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  4. A very good story. Most of the story and language was G... the rare drift into PG was unnecessary as otherwise it would be a good game for kids. Lots of moral choices and consequences.
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  6. Peril On Gorgon (TOW DLC) #20 : The Exhilarating Adventures of Archibald Excelsior
  7. Ok, I brought myself to edit another of the many hours I have recorded There is a part 2, which is around 25 minutes long, which will be coming out this week, so, hopefully, you like cliff-hangers Bunny Boo is currently (as of this date, and my last save) level 50, in this video, not so much, more like twenty-something, and going back over all this is like travelling back in time, four or five, um, six months... After these next two videos, things went a bit, ahem, sideways...and, I went way, way too long before making any saves, which had me thinking I'd real
  8. well tried reinstalling net framework. no difference. I think I might just give up. Im not reinstalling windows as I need this pc for my work and cant spare the downtime. Appreciate the help.
  9. When something like this happens the first thing to always do is update Windows. If Windows is not updated new versions of Windows programs work badly with old versions and your system gradually becomes corrupted. Second, always run Update and check to see if any Update errors were encountered or if there are accessory programs like NET.Framework that need to be installed. Also you should have Update activated to check all accessory programs. If this is turned off, turn it back on.
  10. Oh. I would have thought if it was in windows temp, it would have been where it unpacked it temporarily, before moving it to the game??? Hence why i was under the assumption it was a file from the MCM download. I'll try reinstalling net framework and see if that helps.
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