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  2. If I recall correctly, Gopher said there is no limit on the number of menus MCM can support. I have had as many as a dozen menus at one time. However, one of those mods could break MCM. Gopher mentioned several ways you could break MCM.
  3. Yep. didn't work. Uninstalled, deleted, reinstalled, and still no MCM. Running SkyUI. I'll check that next but I think I'm running out of ideas. Is there a limit as to how many MCM menus you can have?
  4. Okay, deleted and redownloaded file, we'll see if this works.
  5. I checked and it shows for me, here is the link: Might been YouTube that glitched for you there briefly ?
  6. Last week
  7. This is one of the problems... we have many looky-lous who stand in the shadows and don't really participate. I am not criticizing... just noting ... lots of people don't post. Now this is probably because we are not gaining new minions here so there are not many questions. Also the games are pretty easily modded anymore so peeps don't have so many problems. And of course, Discord (Twitch) are really busy and peeps just ask Gopher directly whatever they want. And of course as Gopher just pointed out... Bethesda is dead in the water at the present time... No new good games in years. The only hope on the horizon is Starfield and Beyond Skyrim and maybe some Fallout mods....
  8. I think there's two reasons why this forum has gone quiet. First was the the change in format, as Cryzeteur mentioned and the second was the community adoption of the Discord server. Of course the forum and the Discord do different things well. The discord is great for 'immediate' conversation with whoever's online whilst the forum is great for long term discussions where everyone gets to take part and can go back to the very beginning of the conversation if they want to. Personally I check here reasonably often, at least once per day. As for what it will take to make it more active again, I honestly don't know. That's probably why I'm only a mod rather than an admin.
  9. This post deserves a medal for the nice things you just said. Aside from criticism, I rarely get a thumbs up. It also deserves a 😁😆. And Gopher always mispronounces my name. It is the name of a character in my Sci-Fi-Fantasy book and pronounced kre-ze-ter. (Just in case Gopher sees this!)
  10. Nice to meet you friend, and the pleasure is all mine. Been here for two years and love it a lot, despite the silent nature here right now or for awhile now LOL

  11. Okay, I wanna know how this goes, Sophieskyrim1984. It doesn't have to be a video or even everyday, but I wanna know how it's going, girl.
  12. This is turning out harder to respond to than I thought it would be. I do miss the activity on this site but mostly I think that the immediacy of discord is hard to fight. That said, I came here originally because a) there was a lot of information and b) there seemed to be a fair amount of folks who liked to play together. I haven't seen a lot of play in a long time and I don't know how to bring it back (this is almost a lie, but it would require me to do something). Cryzeteur has more than done his bit (you know that he points out the cookies and warns of low flying things to new folks) but no-one has thrown any rutabaga's in a while. Outside of wanting someone else to entertain me/us, what are we/you/I looking for? I seem to be looking for an informal roleplaying area; what are you looking for and can I help you get achieve it? OMG, I just realized I've probably never spoken to you before, welcome, and please, please if I'm not making any sense or..or..or..just anything that hasn't come off right, throw that empty wine bottle at me or maybe a pillow ... a pillow would be nice.
  13. Sort of... Que Sera Sera I use to be like that, then I got Married and brought 2 lives into this world... So I am now like One does what One can.
  14. That was actually a joke, never had tried to just play ... My bigger problem is I can't NOT be a vampire, ever since DawnGuard, I have played as a Vampire. I have started other play through's but can't help but go find Seranna, even now as I start another play through, I want to play a thief... but the guards in Whiterun just told me about a group called the Dawnguard some kind of Vampire hunters or something... hmmm think I should go check them out.
  15. This happened to me when I tried to play a street urchin. It is possible to turn off the start of a quest in the console. I think Live Another Life delays the main quest. Just don't go to Helgen.
  16. I can see how you would think this. I see what they were trying to do and feel like defending the idea that F76 would be a good tool to develop new technology. Yes, it is about money, but it is also about developing technologies that keep them on the leading edge of gaming. Unfortunately, F76 was an initial failure. They saw it as a partial success that could be fixed. The fans saw it as an exploitation of fan support. It basically boils down to a total miscommunication between Bethesda and the gaming community.
  17. To Me this is a complex question. Can they recover their lost trust No. This does not mean we won't buy the games, but I do believe the Pre-orders will never be what they were "back in the day". I think Pre-orders in general will drop off drastically, delays and crap delivery of games has burned to many people. Second part They do not believe enough in themselves to fix that in which they have broken I don't think they see it as broken, more like a miss step, gamble on market direction . I see a bigger problem for Bethesda... Greed, plain, simple GREED. They have / had branding, they had great market share, they had/have the development resources (studios and people). But in the game 76, I feel, they stopped caring about the game, the fans, and the "family" they had. They were like the Coke Cola of gaming... and they wanted more MONEY, screw the family, forget the fans , hell forget the game world ... Let's go for the Money. And until that changes Bethesda will never be great , the trust and the following they once had won't be there. Don't get confused here... a company can make a boat load of money and still be great, a company is, for the most part, in it to make money (and they should) but when making money is more important that your fan base and what they want... then your doomed.
  18. IGN: SandCow Not me, it's my brother, he's new but be meets the requirements
  19. And the main quest: There is the Tower. The world is going to be so messed up that you must work a miracle in the World Tower to make it right. This could reset creation, get rid of all magic, or not work and destroy everything. This problem is caused by the drastic and massive overuse of magics by the elves and the defenders. Because this action is so drastic, all the Daedra are involved in either helping or hindering. But the Daedra are always at war. I should add that the guilds and houses have quests to infiltrate their rivals and this sometimes requires assassination.
  20. No. Gopher has been asked this many times. His answer is that if he planned an episode it would take him forever to record it. That is why he doesn't use a script or try to control what happens. He is totally spontaneous. His humor is just him. It is the way he thinks. When he does a play-through he has some ideas but they do not control events and most things are a surprise to him. Most of his reactions are real, not staged. He literally gets into character. He deliberately plays in such a way that he can immerse himself in the character and the events. He hates it when a game breaks the wall between game and reality. He chooses specific personalities that he can immerse in and tries to play pretty much straight through a game so that he doesn't forget the personality. A few personalities stick and he remembers them clearly, such as Jack.
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