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  2. I agree. They had to start somewhere. You need customer feedback to perfect any new technology. VR is still in a very primitive, experimental state. A lot of trial and error will happen before it settles down to something gamers adore.
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  4. What bothers me about Aventus is not how he somehow managed to get back to Winterhold. Lets just assume he stole some coins and took the carriage. Its why the state, aka. Ulfric didn't just seize his house. Winterhold is not exactly flush with real estate, could have paid the boy a token 200 gold, held in trust till he comes in age, so he gets nothing, or they could have done a real world government and just claimed it as minors can't own property. As for the bones, its Skyrim, he probably found them lying around somewhere.
  5. Just remembered the biggest problem with Skyrim though. There is no quest to destroy the thieves guild, unless you add a mod.
  6. I like to think that both fallout 4 and Skyrim in VR were experiments and learning experiences for them. Maybe next titles will be actually playable without mods
  7. Now I will have the Pink Panther Theme playing in my head ever time I watch Lenny xD I played a thief character quite similar to Lenny until just a few weeks ago, and using Sneak Tools makes it easier to "silence" people, by knocking them out or killing them. In fact, I remember killing that guard in Riften by the entrance, dragging the body to the back of a house, disguising as the guard with a MOD, and going into Aerin's house Also, following someone to a dark spot and knocking them to get their keys is fun... and risky sometimes. The good thing about sneak tools is that is not a guaranteed succes... if the target moves, you might fail and get a bounty. Please, somebody tell Gopher about that... he actually has sneak tools in the load order, but isn't using any of the options or tools...
  8. Skyrim VR : First Impression (Live Streamed)

    As Gopher pointed out in his other video, this looks like it would be awesome for spellcaster or archery characters. I truly wish that Bethesda hadn’t made the choice of controller or keyboard an exclusive one. Being able to use something like Voice Attack to select favorite slots or shouts would make things so much easier. For me. Hopefully, they’ll not perpetuate that limitation in whatever the next game is.
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  10. Skyrim Classic or Skyrim Special Edition

    When you search for it in the store it doesn't come up http://prntscr.com/j9pr5w
  11. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 4 Episode 12
  12. Skyrim Classic or Skyrim Special Edition

  13. Totally agree. I am absolutely loving the Lenny character. Gopher is slow and methodical, always, but this is exactly the approach Lenny needs. A whole episode doing nothing but sneaking around to get one key. It was very Pink Panther-ish... some aspects are also very Monty Python...
  14. Music

    This is from the Triple S League And if you want to add this song to your game ... here it is... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19212/?
  15. Nothing new, except another stockholder update, but the mainstream media is continuing to publish info that has been on here for a very long time... https://screenrant.com/cyberpunk-2077-release-date-announced-soon/ 6 weeks will go by fast... Curiously... What does this mean?... It seems changes are being made at CDPR and are yet incomplete... https://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum/en/cyberpunk/fan-art/10196202-madqueen-show-cyberpunk-2077-data-videos-unofficial/page2 BUT... rumors are ridiculous... so don't believe everything you hear. Madqueen sets it right:
  16. Gopher's questions and conclusions are as freaky as the game... I kept saying, "Gopher! Write it down!" Then he always does everything but what he is supposed to be doing.
  17. Joining the Minions of Lord Stiv on Warframe

    IGN: ViceDellos
  18. Someone should tell him. He also seems unaware of the instant stealth-kill option. Its actually something that bothers me about Skyrim stealth, that you have no means of knocking people out without killing them, so a mod option from a mod he is using would be great.
  19. Made me laugh out loud so many times that my gf came to my room to see what was happening xD By the Nine, Gopher, you are the best xD I wish we had more and longer episodes xD If he knew he can just knock out people with sneak tools options, that business with Bolli's wife would've been so much easier... but also boring
  20. Yeah, a chest sensor or maybe a belt censor would be a great way to solve the orientation problem Gopher was talking about. As to the video itself and his using the left and right renders, I liked it, personally. I don't have the motion sickness that others do, so that's not a worry for me, but I appreciated him having both eye-views shown. I do wish there was some way to merge the two views into one image, though, even if it was just crudely overlapping one eye's view with the other, though that would likely leave a somewhat noticeable seem. Even if it came out as a 4x3 video rather than a 16x9 aspect ratio, though, it would be better than the split view imo.
  21. He should have seduced the wife, and nicked her key as soon as she turned her back. Ah well. That ending though, classic Gopher, after all that running around the guard just walks away.
  22. The video stream is a little less stable, not exactly a stutter but more like a stutter in jello. This wobble is what makes me sick. Otherwise, the video the viewer sees is not any different than a regular view and has no VR immersion. So I would suggest Let's Plays should be normal not VR. The idea of a chest sensor is a good one.
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  24. twitch or youtube needs to come up with away to provide the 3D experience for the LP viewer who has a VR head set. Until then I don't plan to watch any more VR LPs. I don't understand why Fallout4 a new this gen game had the stupid warping to move and yet Skyrim you could just walk around normal. That boggles my mind and after watching someone play a little FO4 I decided VR was not for me right now and it has nothing to do with cost.
  25. Just an FYI A complete version of the HTC Vive Pro system with next generation base stations is around $1,400 plus tax. The new bundle announced today, April 23rd by HTC includes two future-proof base stations that, when combined with a future software update and two additional units, should ultimately enable SteamVR 2.0 Tracking across a huge 10 meter by 10 meter space.
  26. Skyrim Classic or Skyrim Special Edition

    Didn't steam hide the classic version of skyrim lol
  27. Going forward with VR, for Gopher and plenty of other "influencers" is translating it to a monetised platform such as twitch or youtube, what the player experiences is so completely different from what the viewer experiences, for the player right now, immersion and sense of scale, for the viewer in the 2d platform world pretty much blair witch shaky cam. Some way to sum the two rendered left right images, and smoothing perhaps even a 360 format with stabilization.
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