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  4. You should watch Gopher and Chay on their first playthrough. Note added: Oops... I thought I was on a different chat .. pjm0925 was talking about The Outer Worlds... not The Forest... me bad... However, The Forest playthrough is worth watching. While waiting for The Outer Worlds...
  5. Graeme Jones

    Obsidians new game - The Outer Worlds, sometime in 2019

    The Forest also agrees with you LOL
  6. I loaded the updaye and I was able to pick up the rabbits and get feathers from the bird houses. I now have four rabbits in two cages. I have a third cage and if they do not breed I will add three more. I seem to recall 8 cages work really well. But 8 might be overkill. Maybe 3 or 4 will work fine. I am on day 54. Killed an armsy drowned another. All is fine.
  7. You sir, are insane. But I forgive you.
  8. Don't we all? Beautiful, sassy but innocent, intelligent, kind hearted, sweet natured. Could fall in love with her so easily. She was just as good in Stargate: Atlantis btw.
  9. Last week
  10. I still have a boyhood crush on Jewel(own most of her albums) she was the ship mechanic. https://youtu.be/0wBDDAZkNtk
  11. I love Firefly. When I watched it I was looking for something Steampunkish because I really love steampunk cartoons and novels. ... Steampunk is low tech. Cyberpunk is high tech. Firefly was corroded steel and junk crafted spaceships. I love the stories about teenage geniuses who can fly their tricycle spaceship to other stars. Firefly had one of those geniuses. As far as voiced protagonist... I am looking forward to the player speaking into the microphone and the game AI translates this real dialogue into game logic and crafts a real response to the player... better than Cortana or Alexis, but game oriented, not an online encyclopedia. Curiously, as much as I advocate future AI, I am finding the current intrusion of AI into my computer usage irritating. Mostly because the current AI makes wrong assumptions and often breaks searches. Still, I think AI is being cleaned up and will get better. I hope it is open world. Otherwise it will be linear which is not good for RPG.
  12. Cryzeteur

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    Thanks. I did not run into it in my first playthrough. I am going to try catching rabbits near Gopher Island and see if it is restricted to the Rock of Doom area. If it is a game bug it may not be a corrupted save file.
  13. Graeme Jones

    Obsidians new game - The Outer Worlds, sometime in 2019

    Now this next comment WILL shock you. I'm not a fan of the 'hold button' to pick locks. I prefer the Fallout style lockpicking mini game. Just more realistic than holding a button down for a couple secs in my opinion. But it won't be a problem in the grand scheme of things though.
  14. This is the first I'm seeing of this game, looks intriguing
  15. Goatcha

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    I read somewhere that others have reported that bug, dunno what to do about it, check out Farket's vids maybe.
  16. I remember a stream where he was baffled that one of his teammates had never seen it and recommended it most assuredly. So yes, he has seen what many call the greatest sci-fi series every made. In fact he even tried the Firefly weapons mod for NV on a mod-test stream iirc, although he wasn't able to fully test it, that sneaky mod-author hid the weapons well. Heh, he actually mentions Firefly in his Outer Worlds response vid.
  17. Cryzeteur

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    Gopher completely does not understand how to breed rabbits. If he reads this... You HAVE TO PUT THE BREEDING PENS CLOSE TOGETHER. I am having my own problems with the rabbit traps. I can't pick up trapped rabbits. I have to kill them or let them free. The game will not activate the pick up option. I have tried everything and have come to the conclusion that my save game is corrupt. I was having no problem getting feathers from my bird houses and suddenly I can't harvest the feathers.
  18. I wonder if Gopher even saw Firefly, that amazing tv show. The game sure have that vibe, which is perfect.
  19. Graeme Jones

    Obsidians new game - The Outer Worlds, sometime in 2019

    Yeah, same here. Will be interesting to hear Gophers thoughts on The Outer Worlds.
  20. I got a sudden itch to go play rage 1 again. loved the towns and inhabitants of that game and always thought, this would make a great rpg. I think outerworlds shares that firefly/serenity vibe that I also got from rage 1 ps: can't wait to see an outerworlds let's play series from Gopher after the game is released
  21. Phelan

    Looking for a certain build...

    I've occasionally tried to find a certain garden again with trees and a path winding through it, with signs along that path that lead up to a... "surprise ending"... It's definitely an old build since I do remember having gotten there by tp'ing to another player (so before that command was removed), so it's also within the old map borders, but it's really just a small house with a wild garden behind it, so it's really hard to find on maps :/ Anyone who has been there will know which place I'm talking about (unless there are several that match this description, but I don't want to spoil that "surprise ending" here, I'll rather waste time checking out the wrong places ;), so if anyone does know what I'm talking about and at least vaguely remembers where it might be, please let me know, I think it's a spot well worth pointing others to
  22. It's a donkey, dog and cat, with normally a chicken on top. It's my "Minecraft version" of the Town Musicians of Bremen (both a fairy tale as well as a bronze statue in the city of Bremen based on that fairytale
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