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  2. Need some advice about monitors and SSDs :)

    Some people can tell the difference between 1ms and 5ms. I can't. Some people notice a slight stutter during fast movement, I don't. So I think it really depends on your personal sensitivity. I am sure you can look at the screen in the shop and tell if the display movement looks smooth to you. Personally I prefer a 27" screen for a monitor, but you view a monitor from a closer distance, like less than 30" so the viewing angle is similar to a movie in the theater. Sometimes I have to move the screen away a bit further because I can't see the peripheral stuff, or closer to read text. Again it is personal preference. Both ASUS and the IIYAMA have good products. My monitor is Samsung with 1980x1080 I like it.
  3. Underwater Green Screen of Doooooom!!!

    Welcome to the forum Cody Vs E.T. Your problem sounds very much like bad data. Reinstalling will probably be necessary... but first go to Steam and in the left listing of game right click on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Click on Properties. Click Local Files Click Verify Integrity Of Game Files Let it run the check and it will automatically repair some errors. Another check is to start a new game and see if the problem still exists. If it doesn't then the problem is a corrupted save file not a corrupted game file. You can also remove all ENB, Lighting, and similar mods just to make sure it is not something wrong with a mod or a mod conflict. If that doesn't help I suggest either reinstall or live with it until the data corruption gets worse.
  4. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    That's actually ubb's house, i guess she has us all beat lol.
  5. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Aside from being all pretty and stuff, you know why your house is better than Non's? You put torches on the roof.
  6. Server Update

    After Dom poked me on Discord few days ago, I started working on an update. Not giving any ETA but don't expect it withing next few weeks since I want to get everything tested, stable and prepared first. Just few clarifications, some plugins are not as prone to breaking on updates as others and don't need official update to work on new versions. wouldn't be surprised if DragonElytraDrop still worked but probably going to replace it with loot table edit anyway for more modern solution. All paid plugins on that list (except for libDisguises which has feature limited free version) have been paid for long time ago, they didn't just change the status. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/redstoneclockdetector.18475/ This is the redstone clock detector plugin we use. Not the paid one. It hasn't been updated but wouldn't be surprised if it still worked on 1.12. If it doesn't, it's not essential. We do use it but not as much as back when the server as in it's prime.
  7. Need some advice about monitors and SSDs :)

    I have limited knowledge but by my understanding you are correct. The people who seem most concerned about refresh rate are gamers that play fast pace fps style games. I think 5ms will be fine for most people. I believe my monitor is 5ms but I forget.
  8. Hello fellow minions, and potentially Gopher, i am a big fan of the channel and of Gopher's lifesaving modding tutorials, but i seem to have run into a problem that i cant find a satisfactory answer to. You see, a short while ago everything was running fine and all my mods were playing nice (well except for some outdoor lighting inconsistency, but i considered that minor) the trouble aroused when i tried to fix the lighting issue. I had (and still have) the realistic lighting overhaul installed but for some reason when in the south of the map (riften or falkreath) the nights would be absolute pitch black while the rest of the outdoor areas had more than enough light. I tried to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the mod in the nexus mod manager. I started up the game to see if this had fixed my problem but as it was daytime in that save i decided to do a bit of exploring and found that when my head went underwater the entire screen was covered by a single sea-green color and that i couldn't see anything at all. I looked around for a bit to find a fix but the fixes i found all caused the water to loose the look of being underwater by either taking away the color and the blur one gets from being underwater, by just taking away the blurriness and the fog that limits underwater view ("the green water fix" mod on nexus), i then tried to download the pure waters mod as this seemed to fix the problem for some people but did absolutely nothing for me. The only page i could find that had a person who shared my wanting of the underwater effect back in its entirety was in an ancient forum and in the end they didn't even try the things suggested (which i did without success), instead he wound up uninstalling and reinstalling his game. Now i would like to avoid re-installation of skyrim as my PC takes quite a few hours to install any game of substantial size, then it would take another good few hours to reinstall all the mods (sadly i simply don't have that kind of time right now and wont for quiet a while). I did notice in my reasearch to fix this bug that this may not be a mod issue as its a bug that also occurs in the base game. So looong story shot, i have the infamous green water glitch with no idea what caused it and no idea of how to PROPERLY fix it (not just doing a half-assed "hey i can see!! Wait.. i can see absolutely everything that's underwater for miles.. welp, forget immersion" i will try nearly anything that is suggested and i will test it as soon as i can.
  9. Need some advice about monitors and SSDs :)

