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  2. New Vegas Reborn - Mojave Encounters isn't available anymore, deleted file.
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  4. Couldn't think of a better title. I guess only Gopher can answer this question but I am wondering if your Jack playthrough is still benefiting from views despite the adpocalypse. The reason I ask is because I have been wanting for a long time (for personal use only) to download and keep your play throughs of Skyrim and New Vegas, I probably watch them once a year or so. But, I haven't done that in case my watching them has been providing some benefit. However it seems that now may not be the case. Secondly, whether it is or not, is this something you would be fine with? I really do think that they are some of the best "LP" content I have seen from anyone and I would hate for them to vanish from youtube, and I am guessing that maybe you don't have all of the original cuts saved somewhere. I don't know of any archive of them so I have wanted for myself to make my own for my own viewing. There have been cases in the past where good content has simply vanished from the internet and while I don't believe you will vanish any time soon; you never know (especially with Google). Finally, if that is all well and good, does anyone know a good automated way to retrieve the videos? I know how to download video but my method requires me doing it manually for every video.
  5. EVIL WITHIN 2: First Impressions

    Scratches head a little bit....didn't Gopher play all the way thru FO4 on the X Box using a controller? Usually once your thumbs are trained you never loose the touch.
  6. Stiv 64 bit is a thing ! And he LOOKS SEXY !
  7. EVIL WITHIN 2: First Impressions

    The new logo is so awesome !
  8. Meanwhile in the multiverse...

    what ?
  9. COMING SOON(-ish)
  10. Gopher's Quotes

    Please, no embeding. the thread is going to load like "intros and themes" one. I left that thread because it crashed my browser everytime
  11. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Back to the commonwealth wasteland to continue our journey in Fallout 4. Join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and chat.
  12. Questions about the clan

    Okay, thanks. In that case my in game name is ThisOne357.
  13. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 2 Episode 25
  14. @BeuwolfAll I will say about ammo in the late game is there's nowhere near enough of it. And I was playing on Normal.
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  16. Part from he is so used to shoot things from a distance, going up close and personal isn't really Gopher's style but hopefully he figuring it out or he be using a lot of bullets trying to take down the stronger enemies that he has yet to face.
  17. These better? Any preferences? Personally, I like option B here (though I did notice the view distance needs work). Things keep changing, but I've made some progress on the chance and community chest cards as well. Fingers crossed I'll have it all done by the time Minionland turns 1.
  18. Now all he has to do is figure out how the damage falloff on the pistol and (especially) the shotgun works, and he'll be all set.
  19. its just something that bugs me, i'm not saying its wrong or its a problem. Its not just the fact that the builds arent themed either, even builds in my favorite theme arent really laid out in a logical way for the purpose of roleplaying. Thats to be expected since that wasnt the goal of the server and the whole faction roleplay thing is pretty new. I just want to offer an option to people who want to build a server from the ground up with the goal of roleplaying. Nobody on the server is doing anything wrong, its just that i see potential for a roleplay server here.
  20. Finally he did a bridge, GLOOOOOOOOOOORIOUS BRIDGES!
  21. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Time to stream. Today we go off to the Commonwealth Wasteland in Fallout 4. Join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and chat.
  22. I've seen him try and use it at a little over 9m; too far in this game and go back to the wrench.
  23. I am a bit surprised that you were under the impression that Minionland would be a medieval themed server. Gopher never built in medieval style and there's a McDonald's next to spawn. But either way it seems like a weird thing to get hung up about. Have you ever really looked at the real world? The diversity in houses ranges from hyper-modern penthouse apartments in the city to stick and mud huts in Africa and anything in between. While some people are taking their self-driving Tesla cars to work, many are just trying to push their donkey and cart up the hill. Oh and this is all ~50 years after people already walked on the moon, yet none of us have ever done anything like it. The idea that every build has to be from the same theme or same level of technological advancement for it to be an immersive world just seems silly.
  24. While I too have no knowledge of Realms, I'll repeat what I usually say when the question of a fresh start comes up: I only have time for one server, and do not wish to abandon the work I have spent so many hours on, only to start over. I am very happy where I am. It is true that some parts of Minionland are a veritable hodge-podge of styles, but I appreciate the variety of builds you can visit. I am fortunate in that most of my neighbours are either far away, underground and/or in sync with the theme for our region, but I've gotten a lot of ideas from exploring very different builds (including your sewer system @Lord Ryno, I'm stealing that idea). And yes, every so often you do have a "oh my goodness" moment, but I find those are exceptions. And, even if you want to claim a large area for a certain style, the map is easily large enough to find a place for that. Just look at Portside and its sister towns in the north for example. As far as the RP concept goes, I know it's not for everyone. The current level is fine with me, but I can understand if other people want to expand on it more and feel that Minionland might not be the right place for it.
  25. Clan Re-Invite

    Getting back into Warframe after a long hiatus, was hoping the clan was still around and if I could get an invite. IGN: Borommakot
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