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  2. Elex

    The game looks interesting and the play does not look all that clunky.
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  4. Elex

    Well, this Elex streaming he doing is the first time I am watching him live but saw he just finished his 4 year challenge of daily streaming so maybe that's why he stopped wearing it ?? Just watched the YouTube stuff he done with Dishonored in the past.
  5. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Streaming time again. As I've not got round to getting anything else set up yet (been doing other things today) It's more loot hunting in Overwatch. Join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo as usual.
  6. Elex

    No hat = No Cohh He *is* the hat. (Seriously though, it's been a little while since I 've managed to watch him so I'm out of date.)
  7. Elex

    Nope, he stopped wearing the hat..
  8. Elex

    That's not Cohh. Cohh wears a hat all the time.
  9. Elex

    That is an exceptional review. I get the impression that it would be sort of like playing Oblivion... clunky. I like Oblivion and I still play it. I even play Morrowind. So maybe my thoughts are not very meaningful. Some clunkiness does not bother me. But Gopher does seem to get irritated by clunkiness. I would love to see him do a review, but I am not hopeful.
  10. V.A.T.S. Barry is 'Godmode Barry'

    There is no way to turn time backwards. Gopher then is not Gopher now. He has changed and Barry has changed. The reason I endorse the VATS-modded build is because Barry was not overpowered before he got Kellog's pistol, so it seemed sort of the same. Running on a console is a silly thing to do. The stream comments did not improve Barry. You are correct but Gopher could always use the mods to make it a little less god mode. Barry is not about god mode anyway. Barry is about ATTITUDE in a potato. Barry is a potato. When Gopher did Barry the first time he was all about testing a console play through. He was testing things he is no longer testing. Gopher is an exceptional gamer. He always plays on the hardest or nearly hardest level. He always makes combat seem like a piece of cake. He is flippant and casual. He is always like this. It was funny to watch him get in trouble in some games like Prey and Senua. But Gopher is still Gopher. I don't think you can change that. I find his play style funny, exasperating, ridiculous, and exhilarating. But I like it best when he edits out the boring parts. I wonder if he is going to find the strange instabilities in the engine that I have been experiencing since the last update?
  11. V.A.T.S. Barry is 'Godmode Barry'

    I like VATS heavily modded.
  12. V.A.T.S. Barry is 'Godmode Barry'

    I feel like that's going to be a part of it, too. Barry never seemed like the type who would be out there risking his life if he actually felt like he was risking his life. He always seemed to have the attitude of something like... "I don't know what the fuss is about, all these <insert baddie here> you guys are always on about are push-overs. You guys must really suck." And if Barry suddenly starts having a difficult time with combat because Gopher doesn't want his playthrough to be just a cakewalk (which, in fairness, is understandable), I don't feel like Barry would have the same "Wow, you guys all suck at this whole post-apocalypse thing." attitude towards everything. lol
  13. I've built a little oubliette with lava at the bottom - nice surprise for when they do get summoned again later
  14. Elex

    Here is CohhCarnage views on the game after he been playing it for around 7-8 hours. He is actually making this in the middle of his play through on twitch.
  15. V.A.T.S. Barry is 'Godmode Barry'

    If Barry takes Gun-Fu perk at 50 ( I think he was planning to ) VAFS he'll still have god mode I think .. could be wrong there. I think something else to consider is; how much of Barry's flippant attitude came from not worrying about combat ?
  16. Clan Invite

    Hi all, been playing through warframe by myself for the most part doing quests and trying to craft new gear. It's starting to get slightly lonely so I'm looking to join the Clan of the might GOPHER! IGN: SupaHarley
  17. Atomic Radio - Live Stream

    @Cryzeteur I know right, isn't it great.
  18. V.A.T.S. Barry is 'Godmode Barry'

    I'm a little worried that Gopher's desire to do an "immersive" Let's Play for Barry is going to hurt a little bit of the charm that he had as a stream character. He only did it as a stream, and only did it using VATS, because of the mechanical issues he was having using and aiming with a controller. And while it may have been relatively easy because of VATS, the bit of clunkiness that came with him struggling slightly with the controller, and also trying to interact with the Twitch chat off-and-on, made it okay that Barry was fairly OP in combat because he was slightly clumsy otherwise. Barry's playthrough was never really geared towards being an "immersive" experience like Frank's is/was, but Gopher's trying to turn it into one and I'm not sure it'll work that well and still feel like Barry. This is not to say he shouldn't do it if that is what he'd prefer to do (plus it's probably easier for him to record a regular Let's Play like he's more used to than to try and stream it), and I'm going to watch it regardless. I'm just curious to see how the transition goes.
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  20. A new minions D&D game!

    Yep, next session will be this Saturday at 21:30 my time!
  21. Southeast region map and coop thread

    Yes, as noted I am back. At the moment I am just working on removing the overland connection and 'naturalizing' the terrain where it was. I have marked the proposed intersection with the idea that the rails would be lined up. The underground rail would run under my claim and then line up with the position of the current overland rail. If it ever comes up @Goatcha and @Tirius have build access in my claim.
  22. I would not play this game. But this play through is fascinating.
  23. Atomic Radio - Live Stream

    I listened to some of it and started laughing... I can't believe someone is maintaining this as a live channel.... it is just so bizarre....
  24. Insanity

    What you may call "Road Rage" I call Aggressively maneuvering around idiots that don't know how to drive. Brings back the old question, do they still put drivers licenses in Cracker Jacks?
  25. A Wild Tobori Appears

    No clubbing just eating.
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