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  2. I try to watch every one of Gopher's vids but do not remember seeing this one. Sorry.
  3. Hi everyone! been awhile, just wanted to see if anyone remembers this. It was either a follower or a revamp/overhaul mod. It was bawdy and off-color and I remember either gopher saying it or it was in the title or description of the vid, something like "somebody play this mod , Please!". Like it was a little too far over the line for Goph's vids but it was hilarious. I'm sorry i wish I could remember more but I always thought I'd just go back to the vid about but it's been like a year now and I cannot remember what it was called anymore or which one of Gopher's vids it was. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
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  5. Always remember to state which game you are talking about. As I recall you are playing Fallout IV. I have never had quite this problem but it is caused by the way the game keeps track of meshes and textures. The game has "nodes" which trigger all the nearby meshes and textures. The game does not load meshes and textures until a node is triggered. So untriggerred meshes do not appear. Because the field of view is linked to this, items in front of you are visible closer. It is similar to LOD. It is very unlikely this has anything to do with Vortex, though the load order might do this. I had something similar happen when I violated the maximum number of meshes and textures being loaded at one point. The problem probably is related to how much you have built in one location.
  6. I'm now getting the vanishing/reappearing affect when looking away from what I'm building and ever item I'm building walls etc.. vanish and reappear. Since I've switched from NMM to Vortex.. Everything was running fine with NMM and now everything is going to sh_t with Vortex. Anyone now how to fix this ?
  7. Dude are you the one who commented on my vids a lot on youtube when I was making them? I actually don't think I've ever realised this even though you replied to me before on here.

  8. How has it been 3 years since I've joined this place? Time flies. 😶

    Haven't been active at all, bad habbit. Join a forum/site -> forget you made a profile on it -> visit it again within the next 5 years.

  9. Dayyum, this made me cry 😭
  10. @Eliorim is correct about the flourescent object markers being caused by missing textures. Fallout 4 operates differently from Skyrim 64 and sometimes is more vulnerable to weird results. Generally this effect is caused by deleting the textures while still running programs loading these meshes. The only way to fix it is to uninstall the problem causer and reinstall it, or, if you have no idea how to fix it, uninstall everything back to a vanilla game and then carefully reinstall everything. I do make mods for Fallout 4 so if you still have problems I might be able to help.
  11. Welcome to the forum. From your description it sounds like the game can't find meshes. Comb through the list of mods and see if any of them add new models/meshes or modify existing ones. Something most likely changed with the update so some mods of this type could be needing an update by their authors. Or you installed something incorrectly. Could be a file invalidation problem also. This is the best that I can tell you. [DISCLAIMER: I don't own Fallout 4 and have never played it]
  12. It goes without saying the music will be a completely different experience. I think you're worried for a valid reason @Cryzeteur. I kind of agree with both of you. I have a separate playlist even for the Witcher 3 soundtrack when I listen to it outside the game called... "SANS BATTLE", with all the hard hitting tracks skipped and only the down-tempo and low-volume tracks in it. I think "FCKD" which was used in last years trailer qualifies as battle/combat music. Besides that, I expect it to be heard in game as background noise on a low volume speaker somewhere or muffled through the walls, just to set the tone of a grimy place as seen in this year's cinematic trailer. I'm sure the whole soundtrack won't be like this. I expect ambient solo guitar instrumentals to be there for the calmer periods of the game. I wouldn't exclude some chill-out or EDM. I think they will try and match the city environment. Wouldn't be surprised with some polka, reggae or steel drums even. The entire ambient of the game is the complete opposite of the Witcher which was more or less set in the harmony of nature, whereas Cyberpunk 2077 will be set in the disharmony of the city. The soundtrack should actually follow this change. But I would agree it will be [subjective opinion] less pleasant for the ears [/subjective opinion].
  13. Fallout 4 was updated..and had to install the updated f4se, looksmenu. and several other mods that needed to be updated. now when I go into the game and have all these floresent markers squares, arrows, circles etc also arrows at doors I have install label "door". What happened and how do I fix this ? Please help... Thank you
  14. scholars are renowned for volumes of verbiage that says nothing.
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