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  3. "Saarthal, Kesh, And The Brinehammer" Bunny Boo and Leala pick up right at the end of the last one...on top of a mountain, in a blinding blizzard... This was recorded June 6, 2020...just before I got my new desktop sized mousepad... Yeah, eight, almost nine, months ago, which seems like years... Cuz, yeah, I had too much fun recording this game, and let editing slide for a little while, then a little while more, then...yeah...more... I remember it was pretty hot all the time, outside...so blizzards and snow in the game were kinda welcome...kinda... ...a
  4. We will no longer be checking the Forums for Recruitment, instead please check out the Warframe channel on our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gophersvidsdiscord.gg/gophersvids
  5. I wanted to play this game but the language is too much for me.
  6. In A World Of...Part 37 "Vault 40 And Goodsprings sewers" The surprise ending has had me working on this one all week now... Because, New Vegas hates me, still... But, it's a torture I've grown accustomed to Enjoy!
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  8. I do not know what this is. However, it sounds like something you you are loading. Check your mods, your .ini folder in Documents/FalloutNV, your main COMMON/FalloutNV folder, and your DATA folder for something called PrimaryTool and delete it.
  9. This thread is no longer monitored for requests, and I no longer handle the clan.
  10. I was having the exact problem you talked about when you were on with Chay and I finally figured it out. Go into Windows Update and Security, click on View Update History, now select Uninstall Updates and a control panel window will open, select KB4562830 and click Uninstall, then reboot your system. Download Windows Media Tool from Microsoft and run it. The option to select a reinstall while saving all apps and files should now be available. I just did it and it worked like a charm. It took a while but everything's up to date and running smoothly. I hope that helps.
  11. "Mount Anthor" Bunny Boo and Leala go dragon hunting... ...instead of just running away from them... Enjoy!
  12. Microsoft Is Creating Vault, A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary to Merge With ZeniMax (ign.com) Vault-Tec is REAL?
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