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  2. We really know nothing about how Bethesda handled instances. I doubt every instance is on a different server. Most games keep your game data on one server and would log you into any available instance. At least FFO does this. You could have your game data on the North American Server and your instance could be on the Japanese Server. There was much debate about this because of game lag. I did not notice the lag. But Hines mentioned something that implied they might implement "Friends Mode" where a group of people all sign up together in one instance so they could play together. Apparently there were problems with that mode that had not been worked out so implementation might be delayed. If this is the case then there would be no griefing between friends. However, people do not all play at the same time so there would be times when there would only be one person in an instance. Bethesda does not want nearly empty instances, though I do not understand the problem. Possibly it puts a strain on the servers?.
  3. You are making this game sound a lot better than my first impression. If I have a game break I might try it again.
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    Minionland's 2nd Anniversary: plans and information

    Are you sure the cat didn't eat the chicken ? You should give it a big belly
  6. Could be. I know too little about the specific rules and mechanisms of the game to know whether the above example is really feasible, or what you could do in self-defense. It was only meant as an entirely theoretical example of the ways in which griefers, cheaters, and other bad actors usually circumvent or exploit purely algorithmic mechanisms meant to "discourage" or stop them. That being said, does it sound like fun, having to constantly be ready to log off, at a moment's notice, in case you get swarmed by griefers? Sounds like it could take a lot of enjoyment out of the game, depending on how much of a hassle it is to switch servers and log back in.
  7. It slows you to a crawl and you can't jump or Fast Travel. If you can get to a horse though you can move at normal speed. On that note saddlebags are a must. Also, iirc the amount you are slowed depends on how overweight you are, so a few pounds over will slow you, but not cripple you, but that quickly ramps up to the point where trying to carry twice what you can carry... well its reasonably realistic. I haven't been playing on the most Hardcore settings though. When I did this I was initially looting everything from every corpse, and I was also full of weapons that I'd stolen from Tahlmburg. By the time I left the churchyard I had to drop tons of food. The tip with food is to keep the dried stuff, it doesn't degrade, the degrade is pretty bad, if you go poaching, the meat can rot away to nothing before the steal flag wears off. That is one good thing about the game, stolen items lose their heat eventually, the more expensive the item the slower it loses it. Still, stolen flags are a bit gamey, how do they know? As for the bloody sword, you can only clean them with grindstones alas, even using a portable kit won't remove the blood, merely repair it. On that note the condition of everything is far too weak, one sword-fight and you need to repair all your gear, I recommend a mod that makes items degrade slower. Anyway a blood covered sword is like blood-covered clothes, lowers charisma. You need to wash constantly in this game, and use the baths if you want to talk to respectable people with the best advantage.
  8. If you found yourself being attacked like you discribed could you not just log off and log back in to a different server? As I understand it your assets move with you they don't stay on a specific server.
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    You could try on the discord server. That's probably got as good a chance as anywhere I'd guess.
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  11. I personally do not like dealing with the dead, but in games, when I find loot on the dead, I take it all. I also do not worry about cleaning up, since there are no options for what I would want to do. Gopher would be happy with wiping the weapon on his trousers. Gopher ignoring loot? Really? And even dropping trade items? I hate instanced games/ minigames that pop upon you unexpectedly and you have no idea what the rules are! When you get overladen in this game do you get stuck on one spot or does it just slow you down? If it sticks you in one spot... which is stupid... it would explain why Gopher is not looting properly. Picking up a dead parent is an awful experience.
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    You can "talk" to him on his live stream but that would probably not work. He sometimes visits here. I actually had contact information at one time... but I lost it. I don't think he would want me to post it here anyway. I suggest you use other footage.
  13. I never played any Assassins Creed game before Origins, so can't really related to the other games. The only ones I seen saying the game is grindy is.. well, the reviewers.. since they want to blitz through the main quest and get their reviews out as soon as possible to get their views from people. But yeah, if you just doing the main quest then you be underleveled as you progress it (as with most games). Then again, with a huge open world game, that is made for exploration, why just beeline the main quest ?? On another forum I am on one user have only done the first part of the main quest then they just been exploring and now around level 30. I'm only level 9 so can't really say anything about the experience boosters since it all been fine for me so far. And not sure what you mean with the levelled loot system, so far I got weapon and armour that is my level or above, which is all good in my eyes.
  14. I haven't played AC since the disappointment that was Black Flag, especially with the broken mess that followed it. As far as I am concerned they killed the franchise when they killed Desmond. That said, from the reviews I have seen Odyssey is a great game, but its also grindy as f*ck, especially if you prioritise the main campaign over side-quests. The exp boosters are not optional, they are necessary unless you have a complete every side-quest as they appear style of play. And even then the game is still grindy due to level caps on story progression. Plus the whole levelled loot system which mirrors the terrible loot-box inspired loot drops in Shadow of War. Despite all that though people say the Main Story is fantastic and the combat mechanics are extremely good. For myself though I am currently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which also suffers from grind in the same way as Rise specifically needing to hunt and fast travel around to get the resources to upgrade weapons. Instead of one bow which retains upgrades as you get better bows you end up carrying around half a dozen bows that all have separate upgrades, same with pistols, assault rifles etc. Plus the tombs give tangible perk rewards (like Rise) which makes them not optional. Story is solid even though the premise is stupid beyond words, but the resource grind, argh. Honestly just like Rise it feels like they designed a game around selling resource packs and then didn't include the option to buy the packs. Its pen-world busywork for the sake of busywork and it ruins the game. But the hours spent hunting aside, its a great game, just nowhere near as good as the 2013 reboot. Also still playing GTA V, a little bit of Skyrim, Working my way through the Highmoon Transformers games (up to Dark Spark), And Wolfenstein Old Blood. Waiting for Just Cause 4, but that doesn't launch till December.
