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  2. Streaming again. Back today to the wonderfull crazyness of Saint's row 2. Join us to watch and chat at
  3. BL2 is way easier now, the last official patch boosted drop rates. It is common to get 2-3 legendaries clearing one area. I get a legendary 1/3rd of the time when killing a boss.
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  5. Its one comment with one subject. Everything within it focusses on one specific problem; a bug. So its not about how someone plays the game, its about avoiding an issue that will arise.
  6. yeah i know XD i ment that it is the old one and not the new one he was given.
  7. The Borderlands RNG for guns can be a bit of a pain in the ass. On the forums guys would farm(grind the same area) for hours to try and get a good gun. BL2 is the same way. Back in the day guys would grind for hours and then sell for real money on the forums the named guns that everyone wanted. There is always a BEST for every weapon type. I used to sneak into The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC to loot chest. I could not use any of the weapons do to their lvl but I could sell them for tons of money that I would use for weapons/shield/nades at my lvl. Deal of the Day can offer some very nice weapons.
  8. Gopher, you can build a Vault-tech terminal at every settlement, and with that you can un-assign provisioners wherever they are.
  9. Yes, and he still has one as far as I know.
  10. No, he doesn't. Gopher has many years gaming and knows how he enjoys to play. He has admitted in the past that he knows it might mean him missing some in game content but anyone watching the LP's shouldn't be expection a 100%, experience everything run unless he specifically announces it as such. They should expect Gopher playing a game the way he wants to play it. If you want to see a game played a specific way, go and play the game in that way.
  11. Been playing some more and slightly disappointed with the red and white weapon chests. Like in New Haven for example, 5 chests in the town and only found like 3-4 weapons above lvl 20 in them (after having opened them 5-6 times). And considering I was lvl 22/23 when I come there and now lvl 27 one would thought you find slightly better levelled weapons. But then yesterday I got a lvl 28 weapon, 10101 Canon (although, wasn't in New Heaven but in The Rust Common West.). I had to use goggle to find out what kind of weapon it was though, ** The Eridian Cannon is the Eridian equivalent of the Rocket Launcher. ** Which was pretty nice drop from a chest, although not useful for me yet. Then today I got this (also from The Rust Common West): Shortly after I found it I used it against Rakkinishu, which to my surprise is a respawning big bird that drops a decent loot. 3/4 shoots and the bird was down. Since had to take cover from the fire rain, the recharge wasn't a problem, but using it against a larger amount of enemies wont be fun. But yeah, I find it a bit shyte that the chests don't really contain any better weapons, mostly been buying them from the vending machine to stay slightly levelled with them. Fact is, the best weapons I have, that is not bought, has come from a chest in The Arid Badlands, the bandit camp that has a bridge over to the side where the arena/cave quest is located (the chest almost constantly drops items level 20+). Sorry for the small rant, but just had to went a bit.
  12. Yeah, he doesn't really promote them, I've noticed. And I still have a few easter eggs left over, so watching that construction seems as good a time as any to rectify that.
  13. you did a stream ? I missed it dammit. Either way bunyan you are early for easter
  14. omg is that the old trustmaster ?
  15. Audio is fine for me
  16. Well I suppose that it is because they where murdered by a killer and not during a fight
  17. I think the going in circles means that he is not facing his guilt or memory of something he did, so he keeps coming back to try to face it again. But the whole thing is very disjointed.
  18. I'm glad you enjoyed it Tirius. I had some weird hiccup partway through no doubt my router giving me the first warnings of an imminent demise or similar world ending event. Easter Event Construction is finally approaching an actual building phase, only a few last tests of recording software and the like to finish. Shooting for beginning the construction next weekend. As you may know, nothing says 'July' like building things for Easter right?
  19. Egypt was surprisingly westernized throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s. With the fall of President Sadat and the rise of Nasser in the 80s, it started going downhill toward the state we know it in today. Here's a fun timeline!
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  21. As I recall, there is an audio track on the original...???
  22. There is so much Geralt has not done. And, what makes Gopher think the four slain are any more innocent than any one of the thousands Geralt has killed.
  23. YouTube

    OK this is half way through Chapter 4, which is over half way through the story. Maybe ten more episodes. As I have gotten used to the gross sickening story, the shock value is gone. The story itself is so intermixed with dream sequences that I have no idea what he is so obsessed over. Did he kill his wife and child? And ... is the helicopter sequence real?
  24. I got stickers! Is it wrong that I am this excited about stickers at my age?

    If it's wrong then I don't want to be right ;P


  25. They are here! Yay me! No t-shirt yet but these should tide me over
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