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  3. hi... i loved minions... they are very cute characters i think despicable me is one of the best animation in the world... i realy like this 😍
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  5. I didn't expect Todd to talk about any new releases (although Fallout Shelter in the Tesla is a surprise). He's trying to build this image of himself as an innovator, they know each other from a ways back, so why not sit down and talk about the future? And they went places... Todd also mentioned going to SpaceX to snoop for ideas for Starfield so at least we know they will try to make space in the game as realistic as possible without being dull and punishing. Elon seemed out of place which is not a surprise. The questions at the end were just... It was more a meeting of two minds that are trying to push the boundaries in their respective fields having a chat. Where Todd's mind is going... I get the feeling he's not excited about TES anymore which makes me a little sad. Maybe that's where his mind has been all along. To make another TES akin to Skyrim would be playing it safe, while making something new is taking a risk. We already know he's not averse to taking risks (Fallout 76), I just don't know how that's good for fans of BGS games, so far known and loved, or his company's bottom line. Time will tell.
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  7. This is really very nice and it is showing Asus Error Code 55. I am looking for the proper solution to fix this. Please help me with the proper solution.
  8. Yeah I know this guy is all over the map when it comes to music.
  9. I was thinking more for the fact that the original video was taken down, that's all.
  10. Unless the management tells me I don't plan to lock or delete this thread. If minions want to talk about this topic I'm OK with it. Of course, if someone starts posting in an unprofessional manner those post will be removed.
  11. I watched the stream as well. All 7+ hours of it. #WhatIsSleep Gopher was asking questions (speculating) about some things that were confirmed facts at the time the video went live. One being, whether Keanu Reeves/Johnny Silverhand is an actual character/companion in game or just a cameo for the reveal. It was confirmed by CDPR via press release on Monday, June 10th that he is in fact a "key character". Also by careful observation of the gameplay sneak peek, one can see what appears to be a hologram of Silverhand in one of the scenes. Gopher also said we saw no gameplay which is not completely accurate. Much as I love him, in truth, Gopher was uninformed and probably tired when he made the video. Tired and clueless as he was, he just wanted to make something for the Minions who missed the stream to let them know he is excited about the game (message received) and I love him for it. But some of the comments were uncalled for and just plain rude. Everybody wants to be a smart-ass. Was he shilling for CDPR? Well... Yes. He said so in the beginning of the video. In fact I wish he would relax on that point a little bit. It's really no big deal for me. I'm beginning to think it's a burden to him. He seems much more relaxed talking about anything Bethesda related. Was he right to take it down? Probably. Gopher, if you read this, we love you dude. Relax. I expect this thread to soon be locked or deleted, lol
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