  15. So was I. I'd poke fun... except I did the exact same thing.
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    I honestly don't know. I know he has a post office box for his business. There might be an email addy on his steam page or either of his youtube channels.
  18. I was wondering when Gopher was going to notice Henry was barefoot in the rain.
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    well whats the best way to reach the Dark Lord?
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  21. Oh boy! That lockpick mini game looks god awful. That would drive me up the wall! Just give me a hammer and smash open the chests, etc. Noisy, will alert the guards.. but less aggravating! Having said that? Enjoyed watching this episode.
  22. The sleep mechanic is arguably the one thing they truly and uniquely got right, surprised other games haven't done it before. Leave it too long and you actually start nodding off until you reach zero and just fall asleep on your feet.
  23. Alas, the Lockpicking minigame iis truly horrific in KCD, it does become easier with increased skill, but even with mods its still annoying and you really need a LOT of skill. Also the chest difficulty isn't always labelled correctly and Very Hard locks seem to encompass at least two difficulty levels. Its kind of jarring to see Gopher being so reticent about stealing after Lenny. I didn't hesitate and took rather too much from the open barrels and just continued on from there. But I can see that Gopher is going to stick much more to Henry's true character than I did. I hope Gopher figures out nourishment soon, specifically that 50 is only half-full. He also still has those two diseases seen in the Main Level perk list as debuffs, not good, he may need to visit a Bathhouse to cure that. I had a bug with the portcullis; despite the disguise working the gate wouldnt open, so I had to jump down off the drawbridge and flee anyway, most annoying. Glad it worked for Gopher.
  24. The fact it is pure history based, well to my knowledge it is and that is massively appealing to me and for that and also the fact it is not your normal fantasy RPG is even more of a huge appeal as well.
  25. It has its moments and is worth buying.
  26. Depending on how the rewards for bringing down "murderers" are implemented, I can foresee bad actors gaming the system for infinite rewards: A whole group of griefers descends on a single player, so that, even with reduced damage, they manage to kill him by sheer numbers; The one who happens to put in the final shot gets flagged as a murderer; His buddies, who are right there next to him, gun him down before any regular players have a chance to even get there; They reap the reward, in addition to what they looted from the initial victim, and… move on to the next hapless player, with their respawned buddy joining back in for the new round. That's why griefing, toxicity, and bad actors simply cannot be fixed by algorithms, no matter how often tech corporations keep telling themselves otherwise, because any automated system of rules can be gamed. Only real, "boots-on-the-ground" moderation, oversight, and consequences work — this has been empirically proven over and over — but that would mean having to pay actual human staff, all around the globe, covering all time zones, to do serious work… and companies hate that; that's why they keep going back to hoping that this time an algorithmic solution will totally work, and not fail like every single time it's been tried before.
  27. It seems poorly thought out, all the way around. The whole "murderer" flag thing looks like an attempt to discourage griefing and encourage the community to self-police, but actually does no such thing. On the contrary, it encourages players with the griefing mindset to make a game out of ganking unwilling players, who do not wish to play PvP, and subtly encourages the rest of the community to accept the presence of griefing, by making the hunting of "murderers" into a fun competition. They are framing the discussion away from "Why are Bethesda allowing griefers to damage or even kill other players who do not wish to engage in PvP?" and instead towards "Gee, how much fun is it going to be to hunt for those bounties?" If you look at OutandBack's comment above, they're already looking forward to it, and no longer questioning why Bethesda chose to put in all this extra code, instead of just turning off damage for players who opt out of PvP. The only reason I can think of why they would do this is to subtly shift the onus for combatting griefing onto the community, instead of themselves, so they don't have to bother with decent moderation or oversight and can just put the blame on the players' lack of vigilance, when a situation goes sour or griefing gets out of hand. Maybe, just maybe, they're hoping that by deliberately allowing unwilling PvP kills, while pretending to "discourage" it, they can channel the energies of the griefers towards the "low-hanging fruit", while simultaneously giving the normal, non-griefing players a sense of "fighting back". Basically, they're dangling this in front of the sociopaths and saying, "Oooh, you better not do this specific thing (that we deliberately programmed into the game rules for this purpose), or you'll make everybody sooo mad! You're going to look like such a naughty, rule-breaking, bad guy, if you do it – with a price on your head and everything! So you better not do it, or everybody will know you did it and pay attention to you!" If that's their game, I wish them luck, and we'll see whether it works. I have my doubts, but let's hope for the best.
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