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  3. I used to sty up all night listening to garage rock out of Riverside. Peggies is the Japanese version.
  4. I'm very doubtful about this supposed release date this year: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1113863/Cyberpunk-2077-release-date-CD-Projekt-2019-job-advert We should learn more at E3 ... which is almost upon us...
  5. Some interesting details, tidbits... https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-ads-job-listing/
  6. 6:30 "Have I done the right thing?" Personally, I would have said "I don't believe a word you said." just to see what he would say. 13:45 I couldn't even see the cumins without the torch. Trying to escort the guy sort of made sense, as it also occurred to me, but it was actually a little silly. He rode through the cumins without being attacked, so he was basically safe until he got to the camp. When Peychar showed up at the camp and Gopher was stuck in a conversation and the game would not let go of him was totally ridiculous... bad game mechanics.
  7. The Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE on Nexus is Version 4.1.1. (Update 4.1.6; Patch 4.1.8) Gopher is running version 3.4.07. According to Icecreamassassin, version 5 is being tested and should be released soon. It is significantly different from the current version. I am running version 4. There are noticeable differences compared to Gopher's PT. The Wearable Lanterns patch can be fixed by removing the tweaks to the lanterns while keeping the MCM text fixes. Best of both worlds. Obscure's College of Winterhold https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20514 does look interesting. Both the architectural changes and the way it interfaces with modded content. It is incompatible with a lot of things through and requires a new build.
  8. The EU Copyright Directive has been approved by the European Council this morning. EU member countries have 2 years to implement into law. Details: Brits special mention and heads-up: What we can expect: Whether the European Court of Justice can repeal Article 11 & Article 13... https://www.reddit.com/r/europe/comments/ayd7mt/hi_reddit_im_julia_reda_an_mep_for_the_pirate/
  9. So is no one on the forum playing metro but me and Flyddon? I'm on my 3rd playthru I'm playing a bad Artyom this time. Killing everything, max negative carma, for the super bad ending. It is very hard to play this way. Shooting innocent people in the face. I have to quit all time it not too fun but I want to hear the voice actors and see the bad cut scenes and its the only way to do it.
  10. Rage 1 vs Rage2 I love Rage 1 but will it help with Rage 2? I don't know. The trailors are not promising. Rage 2 does not seem to have any connection to the original game. I hope I am wrong but I am not preordering the game because the trailors are so different and they look too much like Doom with race cars. An we all know how gopher sucks with driving using a K&M, haha. I am really looking forward to Gopher getting back to Rage 1. I sure hope he can find the secret room where all the programmers signed their names and I can't remember did he find the Fallout 3 bobble head?
  11. 3 am jeeze that is detication. I have never been able to make the live but I do enjoy the recording so I can watch when my life gives me a chance.
  12. It was kind of funny when Gopher had extra hours on his hands and decided that he would take a bath. At that point I was saying through a hand palm, "Gopher, you have to hunt down a lot of meat, so do that!" The next thing you see is Gopher out in the woods killing a last deer and rabbit. Not exactly the same thing as taking a bath, but it made me quite happy. He did what I wanted him to do! 😊
  13. Has anyone checked that it hasn't released already? Because that would be a surprise.
  14. CDPR have said that the marketing will rely on "surprise factor". It wouldn't... errr... surprise me?
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  16. Thanks Cryzeteur it just started working about 3 hours after it posted. Gopher seemed to think it had somethng to do with YT USA. Everyone on his side of the pond could see it.
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