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  3. Clan Invite

    Would someone be kind enough to send me an invite to the clan? My game name is the same as my name here. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ii hated the gun. Didn't like the Beta at all. This is a little different. Bethesda improved a few trivial things. Still ... not a game I like. Gopher's PT is much more fun than playing it. I can't believe he is progressing so quickly ... especially on the highest difficulty. The Beta PT was much more difficult. Of course I (and who knows how many other testers) complained about the difficulty, so I guess they toned it down.
  5. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Update needed... I checked Gopher's mod list to see if there was anything I had forgotten that he is using and after comparing 10 or 15 mods, realized he is playing Bruma on OLDSkyrim and I am playing my new game on SkyrimSE. All the mods I was downloading were going into my OLDSkyrim game... oops... So I very carefully switched over to the SkyrimSE section of Nexus and discovered that many of the mods Gopher is running are not available on SkyrimSE. So I downloaded 10 or 15 that have been ported over and then added some more. I am now running 177 mods on Bruma SE. I played for 6 hours or so ( I got five vaccinations and am quite sick, but getting better quickly) and had no problems/glitches/crashes/etc. Alll is beautiful.
  6. OK... This should be different...
  7. Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    This whole project is sounding more and more like a StarWars studio set...
  8. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    The Shovelot Consortium of Unfinished Projects (SCOUP) finds it painfully obvious that all this tension is merely misplaced shovel envy. As the head of the consortium and by the power vested in me by no one in particular I hereby grant you all leave to build your own giant shovels. NAY! better yet South build a shovel for west...west for north and north for south. Then you may all come to the east in harmony and build another mighty shovel of freedom. Thus averting strife in Minionland.
  9. Yesterday
  10. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I bought Skyrim basically with the idea "great value for money with all the mods". But after tinkering around for quite some time I hit that limit that mods where capable off with the 32 bit client... and I kinda hoped the would fix it in the future. And it kinda happen with SSE, but not bothered yet to check on it yet. But when I do I'll be in for a ride again when pick it up in the future.
  11. I feel like this is a perfect game for Gopher. Loved playing it myself, but most people I've watch so far always "push the fat man: cause it's the funny answer. Not necessarily wrong, but it was nice to see someone actually compare it to the question before it.
  12. true XD but once i've seen a playthough i doubt i will want to play it XD and i want to see gopher play it soooo too bad XD
  13. Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Hey Don, I might end up with the diorama option as my fail-safe. Right now I kinda want the ship to be mounted on the wall above and behind the monitor so people see it as they walk into the office. All lit up, it might look super sweet Haha, I don't want to be responsible for that either! My current "safe plan" is to use a manufactured mount like this one attached to the ship's belly, and to fix the rear landing gear to the wall as stabilizers, without relying on them for load-bearing. Meh? Feels kinda stable. feels kinda aesthetically pleasing. (again, meh?)
  14. There's always those steam sales ... hehe
  15. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    The cat in charge of the southern covenent would like to take this opportunity to inform you that it tolerates you.
  16. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    But alliance is such a boring name WE should star wars it and call it a Trade Confederation lol
  17. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I played Skyrim last year until lvl 7 and I think I will continue. I just started playing special edition. Not very good at it 'yet'. Hope to be so good that I can play Enderal and all the other mods/dlc's.
  18. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    welcome i am the clan leader of the western pack
  19. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    Eyyyy, welcome to the party! try not to die under the might of northern cannonfire!
  20. i've never played it, was waiting to buy it eventually, maybe, well will watch his let's play
  21. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Time for a stream. Today S'Va continues her travels through Skyrim for the thieves guild. Join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and chat.
  22. I was hoping Gopher would "let's play" this one, no spoilers but it reminded me of system shock/soma quite a lot, definitely one I think we and Gopher will enjoy
  23. Never played it but according to Steam it is yes. Just posted what was the new playthrough.
  24. Time just told me (through youtube notification) that Gopher just uploaded Prey.
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