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  4. Thank, Gyuzeteur. I'm used to such vermin. Being a Dislyxic Wizard, myself, I have a wide arrange of misspells that are sure to ensure I'll survive. But thanks, both of you.
  5. In A World Of...Part 41 "Nipton's Pit-Stop Bomb Shelter" Things actually go quite well in this one... It's actually pretty funny...and not using V.A.T.S. is keeping it a challenge... This is actually the fourth attempt for this one... First time was a crash... Second time, I sorta walked off the cliff around the center of Crescent Canyon, where the trains fell in...trying to just bypass the lower part and ignore the geckos... Third try was really "meh", and, unfortunately, I'd wasted way, way too much ammo, missing almost every shot along the way to the
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  7. OutlandBack is right. Although I have seen you online, it wasn't here. Soooo.... Welcome to the forum. Have a cookie. They are guaranteed non organic. and without any nutritional value whatsoever! (Synthesized by secret alchemical formula from recycled quarks). Be aware that you may be dive-bombed by ravenous cats, rats and bats who are addicted to our cookies. And have been supplied with flame-throwers and fire bombs by certain individuals who shall remain unnamed. Enjoy. Enjoy. But beware of getting delirious. Welcome to the forum! 😄
  8. Welcome to the forum Minion Krow.
  9. I think the only way Jack could do better than the current ending is if new DLC or a big mod comes out. Jack is a Great Character I hope sometime in the future Gopher will find away to bring him back but, I am in no hurry, some of Gophers new characters are very good and given time will grow on minions like Jack has.
  10. Well, he also loves his revolver. His favorite of course is the one he buried. But revolvers can be replaced and I am sure he has more in his stash. And you are correct, he also loves his shotgun... and his underpants.
  11. If Gopher brings Jack back, I am sure he will provide a suitable back story.
  12. The only thing I would change, with the perk "Where's My Pants??" is that, instead of getting a big pile of cash, Jack is left with just his shotgun. Why? 'cause all you need is a shotgun. lol
  13. Oddly enough, I started up a threat about the Jack cliffhanger, and explained the only way I can see Jack getting out of the situation.
  14. Gopher mentions his intentions about Jack frequently. He has considered reviving Jack for further episodes of Fallout if there is an appropriate New Vegas type sequel. However, you are correct the ending of the story as it now stands is rather special. There is no way to predict what Gopher will do. He seems to operate by his own royal pleasure. Sometimes he feels one way and then switches just when you thought he was going to do something expected. What ever he does with Jack in the future will suit Jack's personality.
  15. It may be an unpopular opinion among us Jack fans, but I am of the opinion that Jack's N.V. story should remain a cliffhanger, in regards to the state of the Mojave. I cannot explain why, but imo the final episode feels like the perfect ending point for the series. The only way I can see Jack continue on is through the use of a "Where's My Pants??"perk-like story (from the "More Perks" mod), where Jack up in the middle of nowhere, with barely nothing with no idea how he got there (too much whiskey and chems?), to find the NCR and Legion back to full force and all he had done was basically been
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