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  2. Via a newly set up Discord server with the current offerings of games: https://discord.gg/4mk5tUx6 To the forum site directly: [email protected]
  3. You are talking about Mikhail, right? You can dismiss him asap and it will not hurt your game. Just dump his ass and all the bad (woke) words will no longer be in your game. Looking at you TiDinzeo
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  6. Small up date since the full version just came out. I had played the game up to the last mission which was not available and waited for the full release to complete the game. But decided to play a new game in stead since the game is only a 30-50 hour game. I was glad I did the full version is a lot more polished with added features, additional quests, some re-balancing. They also made the game darker in it has a contrast problem. This can be fixed on the gamma setting. I am about 2/3rds thru my second play enjoying the game a lot.
  7. This is a Fallout New Vegas mod on Nexus. XV Enclave Rework at Fallout New Vegas - mods and community (nexusmods.com) Personally I have never used the Advanced Recon Helmet and I haven't used ModOrganizer in years. You have to load the mod into your game folder and then make sure the load order is correct. Also check for conflicts. I use Vortex which does all this for you. If you want to switch to Vortex, Gopher has a series of excellent instruction videos which are available on Nexus or on his site.. Gophers Vids » Storyboard Categories Vortex Why do you ask about GECK? The GECK is used to change or create mods. You do not seem to be doing either. It seems that you are just installing the mod.
  8. BTW I seem to remember Gopher talking about GWENT soon after the standalone game was released. I think he played it for a while. As I recall he made similar comments to my own about the new decks. I think he was testing to see if you could really play the game without buying the decks and found that those who bought the decks progressed much faster than those who earned the cards free. But he said that you could play the game for free if you were willing to progress slowly.
  9. I played GWENT for several months and was working up the ladder. But then I got bored with it and haven't played it since. I think what turned me off was when they started adding more and more special decks. Opponents had all these new cards I had never seen before and I had no idea how to play against them. Some of the new cards seemed way over powered. I suppose if someone wanted to devote a lot of time keeping up with the new decks -- and probably invest money to buy additional cards beyond what was available free -- you could get rather addicted to the game.
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  11. I really enjoyed the in game GWENT but the learning curve on the standalone is horrible. Anyway are you, have you played it? I don't see Gopher talking about it so I assume it is not on his play list anytime soon. All comments welcome.
  12. I nee to activate Advanced recon TAC for a modded helmet, specifically Advanced Power Armor Helmet from XV Enclave Rework mod. Can someone provide step by step info how to do that? I use MO2 for modding if that helps. And am fairly new to GECK. Thanks.
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