    Hey, people, are you having a good weekend? ^^ Just here to give an update. I've been reading and researching about monitors, looking at shops and such, and still haven't decided what to buy, but thanks to your advice, I have a better idea of what to look for. Since my GPU is a GeForce GTX 960 (2gb), and I don't plan to upgrade it anytime soon, I was looking at 1980x1080 monitors. For what I read I believe I wont be able to enjoy anything above that because of my GPU... is that right? I think I'm looking for a 1980x1080 TN monitor, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms of whatever it is called (response speed?). For what I could gather, that would be over the specs of my GPU, right? By the way, my mother board I believe is a "Intel H81 Express chipset MicroATX", whatever that means H81M-P33 is another "name" I got on Google... not very familiar with calling mother boards, as you can see. And That's what the box says (in japanese tho) So yeah, reading and searching around, I came across the ASUS VG248QE and the IIYAMA GB2488HSU-B3 (I think the last one is a Japanese brand, so maybe isn't very famous). Which appear to be cheap and good, and available around here. Both are 24 inches, so a little smaller than what I was thinking, but I decided to try 24 inches for now. I will get a new monitor when I upgrade my GPU anyway. Question though... most of the monitors I've seen around are 5ms response speed. Is that really a thing to be concerned about? I mean, I don't play FPSs so I don't think it would make a big difference to have 1ms or 5ms... am I wrong? I read 1ms is better because is faster, but doesn't make much of a difference is you don't play FPSs and such. I've been playing on a TOSHIBA Regza 32s7 TV for a long time and never had a single issue with delay or things like that... at least, I haven't noticed any.
  10. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    New neighbors in drylands. The newly remodeled Vault 404
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  13. Nice through instructions. This is what I expect from Gopher!
  14. This link doesn't work for me but the following does... https://www.gophersvids.com/?gopher_video=the-forest-33-i-think-chay-is-driving-me-insane I build drying racks and beds in the caves so I can save and dry food.
  15. Actually, it's more then one plants as you get better stats, if you pick a plant in the middle of several same plants, you will see they all gone after one bending. Also the kneebending is for one of the Herbalism skill perks: Leg Day - Herb-picking activity will add experience to your Strength stat too. But yes, I do agree it rather tedious seeing that cut scene each time you picking plants. On the other hand it zooms in the back ground so sometimes if you quick you can get a nice screenshoot. More serious though, it been asked for over at Nexus mod, so someone might make a mod to remove the cut scenes.
  16. Server Update

    Considering its paid status, Redstone Clock Detector is another one that could be easily expunged. There aren't too many of us that regularly play with redstone, and I would wager do so responsibly (an admin can probably verify how many times the mod's been triggered in the last few months). It's unlikely, all the same, that a new user is about to hop on, mine a bunch of quartz and immediately slap down some comparators.
  17. Anyone else playing this game notice the log cut scene for harvesting a simple plant? OMG that is driving me crazy. I hated the stager we got in W3 for harvesting but this cut to watch a the player neal down and pick one plant is maddening. We sure need a mod for that or the devs need to make that far more fluid.
  18. I can see a modder taking a 3rd person game and modding it for 1st person. But to take a 1st person game and make a 3rd person character seem way harder.
  19. My Fallout New Vegas Modding Curse

    ADAM dosen't improve game performance, no Courier's Stash Intergration or Simple DLC Delay, and I'll just have to poke through I guess. Cheers UPDATE: I tried a test without the last 4 mods, and whats strange, and I should've mentioned this before, is all the crashes take place in roughly the same area, just passed the highway patrol station in near where you'll be sent by Ranger Jackson to clear out Ants, any thoughts? UPDATE le second: Did a test with no crashes, just had to reinstall UIO.
  20. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    OK I'll rectify the situation here is Shovelot pre- invasion https://imgur.com/a/rgeYf
  21. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    I think something is wrong it seems all the shots of Shovellove didnt post ;P
  22. Server Update

    Nice work Dom . You keep this up and your going to work yourself into a job ;P
  23. I think it's good that Gopher is waiting. As you all said, it's good for the bugs fix, but I also think it will be good for the modding. He will be able to put a few mods (nothing too game changing) like he did in his Witcher III play-through. Right now, in my opinion the game really needs a good immersive HUD. It would also be nice to have a third person mod (as in Skyrim ?). It would make travelling more enjoyable (we all know Gopher is not going to Fast travel). True that, though for now they did not release information on what form it will take.
  24. That's just 2 of the 5 camps I have... and yes Sooo many logs and stones. My ultimate plan is to have zip lines connecting all the bases together (not actually together but you know what I mean.)
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