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    OK I found my Theme song for those of us who love playing Fallout76.
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    Still up,so lets go to The Twilight Zone!
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    Been a Looong time since I last visited. No dark theme ?
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    Finished my 1st playthrough of Tales of Berseria. New favorite game, hands down.
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    could be bad mechanics though some of us are forever fated to be foot soldiers. I don't care what game it is, I can not shoot/swing a sword/axe/mace/what-have-you on a horse. It's just not possible.
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    I'm with Morrandir on this one. PlayStation for the win. In fact since 2015 (post Witcher3) Sony and the playstations has been the only platform with games I wanted to play. I watch several youtubers video game focused with their best games of 2016,17,18 and I just shake my head and of course whats offer for PC is the worst. My gaming PC is 6 years old (GTX780) and I have zero interest in building a new system to play a newly released game. fraps frame rate upper left corner of screen. No action monitor set for 120hz. click pict for larger image. Even when the crap is hitting the fan and I have 10-20 active monsters jumping, shooting, and fighting my FR holds pretty dam well. Since everybody but Bethesda was a fraid to release a game while RedDead II was hot 2019 does show promiss with Metro Exodus and The Outer Worlds.
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    I used to buy every platform including PC and play everything that came out. However, even back in the 1990s that was not easy to do. Every platform seemed to have one or two new releases every month. There were three or four consoles, and three or four PCs and every PC brand had it's own releases that could only be played on their own machine. The only machine I did not have was a MAC/APPLE and arcade. The quality of games back then was about the same as now. Maybe a half dozen good games a year across all platforms and a couple of hundred so-so and stinker games. Some of the best games were on arcade machines. Really the platforms have changed but gaming is pretty stable (ignoring improvements in technology). Curiously most of the games people are raving about this year came out on consoles. That is fine with me. I am happy with Skyrim and Fallout. Although I do have a PS4 and an XBOX which I hardly ever turn on. I don't know why people were so confused by F76 I explained the game in detail before it came out. If people paid attention they would have not been so surprised. Admittedly it could have been done better, But they did a pretty good version of their proposed game changes. They managed to implement them and it works. I expect Bethesda is quite happy. However, I am worried about ESVI. I hope they do a simple new game and don't get too inventive. They could ruin it.
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    Far Cry 5 and Just Cause 4 were also let downs, 76 I could see coming months before the "BETA" but it turned out worse than I thought. Still there were some good games.
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    No Problem... Let's do this, once you receive your system and get it setup and Steam installed, let me know and then I get you Skyrim Se gifted back to you.
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    Well guys...looks like my system won't get here until at least the 11th of January... They say it will be 'shipped' in like, 2-5 'business' days, from today... ...and, no telling exactly how long 'shipping' will take... ...so, I'm thinking two weeks...at least...with New Year's in a couple days... Was hoping to do a New Year's episode on the new computer, but, eh, guess not... And yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you guys too Roachbait FNV
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    Hey Roachbait, If I see a credit issued on my steam account, I'll take it as you did not receive or were not able to setup and download the game before Jan 1st. If so, no problem wait a day or 2 and I will re-purchase it and send you an email. It is my mission in life to get you addicted to Skyrim, so you to can spend/waste many hours of your life in the world we call Skyrim.
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    EU and the proposed Article 13 !?!

    @Eliorim thank you for this info and these links.
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    Yeah, I figured it would be here by now...buuuut...it's not... Should be here some time this week though... ...and yeah, the wait is killing me... Roachbait
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    Replaying Oblivion, question

    Moving OBMM is complicated. I think Gopher made a video about it. It has been so long since I used it that I can not help you with OBMM. If the Steam version crashed unmodded, then you need to verify the files. Something is wrong. Do not install mods on a game that is not working. Make sure it is working first. The first time I installed Steam Oblivion it crashed. I do not remember why. Nor do I remember how to fix it. I know I went to Gopher's installation vid and followed that. I got the vanilla Steam version working. Then I got the regular NMM mods working. Then I added the OBMM mods I wanted to use. I do not like to use OBMM because it is complicated and I keep forgetting the procedure. But you have to get things working a bit at a time. Don't do too much at once with OBMM. Guaranteed fail. That is why I recommended Vortex. It works better. Just install one mod at a time and check each time.
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    Since I have both versions installed on the same computer, I should only have to uninstall the one version, then run the Steam version, right? Or will I need to have it do the video check first, then I can re-dump everything. EDIT: Had a thought. Can I just move/copy my D:\Games\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion folder to the G:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Oblivion folder and have everything working? I think the files are the same date. Or would that cause too many conflicts? And one last thing. Does NMM still have problems with .omod files? I've got OBMM installed, and I used NMM to install the unofficial patches, but all the pages for the other mods say "Use OBMM". Some haven't updated in a while, so I'm not sure if that was ever fixed.
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    Yeah, its less of a mutant and more of a magical flesh golem.
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    horse blankets ARE important! I would'a gone back for my horse; it's a crying shame they don't let you lead a horse not asking that type of question in front of a spouse was …. discreet, I thought. the garland thing, well, that was avoidance, but I have faith there's a plan. Gopher always has a plan, somewhere, usually
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    2:15 I can't believe Gopher went back to get Pebbles. 17:05 Not talking to Margaret seems silly even with her husband present. 20:20 Delaying the garland for not real reason is just plain stupid. This is probably the most annoying demonstration of Gopher's avoidance of the immediate action, ever. Gopher's logic is so over thinking... So what is soo important? A horse blanket!
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    Yeah I thought it looked like one I saw. But this is what they just released OFFICIALLY It looks like they are building hype again...
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    That sounds like your antiviral system...
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    See this is what I am talking about... We just don't know... and the Hype train has left the station (And it's a NON-stop Ride). I mean they have a working world, ALPHA or Pre BETA whatever... so they should have a good idea of what will run it and what will run it best. I just wish they could or would give us numbers... Yes a GTX 980 will run it in normal or high, yes you will need at least 16Gm RAM, no you won't have to sell your soul to play in Ultra level. Also my 2 cents on Consoles: First ...Shun the non-believer You have been Shunned now Cryzeteur ! Second: Consoles have 2 issue, as it is now .. not upgraded able and heat. The heat generated by faster and faster CPU and GPU only get higher and higher and one of consoles selling points has always been small foot print (and to some extent mobility) so to get up to or Pass a PC, means more heat and a small box. With a small case, you just can't dissipate it fast enough. So consoles have to grow large and more $$$ and nosier, what your left with is a PC without a keyboard.
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