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    • anithaaaaa  »  Apocalypso

      Ooh, happy birth!
      Ajde bok.
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    • 1wolffan

      I will no longer be visiting these forums. I want to make it clear that this does not mean that I was disappointed with them in any way. I am simply reducing my internet presence because there are too many logins for me to keep track of anymore. You'll still see me around Gopher's YouTube and Twitch channels, and occasionally around Discord. Thank you all, for your work, and fun.
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    • Master Cire

      I now what to nickname Lenny the "squeaky clean bandit". Is that a good title for him, what's your favorite nickname for Lenny?
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    • Badges

      It's so bizarre .... someone I never heard of has followed me on twitch.  I have no idea why; there's nothing there - absolutely nothing.  Can't quite decide if I'm freaked out; mostly it just feels weird
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    • Master Cire  »  Gopher

      I'm not sure if you're the only one that can modify this site, or if you have a handful of staff members that can edit the home page. I was wondering if someone can add all of the reviews and first impression videos to the home page tab with all the other categorized video tabs. Just for the sake of reevaluating what can be improved, or what to leave out in a video game to make it more enjoyable experience rather than making it horrendously boring to even finish the game. I always liked your opinions on these matters since you've been a PC gamer for a quite some time, and you are more thorough and honest than most video game critics. You don't even become a little biased when the actual developer teams give you their products for free. I've always respected that your gaming virtues always came first rather than brown nosing free products like every other Youtuber, or VG journalists thats just in it for the money. Which tricks game developers to believe they should continue the cycle of ruining games by using the same gaming formula. I apologize if this post is a little too long since you have a busy schedule. Aslo have a wonderful Spring if you even read this post, and thank you for making so many wonderful video content. 
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