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  3. Oops... spoke too soon. I just tried to run SkyrimSE and my computer crashed to black. Totally unresponsive. Had to pull the plug. I do not know if this is going to be a problem with Win 11 or not. I am checking now. Be back as soon as I know. I tried again and Skyrim loaded fine and I played through a complete quest with no problem. So Skyrim and Win 11 are fine together.
  4. I agree. As a modder, I have several mods out, but they should be fine as I did not use Script Extender in making them. They are just generic. If Microsoft has a new compiler, then I expect this update will affect Fallout as well. I did update my windows to Win 11 and have had no problems of any kind.
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  6. Ah now here is something I have missed for a while. A Gopher Modders' new and old help video. Thanks Gopher I think a lot of us have missing theses. For some of us it is how we found your channel and now we just stay for LP characters you build between keeping our modded games healthy.
  7. I agree. Gopher is really developing the Let's Play idea of true role playing to a fine edge. However, as he improves his style, seen in Red Dead Redemption, I have noticed that he sometimes gets confused and forgets something that he just mentioned. LOL Immersion has a price. And that price is the same as in real life. You notice something and immediately forget it.
  8. I really like Leonard. He is one of Gophers most interesting characters. I have never played a character like Leonard it was really fun seeing how Lenard would deal with different scenarios within the game.
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  10. Excellent Leonard PT. Looking forward to the continued adventures of Leonard and the Smart Blue Cat!
  11. With all the searching Arthur has done he has only found 2 dinosaur bones and hasn't found a single petroglyph. How is he ever going to find the rest? The game seems to be progressing rather fast.
  12. This game's dialogue is impressive, but every now and again the game assumes Arthur is a blood thirsty villain. Killing innocents? Gopher hasn't killed any innocents... at least recently... and certainly not many. The failure of many checks is also annoying... like always telling Arthur that he must be cold.
  13. Again, the game forces you to be an evil heartless bandit. This is a shame in an otherwise good game.
  14. Don't feel bad. I played the original PONG when that was the only game out. We have several of the older folks around here. It seems people who make the mods we play tend to be a bit older. Gopher often makes reference to his age. But he just feels old. He is somewhere over 40. Anyone born before the home arcade games thinks they are older than the hills. ... Well ,,, some of us are. I play Elder Scrolls and Fallout because they are a bit laid back. No time tables. No one complains if you spend a week chopping wood. No one dies because you couldn't kill a hoard of warriors who ambush you... except you. And the language is mild. Nothing too offensive. I grew up in a different time when people did not use foul language and games like Mario Bros. just had mushroom enemies.
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