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  2. Welcome to the Forums Aleskia ! Reading this thread I am feeling rather young at 49, which is not to often that happens !
  3. I will be 75 tomorrow. 😃 Dinner Tuesday. "Happy Birthday to us! ... Happy Birthday to us! ... Happy Birthday to uuuuuuuus! Happy Birthday to us!"
  4. I don't know why Gopher assumes he is mad. Just because the stage is weird does not imply madness.
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  6. I will be 64 next Sunday Hoping to get a fresh bottle of Bruichladdich from my family
  7. Hi Aleskia, We have similar stories. I also found Gophers channel when I was just starting to mod Skyrim and Fallout3/NV. It is nice having another senior here. I will be 67 next month.
  8. I believe the problem turned out to be load order involving mod conflicts regarding LOD modifications. Quite often disabling mods does not fix the display of textures because those textures are loaded into the texture file. Removing the mod does not always remove all the texture files. So the incorrect LODs were there, just inactive until the load order got changed. As I recall the load order changed during an automatic update. Part of the problem when you run hundreds of mods at one time is that conflicts are inevitable. They are very hard to trace down. XBOX mods are handled completely different from PC mods so the problem you are having could be completely different.
  9. Please respond did you ever figure out the problem I'm on xbox one a having the same issue I just wanna play a beautiful lod rendering skyrim
  10. Thank you both Steampunk - yes indeed Also I seem to be in demand for making LARP outfits and Cosplay outfits over a very wide range of types. The latest projects are Mr. Nobody from Doom Patrol and Helena Bonham Carter's Fairy Godmother Dress
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  12. Well Hello and Welcome, Most of the folks here are still on their meds so you shouldn't have any problems. Are you getting excited about Cyber Punk 2077, you seem like the punker type, you know over 60 , into RPG's. Glad to have you here.
  13. Well, pull up a rock and sit on a log and pound the game with the rock until it asks you to stop. Have a cookie. They are synthesized by someone around here. At least they used to be. Guaranteed non-organic. Gives us the energy to dodge the flying cats with flaming monkeys. Stay awhile. Watch Gopher pop up his head every now and then to rant. He is also very adept at breaking games by doing the quests backwards. Lots of fun to watch. Have fun.
  14. I seldom introduce myself on forums as I prefer lurking 🙂 I am over 60, female, and have loved RPGs etc since the days of The Stygian Abyss (on 5 inch floppy discs). I became a Gopher follower from the day I found his first video on modding Skyrim. Without his wisdom I would still be breaking games 🙂
  15. I have not played Beyond Skyrim Bruma. I tried, but I did not have a high enough player to get thru the gate and at that time I did not know about the secret cave that lets you pass without going thru the gate. This mod had no consideration for my lvl20 character that was not the Dragonborn. So I gave up and uninstalled the mod with no interest to ever go back. I watched 2 LPs but did not see a reason to play myself. I guess I am not an ES fan but only a Skyrim and Skyrim modded fan. Like Gopher hates 76 I have those feeling for anything pre Skyrim.
  16. Last week
  17. If you have played Beyond Skyrim Bruma, you have seen that all Skyrim assets are used out of the box. The only time an animal is changed is when it is necessary because it is different. Skyrim has pretty much the same wolves as Cyrodil. Many Oblivion monsters appear in Bruma that will be in Cyrodil. Sorry they look like puppies... It is not a new engine. It is the Skyrim Creation 64 Engine. The only thing that is different is the use of new scripts for things like a magic spell that did not appear in Skyrim. I am not saying there are not a lot of changes, there are, lots of new scripts, but you won't notice them except under special circumstances. Skyblivion will be very similar to Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodil, except Skyblivion has all the old quests (and some new ones) straight out of Oblivion and in that time-line. From the players standpoint, Skyblivion allows you to go back in time and play "Skyrim" in old Cyrodil. It is amazing. Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodil is in the same time-line as Skyrim with all new quests.
  18. So you still can't sheath an arrow you have to shoot it into the ground and retrieve it? Do you think the wolves will still look like white german shepherd puppies? What exactly will this engine give us that is better? I guess you can tell Gophers video did not get me very hyped. But I am sure he will turn it into something worth watching I just won't be playing it.
  19. It is just like the other Beyond Skyrim mods. It runs on the Skyrim engine. The combat is modified because some things you could do in Oblivion that you could not do in Skyrim have been added, But this does not change the way combat works.
  20. Gopher's assumptions are sometimes way off the wall. Or maybe down the rabbit hole? The "Looking Glass?" I can see him bringing assumptions from past games into the present events. I can see Gopher thinking, "Boy, this is not only linear but doesn't make much sense." Is X the treasure or the dead end. It is a strange story. I googled Mr. Hardy and Land of Flame and got some strange hits.
  21. Not being a modder. Will Skyblivion have Skyrims combat? If not I will have no interest in this game. I tried several time to play Oblivion and ignore the absolutely awful combat and just could not get interested at all. I have been watching Voices from the Dark 100% blivion play thru and now understand the story. If anyone is looking for a very good magic mostly playthru check this one out. https://youtu.be/5OUxielhaW0
  22. Being on the early development teams for Skyblivion and Moroblivion and Skywind I was lucky enough to be able to play these games before Bethesda locked down the copyright issue that now prevents assets from being imported from those games directly into the Skyrim engine. There were simply impossible copyright issues involved. People need their royalties. All three games were playable years ago. The impossible task of recreating all of those assets from scratch by the modding community was so daunting that many modders gave up. There was a time I thought the projects were dead. Then Beyond Skyrim began to revive the dream. It was not impossible, just ... well ... it was going to take years... Eventually some computer AI will look at an old game and be able to recreate it in the future max gaming engine in minutes with new quests created nearly instantly from basic guidelines. But right now, games are still a lot of hard work. There was a time when I could really get immersed. I didn't see the engine and other flaws because I didn't understand them. Now I look at a world space and see the meshes and textures and my mind goes to ways I could improve them. I no longer see the fantasy. I see the mechanics. It is still just as much fun... just a different point of view. I should point out that the early versions of those games were clunky with low poly meshes and low def textures. The new games being created are just that, new games. They have amazing graphics, sound and mechanics.
  23. Supposedly, cosmetic changes can appear in the game being uploaded to the server. I agree about the game play. It was fun helping others, but I got addicted to Final Fantasy Online and really loved the community. Same thing. After doing all the quests I didn't want to do them again, even when new content was added. Still fun to just run around though. Fallout 76 isn't fun to run around. Once it's done it's done.
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