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  3. They did say it will be out when its ready. I guess it is not ready. Doh.
  4. I can't say I'm not a little bit disappointed but the prevailing feeling is that of relief. My life's been busy lately and while I was going to allot time in April to play it, this gives me more time to build a better PC. The game will come out as polished as possible when it's ready. There is no down side to this for me personally. I see no reason to cancel my pre-order, I'm going to buy it and play it anyway. I can imagine not everybody feels this way. For words of comfort all I can say is it's going to be a better game. I have to give credit, @Cryzeteur was unfortunately right about the development process.
  5. Bethesda did announce that they will release an RPG (maybe open world) in 2020 or 2021. We will find out something at E3. My information says it is not Starfield and not ES6 however a lot of rumors are saying it is either Starfield or ES6. The engine is probably a highly modified Creation Engine. But then the name Creation Engine covers a lot of very different versions. The latest version is the Fallout76 version which runs on XBOX and PS.. Note that ES6 has an entry on Wikipedia and Starfield does not. Insiders are saying ES6 is further on in development than Starfield. But ES6 is supposed to be a much larger game. However there is another RPG in the works that is top secret and that one may be the one coming out. BTW Sony and Google are working together on many projects and Google has unimaginable wealth. I have seen nothing about a partnership between Zenimax and Sony.
  6. Yes Gopher... all comments were "Gopher is wonderful. He does everything perfectly! He could not please me more." Ada is just weird.
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  8. All of it, the whole soundtrack. It's a freakin' masterpiece, and so is the game. I know it's unlikely, but I'd really love for Gopher to play this all the way through (though it'd be best on console, since the PC port has...issues).
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