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  2. I sure enjoyed this playthru on this huge mod. Props to the mod developers for an excellent bit of work. I must say though the age of the FO NV engine and the quality of the AI really showed its age. In so many places it was hard to watch.
  3. My ending was better, but I also skipped doing some of the things Gopher did. At the same time someone was shooting nuclear bombs at me which killed the bad guys. But Gopher skipped waking up in the Doc's office. I thought he would go through the office procedure and then make some comments about his missing weapons and robots. That was my first thought. Where is all my stuff? But not all is lost! You are still not a level 1 character.
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  5. Updated with info on the Tzphard Empire
  6. I played Daggerfall and remember the combat. I also remember part of the quest system. I played it after playing Morrowind and the graphics were so bad by comparison that I got bored and quit. I remember at least three areas. What comes to mind was searching for alchemical reagents for a quest and fighting in an arena. It should be interesting. Gopher is right about the side quests being procedurally generated, but there were still a huge number of locations scattered all over Tamriel that could be put on the map so that the full Daggerfall experience could be had. The problem is that the Daggerfall map was composed of little bits and pieces around each location and the only way to get between locations was fast travel. If the mod was completely translated into a cohesive world, all these pieces would have to be linked together. The map was huge but the in between pieces were never defined. It would be a challenge to figure out where everything was on the later maps of Cyrodill, Skyrim, and Morrowind.
  7. Ill add a quick plug for a (mini?) road project that I've got underway at the moment, tentivly called the Tzphard Imperial Skybridge, if you happen to be looking up into the lovely minionland clouds and happen to see a rainbow in the sky, chances are its not a rainbow at all but instead the Tzphard Skybridge (any non-glass or teracotta materials will be replaced and are just used as placeholders for now). Right now the network centers in the Tzphard Empire and works its way North to link up with one of Tirius' roads below, and has a southern route that at the moment dead ends at Dark Interlopers main Crossroads building area. Eventually I hope to link the tzphard embassy, several of the other sky builds and etc with the network, but plans change over time. I'm currently logging into minionland on my laptop over a mobile hotspot connection provided by my phone, so building opportunities last as long as the laptop battery. Hoping this birds eye view of minionland brings some extra joy to the server. (We've done a nether highway, underground highway, ice highway, regular massive highway, why not a skyway?) Minionland has to be the best interconnected server in minecrafts existance. Now if youll excuse me, ive got more roads to build. -Emperor Tzphard/Seanthegen Addendum One minor, minor project thart I'm working on is making a personal poster/fridgemagnet of minionland, if anyone has any completed recent journeymap files, let me know. Dynamap is great but editing out the user interface in dyamap is tedious, if anyone knows of how to completly disable dynamaps interface for the purpose of screenshotting, let me know!
  8. I wouldn't mind having it for one big reason, converting it to xbox and for phones. I successfully converted my 1.12.2 java world to bedrock on android, and am using it both in an all the mods 3 playthrough and on my phone usibng the latest 14.2 update. Honestly though given how amazing the minion community is, I'm willing to wait a few more years if it means more excellent builds and experiances on the main server. That being said, there is something appealing about the java version launching a ship to mars using galacticraft or using advent of ascension to unleash rpg hell opon the crossroads or the bedrock versions portability. Still, given its rumored to me a multi gig download, while I could play it and so could mobile users with enough space, some minion devices might have trouble playing it offline, so the servers continued exitance is a net benefit. I'm willing to send 3v the link to the converter jar if he would be willing to allow a conversion strictly for non java minion users, or do it myself, once the date arrives. Something to look forward to folks, minionland on ps4/droid/moddedswitch! -emperor_tzphard
  9. Well, I think Gopher got killed twice as much.... I got killed twice. I had better luck with three eyebots, two protectrons, Alpha, BARK, and the tribal kid from the vault... and a couple of other NPCs that I picked up. What's the girls name who was crucified? Anyway, they made short work of all the foes. I do not recommend an oven and a roach. I am not sure about the cyberbrain. It is hard to tell when Gopher takes all their weapons away. I thought this outer area was pretty easy. I basically just hid. First death was getting hit outside by the guard shack in exactly the same place Gopher died. Second death was fighting those two guys with rocket launchers.
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  11. Yes. Gopher is probably near the ending and it will be very interesting to see what he will do.
  12. In case you are as excited about this game as I am here is yet another taste of what is to come. Why Gopher is not all over this video I don't know it is so up his alley.
  13. I guess I am not following. Gopher has not made it to the end of New California so you mush be speaking about your ending.
  14. Think about it. A Fallout game without Bethesda's input. I can't wait to see what Obsidian has cooked up. We are only a few weeks away from release. I have not been this excited since Witcher 3. Good Lord I hope Gopher has made room for a bling LP of this game. The gaming world needs this so badly.
  15. Who is pre- ordering? Who is looking forward to this Obsidian master piece?
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