forum, or we could discuss things privately via email. Your thoughts?
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    Thank you Cryzeteur. I'll give him some time to reach out to me, and post as much info as I need to lure him into doing so.
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    Vortex versus NMM

    Well, I got Hitman for $15 on PS Store and then Hitman 2 for $23, so I have been playing that. I will seriously consider Vortex, though.
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    Wolfhorse 60

    What mod was that?

    Hi everyone! been awhile, just wanted to see if anyone remembers this. It was either a follower or a revamp/overhaul mod. It was bawdy and off-color and I remember either gopher saying it or it was in the title or description of the vid, something like "somebody play this mod , Please!". Like it was a little too far over the line for Goph's vids but it was hilarious. I'm sorry i wish I could remember more but I always thought I'd just go back to the vid about but it's been like a year now and I cannot remember what it was called anymore or which one of Gopher's vids it was. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
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    Always remember to state which game you are talking about. As I recall you are playing Fallout IV. I have never had quite this problem but it is caused by the way the game keeps track of meshes and textures. The game has "nodes" which trigger all the nearby meshes and textures. The game does not load meshes and textures until a node is triggered. So untriggerred meshes do not appear. Because the field of view is linked to this, items in front of you are visible farther. It is similar to LOD. It is very unlikely this has anything to do with Vortex, though the load order might do this. I had something similar happen when I violated the maximum number of meshes and textures being loaded at one point. The problem probably is related to how much you have built in one location.
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    Dayyum, this made me cry 😭
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    It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 8 Episode 10 The Legacy Of The Dragonborn
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