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  2. New Gaming PC

    After considering the Ryzen processors I must admit they are tempting. Thing is the new generation of Intel CPUs looks even more tempting. I guess I'll wait for the newer boards to come out for the Intel CPUs - if I waited that long I can wait a little longer Thanks again for help, everyone!
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  4. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 3 Episode 2
  5. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 3 Episode 1
  6. The official People's of Farlands and Commonwealth Palaver

    Yep, Made sure it's the right version, checked firewall, re-downloaded the game. Nothing seems to work. Tried other servers but it it's the same deal. Dunno what's going on.
  7. [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Twitch: Narga_89 Character Info First Name: Sun Bro Last Name: Narga Nationality: German Voice: German 6 Attitude: Laid Back Head Face: A Hair: Short Facial Hair: Thick Beard Hair color: 2 Race: 0 Skin color: 0 Helmet: Boonie Hat Upper Face Prop: Half-Framed Glasses Body Main Armor Color: 94 Secondary Armor Color: 42 Armor Pattern: Arid Arms: 1 Torso: 1 Legs: 0 Weapon Weapon Color: 74 Weapon Pattern: Alien
  8. The official People's of Farlands and Commonwealth Palaver

    Did you check the MC version? the server is running 1.11.2, not the newest version that is 1.12.2
  9. Sucrose Shore Christmas Invitation

    Ok i'm starting to have panic attacks hearing " leaves donation"
  10. i'm actually surprised he forgot so much xD
  11. Sucrose Shore Christmas Invitation

    https://imgur.com/gJVTe4c Sucrose Shore wishes to formally host a Christmas Event for the server! Everyone is invited to come by and have fun. Starting Saturday December 2nd we will hold timed building competitions for Christmas ornaments and baubles to hang on the tree. Obviously timezones and travelling are a big impact on events like this so trying to standardize the times will be an issue. I hope we can work around that with it held on the weekends but timing suggestions are welcome. There will be gift giving, much like what we had at crossroads last year. Anyone wishing to participate please RSVP below and starting December 1st there will be a Christmas present with your name on it for other minions to deposit into. Festivities will be organized largely through Discord so when an event is going on be sure to hop into Gopher's Minecraft chat room to take part. Father Christmas NEEDS YOU! -In true Sucrose Shore style we have once again bit off more than we would like to chew. Anyone wishing to help with preparations are more than welcome. Specifically we require Spruce leaves. ALL THE SPRUCE LEAVES. @Smartboy53 Estimates the first layer to require 6 double chests worth and the tree is 128 blocks tall. Donations can be accepted through the mtc or in person by myself and Smartboy53. -Anyone wishing to take part in a larger role, feel free to ask. LOCATION: https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=5&x=2577&y=64&z=2306
  12. The official People's of Farlands and Commonwealth Palaver

    Man, I'd like to visit again (even if it's empty) but for some reason I can't connect. Tried practically everything, dunno why it won't. Ah well, hope y'all still have fun there.
  13. I watched the previous xcom stream and watching Gopher have to relearn everything is weird. I played xcom so long ago I hardly remember it.... so Gopher isn't the only one to have forgotten it.
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  15. Because of microtransactions, EA stock took a significant hit and devs around the world took notice. CDPR immediately put out their statement. EA completely ceased microtransactions and said they will bring them back into their games at a later date when they figure out how to do it right.
  16. Music

  17. Insanity

  18. Yeah, hopefully they will keep this " promise" i really hope. It makes me hope for the better though
  19. And bets are on about him being sidetracked and forget about Michaela XD
  20. Gopher continues to be continuously frustrating. Though the face palming is not too bad this episode. Continues to be a fascinating play through.
  21. Bananas, in pajamas are coming down the stairs ...
  22. As Gopher return to Xcom 2 so do i return here, tho i have much less time on my hands nowadays

  23. Joining the Minions of Lord Stiv on Warframe

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