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  2. Eliorim

    EU and the proposed Article 13 !?!

    @Silverthorn1111 I'm in Croatia, and likewise nobody is talking about this here. Could be perhaps due to the generally low computer literacy, people just don't care or know, and journalists fail to convey the importance even if reported. But I suspect that, even if there was a public discourse on the subject locally, main-stream journalists and other "representatives" of the people would toe whatever line our allies take. This is why I'm really nervous about the situation in France and Germany, the only two places I've seen any public discourse of significant scale. To be fair, I see it mostly happening in Germany. France I take it, has a different set of problems occupying the public discourse. But at any rate, this is advancing mostly under the radar of the public unchecked. I don't have much social pull personally, wish that I had. I will still contact my country's MEPs, though I don't hold any illusions that they will listen. I've heard even the my MEPs that voted against, saying they are not completely against it, so I'm not really seeing my voice being represented at all. The lobby of the rights societies is really strong here, and the Ministry of Culture has already signed a statement saying they support the EU Copyright Directive in its September iteration. "Wind's howling." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. Silverthorn1111

    EU and the proposed Article 13 !?!

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to start downloading some of my favourite vids that might be taken down the day this law is voted. Maybe people talk about it in your country, but in France nobody ever heard about what's coming. (and most people don't understand what it means...)
  5. Silverthorn1111

    Enderals DLC "Forgotten Stories" UPDATE Feb 14 Release Date

    About modding Enderal, the latest MO2 build is compatible with it. You can find it in the #dev-build channel of MO2 discord. https://github.com/ModOrganizer2/modorganizer/releases/tag/v2.2.0beta3 https://discord.gg/FMwDQf
  6. Didn't delete anything. Ran fine until I got into the "Inbetween." As to why I got stuck, I ran the file check and found a bad file. The game runs fine now. I'm in no rush to get to Ark. There are many changes. Less mystery. The story is more logical. Not sure if I like it better or not.
  7. Tirius

    Southeast region map and coop thread

    Dom tours New Mistral in his latest vid:
  8. UPDATE: If you clean out your SSD with Steam games you are not playing don't delete Steams version of SKSE you need that for the standalone Enderal with DLC. So far I have not see any of the DLC so far well maybe I stumbled on one new small dungeon with some extra goodies in it. I am just not sure where to look yet I hope things become a bit clearer when I get to Ark. There is some really nice tweaks with extra sound tracks and special effects. So are suttle but very nice.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I am downloading Forgotten Stories now. I totally spaced it. Anyone else playing? Once its loaded I will delete 32bit Skyrim and the old Enderal. I see no reason to waste SSD space. I'm really taking my time with Metro so I think I can do both games at the same time.
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  12. Really need to set respawn. Otherwise you will deforest the entire island. Or is that what you are testing? You don't even have the roller coaster yet... And don't forget you need at least two towers to launch the gliders back and forth. Just what they have is nearly a hundred trees!
  13. I started a new stream for the actual game. I downloaded it and ran into a problem using the Meditationn spell to exit the Inbetween. Stuck there. Been stuck there for three days.
  14. The steam version works like a separate game and can be modded only manually or via steam workshop. NMM doesn't recognise it and I presume neither does MO. But on the bright side you can now play skyrim (oldrim) even if you have enderal installed.
  15. Morrandir

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    Gopher is probably still being driven up the wall by Youtube
  16. Morrandir

    Eastshade-A true work of art

    Some see video games as art, Eastshade is truly a work of art, literally. Highly recommend it to those who just love exploring a beautiful game world to the sound of beautiful music
  17. Heretic, Blasphemer.... xbox controller used with a PC . Anyway can't help you much there, I am sure you know where the options menu is (PC and key board it is esc), and you can do key bindings there. In the field, Gas Mask repair is "G" remove gas mask is Hold "G" which is very important, because if you wear all the time, you use up your filters. Well have fun.
  18. OutandBack

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    I've not started the game back up yet. Its the weekend and I do a lot of family things then. I'm retired so I like to play when I have the house to myself. Games I enjoy have come very slowly since the Witcher 3 so I am savoring Metro just a chapter at a time. I'm also not watching any LP's of the game until I go thru the game twice. My first playthru is always learning the game and I go in guns a blazing. My second playthru will be a no kill if possible. These metro games are really fun with the no kill stealth game play they allow. I play on PC but with a xbox controller so learning the controls can be tricky. I love the gun fire rumblepack feedback when firing a weapon. Also the camera work is so smooth. I have not figured out how to remove my mask yet or repair with tape. I can switch weapons, punch, take a stim wipe my mask, look at my stealth light, turn on my lamp or light my lighter and throw a can.
  19. SP where are you now (in a spoiler-less way)? I have made it to the SAND and can see the LIGHT <- that's my attempt at spoiler-less position Biggest issue I am having is the learning curve , how to repair your gas mask, The fact that you can (and should ) break down all weapons. I did not realize that not only can you pick out weapons (swapping them) but if you select "R" you can break down the ones you don't pick up. Oh well live and learn...
  20. OutandBack

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    I don't know where Gopher is these days. He is not playing any games I am interested it. You can check the Video and Streaming notifications I keep that up to date daily. https://community.gophersvids.com/forum/48-video-and-stream-notifications/
  21. so Metro Exodus is out? am I to assume that we've lost Gopher? I am so far behind the times.
  22. Great, just found it, the world symbol on the map, thanks.
  23. OutandBack

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    I am on the train. That was where I paused/saved the game so far. You have to look at the map in the train cabin and deside whether to go forward in the game or explore the train further. Stand by Anna and she will say look at the map. You can't go backwards from that point. If you missed any books or post cards. You will have to start a new game to find them
  24. Hey OutandBack, Have you made it passed the bridge ? and taken the long train ride... I can't get off the train, I know it's going to the next section... but I have been on the train for 45 min rt.
  25. Gopher should probably find the rose garden. He made need a rose sometime. He probably should also get a present for Teresa. It bothers me that the Lord wants to give his grandmother's necklace to a Butcher's daughter. Family heirlooms should probably be given to fiancees.
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