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  3. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Go with the craggy girls, as you said, to many "beautiful" companions already in Skyrim as it is. When I played Skyrim I preferred the Companions from the Interesting NCP's mod then the free standing ones since the ones from Interesting NCP's suits the environment of Skyrim more then the "beautification" of (most) free standing followers. But that's just my humble opinion.
  4. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Thanks for comments, and great screenshots! its cool to see so many with varying styles. Let me know if you'd like to participate in the tour vids!
  5. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    New Fallout 3 locations completed. A) Jefferson Memorial aka water purifier. I've turned this into a great performing Guardian Farm and because so many slimes spawn here, its also a slime farm. B ) Not built after any location specifically but this cave spider farm mimics any random DC metro station found in Fallout 3. My farm has 3 spawners (unfortunately just out of reach to use all at once) so 3 people can come and use any free cave spider station. Performs great!
  6. I bought the Automatron DLC to make the base game more dangerous after what lvl15 I believe. I did not like or buy anything else.
  7. I just finished the game... the ending sucks!
  8. I bought the season pass when they were first offered and mine was about half price so I think I got a deal. The review is excellent. I totally agree on most points. Quests in Far Harbor were a step above the quests in Nuka World. Still, even Far Harbor quests were simplistic compared to Witcher 3. Bethesda did much better in Prey, but then very little of the story was not told in written notes. I could explain that if it was a small team modding, but the devs should do better. Yes they upgraded to a 64-bit engine, but the engine is only the box not the game. The Workshop with Vault 88 was forgotten by Gopher, but it was a lot of fun. What do I expect in Bethesda's next game? 1. Complex story as in Prey. 2. Interesting mechanics as in Fallout 4 and all its DLCs. 3. Nice nonlinear plots as in Skyrim.... Well, better than Skyrim. Better than Far Harbor. 4. Minimal effort put into developing brand new game mechanics. It is alright to make the next game play like Skyrim or Far Harbor. 5. More consequences for choices with more classes/factions (good, bad, grey) with well developed faction quests.
  9. I can't say an hour of bridge building was fascinating... Though the chatter was not completely boring...
  10. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    No worries... everything is working now. My revised mod is working. I am still evaluating it to see if I want to make any changes. It was really made just for me and the little girls faces are a bit rough. I am considering changing them to vanilla faces, either elven or human, but the current half elven half fairy is a bit strange. Not sure... I am thinking about it. Maybe it doesn't matter. There are so many beautiful companions already, maybe a couple of craggy girls would be novel.
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  12. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    A little view I got when building the bridge for the cake
  13. The official People's of Farlands and Commonwealth Palaver

    Hello all! I've now acquired a new PC, one that doesn't struggle to run Minecraft on low, and as such I've been spending time on the FL once again. Using shaders has been a wonderful new experience especially with such lovely builds, so far I've explored largely in the east coop, Algerhards area, and my god I've been missing out without shaders. Not many people at the FL these days, maybe one day Gopher will visit himself, which could bring a breath of life back. Look forward to spending more time on MC, hope to see a few of you there too. -Buzz.
  14. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Hey there Dom! & Hi everyone! & thx @Tirius for the post advice ^^ Dom, i have been following your feature builds series now, & very much like your content. You actually have a very listenable narrative voice. And its a great service to Minions like myself, to get to see these fantastic tours of such lovely & awesome creations by other "Minionlanders". I'd like to share with y'all some nice ss's of my humble little part of "minionland" that iv'e named "Tranquility-Bay!" (yet to find an appropriate spot for a welcome sign :P). My land only consists of 4 structures, 3 buildings & one monument/land-mark type thingy, to represent my home town & where i live! The builds are not quite as elaborate or as awesome as many of the truly awesome builds on this server, but i like the area, & my builds have nestled into the landscape in quite a relaxed & laid-back sort of way, well thats my feelings anyways! Btw, your all very welcome to pop by anytime :). Iv'e tried to keep my pics to a minimum, but so easy to want to show them all. Nonetheless, those i have posted, i hope give an idea to my 'lil domain, including some nice 'atmospheric' shots too! Hope you enjoy! Note: First Pic..,,, I had to post this shot!.. I had read about it, but never witnessed it, until now! One stormy thundery night, i got to see a Creeper get hit by lightning, thus a "Charged-Creeper" was born! :). Didnt get chance to grab a ss of the strike, but that charged creeper running at me sure had me mesmerized lol, https://imgur.com/a/0jfyp
  15. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    You can always upload them to a picture sharing service like imgur and then use the share links, like these: (2 oldies first: New Mistral plantation, and the western harbor prior to the construction of the Swordfish and the fort) (and relatively new: Firelight region inn, "The Tipsy Torch") (I've apparently been spending too much time photographing other people's builds, half the things I've added since the summer, I've not made screenshots of yet...)
  16. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Oops, having trouble posting pics.. been a while file size restricted to 0.05mb! that right? mine are average 250kb jpgs, & "insert other media" didnt seem to work Sry to be a pain!
  17. I really hope thwre is not a time mehanics where if enough time passes you get attacked more and more. I really would love to see them build an empire on that island. A very small empire.
  18. I can't wait to be brutally murdered really also yeah those guys define type looks like klingons
  19. NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    Well there is a mod that is removing the voice right ? And one that is removing all lines that are linked to Shawn. That is a beginning.
  20. NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    I never bought the DLC since different lvls of evil is about the only playthru. Just not my style. Looking forward to future mods to fix this.
  21. Yeah, the whole "essential" thing is kind of annoying sometimes... I get it, they do so that important NPCs don't die randomly and screw your game, but couldn't you at least make them "protected" so only the player can kill them... I mean, if players screw their own game, it's their fault, right? But I suppose that's why we have mods... xD
  22. NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    Need to do a run soon through Nuka World, not sure if I will be evil through it though. Never was able to do that well.
  23. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Very Sorry to hear that!!!
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