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  4. Regarding Elder Scrolls VI, I expect there will be a marketing delay of two years. So, maybe 2025? From what I have heard from inside Bethesda Studios, they have had a Beta version running for over a year. They had a lot of quests to refine and voice acting but it should be playable in some areas. So 2025 seems like a reasonable date.
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    I don't know, it hasn't really grabbed me yet. Maybe I just haven't seen enough about it 'n maybe I need to stop resenting the delay it represents (in my mind) to Skyrim 6.
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  7. When I got to the part about NVSE my system looked entirely different and I had to log in to NEXUS, Authorize, log in to Vortex, and then open my messages. And then Enable NVSE. Then I had to update Vortex and let it reopen. Otherwise, Gopher's instructions worked perfectly. In game I immediately got stuck trying to do the first quest, You're Special. I saved, exited and restarted the game. Then everything worked fine.
  8. It is only a few months, not a year. It is common for marketing to put out a release date that is too soon for release. Remember that they turned over the engine development to Microsoft so they could concentrate on game development. The delay is likely a combination of two studios working together and incorporation of team efforts. When everything comes together in Beta they often find conflicts in quests. Remember the drifting horses in ESO... Gopher is also forgetting that ES working under MS is now a separate studio and is not likely delayed due to anything going on with Starfield.
  9. I used to think no one person or group of people was slower at getting anything done than the US Federal Government. Until now. Bethesda has them beat by a long shot. Is game development really that hard, tedious, and time consuming? We are not talking about making a new game from scratch. So much is already there. What the land looks like, the people, weapons, armor. So you need a new story with many main and sub quest. WAM BAM you have ES6 it would be that easy and everyone would buy it. Fallout 4 did not look better than Fallout 3 to me. Infact, I preferred the old look. Better game mechanics was the only thing I liked about FO4. IMO Bethesda is way over thinking this and losing millions of dollars.
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